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Tonight legends will be born, new faces will emerge and all the titles are on the line. History will change forever after tonight. 



Countdown to Glory:


Bound For Glory:

Winner AND NEW IMPACT WORLD CHAMPION: Josh Alexander via Ankle Lock



Winners: Heath and Rhino via Gore

WINNER AND NEW X-DIVISION CHAMPION: Trey Miguel via Top Rope Metora 


Call Your Shot Winner: Moose 

Live Coverage: 

Countdown to Glory: 

Gail Kim Inducts Awesome Kong:

Awesome Kong’s Induction Speech:

The bell rings and we are off to the socials. John Skylar stands in the middle of the ring and trash talks everyone. The rest of the competitors jump him and send him out to the floor. Chelsea then takes it to Madison leading to a nearfall. Back in the ring Jordynne Grace and Fallah square off. Jordynne is able to use her strength to take down Fallah leading to a corner combination then a Vader bomb for a two count. Skylar comes in the ring from behind and takes out Grace. Chelsea reenters the ring but Skylar sets her up on the top rop but Green counters and takes down John. Steve comes up from behind and screws off the head of Green. Madison slips in and takes down Steve with a tornado DDT. Green comes in and takes down Rayne leading to a curb stomp for a nearfall as Grace breaks up the pin. Grace then sets up Green for the muscle buster and uses Green to take out Madison then hits the muscle buster. In the end Jordynne Grace slips in the back and hits the Grace Driver on John Skylar for the win. Congratulations to Jordynne Grace as the Inaugural Digital Media Champion.

Winner and Inaugural Digital Media Champion: Jordynne Grace via Grace Driver

Bound For Glory:

The IInspiration were sung to the ring by Harley Cameron as they are set to make their debut. 

The bell rings and we are underway. Jessica and Rosemary start off the match. They lock up and Jessica pushes Rosemary into her corner and tag out to Cassie and they look for a double punch but Rosemary gets out of the way. Rosemary then fights back and hits a falling slam. Havok now tags into the match and they hits a double front and back clothesline to Cassie. Jessica tags back in and kicks Havok in the gut but Havok fights back and uses her power against Jessica. Rosemary tags back in leading to a double running corner splash. Rosemary then locks in the upside down. Cassie tags back into the match and takes advantage of the distraction and lays in the strikes. Jessica tags back in and takes down Rosemary for a two count. Jessica locks in a sideheadlock but Rosemary fights out leading to both Knockouts taking each other down. They both tag out leading to a Havok running roughshod over Lee and becomes a brick wall for Jessica. Havok stacks up both in the corner and hits a running splash for a nearfall on Cassie. Rosemary tags back in and they shoot her into the ropes but Cassie gets the back elbow up and takes down Rosemary. Cassie then tags out to Jessica who take it to Rosemary while Havok is out of commission. Rosemary reverses Jessica into her own corner leading to a blind tag. Cassie who is now leading takes down Rosemary with double team move for a two count. In the end 

Time to crown a new X-Division Champion. The bell rings and we are off to the races. Miguel runs straight at Phantasmo who ducks out of the way. Trey then sends Phantasmo to the floor as Maclin takes control of Trey. Phantasmo comes back in from behind and speeds up the match and is able to send Maclin into the ropes and takes him to the floor with a dropkick. Trey slides back into the match and takes out Phantasmo then turns his attention to Maclin as he looks for a 619 but he ducks. Maclin then looks for a Powerbomb but Trey punches him multiple times in the head. Phantasmo then gets involved and back in the ring both Phantasmo and Maclin play a game of one ups manship on Trey. Phantasmo then turns on Maclin and twist his nipples but Trey is able to come back and takes out Maclin following into a Muta lock on Phantasmo. Maclin then breaks up the hold but Trey is able to pin both for a two count. Trey is then taken out of the equation as Phantasmo takes down Maclin and hits a springboard moonsault for a two count. Phantasmo then does old school and a step up rana on Maclin. 

Phantasmo goes to the floor and takes it to Miguel and even racks him in the back. In the end Trey Miguel blocks the low blow punch from Phantasmo with a cup and kicks off the head of Phantasmo leading to a top rope metora for the win.


Will the real Rhino please stand up? 

Deaner and Joe get the jump on Heath as he waited for Rhino who never shows. This is now a handicap match. The bell rings and we are underway. Deaner runs at Heath who ducks and takes it to him. Joe then enters the ring and looks to choke slam Heath but he fights back and the referee gets him out of the ring. Heath then turns his attention to Deaner but he is able to comeback and tags out to Doering. Joe then takes it to Heath and choke him across the rope before making a quick tag to Deaner who gets in minimal offense before tagging back out to Joe. Doering then locks in a nerve grip on Heath who is able to fight out of the hold and takes it to Joe. Doering is able to catch Heath off the ropes with a running crossbody for a two count. 

