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Winner: Brian Myers via Clothesline 

Winner: The Karate Man via Ripping out Ethan’s Heart

Winners: Decay via DDT

Winner: Manik via Roll Up

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Emerald Flowsion

Winners: Violent by Design via Piledriver 

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo via Double Fujiwara Armbar

Winners AND NEW: Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz via Fisherman’s Suplex with a Bridge

Winners: The Bullet Club via One Winged Angel 

Live Coverage:

The bell rings and here we go. Brain looks for a lock up but Alexander takes down Myers. Myers is able to get back up but Alexander stays in the bike as he goes behind with a waistlock. Myers fights out and grabs the wrist of Alexander and takes him down to a knee then pies him in the face. The match begins to pick up some speed as Alexander hits a car crash crossbody to Myers sending him to the floor. 

Josh then follows him to the floor and sends him back first into the apron leading to Josh setting him up on the apron and rolls back in the ring for another car crash crossbody. Josh then rolls him back in the ring and Myers props himself up in the corner. Josh then follows him in but Myers gets the boot up in the nick of time. Myers then looks to toss Alexander into the corner but Josh leaps over into the apron and hits him in the face with a forearm. Josh then climbs to the top but Myers pushes him off and sends him FLYING as Josh crash and burns into the guardrail and floor. We come back from break and Myers looks to hit the ropes but Josh grabs him by the tights and hits him with a forearm and sends Myers to the floor and both guys are down. Myers gets back up and in the ring and runs at Josh but eats a back elbow. Josh then runs out of the corner for a big boot then looks for a tiger driver but Myers slips out of the way. Josh then takes him down and looks for an ankle lock but Myers slips out of the way. Josh then hits a German suplex with a bridge for a nearfall. Josh then goes up top but Myers knocks him off with a knee to the face. Myers the follows up with a superplex for a two count as Josh rolls him up. Myers then hits a driver for two count. 

The match is face and furious now as Josh gets a two count on a backslide then locks in an ankle lock. Myers breaks the hold and pulls down the headgear leading to a clothesline from Myers for the pinfall.

The bell rings and we are underway. Kaleb and Crazzy Steve start off the match. Kaleb locks in a headlock and turns into his own headlocks and hits a stop toehold then shoots him into the ropes and hits a knee to the gut. Steve then tags out to Rosemary who jumps off the top and bites at the arm of Kaleb. Steve then tags back in and grabs the arm of Kaleb and bites it. Rosemary then tags back in but Kaleb breaks free and turns his attention to Crazzy Steve. Kaleb climbs to the top and then tries to dive onto Steve who moves and hits him with right to the face. Kaleb then rolls back in and gets hit with a driver from Rosemary. Kaleb then tags out to Tenille who is met by the buzzsaw of Rosemary. She is taken down for a two count. Tenille then gains control and puts Rosemary in the ropes and pulls her hair then hits her with a boot to the head. Tenille then takes her down with a headlock into the dashwoggie. Tenille then hits a suplex and tags out to Kaleb. Tenille and Kaleb look for the what’s up but Rosemary pushes her into Kaleb and tags out to Steve. Steve gets the hot tag and takes it to Kaleb and then looks to whip him into the opposite corner but Kaleb counters. Steve then comes out of the corner and takes him down with a DDT. Tenille then comes in the ring to distract Steve who was going for a cover. Steve chases her around the ring and gets caught by Kaleb who then tags out to Tenille who takes it to Steve and then tags out to Kaleb who hits a side Russian leg sweep. Kaleb and Tenille then climb to the top as they high five each other and Tenille looks for the right angle for the pic as Kaleb comes up empty on the moonsault. Steve tags out to Rosemary who takes down Kaleb. Her and Steve hit a double chokeslam for a two count as Tenille breaks up the pin. 

Kaleb then hits Rosemary with a super kick leading to a Steve hitting the green mist on Tenille. Kaleb then turns back to Rosemary who hits him with the green mist leading to Steve leaping off the top rope for a DDT for the win. DECAY WINS. DECAY WINS. DECAY WINS.

The bell rings and here we go. All six men go at each other and we have a brawl in our hands. Joe Doering is taking it to Rhino and Deaner is taking it to Jake. Young and Deaner whip Jake into the ropes but Jake holds onto the ropes and kicks Young out of the ring. Jake then takes it to Deaner and they spill to the floor.

