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Winners and advancing to the finals: Havok and Nevaeh via Tombstone Piledriver

Winner: No Contest

Winners: Joe Doering and Cody Deaner via DDT

Winner: Crazzy Steve via pinfall

Winner: Matthew Palmer via Time Limit Draw

Live Coverage:

The bell rings and here we go. Ace Austin slips to the outside and leaves the other three in the ring. Blake tells Steve to back up and Fulton pulls Steve out of the ring. Blake sweeps the legs of KC and gets a quick one count. Blake and KF go at it with KC getting the advantage but Ace and Fulton pull him out of the ring and beat him down as Ace slides back in and ducks a clothesline attempt from Ace and kips up and hits him with a dropkick. Ace fights back to take out Blake but Steve rolls back in and locks Ace up in the upside down leading to KC coming into the ring and takes it to KC who lands on the apron and kicks Ace in the head but Blake comes back in and takes out Navarro. Blake and Ace end up in the corner as Ace sets Blake on the top and looks to meet him up there. Steve rolls back in and looks for a powerbomb attempt but Ace puts a stop to that and it allows for Blake to take down Ace with a kick to the chest leading him diving to the outside to take out KC. Ace then hits a Fosbury flip to the outside taking out everyone.

 The action gets back in the ring as Ace fights Steve leading to a two count. Blake and Ace then end up alone in the ring with Blake hitting a Spanish fly then a frogsplash from the top for a near fall. 

Steve then rolls back in and sets up Blake and Ace in the corner. KC then looks to put a stop to Steve but he counters and sends Navarro into Ace and Blake in the corner leading to Steve picking up the victory and momentum into the Super X-Cup THIS SATURDAY at Genesis. 

After the match we hear comments from Sami Callihan ahead of his “FINAL” match against Eddie Edwards tonight. Sami also warns Eddie to keep his wife Alisha away from ringside because anything can happen.

We come back to the show and are treated to another cheap plug from AEW with The Tonys.

We then go to Kenny’s bus and The Bullet Club is gearing up for Hard to Kill.

It looks like it will be Joe Doering and Cody Deaner instead of Eric Young. The bell rings and we are underway. Cousin Jake and Cody Deaner start off the match. Deaner attacks Jake by laying in the punches to the face and head of Jake. He then drives him head first into the turnbuckle. Deaner then stomps the chest of Jake and then chokes him on the middle rope. He then lays in multiple crossfaces as Cody tags in Joe Doering. Joe then kicks Jake around a bit and looks for an Irish whip and then looks for a clothesline but Jake ducks it and Joe comes off the ropes with a big time crossbody.

We come back to the show and Cody Deaner is in control as he choke out Jake in the corner. We get a clean break but Cody is right back on the attack as he stomps a mud hole in Jake. Cody then backs up and charges into Jake with a clothesline as Jake crumbles in the corner. Cody continues to stomp in the body and chest of Jake. Cody pulls him into the center of the ring and looks for a backs duplex. Jake slips out the back and tags out to Rhino. Rhino comes in hot and takes it to Cody. He takes him down with multiple clothesline’s then a mini gore into a belly to belly suplex. Jake tags back in and pleads with Jake leading to Young getting involved and causing the distraction allowing Deaner to hit a low blow then a DDT for the win. 

After the match we see a post match beat down from Doering, Deaner, and Young. Tommy Dreamer then comes down to the ring and makes the save. Tommy then challenges Young and company to a six man old school rules, No DQ, and falls count anywhere at Hard to Kill.

We then go backstage to Gia Miller as she interviews Matthew Palmer. Palmer says that he has been a wrestler for 14 years and that he has been waiting for years to get his foot in the door at IMPACT. HE says the he isn’t going to back down to Moose. He also says that tonight the whole world is gonna know who Matthew Palmer is.

We come back and Detective Acey is in m the case. He talks to Johnny Swinger but Swinger reminds him that he was found innocent and that he needs to talk to the knockouts. 

We then go to the ring and hear comments from the Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo ahead of her title defense against Taya Valkyrie at Hard to Kill. 

Taya then makes her way to the ring and gets in the face of Deonna. 

We then go backstage to Rohit and Chris Bey and Rohit wants Bey to graciously step aside in the title match at Hard to Kill. In the end they agree to put their differences aside to unmask Manik. They then challenge Manik and TJP to a tag match. 

We come back to the show and Tenille Dasheood offers to be her new tag team partner as Taya is focused on the Knockouts Championship.

