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Tonight Impact Wrestling kicks off it’s first LIVE special in almost TWO YEARS with Turning Point. 

All the gold is up for grabs plus some grudge matches and FinJuice looks to bounce back after they came up short in a number one contender’s match against Bullet Club.

Countdown to Turning Point Results:


WINNERS: FinJuice via Doomsday Device

Countdown to Turning Point Live Coverage: 

This match was originally scheduled to have Decay vs FinJuice but this past Thursday on IMPACT Decay was whisked away to Wrestle House. So Rohit Raju and Raj Singh will be their replacement. The bell rings and we are underway. David Finaly and Rohit Raju kicks us off. They lock up and Savid pushes Rohit to the ropes and we get a clean break. They lock up again with Finaly getting control of th wrist. Rohit then rollls through to break the control but Finaly comes right back as Finaly takes down Rohit with headlock takedown. Finaly remains in control as Rohit gets back to his feet. Rohit shoots him off to to the ropes but gets taken down with a shoulder tackle. Rohit then fights back and takes down Finaly allowing him to get back in the fight for a one count. Juice then tags back in as Finaly slams him onto Rohit. Juice then locks Rohit up by his ears leading to a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Juice then tags David back in as they hit a tag team move to remain in control. Finaly then shoots Rohit into the ropes but Raj is able attack Finaly behind the referee’s back leading to a two count. Rohit then tags in Raj who continues the onslaught. Raj then raises the ire of Juice as he hits him off the ropes leading to a neckbreaker to David for the two count. Raj continues to wear down and beat down Finaly leading to a tag to Rohit as they look for a double team but David fights free and gives Juice the hot tag. Juice runs wild with a squaring senton to Raj and multiple jabs to Rohit then a cannonball in the corner to both Raj and Rohit then a big move to Raj for a two count. Juice tags out to David for a backbreaker diving elbow combo for another two count. FinJuice then look for another tag team move but Rohit clips the ankle of David. Raj then takes control and brings down Juice for a two as Finaly breaks up the pin. FinJuice hits a double flapjack then David takes out Rohit as they hit the doomsday device for the win. 

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up with Green getting a headlock. The action is fast and furious with multiple quick pins. Jordynne then is able to catch Green in the fireman’s carry but Chelsea gets out and lands on the apron. Green then looks for a sunset flip back into the ring but Jordynne hangs on. Jordynne then begins to slow down the match and use her power to slam Green multiple times. Chelsea then uses her quickness to slip out of a hold and pushes Grace into the corner. Green looks to go for a superplex of sorts but Grace counters into a Gorilla Press Slam and continues the onslaught. Grace pushes her into the corner and lays in multiple HEAVY forearms and then hammer throws her into the corner. Grace then looks to soften up Green with multiple knees to the midsection before driving her into the corner. Grace follows up with double knees to the back then a corner combination. Grace goes for another move but Green ducks and hops on the back of Grace. Grace then throws her off and continues to use her power to get back into the match. Chelsea fights back and hits a curb stomp in the corner for a nearfall. Green hits another curb stomp for another two count. In the end Grace would hit an electric chair hotshot into the Grace Driver for the win. 

Turning Point Results: 

Winner: Chris Sabin via Cradle Shock 






WINNER: W. Morrissey via Pinfall

WINNERS: Violent By Design via Pinfall

WINNER: Rich Swann via Phoenix Splash 

Turning Point Live Coverage: 

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up with Ace pushing Sabin away. We have a stand off as Ace kicks Sabin in the midsection and slams him down to the mat. Ace continues to mock Sabin and thinks he’s better than him. Sabin then gains control of the match and goes around with a hammerlock but Ace gets out and gains control of the wrist but Sabin slips through and takes it to Ace taking him down multiple times with body slams then clotheslines him out of the ring. Ace looks to get back into the ring but gets met with a kick to the chest. Sabin then goes out to the floor and lights up Ace with chops to chest then rolls him back into the ring. Sabin then hits a high diving crossbody for a two count then hits a snap are and locks in a working hold. Sabin maintains the hold as Ace fights to his feet but drives Ace face first into the corner. Ace then looks to regain control and hits a Russian leg sweep off the middle rope for a two count. Ace is now in co trip as he slows down the pace of the match and hits a gutwrench suplex into a legdrop for a nearfall. The pace begins to quicken leading to a running knee for a two count. Ace then continues the onslaught with a kick to the back and a knee to the chest. In the end Fulton would throw in a shirt to distract the referee from high allows him to whip Sabin across the ropes. Ace then puts on the shirt and looks for The Fold but Sabin counters into the Cradle Shock for the win. 