 Joe Doering and Rhino make it back into the ring as Rhino whips him into the corner and follows him in but Jor fights back and sends Rhino to the floor. Everyone is now on the floor and brawl with each other. Young is fighting with Cousin Jake. Deaner is biting the head of Tommy Dreamer while Rhino and Jor are on the other side of the guardrail trading bombs. Tommy brings a cookie sheet into the mix as Young and Dreamer make it back in the ring. Dreamer whips Young into the corner who runs along the apron to the top and looks to dive but gets hit in the face with a cookie sheet then a cutter. Joe Doering reenters the ring and is surrounded by Dreamer, Jake and Rhino with chairs. Joe takes shots from them but Joe fights backs and takes everyone down as Deaner and Young back him up. Joe chokes out Drsamer on the middle rope while Deaner sets up two chairs in the ring the punches Jake in the corner. Young then stomps a mud hole into Rhino. Deaner and Young sets Jake on the top rope then by his hair Deaner sends Jake into the two chairs. Deaner then locks in a working hold on Jake. Young and Joe look to rip up the mat leading to Jake hitting a dive onto them. Back in the ring Deaner climbs to the top and Tommy meets him this leads to a tower of doom spot involving Jake, Tommy, and Deaner. Rhino then brings in a kendo stick and lays in strikes to Joe but Joe comes back and takes out Rhino and breaks the kendo sticks. 

The match spills to the floor and Joe looks to charge at Rhino who moves out of the way and crashes into the steel ring post. Back in the ring Tommy pours out the thumbtacks and peppers the shots to Young then a back body drop into the tacks. Joe then takes out Dreamer, then Rhino takes out Joe with a gore. Jake then takes down Deaner but Young breaks it up leading to a Piledriver for the win.

We then see Moose enter his team’s locker room and says he will die for IMPACT and put their differences aside to win.

The bell rings and here we go. Tasha and Kiera get the jump on Havok and Nevaeh but they are ready for them and send them to the floor. Tasha and Nevaeh start off the match with a chop to the chest then Nevaeh tags out to Havok. Tasha uses her speed and tags out to Kiera. Kiera tries to get the jump and use her speed but Havok takes her down leading to a two count from Nevaeh. Nevaeh then sends Kiera to the corner and brings her out of the corner before tagging out to Havok. Havok takes it to her opponents and puts them in separate corners and hits running knees to their faces. Kiera then goes around Havok and brings her to her corner and tags out to Tasha. Tasha continues the attack as she brings her down for a two count. Tasha then lays in multiple stomps and put Havok in her corner. Tasha then hits multiple running forearms to Havok before tagging out to Kiera who hits a running dropkick for a two count. Tasha tags in and brings the fight to Havok and locks in a sleeper hold but Havok fights free. Kiera then looks for a high crossbody but gets caught and Tasha does the same but also gets caught as Havok hits a fall away slam.

 Havok tags out and Nevaeh gets the hot tag and takes out Tasha with a clothesline then an atomic drop to Kiera leading to Nevaeh setting up Tasha to hit a DDT on Kiera for a nearfall. Nevaeh then climbs to the top but Kiera kicks her in the back and both Kiera and Tasha look for a superplex but Havok comes back in the ring and takes out both Keira and Tasha. 

Nevaeh then hits a swinging DDT on Kiera and Tasha looks to see the same fate but breaks free. Havok tags in a looks for a tombstone but Kiera makes the save and then kicks Havok in  the head for a two count as Nevaeh breaks the pin. Nevaeh tags in as they look for a double team but Tasha grabs the leg of Nevaeh leading to a stunner and kick to the face from Kiera. Kiera then hits a fisherman’s suplex for the win. Madison Rayne and Gail Kim present then the titles. 

We then go backstage as Rosemary tells Taya that Decay will have her back tonight.

We then look to set up the triple threat X-Division Championship match but Ace Austin and Madman Fulton make their way to the ring. Ace then declares that he is cashing in his Super X-Cup to make the title match a fatal four way. Scott D’Amore then says that Ace does have a match and out comes MATT CARDONA. 

