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Tonight’s edition of both Before the Impact and Impact Wrestling will feature a championship match. Jordynne Grace defends the Digital Media Championship against Lady Frost on BTI and Jonathan Gresham defends the Ring of Honor Championship against Steve Maclin under pure rules. 

Here is the full preview of tonight’s show:


Before the Impact:

WINNER AND STILL Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace via pinfall 

Matt Cardona then came out after the match to challenge Grace for the title.


Winner: W. Morrissey via The BQE

Winners: The Influence via pinfall

Winners: Doc Gallows and Joe Doering via Doubl Chokeslam 

Winner: Tasha Steelz via Crucifix Bomb

WINNER AND STILL ROH CHAMPION: Jonathan Gresham via Figure Four Leglock

Winner:Josh Alexander via Ankle Lock 

Live Coverage:

The Impact Knockouts World Champion Mickie James joins Tom Hannifan on commentary for this match. 

The bell rings and we are underway. Green comes out the gate with a shotgun drop kick then whips Tasha into the corner. 

The match spills out to the apron as Cheslea drops her then stomps her head into the apron. Chelsea rolls her back in the ring for a two count. Tasha is able to recover and takes down Green for a nearfall. Tasha then continues the onslaught and rains down shots. Tasha then continues by throwing Green into the corner then hits a running palm strike followed by a snap mare out of the corner. Tasha looks for a suplex but Chelsea counters with two nearfalls. Both knockouts eventually have a meeting of the minds leading to Green going for a pump kick but Steelz moves out of the way leading to a cutter for a nearfall. Tasha then buries her shoulder into the midsection of Green multiple times in the corner. Tasha brings Chelsea to the top and looks to continue but Green brings her down leading to a crossbody then plants her face first for a two count. 

Green looks to pick of Steelz who slips out and kicks her in the head leading to a crucifix bomb for the win. 

Winner: Tasha Steelz via Crucifix Bomb Pin Combo

After the match Tasha Steelz had a few choice words for Mickie James leading to a 2 on 1 attack but Green makes the save. 

Matt Cardona’s challenge on BTI is official 

Kaleb With a K distracts Decay which allows for The Influence to jump them from behind. Rosemary gets shoved into the ring post and the referee throws up the dreaded X. While the medical staff is attending to her The Influence are taking pictures. Now it’s a handicap match as Havok has to go it alone. 

The bell rings and we are underway. Havok charges at Madison who moves out of the way but Havok grabs her and throws her across the ring by her hair. Havok looks to put Madison on her shoulders but thanks to Tenille distracting her allows for Madison to take advantage. Rayne tags out to Tenille who stomps on Havok in the corner. Tenille then tags out to Madison who continues the onslaught. Madison then lays in the forearms to the chest and face of Havok. Havok fights back as she seatings Rayne off of her then takes down Madison and then Tenille as Havok is standing tall. Havok then picks up Rayne who slips out then goes for a crossbody off the ropes but gets caught leading to a diving crossbody from Tenille for a two count. Havok looks to gain control but Madison drops her leading to the spotlight kick then The Influence for the win. 

Winners: The Influence via pinfall

After the match we heard from the Knockouts Tag Team Champions The IInspiration. 

A new Knockout is coming to the IMPACT Zone. The Quintessential Diva is on her way.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton is looking to get Mike Bailey on their side.

Brian Myers is on commentary for this match. The bell rings and we are underway. The Learning Tree charge Morrissey who takes them down with double clotheslines. He looks to go for a double chokeslam but they slip out. Morrissey regains control and does multiple running splash to both guys in separate corners. Morrissey then hits a chokeslam on Zicky Dice followed by the BQE on VSK then stacks them up for the win. 

Winner: W. Morrissey via The BQE

After the match Morrissey says that he won’t stop till he gets the world title and that he is gonna find him. Backstage Scott D’Amore announces Morrissey vs Moose at No Surrender for the World Title. 

We then see the rogue ROH group out front with tickets to the show tonight. Scott D’Amore comes out front to collect the tickets but rips them up and puts them in a skybox with security.

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up but Gresham goes behind and forces Steve to use his first rope break. Back and forth we go as Steve forces Gresham to use his first rope break. Jonathan comes back and locks in a hammerlock leading to another rope break. Maclin looks to be getting upset as he uses a closed fist. Maclin then locks in a sideheadlock but Gresham slips out but Maclin gets control of the match again and locks in another sideheadlock leading to a forearm across the face. Maclin continues the onslaught and leads to Gresham using his second rope break. Maclin then whips Gresham into the corner as he bounces off and continues with an Olympic slam for a nearfall. Maclin follows it up with a Boston Crab forcing Gresham to burn his final rope break. Maclin continues to attack the lower back of Jonathan as he locks in another submission. Jonathan breaks the grip and chops the chest of Maclin who takes him down and slams him hard into the mat multiple times for a two count. 