Winner: Chris Sabin via Cradle Shock 

The bell rings and we are underway. Eric Young and Rhino start off the match. Joe Doering immediately tags in as Rhino calls out EY. Joe and Rhino trade MAJOR blows with each other. Joe backs Rhino into the corner who fights out and takes it to Joe. Heath tags into the match but Joe is able to recover and drags Heath to his corner and Eric Young tags in. Young takes it to Heath and prevents Heath from tagging to Rhino. Eric then backs off and tags out to Joe. Heath tags in and they both go at it and Joe looks to have buckled his knee. Heath then gets distracted by Deaner who is eventually sent to the back. Heath then turns around into a clothesline from Doering. Young tags back into the match and takes it to Heath. He stomps him multiple times in the chest and looks to pull Heath’s arm out of its socket. Joe tags back in and takes down Heath with a forearm shot leading to a timer elbow for a nearfall. Young takes in and hits an elbow drop from the top rope for a two count. The crowd is firmly behind Rhino and Heath chanting “His got kids.” Young then looks for a corner splash but Heath moves out of the way. Young then stops Heath from making the tag and jaw jacks with a fan in the front row before tagging in Joe. Joe then knocks down Heath with a forearm leading to a two count. Heath then looks to fight back with shots to the midsection but to no avail as he is knocked down with a clubbing blow. Young then tags back in as Heath tags out to Rhino. Rhino looks confused for a second but then takes it to Young and then hits a mini gore in the corner. Rhino then hits a belly to belly which shatters the knee brace of Young. 

The match begins to break down leading to Young hitting Rhino in the face with the hockey mask for the win. 

Winners: Violent By Design via Pinfall

We would then go backstage as we get pre match comments from the challenger, Eddie Edwards

Brian Myers was supposed to be in this match but isn’t medically cleared so VSK is in his place. The bell rings and we are underway. The match starts off fast and furious as Swann takes it to VSK and knocks him down multiple times with clotheslines leading to a kick to the chest. VSK rolls to the floor and Swann goes for a flip off the apron who moves out of the way. Swann crashes and burns leading to VSK working on the lower back of Swann bouncing him around the ring and ramp. VSK rolls him back in for a nearfall. VSK then hammer throws Swann into the corner followed by a suplex for a two count. Swann then fights back with knife edge chops to the chest but VSK comes back with a European uppercut. Swann tries to fight back but gets caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a nearfall. Swann ducks a foreman and looks to be fight back with a backhand to the face followed by multiple jabs then a rolling splash for a two count. VSK then throws Swann out to the apron which allows for Zicky Dice to pull him to the floor. Willie then takes out Dice leading to a modified X Factor from VSK to Swann back in the ring. VSK continues the onslaught leading to a lung blower for a nearfall. Swann fights back into a cutter then a splash from the middle rope for a two count. Swann then kicks off VSK’s head and hits a Phoenix Splash for the win. 

Winner: Rich Swann via Phoenix Splash 

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Morrissey pushes Cardona into the corner and throws him all the way across the ring. They lock up again with Morrissey once again pushes him into the corner and throwing him across the ring. Cardona then hits him with a dropkick and lays in the punches but gets caught and Morrissey looks for a choke slam but Cardona fights out and sends Morrissey to the floor. Cardona continues the onslaught and hits a neckbreaker. Morrissey the beta back to his feet and gets back in the ring as Cardona follows him and gets caught by his feet off a baseball slide. Morrissey then whips Cardona into the ring steps 

then rolls him back into the ring and hits him with multiple clubbing blows then hits a running boot sending Cardona to the floor. Morrissey then allows the referee to count out Matt who breaks the count but meets the clubbing blows and punches of Morrissey. Morrissey the  wrenches the neck of Cardona as he wears him down. Cardona then makes it back to his feet who is met with clubbing blows to the back. Cardona fights back and gets to the top rope but gets met with a blow to the face. Matt comes back with a dropkick that takes him off his feet. Morrissey gets back up and lights up Cardona with blows to the head the  drives his boot to the back of Matt’s neck. Cardona then catches Morrissey slipping and gets a nearfall. Cardona continues the onslaught but Morrissey regains control and looks for a corner splash but Matt moves out of the way and hits two reboots. Morrissey falls to the floor and Cardona follows him out but Morrissey gets back up and drives him back first into the apron then choke slams him into the apron for a two count.

