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Winners: The Deaners via Pinfall

Winner: Rhino via Gore. Rhino keeps his job and Heath earns a contract⁷

Winner: Ken Shamrock via Ankle Lock7 

Winner: Moose via Knockout 

Winner: Rohit Raju via Pinfall


Winners: The North via Pinfall

Winner: Rich Swann via Phoenix Splash⁷

Live Coverage:

The bell rings and here we go. Cousin Jake and Wentz start off the match. Wentz ducks a clothesline from Jake and comes off the ropes and gets caught by Jake and slips out the back but eats a clothesline. Jake tags out to Cody and Wentz gets back up and picks up speed and takes out takes out Jake before tagging out to Dez. The match begins to break down as Jake holds open the ropes for Cody to hit a suicide dive but Dez puts a stop to that. All guys eventually end up in a corner and Jake takes down both members of The Rascalz leading to an elbow drop from Cody for a nearfall.

 Both members of The Deaners take out The Rascalz and hit their finisher for the win.

The bell rings and here we go. All of the challengers go strisght aftet Rohit as he triesnto leave but TJP throws him back in the ring Trey takes out Grace as Bey takes out Trey and Willie takes out Bey and Rohit takes out TJP and holds the ring. Back in the ring Bey takes out Rohit and then Trey slides back in the ring as thehmy go back and forth with Trey hitting a hurricanrana sending Bey into the ropes and hits a 619 on the point of the chin and gets a nearfall. Willie Mack then clears the ring as Grace comes back in and looks for multiple shoulder blocks but doesn't take down Willie. Mack then slams Grace and she rolls to the floor. TJP then slides back in the ring and traps Bey, Mack, and Trey in a submission. TJP tries to lock Grace in hold too but she fights out of the attempt with clubbing blows to the back and front of TJP. Rohit then slides back in and takes out TJP. Grace and Rohit are the only ones in rhe ring as Rohit is able to take down Grace and yells out the word EQUALITY. Rohit then hits a suplex and gets a nearfall. Rohit then irish whips Grace but Mack picks the ankle and pulls her out of the ring. Willie then enters the ring and takes out Rohit. Trey then comes in and kicks Rohit in the head. All of the challengers then stand on the apron as Mack continues the onslaught on Rohit and goes for the cover but it's broken up by everyone. Both Mack and Rohit end up on the floor and Jordynne Grace hits a suicide dive on both guys. Trey then looks to hit a dive but is stop by TJP. TJP then ends up on the shoulders of Trey just to get knocked off by Bey with a dropkick. 

Back in the ring Rohit rolls up Trey for a nearfall. Grace then enters the ring and takes out Rohit then turns her attention to Trey and sets him up on the top rope. Grace goes for a suplex but Trey knocks her down but she hangs on. Everyone then gets back in the ring and climbs the ropes as Grace hits a suplex taking out everyone.

 Rohit them comes in and climbs to the top for a double stomp for a nearfall. Willie then hits a stunner on Rohit as Bey takes out Willie Mack. Trey then takes out Mack leading to a submission hold on Trey from TJP. Grace breaks that up only to get caught in a kneebar. Trey then breaks up the hold to get caught in a kneebar. Jordynne comes back to break the hold and hit the Grace Driver for a nearfall as Rohit breaks up the pin. TJP comes back in and climbs to the top for the Mamba Splash for a nearfall as Rohit slides back in to pick up the scrapes for the pinfall victory.

After the match we go backstage to the wedding party as Fallah Bahh tells John E  Bravo that the check for the Gothic Castle bounced. Bravo then tells Rosemary that they might have to get married in the ring. Jimmy Jacobs then calls everyone who is in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet that they are up next.

We then see Rhino trying to tell Heath what will happen if they don't win but Heath doesn't let it happen and hypes up the man beast. 

The bell rings and here we go. Rhino and Shawn Daivari start off the match. 

