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Tonight Impact Wrestling kicks off 2022 with a BANG!

Off the heels of the groundbreaking announcement of Mickie James, the current Impact Knockouts World Champion being announced for the Royal Rumble we have four titles on the line tonight plus history being made as the knockouts take part in Ultimate X and so much more. 


Countdown To Hard To Kill: 

Madman Fulton vs Jake Something: 

Winner: Jake Something via Black Hole Slam

Winner: “Speedball” Mike Bailey via pinfall 

Hard To Kill Main Card: 

Winner AND STILL IMPACT WORLD CHAMPION: Moose via Lights Out Spear 


Winner: Josh Alexander via Ankle Lock 

Winner: Tasha Steelz 

Winners: Team Eddie via pinfall 

Winner AND STILL ROH WORLD CHAMPION Jonathan Gresham via roll up 


Live Coverage:

The bell rings and we are underway. All hell breaks lose as Jordynne and Tasha climb the structure. Both ladies were taken down leading to a blockbuster from Green. Tasha and Green are fighting each other on one side of the ring. Steelz gets the advantage and take here out leading to a back and forth with Grace. Jordynne comes back with a huge spin buster. Jordynne is dominating this match as Savannah Evans comes down to the ring. Havok then appears in the ring and helps Rosemary to get to the X but Chelsea puts a stop to that with a dive from the top rope. Green and Alisha then climb the structure and ends up falling on the rest of the field. Lady Frost then climbs to the top and dives on the competitors. Frost now has the ring to herself and climbs the structure but Grace is there to stop her then climbs it herself. Grace stops Frost in the face as she continues to climb and transverse the cables. Frost jumps on the back of Grace leading to Rosemary getting involved. Frost takes care of Rosemary then Steelz takes out Frost and pulls down Grace. Grace and Green team up to take out Tasha. Chelsea looks to climb across and crashes into Tasha. Alaisha then comes back into the ring with Kendra the kendo stick and lays into everyone as the crowd chants “She’s Hardcore.” Alisha climbs the structure and makes it to the cables but Chelsea grabs Kendra and distracts Alisha allowing for Rosemary to take advantage. Tasha and Jordynne across the cables as Grace kicks Tasha in the back leading to both Knockouts crashing to the mat on their tailbones as Grace hits sky high. Frost now climbs back up and hits a moonsault off the structure onto Evans, Havok and Rosemary. 

Grace is now back in the match and scaling the cable as Tasha looks to stop her. Green now gets involved as Steelz knocks down Grace. Tasha Steelz is able to fight off Green and wins Ultimate X. 

Winner: Tasha Steelz 

When then hear from both Mickie James and Deonna Purrazzo ahead of their Knockouts World Title Texas Deathmatch. If Matthew Rehwoldt gets involved he will be fired from Impact. 

Before the match can even begin Maclin hits Trey with a Suicide Dive as they battle up the ramp. Trey fights back and hits a dropkick as Steve tumbles down the ramp. Trey then goes for a metora but gets caught. Trey slips out of the grip and gets back in the ring hitting a diving DDT. Trey rolls him back in and the Bella officially sounds. Maclin comes back and sets up Trey in the tree of woe looking for the crosshairs but Trey sets up. Trey then comes back and hits a dive on Maclin and lands in the front row. Steve is able to take over the match as he slings Miguel into the steel guardrail multiple times. Maclin comes back out to the floor as he drives him back first into the apron leading to a nearfall. Maclin then continues to attack the lower back of Trey as he hits him with a backbreaker across the the knee. Maclin then sits him on the middle rope as he continues to drive his forearms into the lower back then hitting him with a running clothesline. Trey looks to fight back with multiple forearms and speed but gets caught with a uranagi for a two count. Maclin is now slowing down the pace of this match as the crowd is firmly behind Maclin. Maclin taunts Trey and hits another backbreaker for another two count. Maclin sends Trey into the ropes and looks to attack the back but Trey ducks and looks to hit a 619 but Maclin counters and sends Trey to the floor leading to a Cactus Jack elbow. Maclin then taunts the commentators and then rolls Trey back in the ring for a nearfall. Maclin then continues to attack the lower back of Trey as he bends him across his knee. Miguel begins to punch Maclin but no power behind them until he uses his knees to escape. Trey then uses his speed to get the advantage and hits a double stomp. Both guys are down with time to recover. Trey then is able to bring the fight to the apron and drops a Maclin face first. Steve is able to comeback and sets up Trey in a tree of woe along the ropes and hits him with the crosshairs for a two count. Maclin then begins to drive multiple elbows into the chest and jaw of Trey. He then looks for Mayhem For All but Trey counters into a piledriver of sorts leading to a scorpion kick and takes him down for a two count. Trey then goes to the top but baits in Maclin and jumps to the apron and hits him with a back elbow. The fight spills out to the apron as they trade blows with Maclin getting a small advantage until Trey hits a knee strike. Trey then hits a metora onto Maclin who was on dangling off the apron and the back of Steve’s head hits the sharp point  of the guardrail. Trey then rolls him back in and hits another top rope metora for only a two count. This is the first time ever someone has kicked out of the metora. Trey now lights up Maclin with punches and a BUZZSAW kick for a Brainbuster. Trey then hits another metora and hands Maclin his first ever lost in Impact Wrestling. 