Matt Cardona vs Ace Austin:

The bell rings and here we go. They both trade shots and Ace whips him into the ropes but Matt comes back and takes down Ace sending him to the floor. Matt follows him to the floor but Ace moves out of the way and onto the apron. Matt then grabs his leg and Ace hits face first on the apron leading to a swinging neck breaker on the floor. Back in the ring Ace regains control and lands on the top and takes down Matt for a two count. Ace then goes for a moonsault but comes up empty and Cardona catches Ace with a flapjack then a forearm leading to the reboot in the corner. Matt then looks to finish  the match but Fulton enters the ring and attacks Cardona. Matt then fights back and sends the heels back up the ramp and stands tall in the ring

The bell rings and here we go. Manik hits a dropkick on Chris Bey leading to Rohit taking it to Manik. Manik fights back and the match picks up speed as Manik evades Rohit leading Bey reentering the match and takes it to Manik and we have a stand-off. Bey is then able to come off the ropes and hits a dropkick to Manik and a senton to Rohit at the same time for a nearfall. Rohit then recovers and takes down Bey for a two count. Manik then comes back in the ring but watches in the corner. Bey and Rohit go back and forth as Rohit sends Bey into Manik who sends him to the floor and Rohit then turns his attention to Manik and takes him down fir a two count. Rohit then goes for the mask leading to Manik backing up and getting to the ropes. Bey comes back into the match. The match picks up some speed as Bey takes out Rohit and back in the ring Manik locks in a modified texascloverleaf but Rohit comes back in to break up the hold as he looks for an armbar. Rohit looks to get back in the ring but is taken off the apron by Manik. Bey then climbs to the top and hits a diving elbow to Manik who is laying on the ropes. Bey then turns his attention to Rohit but gets caught and dropped on the floor. Back in the ring Manik puts Rohit in a fireman’s carry but Rohit goes for the mask. Rohit lays in the knees and gets the mask off. We still don’t know who it is as Manik has face paint on. 

Manik then hits a tornado DDT. Bey then comes back in the ring and catches Manik who was hitting a top rope splash with a cutter then the art of Finesse for a two count. Bey then sets Rohit on the top rope but Rohit then knocks off Bey and sets him in the tree of woe. Manik comes back with a frankiensteiner then a dropkick to Bey. Manik then covers Rohit for a nearfall but Bey breaks it up and all three guys are down. Bey then gets to his feet but is caught by Manik who looks for a tombstone but Rohit breaks it up leading to a mule kick. Rohit then hits Manik with a running knee for a two count and Manik kicked out and rolled onto Bey for a two count. All three guys make it to their feet but Manik and Rohit trade bombs leading Rohit looking for a DDT but Manik slips out leading to a leaping DDT and then Manik takes out Rohit leading to a crucifix bomb for a nearfall. Manik then looks to finish the match but Rohit slides in with a running knee for a two count. Rohit then stomps Bey and climbs to the top but Manik meets him there only for Rohit to knock him off. Bey kicks Rohit in the face but bounces back and knocks Bey into the tree of woe then hits a double foot stomp into a crossface to Manik. Bey breaks the hold and Manik slides to the floor. Rohit rolls up Bey for a nearfall. Rohit hits a running knee but a Manik rolls him up for the pinfall. 

We then go back stand Alisha is worried about Eddie’s match. Eddie says he doesn’t know what’s gonna happen or how he will be getting home. He then tells here to go home and take care of their daughter.

The bell rings and we are underway. Taya goes right at Deonna with forearm shots to the face. Taya backs her in the corner and stomps her in the face. Deonna comes back but Taya takes her down with a double leg takedown. Deonna then slides to the floor but Taya follows and Kimber gets involved and grabs Taya but Decay stares at Kimber which scares her. Rosemary then takes out Kimber and Steve accidentally takes out the referee leading to EVERYONE being ejected from ringside. 

