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Winner and #1 Contender: Josh Alexander via pinfall

Winners: Brian Myers and Hernandez via The Roster Cuts

Winners: Decay via pinfall 

Winner and STILL: TJP via Mamba Splash 

Winners: ODB, Jazz, and Jordynne Grace via STF

Winner: Jake Something via Blackhole Slam

Winners: Fire N Flava via Cutter

Winners and STILL: The Good Brothers via pinfall

Winner and STILL: Rich Swann via Phoenix Splash 

LIVE Coverage: 

This was the opening match of the show and due to technical difficulties with the IMPACT site I was unable to provide the LIVE Coverage of the match.

The bell rings and we are underway. Eddie and Myers start off the match. They lock up and Eddie goes behind with a waist lock and takes down Brain with a waist lock takedown. Myers breaks free of the hold only for Eddie to take him down with an armdrag takedown. Eddie then pulls him to his corner and tags out to Matt. Matt gets a few shots in before Nrian tags out to Hernandez. Matt and Hernandez lock up with Matt shooting Hernandez into the ropes and dropping down and looks for a leapfrog but Hernandez puts on the brakes. Matt is able to tag out to Eddie but Hernandez takes them both down and hits a HUGE suplex on Eddie. The match then begins to spill to the outside where Brain and Hernandez do a bait and switch allowing Hernandez to take down Eddie. Hernandez rolls him back in and tags out to Brian. Myers maintains the control of Eddie and wears him down with a working hold but Eddie breaks free but Myers cuts him down at the legs. Myers then locks in a headlock while Hernandez tags in a rips off the turnbuckle pad. Myers tags back in and locks in a headlock from a seated position. Myers then looks to drive Eddie into the exposed turnbuckle but Eddie puts a stop to it and tries to do the same to Myers. Brian then looks fit a belly to back suplex but Eddie counters into one of his own. Myers then tags out to Hernandez who takes Cardona off the apron and gets a nearfall on Eddie. Myers and Hernandez maintains control of Eddie. Hernandez is the legal man now and puts Eddie in the corner and buries his shoulder into him. Hernandez follows it up but Eddie moves out of the way. Eddie then fights back and sets Hernandez up on the top rope leading to a superplex.

 Hernandez then tags out to Myers who tries to stop Eddie from making the tag but Eddie makes the tag. Cardona with the hot tag takes out both Myers and Hernandez leading to the radio boot from Cardona.

 Myers is able to fight back and get the upper hand with a driver for a nearfall. Cardona then sets Myers up on the top but Hernandez looks to make the save. Eddie then takes out Hernandez followed up with two suicide dives. Cardona then hits a hurricanrana but Myers fights back and drives Cardona into the exposed turnbuckle and hits the roster cuts clothesline for the win.

We then go backstage to Hardy Party as they get ready for their title match tonight.

The bell rings and we are underway. Deaner comes right as Jake who grabs him by the thorat and tosses him out of the ring. Deaner comes back into the ring but Jake puts him in the corner and hammers on him leading to Jake whipping him to the opposite ropes and takes him down. Deaner rolls out in frustration and gets encouragement from Eric Young. Deaner comes back in the ring and sends Jake into the corner and looks to get the advantage but Jake fights back and only for Deaner to get the upper hand and throws him to Violent by Design. Eric Young then hits a neckbreaker on Jake behind the referee’s back. Eric throws him back in the ring and Deaner jumps all over him. Deaner drives the knees into the midsection of Jake and then pushes his thirst into the middle rope leading to Young getting a cheap shot. Deaner then continues the onslaught but Jake is able to push Deaner into the corner only to eat a back elbow from Deaner. Deaner then climbs to the middle rope and hits a diving maneuver taking down Jake. Deaner then locks in a working hold on the head of Jake leading to Jake trying to fight back with elbows to the midsection of Deaner. Deaner then comes back and throws Jake to the outside. Deaner then wraps Jake around the post and says “You did this to yourself.” Deaner then puts him back in the ring and locks in a front facelock but Jake throws him off. Deaner props himself up in the corner as Jake looks to follow in but Deaner moves and jams Jake’s neck into the turnbuckle into a dropkick for a nearfall. 

Deaner then continues the assault but Jake fights back and hits a HUGE belly to back suplex. Jake then follows it up with two double hammer fits. Deaner is able to roll through but Jake continues the attack and puts him into the corner. Jake then pulls him to the middle of the ring looking for something but Deaner floats over for a DDT. Jake then gets set up on the top rope and Deaner meets him there. Jake fights back and looks for a superplex to the floor but Deaner slips out and pulls Jake to the mat and hits a sit out powerbomb for a nearfall. Jake then recovers and hits a suicide dive on Young and Doering leading to a Blackhole Slam for the win.