Winner AND STILL X-DIVISION CHAMPION: Trey Miguel via Metora 

We then hear from The Influence who were supposed to challenge for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship tonight. 

The bell rings and we are underway. We get the Code of Honor handshake and both guys lock up with Sabin getting the advantage. Sabin gets ahold of the wrist but Gresham spins out of the hold and takes down Sabin who slips out and gets back to his feet. They lock up again as Gresham locks in a wristlock and Sabin slips out of the hold again and we get a stare down. Sabin locks in a headlock as Gresham pushes down the back of the knee and brings Sabin down to the mat. Sabin is able to counter and roll up Gresham for a nearfall. Gresham then comes back and kicks the arm of Sabin. Gresham takes control of the arm and wrist as he brings Sabin to the mat. Gresham then continues to have control of the arm then begins to torque on the foot and ankle of Sabin leading to multiple nearfalls. Sabin gets back to his feet but Gresham takes him down with an armdrag. The match then spills to the floor and apron as Sabin regain control and hits Gresham with a penalty kick. Back in the ring Sabin gets a waistlock but Gresham is able to get out of the hold as he continues to attack the arm. The match looks to pick up speed as Gresham stacks him up for a nearfall. Sabin comes back with a huge DDT for a nearfall of his own. Sabin stays in control and looks for the Cradle Shock but Gresham slips out after multiple elbows and gets a double wristlock. Gresham then continues the onslaught with multiple shots to the chest and midsection. Sabin then comes back and catches Gresham as he hits a top rope spinning neckbreaker for a nearfall as Gresham uses one of his three ropebreaks. Jonathan then comes back and dominates Sabin and eventually locks in the crossface. Sabin then looks to go for the rope break as Gresham looks to sort of help him and burn his first one. We get another nearfall as Jonathan locks in the octopus submission. Jonathan lights up Sabin with multiple elbows to the face. Sabin comes back and hits the Cradle Shock and gets the pinfall but Gresham had his foot underneath the ropes which makes rope break number two for Gresham. Both guys are on their knees and trade blows. They now begin to trade chops to the chest as they hang onto each other. Both guys are worn out and drop after that fest. They then go at it again leading to Sabin getting the advantage with the enzguri and a kick. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock but Gresham is able to slip out and in the end rolls up Sabin to retain the title. 

Winner AND STILL ROH WORLD CHAMPION Jonathan Gresham via Roll Up 

We then hear from Tasha Steelz after winning Ultimate X and will be keeping as close eye on the main event. 

The bell rings and we are underway. Josh Alexander kicks JONAH in the side of the head an they are going at it. They tried blows and Josh ends up in the corner as he climbs to the top and hits a middle dropkick but still can’t take JONAH of his feet. JONAH then looks to hit a senton but Alexander moves out of the way. The match then spills to the apron as they trade blows. Alexander then traps the door in the ropes as he takes advantage with blows to the face and back of the neck. The referee then separates them and looks to help free JONAH. Alexander tries to go for the ankle but then sets him up to a dive to the back of JONAH as the match spills to the floor. JONAH is then able to get back control of the match as he sends Alexander ribs first into the apron. The match gets back in the ring as JONAH reminds in control and launches Alexander across the ring and get a two count. JONAH lays in shots to the back of Alexander and picks him up into a version of the torture rack. Alexander is able to switch out and looks to pick the ankle and attack the leg to bring him down. Josh then transitions into the C4 Spike but JONAH puts a stop to that and hits him with a senton for a nearfall. JONAH then runs at Josh in the ropes as Josh tries to punch the midsection leading to a shot to the face from JONAH. Josh continues to come back and attack the leg of JONAH. He then taunts JONAH who takes him down with a forearm shot but Josh comes back and takes him down with a shot to the leg. Josh is able to maintain momentum as he takes out JONAH with a running clothesline. The match spills to the floor as Josh takes out JONAH and then climbs to the top rope and clears out the first row as he dives off the top to take out JONAH on the other side of the barricade. 

