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Rascalz Open Challenge

Winners: MCMG via Pinfall

Moose v Tommy Dreamer(TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

Winner: Moose via Lights Out Spear 

Willie Mack v Chris Bey(X-Division Championship)

Winner: Chris Bey via pinfall 

Jordynne Grace v Deonna Purrazzo(Knockouts Championship)

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo via Double Armbar 

The North v Sami Callihan & Ken Shamrock(Impact World Tag Team Championship)

Winners: The North via pinfall 

#1 Contender Knockouts Gauntlet Match 

Winner & #1 Contender: Kylie Rae via pinfall 

Eddie Edwards v Trey v Ace Austin v ???(Impact World Championship)

Winner and NEW IMPACT WORLD CHAMPION: Eddie Edwards via Diehard Flowsion 

Live Coverage:

Rascalz Open Challenge:

The open challenge from the Rascalz kicks us off tonight. Motor City Machine Guns answer the challenge.

 The bell rings and here we go. Shelly and Wentz start off the match. they lock up and Shelly gets the control of the arm but Wentz fights back and gets control. Shelly then does a standing switch and takes down Wentz. We see a stalemate and both guys tag out. Dez ans Sabin lock up with Sabin getting control of the wrist but Dez gains control and gains control of the wrist but Sabin breaks free. Dez grabs the wrist again but Sabin fights free and hits Dez with a clothesline. Back and forth we go and Dez takes out Dabin with a hurricanrana. Dez goes for a dive but is stopped by Shelly. The Rascalz are able to put Shelly in the corner leading to a running knee attack and a stomp. Sabin slides back in but gets taken down for a two count. Wentz is tagged in a and stays in control for a two count. Dez tags in and dives onto Sabin. The Rascalz make multiple tags and putting in the work on Sabin. Wentz is now the legal guy and chops the chest leading to a distraction from Shelly and Sabin hits a running knee to the midsection of Wentz. Sabin takes out Dez. Sabin then hits a punt kick to Dez on the apron then to Wentz.

 Shelly then tags in and trash talks Wentz. Wentz fires off with a couple of forearms but is taken down by a stiff foreman from Shelly. Shelly then tags to Sabin and they irish whip Wentz hard into the corner for a nearfall. Sabin then locks in a working hold as he takes control of the shoulder and arm. Wentz tries to fight out but Sabin drags him to his corner. Shelly tags in and takes out Dez then they turn their attention to Wentz with a kick for a one count. Shelly sends Wentz face first in Sabin's boots. Shelly tags out leading to a suplex from Sabin for a two count. Sabins locks in an armbar for a second before dragging him to his cormer. Shelly tags in but Wentz fights back with chops to both guys but MCMG takes out Wentz. Shelly shoots Wentz off the ropes but Wentz takes down Shelly leading to a tag from Dez. Sabin comes in but Dez takes him down with multiple punches and a dropkick. Dez then takes out Shelly. Shelly tags back in but Dez is able to tag out to Wentz as both guys take out Sabin and hit a tag team move for a nearfall as Sabin breaks it up. Down the stretch Wentz goes for a Swanton Bomb but Shelly gets the knees up. Dez tries for something but is taken out by Shelly. Everyone is down but Sabin tags back in and goes on the attack but Dez breaks free. Wentz looks to make the save but Shelly takes him down. MCMG hits a double team move for a nearfall as Wentz bulldogs into the pin. Dez is in the ring and eats multiple kicks followed by The Dirt Bomb for the win.

We see Taya talking to Bravo telling him to not screw it up for her. Rosemary then shows up and tells him that Rosemary must win. Who will he choose???

Moose vs Tommy Dreamer(TNA World Heavyweight Championship):

The TNA World Heavyweight Championship got a remake with a white strap. 

