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Winners: Havok and Nevaeh via Wheelbarrow/Neckbreaker Combo

Winner: Karl Anderson via Gun Stun

Winner: Tommy Dreamer via DDT

Winner: Eric Young via Pinfall due to a mask shot to the face of Rhino

Winner: Hernandez via Top Rope Splash 

Winners: Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K via The Spotlight 

Winner: Manik via Roll-up 

Winner: Deanna Paparazzi via Piledriver 

Winner: Somebody Won

LIVE Coverage:

The first match to kick off Final Resolution tonight is Larry D vs Tommy Dreamer in an Old School Rules Match. If Larry D wins he is a free man in the Who Shot Bravo Case and if Tommy Dreamer wins Larry D will be arrested. Due to technical with Impact Plus I will not be covering this match but I will post the results.

The bell rings and we are underway. Nevaeh and Delmi lock up and Nevaeh goes behind with a waistlock and Delmi looks to spin out of the hold. Nevah ckmes back with a hammerlock but Delmi performs a standing switch and Nevaeh breaks the hold and hits the drops as Delmi drops down. Nevaeh ends up in the corner and Delmi follows her in and eats a back elbow from Nevaeh leading to a nearfall roll up. Delmi is able to tag out to Ashely who looks to take it to Nevaeh and turns around to gloat allowing Nevaeh to tag out to Havok. Havok then grabs her by the hair and looks to take her down but Ashely breaks free and looks for a sunset flip to no avail. Ashley is able to tag free to Delmi but she ends up in the corner of Havok and Nevaeh leading to Havok tagging in Nevaeh and they hit a double team move slamming her back first into the turnbuckle. The Sea Stars seems to be in trouble as Havok gets tagged in and takes it to Delmi leading to a nearfall. The Sea Stars look to fight back as Havok sets Ashely on the top turnbuckle but Delmi makes a blind tag leading to a codebreaker top senton combo.

 In the end Nevaeh makes a tag and leads to a wheelbarrow neckbreaker combo for the win.

After the match we see Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz backstage talking about the situation they are in with the money. Tasha wants to give it back but Kiera says that she has a plan but they have to take care of the match first. 

The bell rings and we are underway. Tenille and Alisha start off the match. Tenille tags out to Kaleb so now the guys will start off the match. Kaleb looks to talk to Tenille but Eddie pulls him back in and Eddie eats a back elbow. Kaleb then gets stuck taking off his shirt. He finally takes it off and Eddie takes control of the match. Eddie fires away with shots and chops leading to a back bodydrop. Eddie then whips him into the ropes leading to Kaleb throwing his shirt in Eddie's face. This allows for Kaleb to take control and Kaleb looks for a tag frlm Tenille but Tenille wants to no part of the match. Kaleb maintains control and takes down Eddie leading to Tenille posing next to Eddie. Eddie them fights back and hits a blue thunder bomb leading to Eddie tagging out to Alisha. Both ladies enter the ring and Alisha hits a drop toehold. Alisha continues the onslaught but Kaleb trips her up as she hits the ropes leading to Alisha slapping Kaleb in the face. Tenille takes control of the match and takes down Alisha leading to thr dashwoggie. Tenille then takes a shot at Eddie and follows it up with her setting Alisha up in the tree of woe then hits a low crossbody. Kaleb enters the ring to protect Tenille leading to Alisha hitting him wkth her boot. Alisha is then able to tag out to Eddie and Eddie rushes towards Kaleb but Tenille is in the way. Eddie tells her to get out of the way leading to Kaleb diving in front of them. 

Eddie then stacks them both up in the corner and lights up Kaleb with multiple chops to the chest. The match then breaks down to the outside as Eddie hits a dive to the floor taking out Kaleb. The lights then go out as it looks like Sami would make an appearance. Tenille takes advantage and takes Alisha off the top rope leading to the spotlight for the pinfall victory. After thr match Sami shows up from under the ringand hits Eddie with a bat then a piledriver.

 Sami then turns his attention to Alisha but referees and security show up to make the save. 

After the chaos we go to thr parking lot as Gia Miller knocks on the bus and Don Callis comes out. Gia asks if Kenny will be getting involved in Final Resolution. Don says Kenny will not be involved and that Kenny is here visiting family. 