Deaner then tags in and goes up top for a headbutt but comes up empty. Deaner then gets back up but Heath puts on the brakes and takes it to both Deaner and Joe leading to a double clothesline and both are down. Rhino then makes his way to the ring and tags into the match as Heath’s partner. 

Rhino then runs roughshod on Violent By Design. Rhino then hits a Gore on Deaner for the win. 

Winners: Heath and Rhino via Gore

Entry Order:

Chris Sabin #1

Rocky Romero #2 (SURPRISE)

Madman Fulton #3

Rohit Raju #4

Tasha Steelz #5

Rachael Ellering #6

Savannah Evans #7

Johnny Swinger #8

Melina #9

The Demon #10

Brian Myers #11

Matt Cardona #12

Laredo Kid #13

Sam Beale #14

Rich Swann #15

Ace Austin #16

Moose #17

Eddie Edwards #18

Alisha #19

W. Morrissey #20

Elimination Order:

Rohit Raju eliminated Rocky Romero 

Rohit, Sabin and Ellering eliminated Madman Fulton

Rachael Ellering eliminated Savannah Evans 

Tasha Steelz eliminated Rachael Ellering 

The Demon eliminated Johnny Swinger 

Melina eliminated Tasha Steelz 

Brian Myers eliminated Melina

Sam Beale eliminated Brian Myers 

Ace Austin eliminated The Demon

Moose eliminated Sam Beale 

Eddie Edwards eliminated Laredo Kid 

W. Morrissey eliminated Alisha 

W. Morrissey eliminated Eddie Edwards 

Moose and W. Morrissey eliminated Rohit Raju 

Chris Sabin eliminated Ace Austin 

Moose and W. Morrissey eliminated Chris Sabin 

Final Four: Moose, Rich Swann, Matt Cardona and W. Morrissey 

Moose eliminated Rich Swann and W. Morrissey 

Moose pins Matt Cardona via Lights Out Spear

Call Your Shot Gauntlet Winner: Moose

The bell rings and we are underway. Chris Bey and David Finlay start off the match. They lock up and David goes behind with a waistlock but Bey goes behind as will but David rolls through and eventually locks in a sideheadlock. Bey shoots him off but David takes him down with a shoulder tackle. The pace of the match speeds up with Bey taking control of the match but David comes back with a dropkick to the neck of Bey. Juice tags into the match and continues the onslaught and quickly tags back out to David as they maintain control of the match. Hikuleo and Gallows eventually tag into the match and they square off with the top sweet sign. Gallows then takes it to Hikuleo with multiple kicks and punches leading to a shoulder tackle off the rope but can’t take him down. They then trade blows before both hitting a shoulder tackle. In the end Karl Anderson makes a blind tag and waits for FinJuice to hit the superplex and splash combo and steal the win. 

Winners AND STILL IMPACT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Good Brothers via pinfall

The bell rings and here we go. Mickie gets the jump on Deonna with a pump kick sending her to the floor. James then follows up with a thez press off the apron to the floor. Mickie then continues the onslaught and sends Deonna into the steel steps. These two knockouts battle up on the ramp it Mickie comes back and slams Mickie into the stage light. Mickie climbs to the top of the stage and dives but gets caught and driven into the stage. Deonna then drags Mickie by her hair back to the ring. James gets free and back to her feet but Deonna takes her down with a pump kick. Deonna then rolls Mickie back into the ring and the bell officially rings. Deonna continues the attack and rains down fists to Mickie and trash talks her. Deonna then chokes Mickie on the middle top but Mickie fights back and takes her down with a double leg. Deonna regains control and hits a suplex for a two count. In the end Mickie James would defeat Deonna Purrazzo to become the new Knockouts Champion


It’s main event time and here we go. Josh grabs the wrist of Cage for a second as Christian backs up. They then lock up with both guys hanging onto each other and bouncing all over the ring. They then break apart as Josh pushes Cage off of him. Cage then goes behind with a waistlock as Cage brings him down to the mat and locks in a sideheadlock. Josh looks to break free but Cage hold on. Alexander eventually rolls through and breaks free of the hold. Josh is able to regain control of the match and wrings out the arm of Cage as they trade shots before Alexander sending Cage into the corner. Josh follows through but Cage slips out of the way and kicks him in the face. Cage then slips awkwardly to the floor as Alexander rolls him back in the ring for a one count. Josh then hits a MASSIVE back breaker for a nearfall. Cage then looks to fight back but Alexander puts on the breaks for a two count. Josh puts Cage in the fireman’s carry but Cage slips to the apron. Alexander looks for a the C4 Spike but Christian breaks free and the match spills out to the floor. Cage eventually regains control as he sends Alexander head first into the guardrail after reversing the ankle lock. 

In the end Josh locks in the ankle lock and steps on the hand of Cage and makes him tap out. 

Winner AND NEW IMPACT WORLD CHAMPION: Josh Alexander via Ankle Lock

After the match Moose DESTROYED a feel good moment by calling his shot and becoming the new world champion to close the show.

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