Both guys make it back in the ring to break the count. Josh looks for the C4 Spike but JONAH throws him off leading to a double stomp to the back from the top rope by Josh. Alexander goes for the moonsault but JONAH puts a stop to that. JONAH climbs to the top but Alexander looks to knock him back down. JONAH hits a headbutt to the ribs leading to a HUGE superplex. Both guys make it back to their feet as they trade blows with each other. JONAH then hits a Powerbomb for a two count leading to a clothesline for another nearfall. JONAH then lays in headbutts and hits a Brainbuster for a two count. Josh Alexander has now been busted open from the headbutts. JONAH climbs to the top but Josh locks in the ankle lock but has to break the hold. JONAH hits another headbutt then goes for a moonsault and comes up empty. Josh then comes back and hits a Powerbomb for a nearfall. Josh then locks in the ankle lock as JONAH makes the ropes leading to multiple stomps to the head by Alexander. Josh then locks in a deep ankle lock for the submission victory. 

Winner: Josh Alexander via Ankle Lock

We then hear from Team Eddie before the Hardcore War. 

I will not be doing a play by play for this next match. I will only post entry order and the finish.

The bell rings and we are underway. Deaner is out first for Violent By Design and Good Brothers. Rich Swann is out first for Team Eddie. Karl Anderson is out next with a golf club. Willie Mack is out next with an ax handle. Doc Gallows out next with a chain. Eddie Edwards is out next with Kenny. Eric Young is out next with trash can lids. Heath comes out with salt and a pipe. Joe Doering is out next. The last participant is Rhino and has a steel chain. The finish of the match sees Rhino hit a gore on Karl Anderson then Heath picks up the pinfall. 

Winner: Team Eddie Edwards via pinfall

After the match The Kingdom, Vincent and PCO show up and attack the babyfaces. 

The bell rings and we are underway. Cardona gets a jump on Moose and Morrissey throws him off but Cardona pushes him off and goes after Moos again. The match then spills to the floor as Matt flips over and takes out Moose and Morrissey. Moose then throws Cardona into the guardrail and rolls him back in the ring. Cardona then goes for the baseball slide but Moose catches him and slam him into the apron. Morrissey gets back up and does the same to Moose. All three get back in the ring as Morrissey hits multiple splashes in the corner leading to Moose steeping out of the way and hitting a running dropkick to both challengers. Moose then hits Go to Hell on Morrissey for a nearfall as Cardona breaks up the pin. Cardona remains in control but Morrissey looks to put a stop to that. Morrissey sets him up on the top leading to a tower of doom spot from all three guys. Moose then throws Cardona into the guardrail and hits him with a chop as they battle towards the stage and crowd. Moose looks to powerbomb Cardona leading to Chelsea coming out and saving Cardona as she dives onto Moose from the stage. Both guys make it back to the ring as Morrissey dives onto both guys. Morrissey rolls Cardona back in the ring and takes him down. Cardona then rolls him up for a nearfall as he then hits Morrissey with double knees sending him to the floor. Moose reenters the ring and they begin to trade blows. Moose then looks to step up and flip but Cardona pushes him off and his crashes through the table but are mostly concrete. 

A fan then throws a prosthetic leg into the ring as Morrissey uses it on Cardona. Matt is able to comeback and hit Radio Silence for a two count. Morrissey then fights back and hits a HUGE chokeslam for a two count. Morrissey then blows a kiss at Chelsea as he looks to powerbomb Matt. Cardona then slips out and hits Radio Silence but Moose gets back up and pulls out the referee. Cardona and Moose trade blows leading to a nearfall for Cardona. Moose then spears the referee accidentally leading to Radio Silence from Cardona then a BQE from Morrissey but there is no referee to make the count. A new referee comes out and checks on the first referee. Morrissey stacks up some chairs and looks for the BQE again but Moose hits a low blow then hits him with multiple chair shots. Cardona then comes back in and hits Moose in the ribs with a steel chair. Moose then puts a stop to it with a low blow. Green looks to get involved and almost cost Matt leading to a roll up from Matt for a nearfall. Moose crashes into everyone in the corner. This leads to a spear from Moose to Cardona for the win as the first referee makes the count.

Winner AND STILL IMPACT WORLD CHAMPION: Moose via Lights Out Spear 

The bell rings and we are underway. I will not do a play by play here and will only post the finish. Mickie James would crack a guitar over the head of Rehwoldt leading to a Mick Kick into a chair on Deonna then hit the Mickie DDT and gets the pinfall. She then buried Deonna in rubble and gets the win as Deonna doesn’t beat the ten count. 


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