The bell rings and here we go. They run at each other and then hits the ropez and collides again. Fallah then gains control and puts Hernandez in the corner leading to a chop to the chest. Hernandez flips the table and puts Fallah in the corner and chops his chest. Hernandez then whips Fallah into the ropes and comes off with a HUGE crossbody for a nearfall. Hernandez then props himself up in the corner and Fallah looks to run at him but Hernandez pulls Kiera in the way. Fallah moves her out of the way allowing Hernandez to take advantage. Hernandez ends up on the apron and looks to dive over but Fallah puts a stop to that with shots to the face. Hernandez comes back and leaps over the ropes taking down Fallah. Hernandez then looks for a dive but Fallah ducks leading to a shot to his back then Hernandez dives to take him down. Hernandez throws him back in the ring for a nearfall. Hernandez then locks in a submission but Fallah breaks the hold and comes off the ropes and takes down Hernandez. Fallah then hits a running splash to Hernandez in the corner leading to a stinkface. Hernandez looks to fight back but Fallah counters and takes down Hernandez for a nerfall as Kiera was aying around with her count. Hernandez looks to take advantage of him talking to Kiera Hogan. Fallah then sits Hernandez on the top rope but Hernandez knocks Fallah down to the mat and hits a top rop splash for the win. After the match Tasha looks to give Hernandez the roll of cash but can't find it and Hernandez pulls out some weapons and threatens them as they run to the back. 

We then go backstage as Gia Miller interviews Chris Bey ahead of his world title match tonight in the main event. 

The bell rings and we are underway. Eric rjns at Rhino who blocks the punch amd lays in shots to EY. Eric then slides out to the floor and whispers something to Joe Doering. Eric gets on the apron and Rhino charges him but Eric puts a stop to it. Eric gets in the ring and Rhino puts Eric in the corner and chops his chest leading to a huge irish whip. Joe Doering then gets involved allowing Eric to get on the apron and dive down onto Rhino. Young then slams him head first into the guardrail then the ring apron. Eric then sets up Rhino on the apron leading to a legdrop on the apron. Eric rills him bsck in for a nearfall. Rhinonends up in the corner as Eric lays in some shots. Rhino then fifhtsback and drops Eric with a clothesline. Doering gets on the apron and distracts Rhino leading to a neckbreaker from Eric Young. Young then draps Rhino on the middle rope and leans on him with his leg basically choking him. Young then jawjacks with the referee allowing Joe to get a cheap shot for a nearfall. Young then continues the attack leading to multiple two counts. Ylung then stomps on Rhino for anothet nearfall. Young then measures up Rhino for a stomp to the head for a two count. Young then drives Rhino head first into the turnbuckle but Rhino fights back with chops to the chest of Young as they make their way to the middle of the ring. Young puts a stop to it with a kick to the midsection leading to a crossface and a nearfall. Rhino comes back with multiple stirkes and whips him into the corner leading to a moonsault from Eric Young but Rhino rolls out of the way.

 Both guys get back to their feet. Young charges in but eats a back elbow. rhino Then hits a belly to belly then a suplex. Young ends up in the corner leading to a mini gore from Rhino. Rhino then looks for more offense but Young hits a series of back elbows. Rhino maintains control and hits a TKO for a nearfall. Eric Young gets up in the cornerand ends up running into the referee taking him down. Doering looks to get in the ring but Rhino puts a stop to that. Young then takes the mask and looks to attack Rhino with it but The Deaners make the save. Cody then takes the mask away and hits Cousin Jake with it and leaves. 

Young then uses the mask to take out Rhino leading to the pinfall victory. 

