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Tonight is Round 1 of the AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament! 

Tony Schiavone is at the booth and he's joined by Veda Scott. Shaul Guerrero is doing the ring announcements. She introduces former Women's World Champion Madusa Miceli, who does the introductions of the rules. We go to Dasha Gonzalez who is with the Nightmare Sisters who each draw the color red. Next, Penelope Ford draws blue, who finds out that Mel is her partner. 

The first match is Mel and Penelope Ford vs. the Nightmare Sisters. QT Marshall has returned, which should make an interesting dynamic. Allie starts off with Penelope Ford who goes to the headlock. Allie takes her down but gets rolled up for two. Knee strike by Allie for a two count. Tag to Brandi and the NS throw Ford into the ropes and hit the double elbow. Mel comes in and attacks Brandi. NIGHTMARE COLLECTIVE REUNION! Mel throws her former boss to the ropes and the wheelbarrow attempt is countered into a hip toss by Brandi. Tag to Allie and she gets the snap neckbreaker for a two count. Tag to Penelope and she drags Allie's head across the ropes. Punch by Allie and Kip takes his fiancee out of the ring. QT Marshall comes to confront Kip and the ladies resume fighting. Mel with a jumping punch. Back in the ring, the body drop by Ford. She bodyslams Allie to the ground and tag Mel, who cuts off Allie's attempt to tag Brandi. Ford comes back with a slam of her own and gets a two count. Neckbreaker by Allie but Ford comes back with a cutter. Tag to Mel who goes for a top rope legdrop, and misses! Hot tag to Brandi, who tries to knock the big Chicagoan down. Slingblade by Brandi for two. Allie comes in and hits mounting punches to Ford. Brainbuster by Mel but the ref is distracted by Allie. He returns to get a two count. Kip and QT go at it, distracting the ref again. That allows Brandi to hit a Roman Reigns spears of death on Mel, decapitating her to the point of no return as the Nightmare Sisters get the win. 

Next it's the AEW debut of Tay Conti and Anna Jayy vs. Nyla Rose and Ariane (formerly Cameron in WWE). It's Andrews and Jayy and they get physical as Andrews gets the takedown. Headlock by Jayy but she tries to get a punch but Andrews reverses it. Roll up for two! She goes to tag Nyla but Rose ain't feeling it. Tag to Conti and they double team Andrews. Rose comes in and chokeslams both women. She gets tagged and throws Conti into the ropes. Kicks by Conti takes down Nyla. One count is the result. Tag to Anna Jayy and she gets the dropkick for one. Sidewalk slam by Rose for two. Whip into the corner and Rose gets a charge into a lariat for two. Tag to Andrews who gets off a few punches. Splash in the corner followed by a facebuster for two. Tag to Rose who throws poor Anna in the corner. Kicks by Jayy and she takes the knee out of Nyla for two. Tag to Conti who rolls up Nyla for two. Rose kicks her out of the ring but grabs her knee. Gets a two count then tags in Jayy. Dropkick by Nyla, Conti comes in and Rose gets the crucifix slam. Tag to Andrews and she gets off some clotheslines but Conti with the tilt-a-whirl slam. Front face bulldog by Andrews. Two count but Conti breaks it up. Rose comes in, favoring her knee but still gets the double clothesline. Andrews comes in and kicks Conti, suplex for two. Flying clothesline and roll up by Anna Jayy (who gets the blind tag) and pins Andrews!

After the match a frustrated Rose comes in and clotheslines Andrews. 

Alex Marvez talks with the Nightmare Sisters. Brandi says that she is a huge deal, and touts her success. Allie says that it wasn't her alone but according to Brandi the best part of it was that she gets to promote her own action figure! 

That's all for now, but tune in next Monday night at 7pm as we get the rest of the bracket in the Women's Tag Team Tournament Cup! 

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