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Eric Young vs Willie Mack 

Winner: Eric Young via Piledriver 

Jordynne Grace vs Kimber Lee 

Winner: Jordynne Grace via Submission 

Havok & Nevaeh vs Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan(No Disqualification Match)

Winners: Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan via Fisherman's Suplex 

Eddie Edwards Open Challenge 

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Boston Knee Party 

Live Coverage:

The cold open for rhis week's episode is all about Rich Swann's injury, comeback and retirement.

We kick off the show with Willie Mack and Eric Young fighting backstage.

 Willie seems to have the upperhand and slams EY's head into the crates. Security comes to break it up allowing Eric to get advantage with a cheap shot. The fight spills to the ringside area and Willie slams Eric's face into the apron. The fight continues at ringside. Eric is able to escpae and rolls into the ring. The fight continues and they have to be separated again by a referee and security. Willie grabs a mic and tells security to leave and that he is gonna beat the brakes off of Eric Young. Willie goes after him and throws him in the ring. The bell finally rings and Eric Young stomps on Willie but Willie regains control and takes him down multiple times with a corkscrew elbow.

Mack sends Young into the turnbuckle and sends Eric to the floor. Mack looks to grab him and bring him in but Young hotshots him off the ropes. Willie hammer throws young over the top ropes onto the floor leading to Willie slingshoting over the ropes onto Young. Mack slides him back in the ring and gets a nearfall. Young then goes to the top rope but Willie meets him there. Young then bites Willie and knocks him down then hits the diving elbow for a two count. 

Young then drops his knee on the head and neck area leading to a nearfall. Young then picks him up and slams him into the turnbuckles. Young then sits on the top rope and chokes Willie and holds him up. Willie is able to recover and hit a suplex for a nearfall. Young comes back and takes him down for a nearfall as well. Young then locks in a working hold and trash talks Willie. Willie looks to be passing out but Willie fights back up to his feet and hits Eric with elbows then a clothesline and a sidekick. This leads to a HUGE legdrop then a standing moonsault for a nearfall. Both guys are down but they get up and Mack looks for the stunner but Young racks the eyes but Willie fights back and hits the stunner. Willie looks to be going to the top but goes to the floor and grabs a chair. He slides back in the ring with it. Willie then sets the chair on Young's foot and goes for the splash. Young knocks him off the top rope and hits the piledriver for the win.

The Good Brothers are on the hunt for Ace Austin and Madman Fulton tonight. We get a Matt Striker cameo.

It's another week of Wrestle House and Taya has big news for the group. She has another activity for them and announces they are watching "Taya's Greatest Hits". 

Kylie claims their was cheating involved in the voting. Taya asks where Jake and Susie are but Cody and Alisha says they both have a stomach bug. Bravo then press play on the clip. The first hit is Taya's debut match. We then see Susie and Jake get ready for their date.

We see Rhino coming out of the bathroom and is attacked by Reno Scum as they take the arm wrestling money.

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Grace gains control for a bit but Lee shoot her into the ropes. Lee goes for a spin kick but Grace hangs onto the ropes. Jordynne hits a sidewalk slam for a nearfall. Grace remains in control sending Lee into the turnbuckle and hits her with a forearm. Grace sends Lee into the opposite turnbuckle but Lee then pulls the referee in front of her to stop Grace. This allows Lee to get on the apron and hit Grace with a spinkick. We come back and Kimber Lee is in control and she has Jordynne Grace in some sort of single leg boston crab. Her focus is now on the knee of Grace. Lee then sends Grace into the corner and chops her chest multiple times. Lee goes for a suplex but Grace sits out and then fights free and hits her with multiple shoulder tackles then a elbow to the back and a spinebuster for a nearfall. 

Grace then picks up Lee into a fireman's carry but Lee slips out and Grace counters into a pin for a nearfall. Round and round we go back and forth pinfalls leading to a German suplex for a nearfall.

 Lee goes for a Swanton but Grace meets her there and looks for a superplex but Lee hits her multiple times then a headbutt. Lee hits the Swanton Bomb but lands on the knees of Grace and locks in the submission for the win.

Locker Room Talk makes it's return and tonight's guests are RVD and Katie Forbes. The first sponsor ever for Locker Room Talk is Heath who bought 30 seconds of air time to get hired.

Madison announces her guests and before she can get to the questions they begin to make out with each other. They need take over the show as Madison leaves and they interview each other. Sami then shows up and attacks RVD. Kaite sprays something in Sami's eyes allowing RVD to get the upperhand.

We then see The Rascalz backstage. Trey announces that Dez has a match with Suicide tonight. Moose shows up and is made about the free EC3 hoodie he is wearing. Trey who was wearing the Suicide mask gets a TNA World Heavyweight Championship invitation from Moose.

We come back to Wrestle House and the houseguests are still watching Taya's Greatest Hits. The match on now is Taya vs Jordynne Grace at Rebellion. We then see Susie and Jake's date but as they sit for dinner Susie says she has the runs.

We then see XXXL get into an argument which leads to match time

Acey Romero vs Larry D:

The bell rings and here we go. Acey goes for a clothesline but D ducks and punches Acey multiple times and shoots him off the ropes. Acey then comes off and takes him down and lays in the punches. Larry is able to fight back and take down Acey with a clothesline then a stop. Acey then ducks a clothesline but eats a KO punch for the win. He says he won for Rosemary as she put a spell on him earlier.

We come back and see a promo from Deonna Purrazzo and says that Jordynne Grace's behavior is not that of a champion.  She then challenges her to an iron man match at Emergence.

