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Tonight is the go home show for the Impact Plus Special Knockouts Knockdown. Earlier today the first round bracket for the Number One Contender’s Tournament for the Knockouts Championship was announced on Twitter. 

Here is the official tweet:

Tonight we will get a preview of the tournament as four of the eight Knockouts will do battle in an eight Knockouts Tag match. Plus we will continue to build towards Bound For Glory as we sit just 16 days away from the biggest night of the year for Impact. 

Join me as I will be providing live play by play coverage to the best of my ability and maybe sprinkle a dab of commentary. 


Before the Impact:

Winner: Laredo Kid via Spanish Fly 

Impact Wrestling: 

Winners: Christian Cage and Josh Alexander via Killswitch 

Winners: The Bullet Club via Art of Finesse 

Winners: Mercedes Martinez, Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans via pinfall

Winner and advancing to Bound For Glory: Steve Maclin via Mayhem for All

Live Coverage: 

Before the Impact: 

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up with Kid getting the advantage. He goes behind but Rehwoldt turns things around and locks him a wrist lock. Kid seems to regain control for a second but they continue to go back and forth with Rehwoldt sweeping the legs for a quick one count. Rehwoldt then remains in control shooting Kid into the corner and lays in the shots but Kid comes back with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors leading to a neckbreaker which leads to Rehwoldt sliding to the floor. Kid then looks to fly but gets caught by the Drama King and hit with a neckbreaker on the floor. Rehwoldt rolls kid back in and continues the offense for a nearfall. Rhewoldt then takes him to the corner with multiple shots to the face and midsection leading to another nearfall. Rehwoldt locks in a headlock working hold and Kid looks to break free but Rehwoldt brings him right back down to the mat. Rehwoldt then shoots him into the ropes and hits an atomic drop. Kid then fights back and gets whipped into the corner but leaps over to the apron then slingshots back in and sends Rehwoldt to the floor. Kid then springboards and dives onto Rehwoldt. Back in the ring with see a set up springboard senton leading to another for a two count. Kid then stomps the chest of Rehwoldt and goes for a third but Rehwoldt gets the knees up and locks in an armbar or a modified Shangley Gates. Kid gets to the ropes for a rope break. Rehwoldt then jaw jacks with Kid and the crowd allowing Laredo to come back with a northern lights suplex. Kid then goes to the top for a crowscrew spinal tap but comes up empty. Rehwoldt then hits a spinebuster for a nearfall. Rebwoldt goes up to the top but Kid meets him at the top. Rehwoldt blocks the first attempt at the Spanish Fly but gets it the second time for the pinfall victory. 

Winner: Laredo Kid via Spanish Fly

The bell rings and here we go. Chris Sabin and Chris Bey start off the match. Bey locks up with Sabin and pushes him to the corner. We get a clean break from both guys. Sabin then quickly takes down Bey and sends him into the ropes but Bey comes back and looks for a something but Sabin counters and looks for a dropkick leading to a roll up from Bey for a quick one count. 

Phantasmo and Juice tag into the match. They look for a test of strength but Phantasmo stomps the foot and chops his chest. Phantasmo continues the onslaught but Juice regains control with an atomic drop. Juice then drags Phantasmo to his corner and tags in David who climbs to the top and drops the hammer on his arm. Finaly makes a quick tag to Sabin who gets in a shot before Juice comes back in and takes it to Phantasmo. Phantasmo regains control with an eye poke. Bey then comes into the match but Juice takes it to both guys with jabs to the face. Bey takes control with a kick to the face and midsection leading to a two count. He then tags out to Phantasmo who tags out to Hikuleo who comes off the top and hits a back break. He then looks for a delayed vertical suplex but Juice slips out the back and tags in David who takes it to Hikuleo. The big man regains control with a big boot to the face of Finaly and takes out his partners. Phantasmo tags in and looks to continue the attack but Finaly puts a stop to that leading to a a huge back breaker from Finaly to Bey.

 The babyfaces remain in control as they take out all three members of Bullet Club leading to a top rope crossbody from Sabin to Bey for a two count. Hikuleo then hits a choke slam on Sabin followed by a frogsplash from Phantasmo and Bey gets a two count. In the end Hikuleo distracts the referee with a chair while Phantasmo hits a low blow to Sabin allowing Bey to hit The Art of Finesse for the win. 

Winners: The Bullet Club via Art of Finesse 

We hear from the challenger to the Impact World Championship and Christian Cage’s partner in tonight’s main event, Josh Alexander:

Heath came out looking for answers…

But got a VIOLENT beat down for his troubles:

We then hear from Willie Mack ahead of his triple threat against Rohit Raju and El Phantasmo next week:

The bell rings and we are underway. Lady Frost and Mercedes Martinez start the match. Martinez locks up with Frost and pushes her into the corner. Martinez sets her up on the top rope but Frost fights back and takes down Mercedes.

 Lauren and Tasha tags in but then Evans tags in. Lauren looks to be in control for a second but from the apron Steelz kicks her in the lower back allowing Evans to take control. Evans takes her down to the mat and rains down the punches and begins choking her out as we go to break. Back from break and Tasha Steelz is in control of Brandi Lauren as she runs in with a jumping forearm strike for a nearfall. Brandi then begins to fight back with multiple shots but Steelz pushes her back to her corner and tags out to Evans who takes it to Lauren with shots to the face then a big boot. Tasha tags back in leading to both Knockouts taking each other out. Tasha looks o tag out but declines Mercedes the tag. 

