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Tonight we witness the fallout from this past Saturday’s Hard To Kill PPV. Will Deonna Purrazzo once again hold two belts as she faces ROH Women’s Champion Rok-C in a Winner Takes All match, “Speedball” Mike Bailey make his #IMPACTonAXSTV debut and more. 


Before the Impact:

Winner: Black Taurus via Power Bull


Winner: “Speedball” Mike Bailey via Ultima Weapon

WINNER AND NEW ROH WOMEN’S CHAMPION: Deonna Purrazzo via Venus Demilo

Winner: Laredo Kid via Spanish Fly 

Live Coverage: 

W. Morrissey is on the hunt for Moose. 

The Rogue ROH group puts D-Lo Brown through a table 

We get a video package on the ROH Women’s Champion Rok-C

The bell rings and we are underway. Kid looks to use his speed to come right at Bey who steps out of the way. This would open the door for Bey to gain control of the match but Kid would comeback and lay in a couple of chops to Bey leading to Chris countering an Irish whip attempt and sends Kid into the corner. The match begins to pick up some speed as it eventually spills out to the floor as Bey sends Kid to the floor and hits him with a diving crossbody. Bey then follows it up a moonsault to Laredo Kid on the floor as we go to break. 

Back from break and Bey is in control as he hits a spinning corkscrew elbow to the back leading to a nearfall.  Bey continues the onslaught as he whips Kid into the corner but Kid looks to fight back. Kid then puts Bey in the corner and hits him with running double knees. Bey then fights back and gets a two count on Kid. Bey then looks to go after the mask of Kid before throwing him out of the ring. Bey then punches Kid in the face and lights him up with a chop to try and draw the ire of Trey Miguel. Bey then puts Kid on the apron and they begin to battle it out as Kid gains control and drops Bey on the apron. 

Bey rolls back into the ring leading to Kid getting back in the ring for a dive onto Bey. Both guys get back in the ring leading to a forearm shiver in the corner then a backbreaker into a dive off the middle rope for a nearfall. Bey looks to fight back leading to back and forth shots. Bey then gets the upperhand as he picks up the speed of the match leading to a spinebuster then a brainbuster for a nearfall. Bey goes for a suplex of sorts leading to Kid rolling him up for a nearfall. Chris comes back and gets Kid on his shoulders who slips out the back. Kid fights back and sets Bey on the top. Bey knocks him off but Kid comes back with an enzguri then a Spanish Fly for the win. 

Winner: Laredo Kid via Spanish Fly 

Team Eddie Edwards is looking for the rogue ROH group Scooby-Doo style. Splitting up.

Zicky Dice is Moose’s challenger for tonight

The bell rings and we are underway. Jake looks to corner Bailey who uses his speed to escape. They lock up as Bailey gets a sideheadlock but Something shoots him off into the ropes. The match is still picking up as Something gains control coming off the ropes and takes down Bailey with a shoulder tackle. Bailey then gets back into the match sending Something to the floor. Bailey looks to bait Jake I but gets caught on the dropkick and slammed into the apron. Something rolls him back in and takes down Bailey leading to a forearm shot to the face. Something shoots Bailey into the corner but Bailey comes back with a back elbow. Bailey then continues his momentum sending Something to the floor and hits a diving DDT. Back in the ring Something looks to get back into the game with powerbomb but Mike slips out of the way and takes down Jake for a nearfall. Something fights back and hits a suplex from a seated position for a nearfall. Bailey then comes back and hits Ultima Weapon for the win.

Winner: “Speedball” Mike Bailey via Ultima Weapon

We then see The Good Brothers and Violent By Design arguing about their lost from Hard To Kill which leads to them picking up the ROH scraps on Heath and Rhino. 

Gia Miller sits down with Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green but is interrupted by Savannah Evans and Tasha Steelz leading to a match 

Masha Slamovich vs Vert Vixen: 

Masha squash Vert Vixen. 

We then hear from Josh Alexander following his win over JONAH and is interrupted by none other than Charlie Haas. 

Mickie JAMES gives ROH Women’s Champion Rok-C some last minute advice and words of encouragement before her main event winner takes all match

Moose vs Zicky Dice (Impact World Championship):

The bell rings and we are underway. Moose is in street clothes for this title defense. Zicky mocks Roman and hits a Superman punch leading to a chokeslam and the win for Moose.


After the match Morrissey comes down to the ring and attacks Moose who escapes and Morrissey ends up attack Zicky then holds up the world title. Morrissey then chokeslams VSK as he stares down Moose. Moose heads to the back as Morrissey chases him

JONAH vs Raj Singh: 

JONAH squashes Raj Singh

Winner: JONAH via Tsunami 

Looks like we got us a Knockouts Tag Match booked for next week and Eddie Edwards has been taken out.

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Deonna shoots Rok-C into the ropes and she takes her down with a shoulder tackle. Rok-C  then looks to play mind games with Deonna and continues the onslaught as she looks to put this match away quickly but Deonna slips out to the floor as we go to break. Back from break and Rok-C is in control as she doges the boot from Deonand takes her down with multiple arm drags leading to a nearfall. Tok-C looks to maintain the momentum as she looks for old school of sorts but Deonna takes out the legs and begins to attack the arm. Rok-C eventually tries to fight back with a kick but Deonna catches it and goes back to the arm. Deonna picks up Rok-C but she fights back with shots to the midsection and sends her to the corner. Deonna fights out of the corner and takes down Rok-C and attacks the arm again. Deonna locks in a straitjacket hold before Rok-C counters the hold and sidesteps Deonna who goes shoulder first into the steel post. In the end Deonna Purrazzo locks in the Venus Demilo for the win.


After the match Maria Kanellis confronts Deonna Purrazzo leading to Matthew Rehwoldt to come to her aid. The rouge group would end up laying waste to Rehwoldt, Willie Mack and Rich Swann to close the show.

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