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Tonight we usher in a new era for Impact Wrestling after this past Saturday’s Bound For Glory PPV. 

We now look towards the next Impact Plus Special, Turning Point on November 20. 


Before the Impact:

Winner: VSK via Brainbuster 


Winner: Ace Austin via The Fold 

Winner AND STILL X-DIVISION CHAMPION Trey Miguel via Top Rope Metora 

Winner: No Contest 

Winner: Rachael Ellering via Backslide

Live Coverage: 

Before the Impact:

The bell rings and we are underway. VSK jaw jacks and pushes Beale who hits him with a double leg and rains down the punches. He pushes him into the corner and hits multiple shoulder tackles then a fall way slam. Sam continues the attack but eats a boot. Beale comes back with a gut buster for a nearfall. VSK tools out to the floor but Beale goes up top and dives onto the learning tree. Myers and Beale gets on each other’s face allowing VSK to hit a springboard dropkick then sends Sam to the floor. VSK throws him back into the ring and drives his knee into his back followed by a slam and a splash for a two count. VSK then slows down the match as he continues to take it to Sam for another nearfall. VSK then rains down the fists before driving his knee to the side of his head. Beale then fights back and catches VSK off the ropes for a backbreaker and a fall away slam. Beale continues the attack with a back elbow to break free of a waistlock followed by a neckbreaker and a clothesline to the back of the neck for a two fall. Sam runs at VSK but catches him with a neckbreaker and a running boot for a two count. In the end both try to cheat by grabbing the tights leading to VSK hitting a running knee and takes out Beale for the win. The Learning Tree then jumps Beale leading to Rich Swann and Willie Mack making the save.

Winner: VSK via Brainbuster 


Moose kicks off the show but can’t even get a single word out:

Moose called out The Elite, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, King of the Ring and Queens Crown Tournaments and New Day:

Minoru Suzuki has ARRIVED:

Matt wants a shot at Moose:

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Rocky grabs the wrist of Try who slips out of the way and grabs the wrist of Rocky. Trey goes for an armdrag but Rocky blocks and takes a shortcut. They both come off the ropes with Trey leapfrogging over Rocky as the match picks up some speed leading to an armdrag from Trey. 

Both guys battle within the ropes leading to a slam down on the apron from Trey. Trey then locks in a hold int the ropes but breaks the hold. Trey goes for a big move but Rocky counters and sends Trey to the floor. Rocky looks for a dive but Trey moves out of the way as Rocky slides out to the floor. Trey then climbs to the top and hits a moonsault as we go to break. 

Back from break and Rocky is in control stomping the arm of Trey. Rocky picks him up and shoots him into the ropes but Trey picks up speed and looks to take down Rocky who brings Trey down to the mat. Trey fights back with a roundhouse kick to the head. Trey then looks for a reverse 619 but Rocky dropkick a him to the floor leading to a slam for nearfall. Rocky then begins to repeatedly kick the arm of Trey Miguel and stomps out his chest. Rocky grabs the arm but Trey hits him a with a forearm shot in the back but Rocky quickly transitions into an armbar leading to a Powerbomb from Trey to break the hold. Both guys make it o their knees and begin trading shots as they make it back to their feet. They trade forearms leading to a jumping knee from Miguel. Trey then climbs to the top and hits the metora but a Rocky rolls through into a Boston Crab. 

Trey rolls through and rolls him up for a two count. Trey runs a Rocky for a back elbow and the same for Rocky leading to an eventual Brainbuster. Trey then climbs back to top for another metora and the win.