Kimber tags in and takes out Tasha with multiple clotheslines then shots to the chest into a tilt-a-whirl. Evans then comes in for the save but Brandi takes her out leading to Mercedes taking out Brandi and Kimber and goes for the pin but wasn’t legal. Tasha then takes advantage and pins Kimber Lee for the win. 

Winners: Mercedes Martinez, Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans via pinfall

After the match Alisha Edwards takes out Kimber and Brandi with Kendra for taking out one of the Swingerellas a few weeks back.

Gail Kim announces the Daffeny Monster’s Ball match for Knockouts Knockdown this Saturday:

All About Me with guest hosts Decay:

Moose and W. Morrissey are in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet:

The bell rings and we are underway. Maclin pushes off Taurus and takes it right to Petey allowing Taurus to sneak up from behind and takes out Maclin. Petey and Black Taurus go at it with Petey taking out Taurus with a head scissors and continues the onslaught. Petey goes for a suplex but Taurus slips out and sends Taurus to the floor where he springboards into a head scissors taking out Maclin and throws him back in the ring. Taurus then grabs Petey and looks for a powerbomb to the floor but Petey fights it. Steve then gains control of the match and choke out Petey in the corner leading to them trading shots. Petey then gets caught into a NASTY back breaker. 

Taurus comes in from the back and focuses on the arm of Maclin leading to a scoopslam for a nearfall. Petey then comes behind and and floats over into a crucifix for a two count. Maclin comes back in hitting a German suplex on Taurus leading to a running knee from Petey. Maclin then comes back for a HUGE powerbomb but Petey counters into a DDT and all three guys are down. They all make it back to their feet and trade shots with each other. Maclin gets the better of the exchange and begins to go back and forth with Black Taurus leading to a modified crucifix bomb. In the Taurus hits a spear on Maclin leading to a Canadian Destroyer on Black Taurus then Maclin hits Mayhem for All for the win and advances to abound For Glory. 

Winner and advancing to Bound For Glory: Steve Maclin via Mayhem for All

Christopher Daniels is coming for the Impact World Title:

Swinger’s Palace is officially packing up and shutting down: 

Manny Lemons and Zickey Dice vs Rich Swann and Willie Mack:

The Learning Tree gets the jump on Swann and Mack but they are able to turn things around. Willie then hits a running corner splash on Dice before tagging out to Rich leading to tag team offense. Swann continues the attack with shots to the back of the head then a slap to the face. Manny then tags in but gets thrown into enemy territory. Mack tags in and throws Lemons in the corner and squeezes his “Lemons”. Swann then tags back in and kicks him in the head before tagging back out to Mack. Dice comes in for the save but gets taken out for his troubles leading to an elevated neckbreaker for the win. 

Winners: Rich Swann and Willie Mack via Elevated Neckbreaker 

After the match the rest of The Learning Tree jumps Swann and Mack. Brian Myers then hits The Roster Cut to Mack and VSK takes about Swann. 

Pick Your Poison Matches between Deonna Purrazzo and Mickie James announced for Knockouts Knockdown:

The bell rings and we are underway. Cage and Fulton start off the match. They lock up with Fulton slamming him down to to the mat. Cage uses his speed to go behind on Fulton who backs into a corner looking for a clothesline attempt. Cage ducks and comes back with slaps to the face but Fulton puts on the brakes with a shot to midsection. Cage fights back and tags out to Josh Alexander. Fulton then over powers both guys and takes them down 

tagging in Ace who takes it to Josh with chops to the chest. Alexander fights back and looks to be in control but Ace fights back with knee strikes leading to Alexander blocking a suplex attempt into one of his own. Ace comes back and gets is able to send Josh to the floor. Ace then comes out to the floor and slams him face first into the apron and rolls him back into the ring. Ace stomps him multiple times but Alexander begins to fight back. Fulton then hits him in the back from the apron allowing Ace to hit an enzguri taking out Alexander as we go to break. Back from break and Ace is in control with a forearm shot to Josh. Ace then whips him to the opposite side and looks to follow in but Josh gets the elbow up but Ace is able to take out a Josh with a kick for a nearfall. Ace brings him back to his corner but Josh fights free and sends Ace to the floor and his arm on the guardrail. Fulton throws him back in as Cage tags in and takes it to Ace. Cage then tosses Ace in the corner and rains down punches to the head of Austin.Ace looks to come back but Cage counters into a reverse DDT. 

Fulton provides the distraction allowing Ace to take advantage and tags in Fulton who lays in the stomps to the chest of Cage. Fulton then hammer throws Cage into the turnbuckle and sits on the back of Cage. Christian then looks to fight back but Fulton drives a knee into the midsection. Fulton then locks in a vice grip with a bicep curl. Cage then continues to fight out of the hold and dives for a tag but Fulton brings him back to his side of the ring. Ace tags in leading to a step up enzguri for a two count. Ace then takes out Alexander leading to a spear from Cage and both guys are down. Both guys tag out and Alexander looks to chop down the big man. Fulton gets caught in the corner leading to a HUGE right hand and a burning hammer for a two count. Alexander then hits two consecutive German suplexs before a Fulton drives him back ti his corner and Ace tags in. Fulton then looks for a chokslam whole Ace goes for a top rope Fold but Cage pushes Ace off the top and takes out Fulton. Back in the ring Josh locks in an ankle lock but gets free leading to Cage getting the blind tag and hits Chaos Theory and Cage hitting the Killswitch for the win.

Winners: Christian Cage and Josh Alexander via Killswitch 

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