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Winner: Chris Sabin via Roll-up 

Winner: Eric Young via Piledriver 

Winners: Moose and Chris Bey via Pinfall 

Winner: Brian Myers via Clothesline 

Winners: Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie via Double Underhook Sit Out Powerbomb 

LIVE Coverage:

The show opens up with a recap of the Omega/Moxley match for the AEW World Title. We then see Kenny's bus pull up to the arena and Josh Matthews announces that he will enter the bus and interview Omega and Callis.

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Josh Alexander gets the advantage and grabs the arm of Sabin. Sabin rolls through and flips out of the hold. Sabin then picks up the speed in this match and is eventually able to take down Alexander and locks in a working hold. Alexander is able to make it to his feet and shoots Sabin into the ropes. He then hits Sabin in the midsection and gains control of the match. He then whips him in the ropes and follows him in closely and knocks him down. Alexander follws up with a backbreaker for a two count. Josh continues the onslaught with stomps to the ankle. Jos then puts Sabin in the corner and chops him in the chest. Sabin then counters and puts Alexander in the corner and lights up the chest of Josh. Alexander then fights back and takes down Sabin leading to a nearfall. Josh then locks in a working hold but Sabin fkres back with shots to the ribs and midsection of Josh but Alexander shuts that down leading to a snap suplex. Josh then locks in a sideheadlock but Sabin breaks it with a jawbreaker. Josh then shoots Sabin into the ropes who counters in to a pin for a nearfall. Josh then kicks Sabin in the head and the two get a bit of a reprive. The match picks up again with Sabin getting a nearfall on Alexander and then sends him flying to the floor. Sabin follows him to the floor and throws him back in the ring. Sabin climbs to the top for a diving crossbody for a two count. Sabin then looks to put Alexander on his shoulders but Josh blocks it. Sabin sends Josh into the corner and looks to follow him in but Josh pushes him off leading to Sabin goimg behind for a waistlock but Josh shoves him off. Sabin then lools for a hurricanrana but Josh counters into a powerbomb for a nearfall. 

Alexander then hits Sabin with multiple clubbing blows to the back. Josh then sends him to the corner then whips him into the opposite turnbuckle. Josh looks to follow him in but eats a back elbow. Sabin then hits Alexander with an enziguri 

but Alexander comes back with a ripcord elbow. Ethan then tells Josh no more elbows and to drop Sabin on his head. Alexander goes for a piledriver but Sabin rolls him up for the pinfall victory.

After the match we go backstage to Moose eho is focusing on the tag team match for later tonight. Chris Bey then shows up looking to talk strategy. Moose says his fists speak for him and that he will talk to Bey after Saturday. 

We come back to the show and see Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone with a cheap plug for AEW Dynamite and talks about Kenny being on IMPACT tonight. Khan invites Callis to the show tomorrow.

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Brian Myers pushes TJP off him. They lock up again and Myers grabs the arm of TJP but TJP escapes the hold and hits Myers with a dropkick.

 Myers looks for a test of strength and Myers brings him down to the mat. TJP then picks the ankel of Myers bringing him down to the mat for a one count. TJP continues the offensive and locks Myers in a submission but Myers makes it to the bottom rope. Myers stays in the ropes amd TJP folloes him in and eats a punch to the gut. Myers follows it up by putting TJP in the corner and stomps a mudhole in him. TJP foghts back leading to a hurricanrana sending Myers to the floor. TJP follows him to the floor and brkngs him back in the ring and looks to go high risk but Myers clips his ankles and sends TJP crashing to the floor as we go to break. We come back from break and Myers looks to charge TJP in the corner but TJP jumps up and hits a tornado DDT and both guys are down.

 TJP then springsboards off the second takkng down Myers. TJP follows up with three amingos and looks for the Mamba Splash but Myers puts a stop to it and knocks him down. Myers then looks for a clothesline but TJP counters into a kneebar but Myers makes it to the ropes. Myers then hits a hotshot on TJP and reeters the ring to continue the onslaught but TJP counters into a back suplex then the Mamba Splash for a nearfall. TJP locks in a submission and tosses TJP into the referee leading to a clothesline for the win.

After the match we see Cody Deaner more focused than ever heading into his match with Eric Young. Deaner says he has to do this alone but Jake says he will be out there to protect him from Joe Doering. Deaner tells Jake to promise him that he won't get involved in the match. 

We come back to the show to see Rohit Raju rub in TJP's face about his loss to Brian Myers. Rohit says that at Final Resolution it will be the final Defeat Rohit Challenge and is open to anyone but TJP. TJP then wishes Rohit luck in the Defeat Rohit Challenge.

The bell rings and we are underway. Cody runs right at Young but eats a back elbow. Deaner ckmes back with a bug back bodydrop. Young looks to fight bsck for a second but Deaner is able to fight back and take down Young. He puts Young in the corner and lays into him with punches before whipping him into the opposite turnbuckle. Young is able to turn it around and put Deaner between the ropes and chokes him out a bit. Eric Young follws up with a death valley driver for a nearfall. Young looks to follow it up but counters into a roll up for a nearfall. Young then takes down Deaner and begins to jawjack. Deaner then says he is not a nobody and begins to fire up. Deaner hits Young with an elbow and then a scoopslam. Deaner then goes up top and comes up empty leading to a piledriver from Young for the pinfall victory. 