Winner AND STILL X-DIVISION CHAMPION: Trey Miguel via Top Tope Metora 

It’s not over between Maclin and Miguel:

Looks like Rachael and Tasha have a date tonight:

Scott seems to have a LOT on his plate:

The bell rings and we are underway. Rachael comes right out of the gate with a running corkscrew elbow. Ellering is seeming to be steamrolling through Tasha leading to a senton for a nearfall. Tasha looks to fight back and goes for a codebreaker but gets caught and slammed down to the mat. Tasha rolls to the floor as Rachael looks to come after her but gets caught and brought down to the mat. Tasha rolls back in the ring and puts Rachael n the corner as she stomps repeatedly on Rachael. Tasha then hits a suplex for a two count. Tasha then locks in a rear chin lock and brings her down to the mat. Ellering fights back to her feet but Tasha stays one step ahead and hits her in the gut and whips her by her hair to the mat. Tasha then trash talks Rachael and calls her weak. Ellering then fights back with multiple forearms and charges at Steelz who slips out of the way and sends her to the floor. Savannah and Jordynne then butt heads as Tasha brings Ellering back into the ring and repeatedly stomps her in the midsection. Rachael fights back and looks to build momentum getting a two count. Rachael comes at Tasha but is met with a boot. Rachael is able to comeback and catch Tasha with a backslide for the win. 

Winner: Rachael Ellering via Backslide

The IInspiration look to inspire and take the division to a whole new level:

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Joe pushes Heath against the ropes. Joe continues to use his power and push Heath into a corner leading to Heath fighting free and lighting him up with jabs to the face. Heath hits the ropes and is cut in half by a a crossbody from Doering. Heath then looks to battle back but gets turned inside out with a shoulder twist. Joe slows down the match and slams down Heath and hits a elbow drop for a two count. 

Joe then whips Heath into the corner and charges but Heath moves out of the way then ducks a clothesline as Heath takes down Doering. Heath looks for a big move but Deaner trips him up leading to Rhino taking out Deaner and they brawl into the ring. This leads to the match being thrown out as Heath is still fighting Doering. 

Winner: No Contest

Eric Young gets up on the apron and Rhino looks to punch him but doesn’t and takes out Deaner instead. Young then takes out Rhino and Heath showing that he is cleared as he takes out Rhino with a scoop slam and a top rope elbow. Young then takes out Heath with a piledriver as VBD stands tall. 

The Good Brothers have never beaten FinJuice:

Impact will always open their doors for the demons: 

Mickie looked to address the fans and ends up getting herself into a title match next week with the Queen Bee and five times Knockouts World Champion, Madison Rayne 

MINORU SUZUKI is the third parter for Team Moose:

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Sabin gets control of Ace’s wrist and takes him down. Sabin hits the ropes and leaps her Ace leading to them trading waistlocks. Sabin hits a kitchen sink knee to Ace leading to a roll up but Ace slips out before the count. They go into separate corners and lock up again with Ace getting the advantage with a right hand to Sabin. Chris then fights back and makes it to the second rope with a sunset flip but Ace rolls through and gets caught with a roll up for a two count. Sabin maintains control and one step ahead of Ace rolling him up then a double stomp to the midsection leading to a surfboard submission but Ace grabs the ropes. Ace then comes back and moves out of the way as Sabin charged him leading to a kick to the face but is favoring his knee. Ace then continues the onslaught with a forearm to the face. Ace then stomps the chest of Sabin and taunts the crowd. Sabin goes for a suplex but Ace puts in the brakes and hits one of his own for a nearfall. Ace then locks in an armbar as he brings out a laminated card and gives him a paper cut between the fingers. Ace then stacks him up for a two count. Ace then hits a gutwrench suplex into a leg drop off the ropes for a nearfall as we go to break. Back from break and Ace is n control as he strikes Sabin with a forearm shot. Ace then convenes with Fulton for some advice and continues to take it or Sabin. Sabin who had rolled out to the ring comes back in and eats a boot from Ace who locks in a front chancery for a second then lets go and paint brushes Sabin who comes back with a suplex. In the end Ace distracts the referee and allows Fulton to whip Sabin into the ropes which leads to The Fold from Ace for the win. 

Winner: Ace Austin via The Fold 

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