Daivari gets the jump on Rhino as he punches him multiple times then pushes him bsck into the corner. Shawn then chops him multiple times but Rhino fights back and sends Shawn through the bottom rope and to the floor. Rhino follows and continues the onslaught with a clothesline to Daivari. Shawn fights back and slides back in the ring. Rhino then gets back in the ring and looks to eliminate Daivari. Larry Dean then enters the ring and checks Rhino sending him to the corner and hits a splash off the ropes. Larry and Daivari then team up to eliminate Rhino but to no avail. The next participant in the match is Crazzy Steve. Larry goes for a clothesline but Steve goes behind and gets lifted ul by Larry bit Steve bites him in the head. Daivari turns his attention to Steve as Larry turns his attention to Rhino. The next participant is Acey Romero. XXXL then sandwiches Steve. Acey goes for Steve but Daivari turns his attention to Acey amd helps out Steve. The next participant is Tenille Dashwood. She makes her way to the ring as Kaleb with a K takes pictures of her. Tenille doesn't enter the ring but Kaleb does instead. The next participant is Havok. She takes out Kaleb with a big boot before taking out Acey with a headscissors. 

Havok then eliminates Kaleb before Tenille officially enters the ring. The next participant is Brian Myers who attacks Crazzy Steve with a kick but Steve fights back and looks to eliminate Myers who lands on the apron but Myers is able to eliminate Steve as the next participant is Swoggle.

 He enters the ring and kicks Daivari in the shin. Both Swoggle and Myers eliminate Daivari but then Myers turns on Swoggle and eliminates him. The next participant is Tommy Dreamer who is paying homage to Road Warrior Animal and brings a trashcan lid into the ring. Swoggle enters the ring again and hits a doomsday on Myers with Dreamer. The next participant is Alisha Edwards who brings in a kendo stick and hanicap sign. Myers is able to eliminate both Dreamer and Alisha Edwards. The next participant is Kiera Hogan. In the ring Myers and Tenille take selfies and then Myers eliminates Tenille. Kiera Hogan then turns her attention to Havok and takes her down in the corner and stomps her multiple times. The next participant is Taya Valkyrie who slaps both members of XXXL then sidesteps them and they bump heads. She stacks them up in the corner and hits a meteora on them. The next participant is Fallah Bahh. Havok then eliminates Kiera Hogan as Taya eliminates Havok. XXXL eliminates Taya as James Storm is the next participant. 

Storm eliminates Larry Dean and Acey hits a crossbody on Storm. The next participant is Adam Thornstow who attacks Acey before Storm attacks him putting him into the corner with multiple punches. Myers then breas that up but Storm turns it around. The next participant is Luster the Legend as Reno Scum lays out everyone. Luster turns his attention to Storm and hits him with multiple punches and kicks. The next participant is Heath. He comes in and takes out Myers and Adm Thornstow. Heath and Acey go back and forth with punches snd Heath eliminates Acey. Myers tries to eliminate Heath but Heath counters and eliminates Myers. The next participant is Sami Callihan and he goes right after Rhino. Sami then tries to eliminate Storm but Storm hangs onto the bottom rope. The final participant is Hernandez. Hernandez and Reno Scum team up and take out Fallah. Hernandez then rips off the shirt of Fallah and tries to grabhis money back before eliminating Fallah Bahh. Hernandez then leaves the ring to follow Fallah and get his money. Rhino then eliminates Adam Thornstow. James Storm is attacking Rhino in the corner but Luster saves him and looks to eliminate Storm but James counters and eliminates Luster. Rhino and Sami are fighting each othet while Storm and Heath are fighting each other. Heath seems to be injured right now. Storm takes down Heath then looks to team with Sami to take out Rhino but eliminate James Storm. Sami then eliminates Heath. The bell rings and they traded blows back and forth leading to a piledriver from Sami for a two count. Sami then goes to the outside and grabs a chair he then argues with the referee before throwing away the chair and getting speared by Rhino. Rhino wins the match and earns a contract for Heath. 

We see Moose pull up to the location and EC3 is in the ring with someone saying he has been lied to his whole life. He stomps him multiple times in the corner then drops him with a reverse DDT and locks in a crossface. EC3 seems to be a cult leader of sorts. 