After the match Young and Doering look for the post match beatdown. Cousin Jake looks to make the save but gets taken out by Doering. Rhino then comes out to make the save and clears the ring with a lead pipe.

We then see Bravo backstage trying to get at Larry D after he shot him. Dreamer says that he will handle the situation. Larry then challenges Dreamer to a match at Final Resolution. If Larry wins he is a free man. If Dreamer wins Larry goes downtown. 

We come back to the show and Tommy Dreamer enters the office of Scott D'Amore. Dreamer is concerned with Kenny being on IMPACT tonight. 

The bell rings and here we go. Rosemary and Deonna start off the match. Deonna immediately grabs the arm of Rosemary but Rosemary is able to push Deonna into the ropes but Deonna holds onto the arm. Rosemary looks to break free but Deonna immediately grabs the arm again. Both ladies break apart and tag out. Taya takes down Lee with a crossbody but Lee fights back eith kicks to the midsection and puts Taya in the corner and follows  it up by dragging her to jer ckrner and tags out to Deonna. Purrazzo continues the onslaught before tagging out to Lee and locks in a submission hold. 

Taya then fights back with shots to the midsection both ladies make it back to their feet. Taya then lights up Lee with forearm shots backing her into the ropes. Lee is able to stop Taya from tagging out to Rosemary and tags out to Deonna. Purrazzo then continues the attack and makes another quick tag to Lee who comes in and chops the chest of Taya before whipping her into the rope. Taya looks to tag out to Rosemary but Lee tries to stop her. Taya makes the tag and Rosemary clears house. Lee tags out to Deonna but Rosemary takes her down too. Deonna looks for an armbar but Rosemary looks to counter but Deonna puts a stop to it with an axe kick. Lee comes in and takes out Taya. Deonna and Lee stand in the ring gloating leading to a spear from Taya to Lee. Deonna is then tied up with Rosemary leading to Taya taking out Lee. The finish of the match sees Taya hit a split and Deonna kicks Lee in the face and Rosemary hits a double under hook sitout powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

After the match Tenille and Kaleb walk up to Alisha with team ideas but Alisha says she's too busy dealing with going after Sami. Tenille and Kaleb kick her off the team. 

We come back to the show and we see Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee yell at Scott D'Amore about putting so much on her plate. Scott D'Amore them announces Deonna vs Rosemary for the Knockouts Championship at Final Resolution.

We then see Sami Callihan in the ring amd says that he is the highest rated wrestler in all of IMPACT. Sami says he made Impact the company it is today. He then shows the moment he hit Eddie in the face with a baseball bat a few years ago.

He tires to show the footage of him hitting Eddie again from two weeks ago leading to Alisha Edwards coming out and she didn't come alone as Eddie shows up and attacks Sami. 

We come back to show and see Eddie and Alisha backstage. Alisha says that she helped him take care of his problem and now it's time for them to take care of her problem.

The bell rings and we are underway. Swann and Moose start off the match. Bey then tags in with a blind tag. They lock up and Bey goes behind with a waistlock Rich shoves him off as Bey comes off the ropes and rolls through and Swann sends Bey to the floor and follows him to the outside and hits him in the mouth. Swann then rolls him back in the ring and hits Bey with a dropkick as we go to break. 

We come back to the show and Willie Mack Nd Moose are legal. Mack hits Moose with a dropkick out of the corner and continues the onslaught on Moose. Mack looks to take Moose down but Moose puts a stop to that and drops Mack. Moose then picks Mack off the mat and hits a standing Rick Bottom. Moose then tags out to Bey and throws Bey on top of Mack for a nearfall. Bey continues the onslaught with jits to the midsection. Bey brings Mack to his corner as he tags out to Moose. Moose then attacks the midand ribs of Mack. Moose then brings Mack to the center of the ring and hits Mack multiple times in the head. Moose tags out to Bey who flips in onto Mack for a nearfall. Moose then makes a blind tag and continues to destroy Willie. Moose picks up Mack but then turns his attention to Swann which allows for Willie to hit two stunners leading to Swann making the tag.

 Swann ducks the clothesline taking out Bey but then eventually gets taken down by a powerbomb from Moose. Bey then comes in but Swann stops him and sets him up on the top and follows in but eats a boot from Bey. Moose then comes in but eats a boot from Swann. Rich then takes down Bey with a hurricanrana onto Moose for a nearfall. 

Willie comes back amd tags in looking for the six star splash but comes up empty. Moose then grounds and pounds Mack leading to Bey getting the pinfall victory.

Seems like Kenny and Don have the parking blocked off. 

Josh enters the bus and we see Kenny and Don come from the back of the bus. Don changes the name plate on the AEW World Championship. 

Josh asks when this all started. Callis says that this all started 27 years ago when Don was trained by Omega's uncle The Golden Shiek. Callis says it was all part of the plan when Kenny won the IWGP World Championship, when Kenny beat Adam Page at Full Gear, and when Keeny won the AEW World Title last week. Don goes on to say that he and Kenny make history. 

Josh then asks about the finsh to the world title match between Moxley.

Kenny Omega teases going after gold in IMPACT.

Kenny then says he has a big announcement to make tomorrow on Dynamite.

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