Before the IMPACT:

Winner: Crazzy Steve via Flying DDT


Winners: Trey Miguel and Petey Williams via Submission 

Winner: No Contest

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Disqualification 

Winner: Rosemary via Spear

Winner: W. Morrissey via Pinfall

Live Coverage:

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up with Deaner getting control of Steve’s arm. Steve is able to gift back and takedown Deaner before putting him in the corner. Steve is then able to hit a dropkick on Deaner which sends him to the floor. Deaner slides back in the ring and gains control of the match. He kicks Steve in the midsection and is able to take him down and to the floor. Steve then gets back on the apron and Denaer looks to flip him back in but Steve lands on his feet. Steve then hits a snapmare and kicks Deaner in the back leading to the upside down in the ropes. Deaner then slides out to the floor and regroups with Violent by Design. We come back and Crazzy Steve is in control with a working hold. Deaner breaks the hold but Steve continues the onslaught with a punch to the face then gets him in the corner and attacks and bites the head of Deaner. We get a break leading to a running dropkick from Deaner to Steve in the corner. Deaner then takes down Steve with a sideheadlock leading to a cravat then a neckbreaker for a two count. Deaner continues the attack with a punch tot the face and multiple stomps to the back. Deaner then rolls to the floor and slams Steve face first multiple times on the apron followed by a running knee lift for a two count. Deaner stays on him and locks in a working hold on the head and neck area of Crazzy Steve. Steve fights back and whips Deaner in the corner but he slides out of the ring and reenters the ring as Steve is following him. Steve then disappears under the ring leading to him coming behind him and taking him down with a clothesline. Steve then hits him with a short arm clothesline for a two count. Deaner then is able to regain control and sets Steve up on the top and hits a running knee lift to the midsection. Deaner then catches Steve with a  powerslam for a nearfall. Deaner then locks in a front face lock but Steve is able to slip out and hits a clothesline to Deaner in the corner leading to a cannonball for a two count. Steve then leaps off the middle rope but Deaner moves out of the way and throws him into the turnbuckle leading to a buckle bomb for a two count. Steve rolls to the apron and Deaner looks to follow but Steve slips back in leading to sliding low flatliner for a nearfall. Both guys end up in the corner as Deaner looks for the DDT but Steve slips out and stomps his foot. They end back up in the corner and Steve blocks a superplex attempt. Crazzy Steve is able to hit a flying DDT for the pinfall victory. 


The summit kicks off the show as Scott D’Amore is already in the ring and announces Tony Khan to join him. The summit is getting underway and out comes “The Invisible” Hand Don Callis. I’m surprised he still has a job in IMPACT after everything he’s done since Winter is Coming. Don gives praise to both Kenny Omega and Moose but runs down Sami Callihan. Scott D’Amore announces that the world title match for Against All Odds will stay a singles match. Tony announces that the world title match will take place at Daily’s Place.

Scott D’Amore announces that The Good Brothers will face Sami and a partner of his choosing in a street fight to keep them at the IMPACT Zone:

We are now on chapter two of how to be a professional wrestler. Chapter Two: Communication 

Looks like Sami has found a partner for Against All Odds:

The bell rings and we are underway. Rosemary hits two spears on Havok leading to a two count. Rosemary then starts the ground and pound before locking in a front chancery on Havok. 

Rosemary then runs at Havok only to be caught him a front face lock and thrown into the corner leading to a stinkface from Havok. She then continues the attack as she face washes Rosemary with her boot. We come back as Havok hits multiple back elbows to Rosemary knocking her down while she maintains a hold on the arm. Havok then locks in a Full Nelson hold and begins to throttle her. Havok then turns it into a backbreaker across her knee then a clothesline for a two count.

 Havok then picks up Rosemary in a fireman’s carry but Rosemary slips out the back and hits a short spear for a nearfall. Rosemary then looks for an inverted DDT but Havok puts on the brakes and they trade blows only for Rosemary to hit a forth spear for the win. The Knockouts Title match will remain a singles match at Against All Odds. 

After the match Deonna and her pals attack both Havok and Rosemary. Susan then grabs a microphone and calls out Fire N Flava and wants the match between Tasha and Kimber to happen right now.

I lost power before the match could begin and still having some issues. As seen on Twitter the match ended in chaos with no winner.