Maclin begins to trash talk which allows for Gresham to kick him in the face leading to a hurricanrana. Jonathan locks in a waistlock but Maclin backs him up into the corner leading to Gresham shoving off Maclin who bounces back looking for a submission allowing for Gresham to roll him up for a two count. Maclin comes back with the crosshairs for a nearfall. Maclin continues to attack the lower back of Gresham as he looks for a drop toehold. Jonathan blocks it leading to the final rope break for Maclin. Gresham takes him down leading to multiple kick outs at the count of one then Maclin gets in control for a nearfall. Maclin looks for Mayhem For All but his knee gives out allowing for Gresham to lock in the Figure Four Leglock. They trade slaps back and forth then pull each other to the ropes as Jonathan eventually pins Maclin while in the submission for the win and retains the gold. 

WINNER AND STILL ROH WORLD CHAMPION: Jonathan Gresham via Figure Four Leglock 

Even after the match we still see no code of honor from Steve Maclin. 

Karl Anderson is on commentary for this match. The bell rings and we are underway. Rhino and Gallows start off the match. Rhino throws hands at Gallows and bounces him off the top turnbuckle. He continues to rain shots on Gallows but he looks to comeback with a slap to the face of Rhino. Rhino then fights back and sends him to the floor and Heath follows with a clothesline taking Doering off the apron as we go to break. Back from break and Heath is in control as he kicks and jabs at Gallows and tags out to Rhino. Rhino looks to continue the attack but Gallows fights back and drives his knee into the midsection. Gallows then drops Rhino with a big boot as he tags out to Doering. They then double team on Rhino and takes him down with a double shoulder tackle. 

Doering then leans Rhino on the ropes before putting him in his corner and tags out to Gallows. Doc then takes down Rhino and digs at his head and punches him in the face and eventually locks in a sideheadlock. Rhino looks to fight back but Gallows puts a stop to it. Both men eventually go down as both Heath and Doering tag in. Heath lights up the monster and clotheslines Doering out of the ring after Gallows gets the blind tag. The match begins to breakdown as Rhino looks for a Gore but gets taken out leading to Deaner hitting Heath with the Violent By Design flag. Doering and Gallows hits a double chokeslam for the win.

Winners: Doc Gallows and Joe Doering via Double Chokeslam 

Chris Sabin is out on commentary for this match. The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Haas goes behind with a waistlock. He takes Josh down to the mat but Alexander counters and gains control of Haas. Charlie eventually makes it to the ropes and we get a clean break. Charlie then locks in a sideheadlock but Alexander sends him to to the ropes but takes down Alexander with a shoulder tackle. Once again they lock up with Haas putting Josh into the corner. Josh is able to fight back and shove off Haas leading to a running boot sending Charlie to the floor as we go to break. Back from break and both guys are locking up again but they eventually break as Josh sends him into the ropes and takes him down with a back elbow. Charlie is able to come back and takes out the knee of Alexander. Charlie then goes to the floor and pulls Josh out to meet him. Haas then slams the ankle into the ring post. Charlie then brings it back into the ring and looks to dissect Alexander and really focusing on the ankle and leg. Haas locks in a Leglock and takes down Josh with a forearm as he tries ti break the hold. Haas eventually breaks the hold as Josh hits a rolling senton only for Haas to counter into a roll up for a nearfall. Josh then gets a nearfall of his own leading to multiple German suplexs. Haas then comes back and hits a German of his own and locks the grip but Josh slips free and goes behind for one of his own and Bruges for a nearfall. Josh looks for the spike but Charlie pushes him off and drives his shoulder into the midsection in the corner. Haas then takes down Josh for a two count and then turns throngs around into a single leg. Alexander is able to break free and locks in the ankle lock. Haas rolls up Josh for a two count. Josh then locks in another ankle lock and drops down for the grapevine and picks up the submission win. 

Winner: Josh Alexander via Ankle Lock 

After the match the ROH 5 attack Charlie and Josh. Rich Swann, Heath, Rhino, Sabin and Willie Mack look to make the save but to no avail. Eddie Edwards makes his way out with a kendo stick and clears the ring. 

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