Taya is in the ring and catches Deonna on her way in with a boot to the midsection. Taya then pulls her up on the ropes and chop her in the chest Taya then whips Deonna who counters and Taya slips to the apron. Taya comes back in but Deonna grabs her arm and begins to focus her attack on it. Deonna stomps on the elbow of Taya and sits out on the arm of Taya. Taya then fights back and spins out with shots to the midsection of Deonna for a two count. Taya’s arm is lame right now as she continues the attack and looks for an Irish whip but can’t do the move leading to a side Russian leg sweep into a single Boston crab but Taya makes it to the ropes and Deonna breaks the hold. Deonna then attacks the knee and sweeps out the legs for a two count. Taya props herself in the corner leading to a leg snapmare from Deonna and transitions into a kneebar but Taya makes it to the ropes. Taya then gets space as she moves to another corner but Deonna is right there with her wrapping and pulling at the knee on the ropes. Deonna then takes down Taya and then begins to mock her. Taya ends up in the corner and Deonna follows her in but Taya gets the legs up in time and looks to fight back as she is able to take down Deonna for a two count. Taya is feeling the pain in her arm and knee leading to Deonna to counter the road to valhalla as Deonna hits the ropes and hits a low dropkick to her knee. Taya then comes back and takes out Deonna for a nearfall. Taya then pulls Deonna towards her and locks in a DEVESTATING leglock into a curbstomp.

 Taya then locks in the STF but Deonna crawls her way to the ropes and draps her legs on it to break the hold. They make it back to their feet and Deonna hits her with a forearm then they begin to trade blows back and forth. Deonna hits a jumping pump kick then a kick from Taya into a fujiwara armbar into a double armbar as she verbally taps and Deonna retains. 

Acey found the ring rust cologne in the Knockouts locker room and John E Bravo asks him who’s bag he got that from.

We see both Ethan and The Karate Man show up and trash talk each other. Ethan runs at The Karate Man and blocks the punch with one of his own. They are dodging each other attacks until Ethan lands on The Karate Man.

 Ethan then punches him but it turns out The Karate Man was behind him. Ethan then fights back and looks to have taken out The Karate Man but he comes back. The fight continues as The Karate Man lays in multiple kicks to the face of Page then rips out his heart and walks away with his heart

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Sami pulls the hair of Eddie and tries to push him back into the barbed wire board but Eddie slips out of the way. They lock up again and Eddie tries to push Sami into the wire. They begin to trade punches back and forth and look to throw each other into the wire. Eddie is able to send Sami into the wire and then slides out to the floor and grabs a roll of wire. 

Eddie then looks to put it into Sami’s head which he does and blood is now flowing from Sami’s head. Eddie then comes back in the ring and grabs a board of bared wire. Eddie then looks to drive Sami into the board as he drives elbows into the face of Sami. Sami then slides the board out of the ring. Eddie then lays into Sami with multiple punches to the face as Sami covers up. Eddie then sends Sami to the apron and then drives multiple boots to the face of Sami. Sami then catches the boot and drops Eddie. Sami then takes down the N64 controller wrapped in bared wire down and into the ring. Sami looks for a suplex but Eddie slips down and out of the way. Eddie then goes fir a dive but Sami throws a board of bared wire into him. 

Sami then presses the wire into Eddie’s back as he climbs back to the apron and his a Cactus elbow to the back of Eddie on the board as Eddie is laughing at the pain. Sami then pulls the wire out of Eddie then throws a piece of the board to the face of Eddie. Sami rolls Eddie back into the ring then reenters himself as Sami picks up Eddie and looks to finish him as he comes off the ropes but eats a boot to the face. Sami comes back and drives Eddie into the bared wire wrapped ropes. Sami then get the N64 bared wired controller and hits Eddie in the back with it. 

Sami then puts it into Eddie’s mouth but Eddie pulls it out. Sami then rakes the controllers  across the forehead of Eddie. Sami then climbs to the top but takes to long as Eddie kicks him in the face leading to the backpack stunner. Eddie then grabs the bared wired wrapped chair and cracks Sami over the back with it. Eddie then hits blue thunder bomb on the chair for a nearfall. Eddie then grabs the chair throws it aside as Sami rolled to the side of the bared wired panel. Eddie then charges at him but Sami moves out of the way and Eddie crashes into the panel. Sami comes back and drives Eddie’s face into the panel. Sami then pulls down a piece of wire and wraps it around his fist. Eddie then grabs his own piece of wire and wraps it around his fist they then both drive the wire into their heads and both men are down. They both crawl over and grabs the last two weapons. Sami with the kendo stick in wire and Eddie with the bat in wire they then trade weapons and Eddie get the upper hand on Sami. Sami then climbs to the top but Eddie hits him with the stick. Eddie then climbs to the top but gets dropped on the chain. Sami then brings chairs into the ring and props up a bared wire board with the chairs and closes in on Eddie in the corner. Sami sets him on the top then puts a thumb to the eye then hits a Piledriver on Eddie into the board for only a NEARFALL. 

