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Taya Valkyrie, Rosemary, Kimber Lee, Kiera Hogan, and Tasha Steelz vs Kylie Rae, Susie, Alisha Edwards, Havok, and Nevaeh 

Winners: Kylie Rae, Susie, Alisha Edwards, Havok, and Nevaeh via Panic Switch

The Deaners vs XXXL

Winners: The Deaners via Crucifix Pin

Moose and a Mystery Partner vs Crazzy Steve and Tommy Dreamer 

Winners: Crazzy Steve and Tommy Dreamer via Diving DDT

Live Coverage:

The show opens with a look at Jordynne Grace vs Deonna Purrazzo and the tag title match for Slammiversary.

Taya Valkyrie, Rosemary, Kimber Lee, Kiera Hogan, and Tasha Steelz vs Kylie Rae, Susie, Alisha Edwards, Havok, and Nevaeh:

The ring begins to fill up as both teams make their way to the ring. The bell rings ane here we go. Tasha Steelz and Nevaeh kick off the match and Nevaeh comes out strong with a huge spear. Nevaeh then tags in Havok who continues the onslaught and hits a big knee strike leading to Tasha tagging out to Taya. Taya comes in but eats a clothesline from Havok. The match begins to break down as Nevaeh takes out two Knockouts. All the Knockouts end up on the floor leading to a dive from Susie

 then Havok tags in Kylie as she dives to the floor. Kylie looks to make a dive but Taya breaks that up. Hogan and Steelz takes out Havok. Taya stays in control and brings Kylie to her corner. Rosemary locks Kylie in the upside down while Taya hit her with multiple chops. Taya then hits a German suplex then tags out to Rosemary who gets a two count. Rosemary tags back out to Taya who brings Kylie into the corner and hits a hip attack then a running meteora for a two count.

 Taya then drags Kylie to her corner and tags out to Tasha who hits her in the gut the locks in a working hold. Kylie fights out of the hold looking for an irish whip but Tasha counters and whips Kylie into the corner. Tasha then tags in Kiera and lays out Kylie with multiple punches and blows to the back. Hogan then kicks Kylie in the back and sends Kylie into the corner and tags out to Kimber Lee who hits a snapmare into a kick for a nearfall. We come back and Kimber Lee is in control clubbing the back of Kylie for a two count. Lee then trash talks Kylie eho is able to tag out to Susie who lights up Lee with chops then hits a thez press. Susie then sets up Lee on the top following by a plamstrike and a hurricanrana for a two count. 

The match then breaks down as the Knockouts take each other out one by one

leading to a panic switch from Susie to Kimber Lee for the win.

 After the match it seemed like Su Yung was coming out. The Knockouts then break out into a huge brawl with Kylie Rae standing tall in the end.

We then travel to Dayton, OH with Ace Austin and Madman Fulton as Ace Austin is going back to his roots. Fulton doesn't like being back in Ohio but Ace says it will be worth it.

We come back and see the recap of the arm wrestling match between Rhino and Hernandez that has been lasting for days. Moose is seen asking Hernandez to be his partner but is turned down. Rhino wins the arm wrestling match but Hernandez takes the money.

IMPACT Flashback Moment of the Week:

Kenny King vs Suicide vs Chris Sabin in Ultimate X for the X-Division Championship from Slammiversary XI

XXXL vs The Deaners:

The bell rings and here we go. Cousin Jake and Larry D start the match and they lock up but are at a stalemate. They lock up again to another stalemate. The lock up one more time with D locking in a sideheadlock and Jake tries t shoot him off to no avail. D then hits a big shoulder tackle then a slam. Jake tags out Deaner and takes D to the corner and eats a splash a shoulder tackle for a two count. Larry is able to tag out to Acey who takes down Deaner then picks up Cody and goes snakeyes leading to a tackle for a two count. Acey then takes out Jake who made the save Acey then charges Deaner who side steps. D comes in and eats a boot. Larry then picks up Cody for a powerbomb but Jake tags in behind his back. Larry hits the powerbomb allowing Jake to roll Larry up for the win. After the match XXXL attacks the Deaners looks like they are turning heel.

We then see Rohit stretching and Moose comes up to him and says he asked everyone else to be his partner and that he is his last choice. Rohit is mad about being picked last but still accepts.

We come back and see Chris Bey and Johnny Swinger backstage who says that he will take care of everything and get Bey the belt. Swinget goes to the referee and yells of him and says that he talked to Cancel Culture snd says he is Bey's emotional support person. The referee then says that Swinger is allowed at ringside.

We then see a video package about how Bey got the title opportunity for Slammiversary by pinning Willie in a six man tag match.

Johnny Swinger then over hears that Bey saying that he is using Swinger. Swinger then tells Bey that he is on his own at Slammiversary.

We then get a look at the feud between Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo.

We get the contract signing between Deonna Purrazzo and Jordynne Grace which leads to Grace slamming Purrazzo face first on the table.

We come back and take a look at how we got to The North vs Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock for the tag titles at Slammiversary 

We then take a look at the fable of the scorpion and the frog.

Moose and Rohit Raju vs Crazzy Steve and Tommy Dreamer:

The bell rings and here we go. Rohit and Dreamer start the match. They lock up and Rohit gets the early control. They both do a standing switch with Rohit gaining control and pushing Dreamer into the corner and hits an uppercut. Rohit then lays in some more offense but Dreamer fights free and hits a suplex and tags out to Steve who picks up where Dreamer left off and gets a two count. Rohit is able to tag out to Moose and takes down Steve with a clothesline after Steve ducked the first two. Moose then gloats allowing Steve to get the advantage. Dreamer tags back in and lights up Moose with chops but Moose comes back and sends Tommy into the corner and lays in the chops. Dreamer counters and sends Moose to the floor. Rohit tries to take the advantage but Tommy takes him out. Steve then dives onto Moose but is caught. Tommy then hits a sliding dropkick onto the back of Steve which takes out Moose. 

Rohit then slides back in and takes out Dreamer. Moose is able to slide back in and looks to be in control. Dreamer gets back up and takes down Moose.Both guys are down and tag out. Steve takes down Rohit with a clothesline leading to a Russian Legsweep into a submission but Moose breaks it up. Dethrone then comes in and brawls with Moose. Rohit then tries to roll up Steve but gets a two count. Steve then hits a DDT out of the corner for the win.

We then go back to Ohio as Ace Austin and Madman Fulton pull up to the gym. 

We come back and get a backlot brawl between Hernandez and Rhino over the money from the arm wrestling match earlier.

We come back and get a video package about the main event for Slammiversary.

We then go back to Ohio snd see Ace Austin train for Slammiversary.

We then get a look at the life and career of Eddie Edwards leading up to Slammiversary.

We then see Trey and Wentz walking outside as Trey says he doesn't like mysteries then they find out Ace is working out at their gym. They then head to the gym.

We come back and Trey and Wentz show up and the gym and grab a trashcan. Wentz then hits Fulton with it and locks him in a room. Trey then shows up behind Ace in the right which leads to a brawl.

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