This match will be contested under Old School Rules. Both guys face off and trash talk each other. Moose is manhandling Dreamer shoving him into the corner and taking him down to the mat then hits a nip up. Dreamer goes to the outside and grabs a garbage can then hits the back of Moose with a trashcan lid. Dreamer sends Moose into the steel guardrail then grabs a steel chair and looks to hit Moose but misses. Moose then crotches Dreamer on the guardrail then knocks him off the guardrail. Moose then traps the guardrail in the arm of Dreamer then looks to the camera and says he's a Wrestling God. Moose then brings Dreamer to the ramp and suplex him on it hurting his surgically repaired back. Moose then brings out a kendo stick and hits him multiple times in the knee on the third try Dreamer counters into a Russian Legsweep and goes up top but eats a dropkick as he comes off the ropes. 

Moose then brings in the trashcan as Dreamer checks his teeth. Moose put the trashcan on the head of Dreamer and props him up in the corner and hits a running dropkick and says this is so is. Moose continues to trash talk then looks to hit a running move off the top rope but eats a cutter onto the trashcan from Dreamer. Tommy slides to the outside and grabs a chair. Moose counters and hits the edge of his jaw on the chair then goes to the outside and grabs multiple chairs and brings them in the ring. Moose then looks for a powerbomb but Tommy counters and lays in the punches. Moose then grabs rhe arm of Dreamer and hits a uranage then a standing moonsault for a nearfall. 

Moose then rolls over Dreamer and goes to the second rope and hits a moonsault but misses leading to a DDT from Dreamer for a nearfall. Dreamer then goes back to the outside and grabs a bag of thumbtacks. Moose then hits a lowblow and tries to shove Tommy's face into the tacks but Dreamer fights back but Moose racks the eyes of Dreamer. Moose then shoves Dreamer body first into the tacks. Moose then hits Lights Out for the win.

We need go outside as they thought someone major was pulling up but it turns out to be Johnny Swinger.

#1 Contender's Knockouts Gauntlet Match:

Tasha Steelz and Kylie Rae kicks off the match. The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Rae does a standing switch but Tasha counters and gets control of the wrist and takes down Kylie. Steelz has control of rhe head and shoots her off into a shoulder tackle. Kylie gets back up and comes off the ropes with a hurricanrana. Tasha comes back and hits a Japanese Armdrag but Kylie lands on her feet. Tasha gsins control of the wrist. Taya's music hits and John E. Bravo comes out dressed as Taya and both Kylie and Tasha take out Bravo and Taya has been eliminated. 

Kimber Lee enters the match next and takes down Rae and Steelz. Kimber Lee then hits a delayed vertical suplex but eats a big boot from Tasha who then goes to Kylie who fights back and lays out Tasha with a punch. Kiera Hogan enters the match and takes out Kylie with a superkick after ducking one from Kylie. Kimber Lee looks to side with Hogan and Steelz but they fake her out and go after Lee and Rae separately. Susie then enters the match and takes out everyone with palmstrikes to protect Kylie. Susie looks for the upside down but Tasha fight her off. Kylie then superkicks her off the top rope and eliminates her. Katie Forbes now enters the ring and hit s a clothesline on Susie then Kimber Lee then Kylie. 

Kiera tries to make a new friend in Katie but Katie turns on her and takes her down. Madison Rayne then enters the ring. Madison takes out Kimber Lee with an enziguri then lays out Kiera with a clothesline leading to taking out Susie. Kiera and Madison then trash talk each other and begin to go back and forth. Hogan hits Rayne with a superkick as Havok enters the match. Katie then charges Havok who takes her out then hits a blackhole slam on Kiera. Havok looks to attack Susie as Kylie makes the save but gets slammed down by Havok. The real Taya Valkyrie enters the match now and looks to take out Havok but she knocks her off. 

Katie then sends Taya into the corner but Taya fights back and puts Forbes on the top rope and knocks her to the apron and eliminates her. Alisha then enters the ring and hits a tornado DDT on Taya. Kylie then picks up Alisha in the fireman's carry but Havok picks up Alisha and tosses her into Kylie. Nevaeh then enters the match and takes out Susie, Keira and Kimber Lee. Neveah then sends Alisha into Havok who breaks her back on her knee leading to Nevaeh taking her out. Rosemary then makes her way to the ring and spears Susie. Taya and Rosemary stomp Susie amd send her into the corner. Taya puts Susie on the top rope and is eliminated by Taya. Rosemary's music hits again as Bravo is dressed as Rosemary.