We then see Moose walking around the building looking for EC3 and brought the TNA World Heavyweight Championship with him. EC3 finally appears and enters the ring with Moose. They go back and forth trading punches before Moose drops him with a uranagi. EC3 comes back and drops Moose then stomps him repeatedly with kicks to the midsection in the corner. EC3 then knocks down Moose with punches to the midsection but Moose answers back with a lowblow then droves him head first into thr turnbuckle. Moose then punches EC3 over and over again in the head and face. Moose then leaves the ring and brings in a chair. Moose then asks EC3 why he has been tormenting him. Moose then looks to hit him with the chair but EC3 takes him down with a double leg. Moose gets back ul and takes out EC3 with a running boot. The fight spills to the floor and EC3 gains control with punches to the face and throws him into a steel guardrail. He then drives Moose face first into the ringpost twice then tosses him back in the ring. EX3 then says the title doesn't belong to him but to the history of the company. He tells Moose to become what he is supposed to be an animal and Wrestling god before he can become champion. EC3 then flashes back to his heyday in the company when he looks for the one percenter which allows Moose to hit the lights out spear before hitting EC3 with the belt multiple times. 

Moose then hits him repeatedly with punches and lays him out. He then asks EC3 is this what you sant and EC3 screams yes and tells him to control his narrative. Moose says thank you then drills EC3 in the head with the belt.

The bell rings and here we go. Shamrock looks for jabs while Eddie looks for a lock up. Ken coners Eddie in the corner and lays in some kicks and punches. Eddie then escapes and eats a knee from Shamrock and Ken puts him in a corner who locks in a waistlock. Shamrock takes down Eddie to the mat and lays on him with a waistlock and graprvines the leg. Ken then lays in multiple punches to the head then rolls him over for a two count. Shamrock then rolls onto the back of Eddie Edwards and looks for a rear naked choke. Eddie gets up into a full guard and lays in the punches. Shamrock looks for an ankle lock but Eddie makes it to the ropes. Eddie is able to come back with multiple forearm stirkes to the face but Ken puts a stop to it with a kick to the leg that sends Eddie to the floor. Ken then follows him to the floor and lays in multiple kicks to the back. Ken rolls back in and looks for the countout victory but then opts to go back to the floor. Ken then hits a knee to the face of Eddie and his head bounces off rhe guardrail. Ken then lunches him in the ear before rolling him back in the ring and lays in multiple punches, kicks and knees. Ken pushes him to the corner and hits him with a knee. Eddie fights bsck with a big boot and a few shots but Ken puts a stop to that and looks for a belly to belly but Eddie backs up into the corner and is able to break the hold and hit a blue thunder bomb. Eddie then hits two dragon screws before Eddie drops Ken's neck on the bottom rope. Eddie them hits a dive on both Ken and Sami.

 Everyone is down but Eddie gets back up and throws Ken back in the ring. Eddie goes up to the top and hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Eddie then looks for a tiger driver amd lays in knees to the chest and completes the tiger driver but Shamrock locks in a cross armbreaker to break up the pin. Eddie then stacks him up for a nearfall to break the hold. Eddie then takes out Shamrock and both guys are down. Eddie looks for a neckbreaker but sends Ken into the corner and hits a headbutt and follows up with a backpack stunner. Shamrock sits back up and locks in a sleeperhold with the hooks. 

Eddie then breaks free of rhe hold and hits multiple headbutts. Eddie then looks for the Boston Knee Party and hits it but locks in a single leg boston crab and Sami gets on rhe apron and cuts out the lights. The lights come back on and Sami is in the ring with a bat and Eddie pulls out Kenny the kendo stick. Eddie takes out Sami with the stick which allows for Ken to get back up and hit a belly to belly suplex into an ankle lock for the submission victory.

Before the bell could even ring The North take out Motor City Machine Guns. Josh Alexander took out Alex Shelley with a double under hook piledriver on the stage. 