 After the match Joe and Eric jump all over Jake. Joe then brings a table into the ring and Violet by Design triple powerbomb him into the table. 

We then go backstage to The Edwards giving Tommy Dreamer a gift and sing his praises. 

The bell rings and we are underway. Trey, Suicide, and Blake start off the match. Trey goes after Suicide and then Blake joins in n the fun. Both Trey and Blake get Suicide in the corner and Trey follows up with a forearm shot. Blake then follows in but eats a boot. Suicide then comes back with a hurricanrana to separate himself from the other guys. The match then picks up speed as Blake and Trey are the only two in the ring as Trey takes down Blake. Suicide rolls in and counters the wheelbarrow and back and forth they go until Suicide gets the stand takes out Trey. Suicide dumps Blake on the back of his head leading to a suicide dive pun intended on the outside. Back in the ring Suicide brings Blake back in the ring and hits a senton but gets caught in a submission by Trey and taps out. Chris Bey is the next entrant out as Trey hits a suplex on Blake. Bey enters the ring and takes it to both Trey and Blake. Hitting them with forearms in separate corners then slams Blake down in the center of the ring. Blake then fights backs and takes out both guys with a hurricanrana 

then runs at Trey in the corner leading to a standing C4 from the apron to the floor Blake comes back I got the ring and focuses on Bey. Chris Bey gets the advantage of Blake leading to the vertabreaker for the pin. 

The next entrant is Daivari. Trey is still on the floor. Bey meets Daivari as soon as he enters the ring. Daivari withstands the flurry of offense. Daivari takes Bey down with a shot to the midsection then a clothesline in the corner followed up with a HUGE back body drop. Daivari then shows off a bit with the push-ups as Bey rolls out of the ring leading to Trey hitting a metora from the top rope and pins Daivari. Josh Alexander comes out to the ring and takes down both Trey and Bey. Trey then jumps on the back of Josh with a sleeper hold as Josh backs up multiple times in to the turnbuckle. With Trey on his back Josh suplexs Chris Bey. Josh then lays in the heavy hands to Chris Bey and whips him into the corner. Bey comes out of the corner with an enziguiri. Josh then comes back and looks for a piledriver but Bey slips out of it. Josh then catches Bey into a twisting torture rack powerbomb then an ankle lock for the submission. Willie then enters the match and takes down Trey and Josh with back elbows and then hits a cannonball on Josh and tries the same on Trey who takes him down. Willie comes back and sweeps the legs of Trey and then hits a standing moonsault on BOTH Trey and Josh then covers them both for a nearfall. Willie then sets Trey up on the top rope and looks to continue the attack but Trey lays in multiple forearms leading to Josh coming back and meets Trey up there. Willie then comes back in and hits the tower of doom and covers Trey for a nearfall. 

Josh then takes it to Willie with stomps in the corner but Willie fights back and hits a DDT out of the corner. Willie then picks up Josh but turns around into a metora from Trey who stacks up both guys and pins Willie. Ace Austin then enters the ring and kicks Josh and Trey multiple times but only makes them angry. Josh and Trey then trade blows as they take it to Ace. They put him in a corner as Josh rains down fights but Trey pulls him off and starts attacking Ace leading to a Trey taking down Josh with a bankrupt. The match picks up again leading to a poisonrana for a nearfall.

 Ace breaks up the pin and begins to trade shots with Trey. Trey looks for a dive but Ace moves out of the way and Trey dives on Josh leading to a Fosbury flop from Ace to both guys. Ace throws Trey back in the ring and continues the onslaught. Ace then sets Ace up on the top and meets him up there. Ace then looks for a powerbomb but Trey hangs on and then kicks Ace in the face leading to a tilts-whirl headscciosrs dive. Josh then comes back and takes out both Ace and Trey leading to Josh pinning Ace for the win and becomes #1 contender.

The bell rings and we are underway. Both teams go right for each other trading blows. Tasha and Nevaeh go down leaving Havok and Keira in the ring. Havok then uses her power advantage and lays in shots to Kiera. Havok then goes for a knoshot but Keira uses her speed to slip out in the nick of time. Kiera then gets Havok in the corner and runs around the ring and kicks her in the face. Tasha then takes it to Nevaeh leading to a double team on her. Havok then comes back and takes out Fire N Flava with a double clothesline. Havok and Nevaeh separate the champions in separate corners and lays in the punches. The champions then are able to switch it up on the challengers but not for long. Havok and Nevaeh are then able to hit a double team maneuver as Nevaeh hits a crossbody on the back of Havok as she crashes into Tasha for a nearfall. Havok then takes out Kiera leading to a double team on Tasha in the corner as they hit her with clotheslines and kicks to the midsection leading to a nearfall. Kiera comes back with a kendo stick and lays it into both Havok and Nevaeh for a nearfall. Nevaeh then comes back with forearm shots to Keira in the corner. Nevaeh seems to have control of the match but Tasha and Kiera uses their speed advantage and hit a double suplex for a nearfall. We then see another cover followed by a double cover but Havok breaks it up. Havok then locks Tasha in a full Nelson and drops her in a backbreaker. Nevaeh then takes care of Hogan with a wheelbarrow slam. Tasha then comes back with a codebreaker to Nevaeh. Tasha then shows off leading to Havok getting control of the match and takes it to both ladies. Havok then stacks up both ladies in the corner and follows them in but they move out of the way and she crashes into a steel chair. Nevaeh comes back with a handicap sign but Tasha takes care of Nevaeh as she hits a cutter on the sign for the win.