 In the end Morrissey pushes Cardona into the referee leading to Radio Silence but the referee isn’t their to make the count. Moose then hits the ring to hit a spear on Cardona and Morrissey rolls over to get the pin.

Winner: W. Morrissey via Pinfall 

The bell rings and we are underway. Cassie Lee and Rosemary start off the match. Rosemary runs right at Lee and sends her to the floor. Havok then takes it to Jessica McKay as well. The match has spilled out to the floor and erupted into complete chaos. The IInspiration looked for a double clothesline but Decay fucked and took out the champions. The match gets back in control as Rosemary rolls Cassie back into the ring. Rosemary tags in Havok as they look for a double ripcord but Lee fights out and comes out of a corner with an arm ddt for a nearfall. Lee stays on Havok as Jessica tags in and works on the arm of Havok. Jessica then jaw jacks Rosemary and attacks the arm of Havok again before tagging in Cassie who hits a double stomp on Havok. Cassie then drives her knee multiple times into the arm of Havok then looks in a top wrist/elbow lock. Havok finally is able to get back to her feet but Cassie hangs on and jumps on the back of Havok. Havok pushes into the corner to knock off Lee. Cassie then tags in McKay who blocks the tag but Havok is able to make the tag and takes it to both members of The IInspiration. Rosemary stacks them up in the corner leading to a splash. Cassie rolls out of the ring and leaves Jessica alone in the ring. Rosemary looks in a front chancery but McKay pulls the hair and breaks the hold. Cassie then looks to pull Jessica towards her but Rosemary holds on. Jessica takes out Rosemary and tags out to Lee who hits a spinning heel kick. Rosemary is able to get back to her feet and tag out to Havok who takes down Lee who gets caught up in the ropes and is pulled to the middle for a nearfall. The IInspirstion then gain control of the match as Lee looks for a Powerbomb and McKay helps with a boot to the face. 

Havok then slides back in with a Samoan Drop to Jessica for a nearfall. Jessica then kicks her in the leg as she lands face first on her knee. The IInspiration then steal the win as Cassie drives Havok into the corner as Jessica stacks up Havok and uses the ropes with the help of Cassie Lee for the win. 

Winners AND STILL Knockouts World Tag Team Champions: The IInspiration via Pinfall

We then got post match comments from Chris Sabin 

The bell rings and we are underway. Maclin goes after Trey who goes behind with a waistlock. Maclin kicks away Kid as the match picks up speed and Kid takes down both Miguel and Maclin. Laredo then looks to follow Trey to the floor but Trey comes back and catches the ankle. Steve Maclin then follows up with a suicide dive to Trey followed by a 450 splash to Maclin on the floor. Laredo then looks to continue the onslaught as Trey takes down both guys but Maclin is able to comeback to drop Trey and hits a diving elbow off the apron. The match makes it back into the ring as Maclin catches Trey with a single arm delayed uranagi for a nearfall. Laredo Kid makes his way back into the ring and takes it to Maclin sending him T the floor and goes to the apron to follow him to the floor but gets caught and Powerbombed on the apron. Back in the ring Treunand Steve trade blows with Trey getting the advantage. Trey goes up and looks for a split legged moonsault but gets caught and tied up in the tree of woe. He then grabs Laredo and drives him into the chest of Trey. Kid rolls to the floor as Maclin goes for Mayhem For All but Trey slips out of the way and rolls up Maclin for a nearfall as Laredo breaks up the hold. Trey and Laredo then go face to face and begin to trade blows back and forth with Trey getting the better of Kid. Back and forth they go getting the upperhand on each other as Trey goes up top but gets caught with a kick to the head. Kid goes for a Spanish fly but Maclin puts on the breaks and eats a poison rana for his troubles. Laredo Kid the goes back to the top and hits a Spanish fly 

for a two count as Maclin breaks up the pin. Laredo then turns his attention to a Maclin with chops and kicks leading to a slam. Laredo goes up for a 450 but lands on the knees. Maclin then hits Mayhem For All but Trey then hits a top rope metora and pins both challengers but Maclin gets the shoulders up and pins Laredo Kid. Maclin still hasn’t been pinned or submitted. 