Shelley is assisted out and Sabin is left alone. The bell rings and here we go. Aabin runs in the ring amd pushes Page back into the corner and lays in rights and left. Alexander then comes in to help Alexander and Page takes him out with a dropkick. Ethan then punches Sabin and Austin tags into the match and Fulton then tags in as Ace takes down Sabin and Fulton eneters the ring and hits an atomic drop and then a big boot while Josh Alexander tags into the match. Alexander picks up where Fulton left off and kicks Sabin in the head. Josh then sends Sabin to his corner and hits an uppercut before tagging in Page. Ethan enters the ring and blows a kiss to the good brothers. Ethan then stomps on the ankle of Sabin before tossing him back tonhis corner and tags out to Josh who hits a snapmare then tags out to Page and hits a backbreaker for a nearfall. Sabin ends up in a corner as Page irish whips Alexander into him then Josh looks for a moonsault but Dabin rolls out of the way. Fulton tags in and then Ace tags in and they double team Sabin as Ace covers for a nearfall. Fulton taga back in as Ace hits a splash and Fulton gets a two count. Fulton stays on Sabin as he hits a delayed vertical suplex then drags him to the middle of the the ring and stomps him multiple times. Fulton then hammer throws Sabin into his corner and takes out to Ace. Fulton puts Sabin on his shoulder amd looks to drive him into Ace's knees but Sabin slips out the back and shoves Fulton into Ace's knees. Karl finally tags in and takes down Ace with a spinebuster. Doc Gallows takes in and they double team Axe for a nearfall. Fulton makes the save and Gallows and Fultom go at it trading shots but Gallows gets the advantage and clotheslines Fulton out of the ring. Page takes back in them Alexander tags in and they look to take out Gallows but he takes out Page and irish whips Alexander into his corner. Both Anderson and Sabin tag in and Karl takes out Sabin with a kick for a nearfall. Sabin and Anderson alone in the ring and begin to trade shots as Karl hits him with an uppercut. Ace tags back in and takes out Karl but Sabin lays him out then goes to the apron to kick Page in the chest then superkicks Karl. Back in the ring Sabin hits a back drop suplex and goes for the pin but Ethan Page breaks it up. Sabin then tosses Page to the floor and Ace gets back to his feet and looks for a superplex but Page tags back in then Josh tags in  and they hit their finisher for a nearfall. Gallows tags bsck in and looks to take out Ace by catching him with a chokeslam but eats a kick from Ace. Fulton then slides back in and puts Ace on his shoulders but gets caught between The North with shots back and forth taking them out. The Good Brothers then look for the magic killer but Alexander splis out the back and Karl looks for the stun gun but Alexander counters and Karl counters too into a roll up. Josh shoots him off into the ropes and Ethan Page hits him in the head with one of the tag belts allowing Alexander to pick up the pinfall victory and the titles.

After the match we see Rosemary apologize to Taya for not being out there tonhelp her win the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. Havok then shows up and they leave to go fetch Father James Mitchell. Taya them asks Bravo if he told Rosemary abojt the changes to the wedding. Bravo shuts her down and says that once Rosemary is married to him she will do what he says. 

Deonna Purrazzo makes her way to the ring with Kimber Lee then Kylie Rae's music hits but she doesn't come out. Deonna then challenges any man or women in the locker room and out comes Su Yung. 

The bell rings and here we go. Su runs at Deonna and lays in forearm strikes pushing her back into the corner. Yung then whips Deonna across the ring multiple times. Deonna ends up in the corner as Su charges at her and Deonna gets the boot up but Su catches it. Su then lays in multiple kicks amd irish whips her to the opposite turnbuckle and the match spills to the apron. Su then grabs Deonna as she spins out and slams her on the apron.

 Su then grabs a chair and sets it up on the floor. Back in the ring Su rolls up Deonna for a nearfall then Deonna rolls up Su for a nearfall. Su then takes down Deonna for a nearfall. Deonna collects herself in the corner but Deonna moves out of the way. Su then looks to climb up the turnbuckles for a headscissors but Deonna puts a stop to that and brings Su Yung to the middle of the middle of the ring. Deonna then attacks the arm then locks in a working hold before stomping the back of Su. Deonna then pushes Su to the ropes and pulls the arm across the ropes. Su fights back with a kick to the midsection but Deonna comes back and takes down Su and looks for a cross armbreaker but Su clasps her hands together. Deonna then stomps on the arm of Su and then hits a snapmare and comes off the ropes and looks for a knne drop but Su moves out of the way and Su looks to gain control sending Deonna into the corner and follows in but Deonna gets the elbow up in time. Deonna then ties Su up in the bottom rope and hits a running low dropkick and sends her to the floor. Su rolls back in and Deonna meets her with multiple stomps into a German suplex then another and a third one with a release. 

