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It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means...

We are LIVE from a sold out Bojangle's Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

10 Man Elimination Tag Match: Hangman Page/Dark Order vs. The Elite

We get an EPIC intro for Hangman, who has matching gear with the Dark Order. Loud chant for Hangman. The Elite come out in their Space Jam entrance, complete with shirts and basketballs. 

Page and Karl Anderson start us off, as the match quickly escalates into a pier six brawl. John Silver is back after being on the injured list. We get the suplex off the top onto the participants on the outside. They eventually get back inside where the heels attack Alex Reynolds. The faces get a measure of revenge by doing the same thing to Doc Gallows. Karl pins Reynolds and he is gone. Fatality on Karl Anderson and he is eliminated. We go picture in picture.

We're back and Grayson hits a 450 splash on Gallows. They go outside where he hits a senton and as they go back in, Grayson gets eliminated. Looks like Grayson took quite the fall on that senton. Hope he's okay.

Doc Gallows gets eliminated as well. Omega hits the One Winged Angel on Evil Uno and he's gone. It's the champs vs. Page and Silver. We go to commercial again.

During the break the Bucks dump Page on the apron. They take Silver to the outside, and hit the Meltzer Driver Dunk! Elite Trigger finishes Silver.

Page enters and see his former Elite teammates. He and Omega collide. V-Trigger followed by the Elite Trigger. Page kicks out at two. They tie up Page and Nick Jackson hits the 450 splash, and he kicks out again. Page hits the senton on the Elite and then the Buckshot Lariat on BOTH Bucks as he pins Matt Jackson. After several belt shots Omega pins Page. [***1/2] An excellent match and they still protect Page by having him lose due to the numbers game. 

Alex Marvez is with PAC, who is wondering where Penta and Rey are. Apparently someone has messed with their travel plans, and it was Chavo Guerrero and Andrade, who bought them a limo. 

Taz introduces the new FTW champion Ricky Starks, who shows the good people of Charlotte a little N'awlins flavor from back home with the horns. He cuts down Brian Cage saying he was the soul of the group. Here comes the Machine as he takes out the band and goes to confront Starks in the ring, who throws a bouquet of roses at him and bolts.

FTR vs. Santana and Ortiz

Cash and Ortiz start off with chain wrestling and the heels vault out of the ring. They come back in and Santana helps Ortiz hits the snapmare suplex. Dax hits a spinebuster as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Ortiz is kicking Cash when Dax breaks it up. Santana with the slingshot on Cash and he flies out of the ring with the suicida. Frog splash by Santana gets two. Clotheslines into the corner by Santana, followed by a German suplex. Powerbomb gets two. Roll up by Dax gets two. Brainbuster by Dax gets the three count. [***] This match had to end short due to Cash's injury.

Tony Schiavone is with the Women's Champ, who gloats about beating Nyla Rose last week. She says that Reba can't protect her due to her injury, so she's going to get some help. 

Tony Schiavone announces that AEW Rampage will be in Chicago for their August 20 show, called The First Dance. 

IWGP U.S. Title Match: Hikuleo (w/Haku) vs. Lance Archer

Archer tries to chokeslam but can't so he comes in with a series of elbow charges in the corner. Mounting punches countered by the powerbomb by Hikuleo. We go picture in picture as the action goes outside. 

We're back and Hikuleo is taking control of the match as we see Haku hit Archer on the outside with the famed Oriental Spike. Clotheslines by Archer and he goes up to the top and hits his version of Old School. Blackout attempt is broken up by Hikuleo but he eats a big boot. Archer goes up and htis the suplex off the top rope but only gets two. He tries for the Blackout again and this time connects for the three count. [**] A big hoss match that was hurt by the commercial break, but Archer had to go over to remain strong for his eventual showdown with Tanahashi. 

Marvez is with Cody Rhodes in the Gorilla position. Cody still sporting the white suit and eats a quick boot from Malaki Black as they brawl to the outside. Cody hits the uppercut and hears boos as Black retaliates to cheers. Dante Martin and other refs come out to interfere as does Fuego Del Sol, who eats a Black Mass for his troubles.  

We're back and Miro who has issued an open challenge as he will face Lee Johnson next week for the TNT Title. 

Hardy Family Office vs. Jurassic Express (w/Christian Cage)

Lots of North Carolina representation as Hardy comes out to a raucous crowd. Cage and Angelico start off with exchange of blows. He tags in JB and they hit a double clothesline. JB hits a dropkick as Cage along with Marko Stunt chases Hardy away. Private Party comes in and double stomps Jungle Boy. He avoids the boots and tags in Luchasaurus as Cage returns. The big dinosaur stomps all over Private Party and tags in Cage, who hits a frogsplash on Angelico for the win. [**] Quick and decisive, exactly what it needed to be. 

After the match Blade knocks out Cage with brass knuckles and sneaks away. 

We get a video package of the main event between Jericho and Nick Gage. 

Julia Hart vs. Thunder Rosa

Takedown by Rosa as she locks in a sleeper. Roll up by Rosa gets one. Hart with the trip up as she gets an advantage. The cheerleader starts to look for cheers and gets attacked by Rosa for her troubles. Shots by Rosa followed by slaps to the chest. Clothesline by Rosa in the corner, followed by driving knees. Punches in the chest by Rosa but Hart avoids the kick and gives a springboard clothesline. Running bulldog is countered by Rosa into a leglock. Hart grabs the ropes to break it up and Rosa gets a waistlock. Double stomps in the chest by Rosa and she sets up for the Fire Thunder Driver. Quick three count for the victory. [**] Impressive first win as a full time member of the AEW roster. 

Jon Moxley talks about Jericho and Nick Gage. He says that he also can't get a response from Tanahashi so he'll be waiting for him on the other side. 

Labors of Jericho Pt. 2: Chris Jericho vs. Nick Gage

MJF comes out, popcorn in hand. Gage has the pizza cutter and sliced Jericho in the arm. Jericho fights him off and Gage hits a spinebuster. Knee to the chest of Jericho in the corner. He chases Jericho to the outside and headbutts him but eats a right hand. The Painmaker throws him back in the ring. As he goes up top, Gage joins him and hits a superplex followed by a Falcon Arrow. Dueling chants as Gage going for the running boot. Walls of Jericho locked on and Gage uses the ropes to escape. They go outside and Jericho throws punches to the head of Gage but is pushed to the post. Gage goes under the ring apron and pulls out the lightbulbs! Jericho grabs his bat and blasts Gage in the gut! Gage grabs him and hits the chokebreaker. 

He gets the pizza cutter again and carves up Jericho! We come back from picture in picture and Gage breaks out the glass window! Gage sets up to hits Jericho through the glass and Jericho joins him up top....and hits some punches. HURRICANRANA THROUGH THE GLASS! Gage gets up at two. Codebreaker broken up by Gage as he breaks out the light tubes and slams it into Jericho's back and another one on his head. Piledriver by Gage only gets two. He takes the shards of glass and shoves it into Jericho's head. He goes back in and Jericho hits a mist blast. Blast of light tubes followed by the Judas Effect for the win. [****] No it wasn't a wrestling classic, but man if that wasn't fun to watch!

MJF grabs the mic afterward and says that labor number three, which is to hit a move off the top rope, against Juventud Guerrera! 

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