 The match is put on a hold as Rosemary and Taya argue. Taya takes out Rosemary then Bravo eliminates Havok and Kylie Rae eliminates Bravo. Rayane slides back in but is put on the apron then eliminated by Kylie Rae. Alisha, Kimber Lee, and Nevaeh go over the top rope and Nevaeh and Alisha are eliminated. Kiera Hogan is then eliminated. Taya, Rosemary, Kylie Rae, and Kimber Lee are the final four. Kylie then hits a cutter then a hurricanrana to eliminate Kimber Lee. Taya and Rosemary then double team Kylie Rae. They send her into the corner but fights free and chrages Rosemary who counters into the upside down but Taya takes the advantage and eliminates Rosemary. The final two are Kylie Rae and Taya Valykire. Kylie goes on the attack and lays into Taya and hits a Canadian Destoryer into her finisher for the win.

Heath Slater shows up and is wearing a free agent shirt. Slater says sign him up for the vacated slot in the main event. Slater says watch out for what he does. Rohit Raju interrupts him and says that Heath is not gonna be in the main event or a shot before him. Rohit them attacks Slater with a kick to a midsection but Heath counters and drops Rohit in the center of the ring.

Willie Mack vs Chris Bey(X-Division Championship):

The bell rings and here we go. They trash talk each other and Bey looks for a clothesline but Willie ducks and sends Bey into the corner and takes down Bey. Bey looks to caught Mack off the ropes but counters into a armdrag and sends Mack into the corner and goes for a dive but Bey calls for a timeout. Mack goes to the apron and Bey looks to sweeps thd leg but hops over the hand and Willie hits a move that jacks the neck of Bey and both guys are down. Willie throws Bey back in and hits a fallaway slam then a standing moonsault for a nearfall. Mack then sends Bey into the corner and irish whips him into the corner and he goes over the ropes onto the apron and kicks Willie in tbe face. Both guys end up on the top rope and Bey counters the superplex looking for a sunset flip but Willie holds on. Bey then kicks out the legs and hits a slingblade into a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Bey then trash talks Willie who comes back with a huge chop and Bey comes out with one of his own. Bey comes off the ropes with a headscissors for a two count. Bey goes to the top rope and dives off into a catching spinebuster from Willie and both guys are down. Willie comes back with a clothesline and a spinning elbow. Willie sends him into the turnbuckles then hits a huge cannonball and looks for an expolder suplex but Bey counters and rolls him up for a two count. Willie comes back and hits a exploder suplex into the corner for a two count. Willie goes to the top as the referee is checking on him which allows Bey to hit a running knee knocking him off the top. Bey then sends Willie into the corner but Willie fights back only to allow Bey to counter and takes him down for a two count. Both guys are down and Bey picks up Willie who counters into the stunner. Willie hits the six stars but rolls through and causes Bey to bump into the referee allowing Bey to hit his finisher to become the new X-Division Champion.

We see Heath backstage and he runs into Rhino. Scott D'More shows up and tells Heath to leave since he doesn't work with IMPACT. Rhino tells Heath he will figure everything out and to show up on Tuesday.

The North vs Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock(Impact World Tag Team Championship):