Sami gets back to his feet and hits Eddie with the bared wired chair to the back. Sami then grabs the bat but Eddie blocks with the chair then hits a Boston knee party with the chair and Sami kicked out at one. Eddie the hits Emerald Flowsion on the board for the win. 

The bell rings and here we go. Sabin and Karl will start the match. They lock up and Karl pushes Sabin into the corner. We get a clean break and they lock up again. Karl grands the arm of Sabin and Sabin rolls through into an armdrag and takes down Anderson. Karl offers a handshake but then tries fit a boot but Sabin catches it. Karl comes back and sends Sabin into the corner who comes back and takedown Sabin who then looks for a headlock and we get stand off leading to Galloes and Moose tagging in. They both hit the ropes and try to take each other down. They then begin to trade blows but Moose gets the upper us down sending Galloes into this corner. Kenny and Rich tag in as they lock up and they get a clean break. They lock up again and they get a clean break. The match then breaks down as The Good Brothers take out Swann then leads to a front chancery from Kenny to Swann. Karl tags in and whips Swann into the rope leading to  Swann grabbing the head of Karl and tags out to Chris who takes it to Karl as Moose knocks down Kenny and Gallows leading to a standing moonsault from Moose. 

Gallows then gets tagged in and lays in rights and lefts to Sabin. Kenny then tags in a d stomps on Sabin before hitting a back breaker for a nearfall. Karl tags in and pushes Sabin into his corner and takes him down with a headlock into a working hold. Sabin fights back with shots to the midsection but Karl puts a stop to it. Sabin ends up in enemy territory but fights out and Karl and Sabin go down with double clotheslines. Swann and Kenny are tagged in leading to Swann sending Omega into the corner but Omega gets the knees up. The match breaks down as everyone is on the floor as Swann hits an  assisted DDT with the help of Sabin to Karl. Everyone is now down as Swann takes out Kenny. Back in the ring Kenny takes down Swann and tags out to Karl who throws Swann in the corner and runs his boot in his face. Karl then hits a driver and taunts him. Karl then hits another driver and tags out to Gallows. Doc picks him up with one hand then slams him down to the mat. Kenny tags in and marches around the ring to pick up Swann who slips out the back and slaps Kenny around. Swann hits the ropes but Karl kicks him in the back leading to a slam from Kenny for a two count. We then get a triple splash from the club for a nearfall as Sabin breaks it up. Kenny then stomps the back of Swann and grabs the ankle but Swann flips out of the hold to a pole kick. Moose then tags in and clears house. He then hits a splash in Doc then a running dropkick on Kenny then a hurricanrana on Anderson leading to a triple kick for a nearfall. Sabin tags in as Team IMPACT do relay attacks on Kenny. The Good Brothers then pull Swann and Moose out of the ring leading to a sit out powerbomb for a nearfall. Moose the cuts off Kenny leading Gallows taking him out. Swann then takes out Karl leading to a V trigger to Swann. Kenny goes up but Moose meets him there for a standing Spanish fly. 

Sabin then takes down Kenny for a nearfall and everyone is down. Doc tags in a kicks him in the head then tags out to Karl for a boot of doom but Sabin tags out. Karl tags to Gallows and they go for the magic killer but Sabin slips out and then tags out to Swann. Kenny then tags in and they begin to trade blows.

 Kenny then hits a snap dragon suplex and a brain buster for a nearfall. Moose and Sabin are attacked by The Good Brothers on the outside. Kenny sets Swann in the top and looks for a superplex beating him in the back leading to a head but from Swann. Moose comes in for an electric chair position. Kenny slips out and looks for one winged angel on Kenny leading to a assisted back suplex from Swann for a nearfall. Swann then counters the one winged angel for the poisonrana then a kick to the head then a Phoenix splash for a nearfall. Swann then misses the splash leading to a magic killer for a nearfall as Moose breaks the pin. Moose the gets in the face of Kenny who hits a v trigger on him then a v trigger on Swann and then the one winged angel for the win. 

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