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Eddie Edwards World Championship Open Challenge

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Boston Knee Party 

Chris Bey & Rohit Raju vs TJP & Fallah Bahh

Winners: TJP and Fallah Bahh via Cross Armbreaker 

Moose vs Heath(TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

Winner: Moose via pinfall 

Live Coverage:

The show opens up with a recap of last week.

Moose vs Heath(TNA World Heavyweight Championship):

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Moosr pushes Heath into the corner and trash talks Heath. Heath comes back with multiple punches to the face and sends Moose to the floor. Moose pops up on the apron but eats a right from Heath. Heath follows him to the floor and irish whips him to the guardrail. Moose is able to regain control of the match amd slam Heath's face to the apron but Heath fights back and slides in the ring and hits a sliding dropkick to Moose and slides out to the floor and sends him into the guardrail. Heath sends Moose back in the ring and hits him with a series of rights. Moose sends him into the ropes as Heath comes back with a kick leading to a hotshot from Moose to Heath. Moose then grinds his boot into Heath's face and chokes him on the second rope. Moose then chokes him with his boot and trash talks him. Moose then whiplashes Heath's throat into the bottom rope. Heath tries to fight back but Moose counters with a dropkick for a two count. 

Moose then rakes the eyes of Heath with his boot but Heath looks to make a comeback but he eats a pump kick from Moose. Moose then lays in a series of punches to the head and face area. Moose then rakes his knee in the eye of Heath leading to a hammer throw into the turnbuckle. With Heath down Moose picks him up and looks for a pump kick but Heath grabs the boot and starts a comeback and has Moose on the ropes but Moose puts a stop to that. Heath is able to fight back as he takes him down with a side kick for a nearfall. 

Heath is able to roll him up after sending into the turnbuckle for a nearfall fall. Heath then irish whips him into the referee inadvertently allowing Heath to hit The Wake Up Call and goes for the cover but the referee is down. Moose then recovers and hits a lowblow to pick up the win. 

Moose retains his title and Heath loses his chance to earn a spot on the roster.

Afte the match we hear from Rich Swann's best friend Willie Mack on everything that's happened to Rich since returning at Slammiversary.

We come back and get a promo from EC3 listing former TNA World Champions and says that he has been punished. EC3 then says he must reclaim the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and burn it's legacy to the ground.

Jimmy Jacobs introduces The Motor City Machine Guns to conduct an in-ring interview. 

He congratulates them on their title win from two weeks ago. He ask them what brought them back to IMPACT. Shelly says that it's been eight years since they have tagged together and they came back to IMPACT to push themselves. The North eventually interrupt the interview and says that management is giving MCMG special treatment as they were handed a title shot when The North had to earn it by beating every team. Ethan says that they weren't at 100% when they lost two weeks ago. Josh then announces that the rematch will take place at Emergence.

Kimber Lee then comes to see Deonna and rubs in the fact that Jordynne attacked her last week. Lee then offers to take out Jordynne Grace in exchange for a shot at the title and Purrazzo agrees.

We come back and we are heading back to Wrestle House.

Taya brings the gang to the living room for a group bonding exercise. 

Cousin Jake seems to like Susie and Alisha is gonna help her score with him.

 Kylie then asks when they are gonna return to the IMPACT Zone but doesn't get an answer. We then get a match between the team of Susie and Alisha vs Johnny Swinger. 

Johnny Swinger vs Alisha and Susie:

The bell rings and here we go. They trash talk a bit and Swinger shows off his guns.

 Susie and Alisha take down Swinger but he gets back up and asks to hook up with them. They double him over and take him down and hit him with a wishbone then a double splash for the win. 

After the match wr see John E Bravo cleaning up and Kylie introduces herself and she tells him that they can't leave tell Bravo takes the hint. Bravo says it may take him a while but he will eventually take the hint.

Impact Flashback Moment of the Week: Sami Callihan beats Brian Cage in a steel cage match for the Impact World Championship on the AXS TV debut.

We then see The Good Brothers walking to their car and find it trashed. The cops show up and look to arrest them for open container. Ace Austin and Fulton show up leading to Gallows accidentally hitting one of the cops and gets arrested.

We come back and get another video promo on Brian Myers coming soon to IMPACT.

Impact World Championship Open Challenge:

Eddie's opponent tonight is Sami Callihan. But RVD shows up and takes out Sami. Sami still makes it to the ring for the match.