We then hear from IMPACT’s newest signee Steve Maclin:

The bell rings and here we go. Petey and Rohit starry off the match. They lock up and Petey gains control of Rohit’s arm but Rohit is able to fight back and lock in a sideheadlock on Petey. The match picks up speed and back and forth they go. Petey is able to hit a drop toehold leading to a running dropkick to the back. Petey looks for the Canadian Destroyer but then transitions into the sharpshooter. Rohit is able to make to the ropes and breaks the hold. Both guys tag out and Bey and Trey go back and forth with Trey hitting a hurricanrana but Bey lands on his feet. Bey then misses a spin kick leading to a dropkick from Trey. Petey tags back into the match as both him and Trey drop Bey leading to a two count. Bey is able to fight back and drag Petey to his corner and tags in Rohit. Rohit then lays in the attack to Petey in the corner. Petey tries to fight back but Bey distracts him allowing Rohit to knock him down to the floor and Bey gets a cheap shot. Petey gets back in the ring for Rohit to take him down for a nearfall. Bey tags in and takes it to Petey in the corner. Bey begins to showboat and allows for Petey to kick him in the midsection but Bey is able to fight back and get a two count. Rohit comes back in and takes out Oetey for a two count. Bey and Rohit continue to tag in and out keeping Pelety in the corner with multiple shots. Petey is finally able to escape them and tags in Trey who hits the ropes quickly and takes out both guys leading to a northern lights suplex for a two count on Rohit. Trey climbs up top for a dive but Rohit moves out of the way. Trey then takes out Bey leading to Petey taking out Rohit. The match continues with Trey and Rohit in the ring by themselves. Petey then hits a codebreaker on Rohit leading to a submission victory for Trey and Petey. After the match Ace and Madman Fulton hit the ring attacking everyone leading to Josh Alexander to make the save but the numbers is too much. Eventually everyone attacks Fulton. Petey will the help of Bey and Trey hits a HUGHE Canadian Destroyer from the top rope. 

We then hear pre match comments from Willie and Rich before Willie’s No DQ match. He wants to go at it alone against Morrissey.

Welcome to episode 3 of All About Me:

We then pre match comments from Eric Young ahead of Joe’s match with Eddie Edwards: 

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Joe has the power advantage as he pushes Eddie into the corner. They lock up again with Eddie getting Joe in the corner and lights up Joe with chops to the chest. Joe is then able to fight back and pushes Eddie off him before leaning on the back of Eddie against the ropes. Joe throws Eddie into the ropes and follows him in with a knee lift to the midsection. Joe then torques and twists the head of Eddie. Eddie escapes the hold with a jawbreaker and comes back off the ropes but gets taken down with a boot for a two count. Joe then grabs the arms of Eddie and takes him down with a boot for a nearfall. Eddie then fights back to lock in a front face lock which leads into a suplex. Eddie runs at Joe but Doering lifts him to the apron. Eddie then takes out Rhino for a bit. Eddie gets back in the ring and hits the ropes but Deaner grabs his ankle causing the DQ. Violent by Design looks to attack Eddie leading to a save from Kojima who takes out Joe Doering.

We then hear comments from Moose ahead of his match against Kenny Omega for the world title at Against All Odds:

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Morrissey has the power advantage and pushes him into a corner. They lock up again with Morrissey pushing him into the corner. Morrissey then throws him into another corner and lays in the right rights and lefts to the face of Willie before choking him with his boot. Willie then fights back with shots to the face but Morrissey comes back with a knee lift to the midsection. Willie comes off the ropes and looks to take it to Morrissey who puts on the brakes and drops Mack with a clothesline. We come back and Morrissey is in control as he clubs the back of Mack while on the floor. Morrissey then lays in the rights to the face of Mack. Willie then fights back as he goes low and takes out Morrissey. Willie then goes on the attack as he lays in the rights before grabbing a chain and wrapping it around his fist. He then attacks the legs and kidneys before hitting him in the back with a steel chair multiple times. Morrissey is then propped against the ring post and Willie looks to hit him with the chair but Morrissey moves in the nick of time.

 Back in the ring Morrissey is able to regain control and hits a big boot on Mack. Morrissey then goes to the floor and grabs the steel chair and hits Willie multiple times in the back before trying to choke him with the chair. Morrissey then grabs the chain and wrap it around the eyes of Willie. 

Morrissey then brings Mack to the apron and wraps the chain around the nose and eyes of Willie. Back in the ring Morrissey sets him up probe on the top rope before clubbing him in the back then hitting him with the steel chair. Willie then crumbles to the mat and gets choked out by the boot of Morrissey. Morrissey then drives the chair into the chest and throat of Mack. Morrissey then goes for a splash but Willie moves out the way and allows him to hit a chop and huge slam for a two count. 

Willie then goes for the chair and hits Morrissey on the back multiple times. Willie then goes to the top but comes up empty and hits the steel chair. Morrissey goes for an elbow drop but hits the chair instead. Willie grabs the chair only for Morrissey to boot it into his face to pick up the win. After the match Morrissey looks to continue the attack but Swann makes the save and even gets a hit on Morrissey with a steel chair.

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