Manik answers the challenge. The bell rings and here we go. Manik appears bshind Rohit on the top rope and dives onto Rohit. Manik takes it to Rohit and the match spills to the floor as Rohit lokls to charge at Manik who is hanging in the ropes. Manik then leaps and hits a corkscrew dive. The match ends back up in the ring as Manik places Rohit in the corner and looks for an irish whip but Rohit puts a stop to it leading to a black widow submission hold which transitions into a nearfall. Manik then rolls out of the ring and goes under it leading to him coming out in the other side and hits a neckbreaker from behind. Manik then looks to send Rohit to the floor leading to Rohit countering and sending him to the apron. Rohit looks for a running knee shot but Manik puts a stop to it. Manik then loks for a springboard but eats a forearm strike from Rohit. Rohit gains control of the match leading to a back suplex for a nearfall. Rohit then places Manik in the corner and chops him in the chest and whips him into the opposite corner and drops him for a nearfall. Rohit stays on the attack and stomps him multiple times leading to him choking him on the rop and tries to pull off the mask. Rohit then sets him up on the top rope and clubs him in the back and looks to go after the masks again leading to Manik taking advantage with a backslide for a nearfall. Manik then picks up Rohit for a GTS and both guys are down. Manik makes it back to his feet and locks in a waistlock but Rohit hits him with a back elbow. Manik then springsboards off the rope and takes down Rohit for a nearfall. Rohit is alble to fight back and puts Manik in the corner leading to a running knee then a cannonball then climbs to the top for a double stomp to the back for a nearfall. Manik stubles back to his feet and eats a flatliner for a nearfall. Rohit then locks in a crossface but Manik makes it back to his fert and locks in a black widow submission. Rohit looks to grab the ankle to break the hold but to no avail. Rohit makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Manik is able to stay on Rohit with big shots to the face of Rohit. Manik locks in a waistlock and Rohit bscks him into the referee bit the referee is ok. The finish of the match sees Rohit about to run into the referee leading to a roll up for the win. MANIK IS THE NEW X-DIVISION CHAMPION.

After the match we go backstage and Gia Miller is interviewing Moose. Moose says he will be watching the main event and will be looking to go after the winner.

The bell rings amd here we go. Deonna looks scared when she lokks at Rosemary and goes to the outside and talks strategy with Kimber Lee. Deonna enters the ring and looks to lock up but Lee trips up Rosemary a bit. Rosemary then hits Deonna with a spear then a full mount and lwys in strikes. Rosemary then drives Deonna down to the mat head first three times. Rosemary then tosses Deonna across the ring and then again out of the corner. Rosemary them drives Deonna head firt multiple times leading to a nearfall. Rosemary picks up Deonna and loks for a suplex but Deonna counters and throws Rosemary to the floor. Lee and Taya then get into it leading to Deonna coming out to the floor and throws Rosemary arm first into the ringpost. Deonna tosses Rosemary back in the ring and begins to work on the arm of Rosemary. Deonna them snaps the arm of Rosemary for a nearfall. 

Deonna grabs the arm again and twists it. Deonna then wraps her arm in the ropes and pulls on it. Rosemary ends up in the corner and Deonna again pulls the arm through the ropes leading to multiple kicks to the midsection. Deonna is then able to get Rosemary down on the mat with a submission hold but Rosemary is able to break the hold and sends Deonna to the floor. Deonna gets back in the ring and sends Rosemary to the corner and looks to follow in but Rosemary gets the boot up. Rosemary then comes back with the scorpin death drop for a nearfall. Rosemary then locks in the upside-down but Deonna comes back and knocks Rosemary off the apron as she crashes into the steel guardrail and hurting her neck and elbow. Rosemary gets back in the ring and Deonna is all over her leading to a clothesline and a nearfall. Deonna then wonders what it will take to put Rosemary away. Deonna then hits multiple stirkes to the chest of Rosemary leading to a sideheadlock. Rosemary makes it to the corner and Deonna folloes her in amd hits a flatliner out of the corner into a submission hold. Rosemary eventually breaks the hold leading to a sidewalk slam. Both ladies are now down and in a lot of pain. Both ladies make it bsck to their feet and begin to trade shots but Rosemary gets the advantage with a shoulder block. Rosemary then hits a splash in the corner leading to an explider suplex for a nearfall. Rosemary looks for a double underhook but Deonna spins out leading Rosemary countering into a double underhook butterfly suplex for a nearfall. Deonna comes back and locks in an armbar. Rosemary makes it to her feet and hits the red wedding for a nearfall as Kimber Lee pulls the referee out of the ring. 

Back in the ring Deonna hits a pump kick into the piledriver for the pinfall victory. 

We then go to Kenny's bus and see a family reunion between Karl Anderson, Kenny Omega, and Don Callis.