Deonna looks for a suplex but Su counters with a DDT and both Knockouts are down. They both get back to their feet and trade blows with each other Su pushes Deonna into the corner then irish whips her into the ropes and takes her down with a back elbow then a thez press and knocks her out of rhe ring to the floor. Su then sends Deonna shoulder first into the ringpost. Su then sits Deonna in the chair ans Su gets on the apron and hits a cannonball. Su rolls Deonna back in the ring who hits a pedigree for a two count. Su then brings out rhe bloody glove and puts it on. She looks for the mandible claw but Deonna ducks and Su puts on the the breaks. Su eventually hits the referee with a boot taking out the referee. Su hits Strong Zero but the referee is down still. Kimber Lee comes in and hits Su with a steel chair. She then sets up Deonna to break the arm with the chair but Su counters and sprays the mist on Kimber Lee leading to Su Yung countering the Venus Del Milo with the mandible claw into the paincswitch for the win. 

Josh Matthews announces after the match that the Knockouts Tag Team Championship will return at Hard to Kill January 16th, 2021.

The bell rings and here we go. Eric Young looks to clip the legs of Swann but Rich hops over him. Young tires again and Rich leaps over him again. Young finally get the leg and Rich wrestle free with a headlock and Young shoots him off into the ropes and chages Young but puts on the brakes as Young slides to.the floor. Swann follows him to the outside and is able to send Young chest first into the ringpost. Young looks to tske a walk as Swann waits in the ring. Eric gets back in rhe ring but Swann is right there and sends Young back to the floor then follows up with a dive to EY on the outside. Swann then props him up against the ring and chops him multiple times in the chest. Swann then runs at him and looks to hit a handspring off the apron but jacks his necks as he drives his head into the apron. Both guys get back in the ring as Young brings Rich to the top rope and chokes him in the air. Young then changes his focus to the back of the neck and gets a nearfall. Eric Young then kicks Swann in the back of the head. Swann rhen fights back but eats a back bodydrop off the ropes for a nearfall. Young then locks in a working hold on the neck area of Swann.  Swann then fights back with multiple shots to the ribs but Young is able to stay the course and take down Rich coming off rhe ropes for a two count. Young then yells at Swann to go away and hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Young then ties Rich up in the ropes attacking the neck of twice followed up with shots to the body. Young then looks for a powerbomb but Swann slips out the back and kicks him in the heaad. Young comes back and hits him with a suple high on the neck fir a two count. Young then continues the attack on the neck as Young says this is on Rich, Impact, and Scott. He then sends Swann into the turnbuckle and hits Swann with a huge right hand. Swann then crawls to another corner and Young hits him with another right hand. Swann crawls to another corner as Young hits him with another huge right hand. Swann then crawls to another corner and Young hits him with multiple shots to the head and neck. Swann then fights back witj multiple shots to the face then sends Young into the corner and Young runs the apron but Swann meets him there and tosses him across the ring from the top rope.

 Swann then follows up eith a clothesline then multiple kicks to the midsection followed up with a hurricanrana into a top rope splash for a nearfall. Both guys get back up as Swann sets Young on the top rope. Young then clubs at the back of Swann then bites him and sends him crashingbto the mat. Young then hits a diving elbow drop for a two count. Young then transitions into a crossface but swann makes it to the bottom rope. Young continues the attack with a punch but Swann answers with one of his own. Back and forth they go trading shots and Swann looks to get the better of the exchange but Young picks up Swann from a hand spring cutter postion and slams him down on his neck for a two count. 

Young then locks on an ankle lock but Swann makes it to the ropes. Young looks for a piledriver bit Rich rolls him up for a two count. Swann then kicks Young down with a kick to the head then rolls into a splash for a nearfall. Swann goes to the top but Young takes out rhe legs and puts Swann in the tree of woe and wrenches the ankle into the turnbuckle. Swann fights back and hits two cutters into a top rope phoenix splash for the pinfall victory.

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