 The bell rings and here we go. Eddie comes in hot and hits him with multiple forearms then a Tiger Driver for a nearfall. Eddie sends him to the corner and hits a bulldog leading to dropping multiple knees to the back of Sami's head and neck area. Sami makes it to a corner and begs for more as Eddie hits him with a running forearm. Eddie charges again but Sami sidesteps as Eddie flys over the ropes to the floor. Sami then hits Eddie with a dive. Eddie is able to recover and hit a dive of his own to Sami. Eddie gets back put and sends Sami into the guardrail Sami tries to punch back but Eddie puts a stop to that. They get back up on the apron as Eddie looks for a tiger driver but Sami blocks then rakes the eyes and hits a piledriver and Eddie collapses to the floor. Sami then tries to muscle Eddie back into the ring but Sami changes course and sends him hard into the guardrail leading to a big chop. Sami then tosses him back in the ring and hits a running elbow for a nearfall. Sami then locks in a working hold for a bit before it has to be released. Sami then controls the wrist leading to a working hold sideheadlock. Eddie breaks free and comes off the ropes with a pump kick and Sami comes bsck with one of his own. Both guys hit each other with clotheslines and both guys are down. Both guys are up and Sami hits him with a punch they begin to trade shots but Eddie backs him up in the turnbuckle with multiple chops leading to a blue thunder bomb and a nearfall.

 Eddie then looks for another tiger driver but Sami is able to counter and hit a brainbuster for a two count. Sami hits a close headbutt then picks him up and hits a huge shot. Eddie comes back with a kick to the face and looks to make a comeback but Sami hits the GTS then a forearm to the face for a nearfall.

 Callihan then comes off the ropes but Eddie hits a big kick leading to a tiger driver for a nearfall. Eddie then picks him up but eats an open palmstrike then a piledriver for a nearfall as Eddie gets his foot on the ropes. Sami slides to the floor and grabs a chair and brings it in the ring. Sami thought about using the chair and tosses it out leading to a Boston Knee Party then another to the back of the head for Eddie to retain his title.

We come back to Wrestle House and Taya and Rosemary are looking for Bravo but Kylie tells them he left. We then get a match between Rosemary and Kylie Rae as she is mad that Bravo has left.

Kylie Rae vs Rosemary:

The bell rings and here we go. Taya and Rosemary trash talks Kylie allowing Rosemary to attack her from behind and begins to choke her out. Kylie is able to gain control and take down Rosemary but she fights back and locks her in a leglock. Kylie comeback with and rolls her up for the pin but Taya makes a slow count allowing Rosemary to kick out. Every time Kylie goes for the pin Taya makes slow counts. Rosemary eventually hits a spear and goes for the pin. Taya makes a fast count but Kylie still is able to kick out. Kylie is able to find a way to pick up the win.

 After the match Bravo shows up and says he likes Rosemary a lot but doesn't want Taya to find out. Rosemary proposes a secret relationship. 

We then see Karl Anderson on the phone with Gallows and says he will get him out. Ace shows up and it leads to a brawl. Fulton shows up to give Ace the numbers advantage and Ace takes him out.

We come back and see Hernandez recruit Reno Scum to attack Rhino and get his money back.

Chris Bey and Rohit Raju vs TJP and Fallah Bahh:

The bell rings and here we go. TJP and Bey start off the match. TJP gets control of the wrist and takes down Bey but Chris gets back up still with his hands locked and takes down TJP. The match is fast and furious as they play a game of one upsmanship leading to a stalemate. TJP is able to gain control and snap the arm of Chris Bey who rolls out of the ring leading to Rohit coming in and running into Fallah Bahh whi comes in and takes out Rohit. Bey tries to come back in and is taken out as well. TJP and Fallah Bahh hold the ring. We come back and Fallah Bahh is in control and hits a powerslam on Chris Bey. Rohit tries to distract TJP and it allows Bey to gain control and take down TJP for a nearfall. Rohit tags in and takes down TJP for a nearfall and locks in a working hold on the arm of TJP and brings him back in the center of the ring. TJP looks to break free and tag in Bahh but Rohit puts a stop to that with a running dropkick to the face. Bey is able to tag back in and gains control of the arms of TJP. TJP bit a adonkey kick to break free and hits a Tornado DDT. Both guys tag out and Fallah Bahh takes down Rohit but Rohit is able to take him down with a big knee. Both guys tag out and TJP gains control leading to a springboard move. Rohit then distracts TJP allowing both Bey and him to hit their finishers but Fallah breaks up the pin. The finish of the match sees TJP lock in the cross armbreaker for the submission victory.

Rich Swann makes his way to the ring as they recap Eric Young attacking him at Slammiversary. Rich talks about his injury that happened back in January. 

The doctor told him he would walk with a limp for the rest of his life. He then says he trained his ass off and went back to the doctor for his MRI and the doctor said he was ready to go. Rich then talks about his injury from Slammiversary

 and says that he has to retire. As Rich Swann makes his way up the ramp Eric Young attacks Swann one last time. 


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