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Page pushes him into the ropes. Karl turns it around and pushes Page into the the corner and we get a clean break. They lock up again and Page pushes Anderson into the corner. Page then drives Karl head first into the corner. Karl fights back and drops Page leading to a full mount and raining down shots. Karl continues the onslaught and puts Ethan in the corner and stomps a mudhole in him. Karl then sends him to the floor and follows him to the floor. Karl sends Page into the steps before throwing him back in the ring. Josh then gets involved grabbing the ankle allowing Ethan to take control with a back suplex. Page then continues the attack and sends Anderson to the floor and leading to Page whipping him into the post. Page then throws him back in the ring and locks in a waistlock leading to Page dropping Anderson and them clubs him in the back. Page then hits Karl with a crossface into a leagfrop off the ropes for a nearfall. Page then locks in a sideheadlock and Karl makds it back to his feet and fights out of the hold only to eat a dropkick from Pahe for a nearfall. Page picks Anderson off the mat and hits a forearm strike to the back. Page then hits a back bodydrop for a nearfall. Page argues with referee before locking in a sideheadlock. Page then transitions into a boot to the back while pulling the arms. Karl makes it back to his feet and breaks th hold leadkng to a back suplex. They then begin to trade shots and Page looks for a kick but misses and Karl answers with an uppercut. Karl then hits a senton before whipling him into the opposite corner. Karl follows him in but eats a back elbow. Anderson fights back and is able to take down Ethan for a nearfall. Page fights back and kicks Karl in the face then slams him on the mat for a nearfall. Karl then kicks Page in the corner and puts him on his shoulder but Page slips out tbe back. Pahe then throws Anderson off the top rope for a nearfall. Page then puches Karl in the face then sets him up on the top rope looking for a superplex. Karl fights him off and to the mat. Karl comes off the top and takes down Page leading to the gun stun for the pinfall victory. 

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Swann pushes Bey in the corner. They lock up again and Bey pushes Swann into the corner and we get a clean break. Theh lock up again wkth Swann grabbing the arm and turns it into a wristlock. Bey spins out of the hold and into a hammerlock. Swann breaks the hold and locks in a sideheadlock. Bey then spims out of the hold into a wristlock. Swann them nips up multiple times to break the hold. The match then speeds up and go back and forth with Swann leaping over Bey from the apron hitting a dropkick. Swann then locks in a cravate but Bey fights out only for Swann to hit a snapmare then kicks him in back. Swann then hits another snapmare and kick to the back. Swann comes off the ropes and hits multiple legdrops. Swann then hits a standing flip legdrop for a nearfall. 

Swann then looks for a splash but Bey counters into a small package for a nearfall. Bey then picks up the speed of the match into a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Bey then kicks Swann in the back for a nearfall. Bey luts Swann in the ring and stomps him multiple times. Swann fhen rolls to the outside and Bey follws him to the floor and eats a chop to the chest. Bey then whips Swann into the guardrail and throws him back in the ring for a nearfall. Bey then clicks Swann in the jaw as he locks on a headlick. Saann makes it back to his feet but Bey pushes Swann back in the corner before whipping him chest first into the turnbuckle them again to tbe opposite turnbuckle. Bey whips him into the corner but puts on the brakes and lepas over Bey for a sunset flip for a nearfall. Bey then hits a dropkick leading to a nearfall. Bey remains in control locking in abdominal stretch. Swann slips out and hits a hip toss. Swann sends Bey to the apron and Swann goes up and over as Bey reenters the ring. Bey then clubs Swann leading to a nearfall. Swann ends up in the corner and Bey looks to follow in but eats an elbow leading to Swann comingboff the ropes with a leaping clothesline. The match picks up speed leading to a kick to the face of Bey for a two count.swann goes up top but Bey clips the ankles tying hkm up in the tree of woe leading to a running dropkick to the back. Bey then puts him in a torture rack and drops him for a nearfall. Both guys make it back to their feet and Bey lloks for an irish whip but Swann holds onto the ropes leading to a forearm strike from Bey. Swann comes back hitting a hurricanrana them a standing moonsault for a two count. Rich looks for a Phoenix splash but comes up empty Bey then hits a Code Red for a nearfall.

 Both guys gets back up and they trade blows in the center of the ring. 

Swann catches Bey with a kick and comas off the ropes and catches a kick from Bey. Swann is them able to fight back and catches Bey with a kick and both guys are down. The referee makes the count and both guys beat the count. Swann then hits a crucifix for a nearfall. Bey then rolls him up for a nearfall. Back and forth pinfalls leading to a fisherman's suplex for a nearfall from Chris Bey. Bey looks for The Art of Finesse but Swann hits a hanaspring to avoid it leading to a superkick for a nearfall. Swann hits anothet kick into a Phoenix Splash from the top for the pinfall victory.

After the match Moose comes down to the ring to confront Swann amd lets him know he is coming for his title before making his way back up the ramp.

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