The bell rings and here we go. Josh looks to take down Ken but Shamrock grabs the arm and locks in the triangle turning it into an ankle lock. Josh backs up to his corner and they both tag out. Sami caughts Josh with a punch then rakes rhe eyes and sends him into the corner but Josh fights back and tags in Ethan. Sami is able to fight off both members of The North and chops the chest of Ethan. Shamrock tags back in and traps Page in his corner then tags in Sami who headbutts Page and takes him fown for a one count. Sami then rakes his forearm into the face of Ethan. Shamrock tags back in and lays in the knee strikes and takes down Ethan and tags in Sami who floors Ethan for a two count. Sami tags to Shamrock but Ethan fights back and sends Sami to the floor. Shamrock goes to the floor to chase Ethan but eats and elbow from Josh Alexander. Josh tags in lays in the foream then chops the chest of Shamrock in the corner. Shamrock comes bsck and lays out Josh with a forearm. Alexander is able to comeback and tags in Page and they double team him. Sami tags in and takes out The North then hits a brainbuster on Ethan for a two count. Sami then chops the chest of Page leading to Josh to distract Sami allowing Ethan to hit a dropkick. Ethan tags in Josh and gets a one count on Sami. Alexander goes on the attack and stomps on Sami and sends him to his corner and chops his chest before tagging in Ethan. Page comes in a trash talks Ken. Ethan then locks in a working hold and brings Sami to the mat. Sami looks like he is about to pass out but fights back up to his feet with blows to the midsection. Ethan then blocks the tag and they begin to trade blows and both guys are down after hitting each other with big boots. Both guys tags out and Ken takes out both members of The North and hits a slam on Alexander for a two count. Sami tags in and hits a back elbow on Alexander. Ethan comes back up and tags in and they hit a double crucifix bomb for a nearfall. Ethan picks up Sami and tags in Josh but Sami fights free and tags in Shamrock who takes out Josh with a belly to belly over the ropes leading to an ankle lock on Ethan. Josh slides back in and catches Sami in an ankle lock. 

Sami is able to escape and hits Ethan with a cutter leading to an ankle lock to Josh from Shamrock. Ethan shoves Sami into the submission to break it up. Ken and Sami almost explode but Sami hits a piledriver and the GTS for a nearfall. Sami sends Ethan to the floor allowing Josh to come back and take out Sami then hotshot Ken off the ropes. Josh goes to the top and Ken meets him and hits a belly to belly. Josh rolls out of the ring. Ken looks for a dive and The North move out of the way and Ken crashes and burns. The North hit their finisher to retain the titles. 

Jordynne Grace vs Deonna Purrazzo(Knockouts Championship):

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Jordynne powers Deonna into the corner. They break up and Deonna goes to the floor to compose herself. Deonna trash talks Jordynne. Deonna comes bsck in and they lock up again with Jordynne getting control of the wrist but Deonna hits a standing switch and gains control but Jordynne fights back and sends Deonna to the floor. Deonna comes back in and hits a standing switch and eats a back elbow and Jordynne Grace picks up the pace and sends Deonna to the floor where she follows her and ground and pounds her. They slide back in as Jordynne props Deonna on the top rope but she fights back and kicks and stomps the arm and should of Jordynne. She then drops the leg on the shoulder for a two count. Deonna continues the onslaught on the shoulder and arm as Jordynne tries to move away from Purrazzo. Deonna sends her into the corner and attacks Jordynne and chokes her with her boot. Back in the center Deonna takes down Jordynne for a one count then locks in a working hold and drives her knee into the back of Jordynne. Deonna looks to roll her up but Jordynne rolls through and gets caught into the Fujiwara Armbar then a cross armbreaker. Jordynne starts to make a comeback and it leads her to a two count. Jordynne then looks for the Grace Driver but Deonna blocks leading to a roll up for a two count. Grace then catches Deonna into a submission and Deonna looks to be passing out.

 Purrazzo fights out of it and catches Grace with the boot but Grace pulls her down and locks in the bow and arrow on the ring post leading to a hotshot of the arm but Grace fights back and gets in the ring and takes down Deonna for a two count. Grace goes for the Grace Driver but Deonna sits out and almost gets pinned leading to a spinebuster from Grace and both Knockouts are down. They get back up and begin to trade shots. Grace slams Purrazzo down multiple times then a German suplex but Purrazzo fights back and hits the Pendulum for a two count. Deonna picks up Grace and looks for a suplex but Grace blocks and hits Deonna with a big boot. Grace then drives Deonna face first into the turnbuckle followed by a meteora then a Grace Driver for a two count. Grace looks for the driver again but Deonna blocks and Jordynne brings her down to the mat with multiple shots. Deonna is then able to lock in a double armbar to win the Knockouts Championship. 

