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Tonight's card is as followed:

Jacob Fatu © vs. ACH for The World Heavyweight Championship
Simon Gotch vs. Jordan Oliver in a Grudge Match
Daivari vs. Zenshi

Tonight's show is starting off HUGE.

We hear the unfortunate news that ACH was viciously attacked but he's still ready to go for tonight's big match.

Introducing Daivari during his MLW debut vs. Zenshi! In a pure show of athleticism, and a few near pins early on. Both Zenshi and Daivari display skill in strategy, waiting for the right time to monopolize on their opponent. 

6:10CST -
In a possibly shocking end, Daivari sees victory with a hammerlock closteline combo. Congratulations!

6:17CST -
Next is the grudge match between Simon Gotch and Jordan Oliver. We hear about how much bad blood is between the two, promising a brutal match. Both start off hammering away at each other, but neither fall.

6:20CST -
Simon Gotch delivers an elbow from the ring as Jordan Oliver is temporarily down. This results in the beginning of a count out. Oliver gets back in the ring, slightly dazed it would appear.

6:23CST -
Simon Gotch is insistant on finding a submission, showing his strength. Jordan Oliver finds himself escaping multiple times. Oliver turns the tables in a near pin. As valiant as the battle was, it ends with Oliver taking a nap thanks to Gotch's hold.

6:32CST -
Popping in a propaganda video. Maybe I am the strange one here, but I am for the creepiness of this. 

6:35CST -
A surprise 'visit' from Holliday has fans EXCITED! A year long wait for this upcoming championship match. This news leads us into the MAIN EVENT....

6:37CST -
It's main event time as ACH steps into the ring, followed by Jacob Fatu, defending his championship. The excitement is high, and the match feels high steaks as it should. Fatu starts off strong with a kick to ACH, bringing him down as soon as the bell rings.

6:43CST -
ACH finally finds his way out of the corner that Fatu had him stuck in and shows us his swiftness with a few backflips to avoid another hit. Both opponents are showing their strengths in an impressive way.

6:46CST -
Fatu manages to corner ACH once again, relentlessly proving what a powerhouse he is. Fatu attempts a pin, but ACH breaks at a 2 count somehow. An Irish Whip sends ACH back into the corner again... this is countered with ACH dodging Fatu, sending Fatu onto the turnbuckles, giving him that desired opening.

6:50CST -
ACH NEARLY gets the pin on Fatu, delivering yet another back and forth match full of adrenaline. Fatu stands but is greeted with an enziguri. It isn't enough though as Fatu counters with a moonsault just enough to claim the pin, keeping his title safe for another week.

6:53CST -
It's not over yet, folks... someone has it out for Fatu as he is attacked by Simon Gotch. I suppose we have to wait to see what happens next.

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