After the match we see Havok and Nevaeh teasing a breakup as we see frustration on the face of Nevaeh.

We then go backstage as Gia Miller interviews Rich Swann ahead of the main event world title match. We then find out if Moose interferes in the match that he will be suspended.

TJP makes his way to the ring but stops to look at Shera which allows for Rohit to dive on him. 

Rohit then continues the attack and suplexs him on the apron and looks for  the pin but the bell hasn’t rang yet. TJP then fights back and pushes Rohit into the arms of Shera leading to a dive onto Shera. The fight continues on the outside as TJP launches Rohit over the guards leading to a step up dive onto Rohit from TJP. 

Rohit then hits a suplex on the ramp and rolls him back in and the bell rings. Rohit continues the attack but TJP sweeps out the legs and hits a push kick out of the corner into double knees. TJP then goes for a move but Rohit counters into a northern lights suplex. Rohit continues the attack and Shera gets in cheap shots leading to a nearfall. Rohit then shows off and claims the belt is his. This allows for TJP to fight back and looks for the three amigos but Rohit puts a stop to it and locks in a working hold on the head and neck area. TJP breaks the hold and comes off the ropes and gets kicked in the face leading to a knee drop from Rohit. Rohit then throws him out of the ring in front of Shera. Rohit distracts the referee allowing for Shera to wear down TJP. Shera throws him back in leading to a forearm shot in the corner. Rohit then continues and drops him in the middle of the ring for a nearfall. Rohit then controls the left arm of TJP via the wrist as he works in the AC joint leading to him bitting the arm and he says it taste like failure. Rohit then locks in a working hold on the wrist and arm but TJP breaks free of the hold and backs up into the corner. Rohit follows up with a running forearm shot. Rohit comes back again but TJP jumps to the top and Rohit goes shoulder first into the post leading to a Boston crab. TJP then misses the Mamba Splash leading to Rohit coming back with a  running knee strike to the face. Rohit continues to stay one step ahead of TJP as he counters his signature moves leading to a nearfall.

 TJP is able to fight back and hits As I Lay Me Down to Sleep for a nearfall as he doesn’t get all of it. TJP goes for the splash again but Rohit counters into a triangle but TJP counters into a kneebar. Rohit struggles to break free but transitions into a cross face but TJP rolls him up for a two count. We then see a double stomp into a Mumbai Driver for a nearfall. Shera then hold the arm of TJP leading to Rohit hitting Shera with a knee to the face. TJP then climbs to the top to hit the Mamba Splash for the win and retains. 

We then go backstage as Gia Miller gets comments from Tommy Dreamer ahead of his world title match.

The bell rings and we are underway. ODB and Kimber start off the match. ODB lays in the forearm shot and ducks the kicks from Kimber and takes her down with a waist lock takedown. ODB keeps up the attack as she comes off the ropes with low dropkick. ODB and Kimber tag out and Grace and Susan comes in. Jordynne takes it to Susan who couldn’t get off the ring fast enough as she tags out to Deonna and Jordynne tags out to Jazz. Deonna and Jazz look to trade few shots as Deonna calls her a has been which lights a fire under Jazz. Jazz then takes it to Deonna leading to Grace tagging back in. The match then slips out to the floor as everyone dives onto Team Deonna. 

Jordynne brings Deonna back in the ring but Deonna had time to recover and hits Divorce Court trying to separate the shoulder of Grace. Deonna then tags out to Kimber to locks in a working hold of the arm and shoulder of Grace. Lee then tags out to Susan who gets in little offense before Grace brakes free. Deonna tags in a dives onto Grace to stop her from tagging out. Deonna then follows up with a  short arm clothesline. Grace is able to come back and takes down Purrazzo with a blackhole slam. Grace tags out to ODB and Deonna tags out to Susan. ODB takes it right Susan and rips off her sleeves as Susan just came out of her jacket. This leads to ODB hitting the dirty dozen and goes for a pin but Kimber and Deonna breaks it up leading to chaos ensuing. The finish of the matches sees Jazz locking in the STF on Susan for the submission victory. 