The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Mercedes pushes Mickie into the ropes then the other side of the ring. We get a clean break between the two as they lock up again. Mickie gets the advantage with a wristlock and Mercedes tries to break free as Mickie takes her down to the mat. Mederces blocks the hold with an s grip. Mercedes breaks free of the hold as they both get back to their feet and we have a standoff. We get more technical wrestling from these two ladies as Mickie seems to be in form control of Mercedes. 

James maintains control of the match and takes her down to the match with a wristlock for a nearfall. Mercedes finally fights free and takes control of the match with kicks to the chest and head but Mickie comes back with a kick of her own for a two count. The pendulum of the match continues to switch back and forth as they know each other so well. Mickie looks to gain control of the match and locks in a rana setup but Mercedes stops her and clubs her in the stomach and slams her to the mat. Mercedes now in from control choke her on the middle rope. Micke is able to fight back and goes for an arm breaker but rolls through and sends Mercedes into the corner. Mickie then looks for the Mickie DDT but Mercedes slips out of the way and sets James on the top and looks for the Razor’s Edge but James slips out the back. Mercedes then catches her with a half and a half suplex. 

In the end Mickie James was able to hit the Mickie DDT for the win. 

After the match Deonna Purrazzo jumps Mickie and hits her with a piledriver. Deonna announces that she wants her rematch at Hard to Kill.


The bell rings and we are underway. Chris Bey and Karl Anderson start off the match. They lock up with Anderson going behind with a waistlock then Bey goes behind. Bey shoots Anderson off into the ropes but Anderson takes him down with a shoulder tackle. The match begins to quicken as Bey takes control and takes down Anderson leading to a tag to Hikuleo. The big man slows down the pace of the match with a clubbing blow then whips him into his corner leading to a tag to Bey. Anderson then takes advantage of the pandering from Bey who pushes Bey into his corner and tags in Gallows. Bey then tags out to Hikuleo and gets big man vs big man for a bit before Bey tags back in and uses his speed but gets caught by Gallows who gains control of the match. In the end The Good Brothers  would outsmart Bullet Club as Anderson rolls up Bey for the win. 



The bell rings and we are underway. Both guys lock up and bear each other with multiple shots to the face and head. Eddie would get the better of the exchange as he rocks Moose. Moose would come back with a chop the chest and Eddie would follows with the same. Both guys trading chops as Eddie gets the better of the exchange again and begs for Moose to bring it. Moose would then lay in multiple forearm shots and rocking Edwards who comes off the ropes and hits a forearm. Eddie would the hit a snap German suplex then back drops Moose into a table on the floor. Eddie would then slide out to the floor to grab some toys. Eddie grabs a trash can and drops it on the back of Moose. Eddie then throws Moose back into the ring but rolls out of the ring as Eddie comes back in. Eddie then goes for a dive but eats a cookie sheet to the face from Moose. Eddie would comeback with another dive and would be successful in hitting Moose this time. Eddie follows it up with hitting Moose on the crown of his head with multiple cookie sheets. The crowd would chant “one more time” and Eddie would oblige the crowd. Moose would try to fight back as he pushes Eddie away from him. Eddie would put on the brakes and run at Moose who would catch him and spins him around the splatters him on the ramp. Moose then grabs a chair and drives it into the throat of Eddie before rolling him back into the ring. Moose then drags Eddie to the apron and looks to Powerbomb him into the table but Eddie puts on the brakes and chops him in the chest. Moose fights back with a forearm shot. Eddie then comes back with a chop leading to a big boot from Moose. Moose would then try again to Powerbomb Eddie into the table but Eddie would catch him and dump him on the apron. Eddie would then grab two drinks from the crowd and drink them before knocking down the ladder into Moose. Eddie then grabs a trash can but Moose would kick Eddie in the midsection and Powerbomb Eddie into the apron. He looks to do it again but spins him around and Powerbomb him through a table. The Impact Plus stream shutdown mid match but is back up now. Eddie has now grabbed a pair of scissors and has exposed the wood of the ring. Eddie picks up Moose and looks to hit the tiger driver on the wood but Moose blocks and looks for the uranagi and Eddie puts a stop to it. Moose eventually is able to hit the uranagi on the wood. 

Moose then hits a spear for the win. 


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