The bell rings and here we go. Jordynne Amd Nevaeh start off the match. They lock up and Jordynne gets the advantage and locks in a headlock but Nevaeh spins out and locks in a hammerlock. Grace then spins out of the hold and takes down Nevaeh with a headlock take down and gets three near falls. Nevaeh then makes it back to her feet and takes control of the match with a headlock. Jordynne then shoots her off into the ropes and looks for a clothesline but Nevaeh ducks and tags out to Havok . Havok then shoots Grace off into the ropes and takes her down with a shoulder block. Jordynne then tags out to Jazz who gets in the face of Havok and slaps her in the face. Havok answers back with a forearm to the face. Back and forth they go trading blows leading Jazz getting the upper hand sending Havok into the corner. She then lays in the kicks to the midsection. Havok then fights back and is able to tag out to Nevaeh. Nevaeh looks to take it to Jazz but Jazz puts a stop to that then rakes the eyes of Nevaeh. Jazz then tags out to Jordynne who takes it to Nevaeh and sends her in the corner and hits her with multiple shoulder tackles leading to a tag from Jazz. Jazz then comes in with a butterfly suplex before tagging out to Grace who takes down Nevaeh for a nearfall. Jordynne then sends Neaveah back into her corner and hits her with a chop to the chest before tagging out to Jazz. Jazz then brings Nevaeh to the middle of the ring and locks in a working hold before a nearfall. Jazz then tags out to Grace as she comes in and attacks the arm of Nevaeh. Grace then lays in the punches sending her back into her corner and tags out to Jazz. Jazz takes to Nevaeh but Nevaeh fights back and both ladies go down with double clotheslines. Both ladies then tag out and Havok takes it to Jordynne with a multiple shots then a big boot across the face leading to a nearfall as Jazz breaks the pin. Grace is able to recover and rolls up Havok for a nearfall. Jazz then tags in as they both whip Havok into the ropes as she takes out Grace leading to a tombstone piledriver for the win.

We then go backstage as Gia Miller interviews Rich Swann and Motor City Machine Guns. 

We then come back and Swann and the Motor City Machine Guns look to take it to Bullet Club leading to a parking lot brawl and the club standing tall.

We then see Jazz and Jordynne Grace backstage talking about being bounced from the tag title tournament which leads to a match between the two for Genesis THIS SATURDAY.

We then go to Deonna and Kimber who are waiting for James Mitchell who says that she isn’t Su anymore then Susan comes out.

The bell rings and here we go. Palmer runs at Moose and lays in him with forearm shots to the face. Moose then puts a stop to Palmer with a Rock Bottom. Moose then goes into the full mount and lays in the strikes before laying in the stomps. Moose then allows for Palmer to fight back only for Moose to put a stop to it and begins to stalk and kick at Palmer. Moose then clubs the back of Palmer and throws him across the ring. Moose then tells Palmer to give him his best shot leading to a high knee strike to the face. Moose then answers back with a powerbomb. Willie then comes out to provide the distraction allowing for Palmer to win the three minute challenge. 

We then go backstage as Ethan is now in therapy and The Karate Man is his therapist. It looks like we are going to be getting Ethan Page vs The Karate Man at Hard to Kill.

Before the match can even start Eddie jumped Sami and they make their way to ringside. Eddie continues the attack but Sami looks to fight back as he hits Eddie with a steel chair. He looks to hit him again but misses. Eddie then jumps all over Sami with shots to the face and head. Eddie then sets up Sami for a chop to the chest but Sami moves out of the way and Eddie chops the post instead. The match still hasn’t officially started or entered the ring yet as they continue to brawl on the outside as we go to break.

We come back from break and and Eddie Edwards slams Sami back first onto the apron. Eddie then hits Sami with a steel chair in the midsection. Sami then fights back and hits Eddie multiple times in the face with the ring bell. Sami then chokes Eddie on the steel guardrail. Sami then follows Eddie as he tries to get away and puts his thumbs in the eyes of Eddie. Sami continues the fight as Eddie looks to try and get away. Sami then takes the back of Eddie and hits him with a trash can lid. Sami then tells him he should’ve stayed at home with his family. Sami then stomps Eddie multiple times and hits him with a running knee up against the steel guardrail. Sami then sets up a chair and looks to suplex Eddie through it. Eddie then fights back with shots to the ribs and midsection. Sami then fights back and it able to suplex Eddie through the chair and his knee crashes into the chair. 

Sami throws him in the ring and follows him in as the referee finally rings the bell. They both get in each other’s face and begin trading shots. Eddie gets the advantage and pushes Sami into the corner and continues the attack. The referee then looks to break them up but Eddie throws him off. Sami then turns the tables and the referee tries to break it up again and Sami throws off the referee too. They continue to trade blows leading to the referee being thrown all the way down and calls off the match. 

Sami and Eddie continue to fight leading a suicide dive from Eddie to Sami on the outside. 

Eddie then sees the bat and grabs it and looks to hit Sami with it. Sami then takes out the lights and shows Eddie’s wife Alisha trapped in a cage. Sami looks to take advantage of the distraction but Eddie turns around and hits Sami with the bat. Eddie then finds Alisha only to fall for the trap as Ken Shamrock appears and takes out Eddie. Sami then shows up and ties Eddie to the cage with barbed wire. 

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