We then get a hype video package for The North vs Motor City Machine Guns at Emergence next week.

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan make their way to the ring but are hiding. They need reappear and attack Havok and Nevaeh as they make their entrance. 

The bell rings and Tasha jumps off the top rope but gets coaught and slammed to the mat. Havok then hangs her in the tree of woe and kicks her in the back leading to an elbow. Kiera then fights free from Nevaeh and grabs the foot of Havok leading to a chairshot from Tasha. Nevaeh is able to get in the ring and hits a double clothesline leading to multiple suplexs into a nearfall. Havok is sent into the steel steps and grabs her knee. Kiera Hogan comes back in the ring to save Tasha. Steelz takes down Havok who tries to get back in and then hits an elbow to Nevaeh leading to a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Kiera then goes back after Havok. Kiera then gets back in the ring and chokes Nevaeh on the bottom rope with her boot. Keira then hits Nevaeh with multiple boots to the knee and face for a nearfall. Habok was on tje apron for a seconf before Tasha takes her down. Havok gets rid of Tasha and get back on the apron as Nevaeh sends Hogan into her and eats a kick. Havom introduces a table as Nevaeh gets a nearfall. Havok and Nevaeh looks for a double move but Tasha slides in for rhe save. All four ladies begin to trade shots. Each Knockout begins to take each other out with Kiera and Havok still in the ring. Havok looks for a Tombstone but Tasha makes the save. Havok was able to take them down with a clothesline. Havok then charges them but they open the ropes and Havok lands on the apron. They eventually send Havok crashing through the table

and Kiera is able to hit a roundhouse kick to Nevaeh leading to a fisherman's suplex for the win.

We then see The Good Brothers talking to Scott D'More and he tells them that they aren't in the building. They say they will go to the ring and wait till they show up.

We then see Moose walking and EC3 appears on the walk and says that he is only going after Moose cause he holds the TNA Title.

Suicide vs Dez:

The bell rings and her we go. They lock up and Suicide goes behind and so does Dez. Suicide is able to gain control of the wrist but Dez hits him with punches and sends him into the ropes. The Good Brothers then come out to the ring and clear the ring causing the DQ victory for Dez. 

They then grabs mics and say that Ace and Fulton have messed with the wrong brothers. They then call them out. Ace and Fulton then appear on the tron and agree to a fight but on his time. Ace then says they will have a match on night one of Emergence. 

Impact Flashback Moment of the Week:

Cody vs Eddie Edwards for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on October 2nd, 2016.

We then see Rohit and Bey talking about their lost last week. Rohit then asks to give both him and TJP a title shot so they can team up on TJP and help Bey retain. Bey agrees to it.

We come back and see another promo for Brian Myers coming to IMPACT.

Back at Wrestle House we see more of Jake and Susie's date. Su Yung comes out a bit which scares him off. Susie then tells Alisha that her advice was bad which leads to a match.

Susie vs Alisha:

The bell rings and here we go. Alisha shoves Susie leading to Susie slapping Alaisha across the face. They then begin to brawl and Steve who is the referee tries to break them up but gets attacked. Alisha then sends Susie into the ropes and she ducks the clothesline and they take down each other. Susie is then able to roll up Alisha for the win. After the match Taya comes out and asks everyonw to come back in to watch her match where she wins the Knockouts Championship. Kylie says that everyone is tired and would like to sleep. This leads to Kylie challenging her to a match but Taya says she is busy right now and pencils her in for next week.

Eddie Edwards calls out Eric Young for an ass whooping but Brian Myers comes out instead. 

Myers then accepts the open challenge.

 The bell rings and here we go. Eddie comes at Myers but he hides in the ropes and the referee breaks it up. They lock up but Myers hides in the ropes. They lock uo again and Myers pushes him in the corner. Myers looks for a clothesline but Eddie ducks. Myers is still able to maintain control and takes down Eddie and stomps him leading to a shoulder tackle. Eddie is able to regain control of the match and takes down Myers for a neafall. Myers then fights back and chokes Eddie on the ropes leading to Eddie fighting back and hitting a clothesline sending Myers to the floor and Eddie slingshots onto Myers. We come back and Myers is in control stomping a mud hole in Eddie. Eddie is able to fight back sending him into the ropes and hitsba belly to belly suplex.

 Myers send Eddie to the apron and kicks Eddie in the face. Myers follows Eddie to the floor and slams Eddie back first into the apron. They get back in the ring with Myers hitting a knee drop for a nearfall. Myers locks in a sideheadlock but Eddie fights back with elbows to the midsection but Myers takes him down again and gloats about it. Myers stays on the attack getting a one count. Myers locks in a working hold and shoots Eddie off the ropes but he holds on and sends Myers to the floor. Eddie then hits a huge suicide dive and injuries his knee.

 Myers then slams his knee into the steel guardrail. Myers slides back in and waits for Eddie to come back in the ring and stomps him multiple times. Myers continues the onslaught for a nearfall. Myera sends him into the turnbuckle and looks for a DDT but Eddie counters into a suplex. Eddie then mounts a comeback and sends Myers into the turnbuckle but Myers hits him with an elbow but Eddie comes back with a backpack stunner for a nearfall. Eddie then looks for a tiger driver but Myers counters into a DDT for a nearfall. 

Myers is looking for a spear but eats a superkick and forearm leading to the tiger driver for a nearfall. Eddie looks for the Boston Knee Party but misses. Eddie is then able to connect with the Boston Knee Party for the win and retains.

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