Trey vs Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards vs ???(Impact World Championship):

The Mystery Opponent is Rich Swann. 

Eric Young shows up and this is now a five way.

The bell rings and here we go. The match is off to a fast start as Trey goes for Ace Austin and Eric Young goes for Rich. Trey is able to get back in the ring and they go back and forth with Rich hitting a tiltawhirl headscissors to send him to the floor. Eddie comes in and looks to hit a belly to belly but Rich puts the brakes on that. Eddie looks for a dive but gets caught by Fulton. The referee sees it and tells him to leave before Ace is eliminated. Fulton leaves which allows Trey to attack Ace Austin. The match comes back into the ring as Eric Young takes out Rich Swann. Eddie comes back in and sends Eric into the corner and hits him with multiple chops then grabs Rich and stacks them up and lights him up with chops. Eddie looks for the backpack stunner but Ace breaks it up and Rich comes in and lays out Eric Young with a spinning heel kick. Eventually everyone is down but Trey gets up and goes after Ace as they trade shots until Trey takes him down. Ace fights and sends Trey onto the apron leading to a shoulder tackle from Ace to block Trey from springboarding back in. The match is fast pace as Eddie and Trey are the only two in the ring. Eddie is able to send Trey to the floor who dives and spikes Rich's head on the floor. 

Eddie catches Ace and looks for the tiger driver twice but Ace backs Eddie into Trey. Ace breaks free but Eddie is able to hit the tiger driver but Trey breaks up the win with a dive into a piledriver from EY for the pin and eliminates Trey.

 EY then pins Eddie for a nearfall. EY is now in control and chokes out both Eddie and Ace with his boot. Rich slides in and eats a clubbing blow from EY. Eric picks him up but Rich fights back and lays in multiple shots on EY and looks for a a body scissors but gets caught into a back bodydrop for a two count. Eric then crotches Rich on the top rope and goes to the top and looks for a glamslam of sorts but counters into a bulldog and everyone is down. Eddie gets back up and takes down Ace. Eddie goes to the top and brings Ace with him. Eddie is looking for a suplex but Rich joins then then Eric but Ace and Eddie are sent crashing into the time keeper's table. EY stalks Swann and picks him up for a powerbomb but Swann crumbles to the mat. The referee checks on him and RY picks him up again but counters and rolls up EY for the elimination. Before he leaves Eric Young takes out the bad knee of Rich and wraps a chair around the leg then stomps on the chair multiple times. He then swings a chair at the leg. The referee tells Eric Young to leave and calls for the medic. On his way out Eric says Rich brought it on himself. 

Swann says he doesn't want to quit. Ace slides back in and looks to attsck the leg but Rich rolls him up for a two count. Rich continues to fight but Ace kicks out the leg and hits the fold to eliminate Rich. The final two are Eddie Edwards and Ace Austin. Eddie Edwards slides back in the ring. Both guys make it back to their feet and begin to trade blows with shots and forearms to the face. Ace then chops the chest of Eddie but gets taken down by Eddie. Eddie begs for Ace to hit him and they trsde blows again with Ace getting the bettet of Eddie. Ace lays in hard shots but Eddie is smiling and comes back with a dozen chops to the chest of Ace. Ace is able to escape ajd superkick Eddie on the chin. Ace then looks for the fold but Eddie uses the momentum to hit a belly to belly in the corner. Eddie charges but Ace side steps leading to a Boston Knee Party from Eddie for a two count. Ace is able to hit a standing switch then the fold for a two count. Ace goes to the top and gets caugjt with another Boston Knee Party then a diehard flowsion for the win. Eddie Edwards is the new world champion. 

After the match Fulton returns and attacks Eddie Edwards. The Good Brothers come out to make the save as all three take out Ace and Fulton. The Good Brothers have aligned with Eddie Edwards. 

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