The bell rings and here we go. Storm and Quen start off the match. They lock up and Storm pushes him to the corner and we get a clean break. Quen then slips out looks for a dropkick but Storm moves out of the way. Storm then locks in a headlock and shoots Storm off into the ropes but Storm takes him down with a shoulder block. Quen tags out to Kassidy but Storm maintains the onslaught leading to Private Party having to regroup. Sabin then tags in and hits a sunset flip on Kassidy and they trade nearfalls. Sabin then says that he was good and offers a handshake

 leading to Kassidy pulling him in for the kick leading to Quen getting a cheap shot on Storm. Quen then tags in and locks in a working hold on Sabin. Sabin fights back and tags out to a Karl. Private Party maintains control of the match as Quen tags out to Kassidy and hit a double team maneuver on Karl. They look to focus on the left arm of Anderson but Karl is able to escape and tag out to Doc Gallows. Gallows then lays in the rights and lefts to Quen leading Karl tagging back in and kicking him in the midsection. Anderson then lays down o  the forearm and locks in a working hold. Anderson then kicks and drives his knee into the arm of Quen. Gallows tags in and engulfs Quen and hit a suplex for a nearfall. Gallows continues the onslaught and headbutts Quen. Gallows tags out to Karl to gets a few shots in the  drags Quen to his corner leading to Gallows tagging in and drops an elbow on the chest of Quen. Anderson tags in and locks in another working hold on the arm of Quen. Marq looks to fight back but Karl puts a stop to it and takes a shot at Kassidy. Storm tags in leading to Gallows coming in for the save but gets meet with random offense of Sabin and Storm. Kassidy tags in and Private Party takes it to Sabin leading to a standing moonsault on the back of Sabin. Storm then comes in and meets the same fate of random offense leading to a slice bread for a nearfall. Kassidy then puts Storm on the top turnbuckle and chops him in the chest then tags out to Quen. The match then erupts into chaos as they loo for Gin and Juice but Gallows puts a stop to it leading to a DDT onto Gallows back in the ring Storm hits the Eye of the Storm on Quen for a two count. 

The referee stops Gallows from bringing in the chair leading to a twist of fate from Hardy. Quen then hits a top rope shooting star press 

but Karl pulls him off after tagging in and picks up the victory. 

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Dreamer pushes Swann into the corner with Swann ending up on the top rope. They circle each other and Dreamer looks for a lock up but Swann goes behind with a waist lock and takes down Dreamer. Both guys make it back to their feet and do a test of strength with Dreamer having the power advantage. The match begins to pick up as Swann breaks free. Swann locks for multiple moves but Tommy moves out the way each and every time. They lock up again with Tommy knocking down Swann leading to a fall away slam after catching Swann off the ropes. Swann rolls to the floor and Dreamer comes out on the apron and looks for a dive but comes up empty. Tommy then hits a Death Valley Driver 

and Tommy dislocates his pinky leading the X and doctor being called leading to Tommy popping the finger back in and the match continues. 

Rich makes it to the apron and gets a shot to the gut but Tommy comes back with a twisting cutter. Swann then comes back and twist the hand and finger that Tommy just injured. Swann then stomps on the hand and begins to pull back on the fingers of Dreamer. Swann then backs off for space and lays in multiple uppercuts, elbows and forearms. Tommy is able to catch Swann running at him and focuses his attention to the knee of Swann. He doesn’t go for the cover and choses to lock in the Texas Cloverleaf submission. Tommy then releases the hold and lays in some forearms leading to them trading blows. Tommy looks to come off the ropes but Swann meets him and Tommy does the same but they spill out or the floor and both guys hit their head on the guardrail. Tommy then follows Swann and looks for a piledriver but slips out of the way with a heel kick to the eye leading to a cutter. Both guys make it back in the ring and Swann climbs to the top but Tommy meets him there and hits a superplex leading to Swann rolling him up for a nearfall. Swann then goes for a Phoenix Splash and catches Swann with a cutter for a two count.

 Tommy goes for a Death Valley leading to Swann looking for a roll up but Tommy sits down for a nearfall. They then trade nearfalls leading to Swann locking in an armbar and goes for the injured hand and finger again. Swann then breaks the hold as Tommy made it to the torpedo. Swann then lays in multiple kicks to the face of Dreamer and looks for super kick but gets caught with a backslide for a two count. Swann then connects with the superkick. Swann then goes for the splash again but Tommy moves out of the way and rolls him up but Swann counters into the rings of saturn. Swann can’t get the hold locked leading to a driver from Dreamer for a nearfall. Swann comes back with multiple kicks leading to the Phoenix Splash for the win and retains. After the match Moose shows up and destroys both Swann and Tommy. 

Moose then focuses on the recently injured leg of Swann then hits a spear on Tommy. Moose grabs a chair and attacks Swann with the chair. Moose then drops Swann’s knee on the chair then holds up both world titles 

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