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Great opening match between Hangman Page & Powerhouse Hobbs. He comes out without Team Taz, as we wants to go solo. Page tries to avoid the power moves of Hobbs' offense but is caught in a hammerlock. He hits Page with a splash but then misses the headbutt. As the match goes on, Ricky Starks comes out with the FTW belt, but Brian Cage comes out to take it away from him. 

Page misses the Buckshot but as Hobbs catches him for a suplex, the Cowboy reverses it into a Deadeye for the win.

Tully Blanchard is in the ring with Tony Schiavone, but Konnan comes out, complete with the old LAX theme. Great promo as Konnan went in hard on racial profiling, even saying that he'll have to learn Spanish to speak to his grandkids. Two folks come out in masks, and it's FTR as they show Santana and Ortiz beaten down. 

Dante Martin vs. Matt Sydal: Sydal starts off with a side headlock but Martin reverses it. Dropkick by Martin gets a two count, followed by a leg lariat. Sydal wears him down with a series of kicks. They exchange spots and kicks before going to the top, where Martin hurts his knee while falling, allowing Sydal to hit the Lightning Spiral for the three count. 

Ethan Page vs. Bear Bronson: Was having trouble with my internet, so I only saw the end result as Page hits the Ego's Edge. 

Kris Statlander vs. The Bunny:

A great match at the end the Butcher distracts the ref and throws in a pair of brass knuckles, only for Orange to come in and take away the weapon. It allows Statlander to hit the Big Bang Theory for the win. 

Afterwards the Butcher attacks Cassidy, and TH2 comes out to assist with the beat down. Trent has spinal fusion surgery so he and Chuck weren't available to help, enabling Butcher to hit Mr. Freshly Squeezed with the knuckles. The heels stand victorious.

Tony is with QT Marshall. In two weeks they will have a South Beach strap match (?) at Road Rager in Miami.

Brian Pillman Jr. talks about taking on Miro next Wednesday for the TNT Title.

Penta El Miedo Zero and Eddie Kingston (w/Alex Aranthes) talk about facing the Young Bucks next Wednesday. If they win, they get a tag team title shot. 

AEW World Championship Match: Jungle Boy vs. Kenny Omega

Big pop for Jungle Boy as he comes out with Jurassic Express. The Perry family is in attendance. Omega comes out with Don Callis, sporting all four titles. Marko Stunt comes in to interrupt and is thrown out along with the Good Brothers by the referee. 

They lock up and Omega pushes him into the corner. He armlocks JB and smacks him in the head. JB reverses it into a wrist lock. Chops in the corner by Omega but JB gets some chops in of his own. Boot by JB. Omega with the elbow but the challenger fights back with the dropkick. The champion goes outside and avoids the plancha but throws JB into the barricade as we go picture in picture. 

We return and Omega is getting a pin for two. Inside cradle by JB gets two. Brainbuster by JB. He throws Omega out of the ring and hits an elbow suicida. He hits a shoulder block followed by a Tornado DDT. He goes up top but Omega blocks it with a punch and joins him. Superplex by Omega gets two. He misses the V-Trigger and eats a superkick. V-Trigger into the Snapdragon! He goes for the One Winged Angel but JB hits a reverse hurricanrana for a two count. V-Trigger by Omega into a powerbomb for a two count. Jungle Boy blocks the V-Trigger into the Snaretrap submission. The Good Brothers come out but here comes Kaz to fight them into the back. Back in the ring the two competitors slug it out and Jungle Boy with the clothesline. Brainbuster by Omega gets two! V-Trigger into a reverse roll up for two. Snaretrap by Jungle Boy. Omega breaks it up by grabbing the hair. Jungle Boy follows him into the corner and attacks with a series of punches. They go up top but Omega counters. V-Trigger in the back of the head followed by the Tiger Driver 98. Jungle Boy kicks out at two! One Winged Angle finishes it and Omega retains. A fantastic match and Jungle Boy showed that he belonged.

Afterwards he was going to attack Jungle Boy but Christian Cage fights him off, only for the Hardy Family Office to come out and join in. The Young Bucks superkick Christian and the heels stand victorious. 

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