Tonight, Synergy Pro Wrestling crowns a King of the Garden State with the 2020 edition of the Garden State Invitational.

Before the action begins, let's take a look at the card for this evening...

  • Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship - Frightmare (C) vs Desean Pratt
  • Synergy Cruiserweight Crown - TJ Crawford vs Ellis Taylor
  • GSI 2020 First-Round - Simon Gotch vs KTB
  • GSI 2020 First-Round - Tony Deppen vs Gregory Iron
  • GSI 2020 First-Round - Gary Jay vs Matt Cross
  • GSI 2020 First-Round - Myron Reed vs Jordan Oliver


The show begins with a video package, hyping tonight's action. We then see Nicholas Kaye & Eric Corvis who will be our commentary team for the evening. Corvis says he wishes he could be in action in the ring but couldn't get clearance due to a hand injury.

MC Hale is shown in the ring and he'll be our ring announcer for the night and our first match of the night is about to take place...

  • GSI 2020 First-Round Match - Simon Gotch vs KTB

The 2 men lock horns and KTB gets the better of Gotch in a test-of-strength. Gotch pushes KTB off of him and kips up before KTB continues the assault. The pair engage in a brief back and forth, exchanging some hard strikes before Gotch knocks KTB out of the ring and tosses KTB around the ringside area before getting KTB back in the ring and going for the cover but KTB is able to kick-out at 2. Gotch continues the beat-down with some really solid grappling. Gotch locks in an armbar but KTB rolls Gotch into a pin attempt which forces Gotch to release the hold but Gotch goes right back on the offensive with a nice take-down. KTB is finally able to reverse the momentum with a nice combo of strikes, drops a hard elbow on Gotch, goes for the cover, but Gotch is able to get the shoulders up after a 2-count and Gotch once again immediately locks-in an armbar, but this time, KTB powers out of it and plants Gotch with a german suplex. KTB goes for a powerbomb, Gotch rolls out of it but KTB locks-in a leg-lock and Gotch taps right away and KTB gets the win and becomes the first semi-finalist of the GSI tournament. After the match, Gotch attacks the celebrating KTB with a head-butt and pile-driver.

Winner - KTB

  • GSI 2020 First-Round Match - Tony Deppen vs Gregory Iron

The match begins and Deppen immediately attacks the left arm of Iron but Iron sneaks in a quick-rake of the eyes, which causes Deppen to roll out of the ring and take a breather. Deppen gets back in the ring but Iron gets the better of a striking exchange and once again, Deppen rolls out of the ring to take a quick break but this time, Iron chases him to the ringside area and they continue their striking exchange. Deppen gets Iron on the apron but Iron gets out of a powerbomb attempt, gets back in the ring and Deppen drills him with a running knee, goes for the cover but Iron kicks-out after a 2-count. Deppen continues the barrage of strikes, goes for another cover but again, Iron lifts the shoulder at 2. Deppen, visibly frustrated lays into Iron with a few more strikes, goes for yet another cover and for a 3rd-time, Iron escapes after a 2-count. Deppen plants Iron with a really nice inverted suplex, goes for another cover but Iron kicks-out at 2. Iron rolls out of another suplex attempt, hits Deppen with a boot to the face and lands a hurricanrana and tosses Deppen out of the ring and follows it up with a dive to the outside on Deppen. The pair get back in the ring and Iron nails Deppen with a diving cross-body off of the top rope, goes for the cover and this time, Deppen is the one who kicks-out at 2. Iron locks in the 'Iron Claw' submission hold and takes down Deppen, hits a splash, goes for another cover but Deppen is again able to lift the shoulder at 2. Iron hits a nice flat-liner, follows it up with a tornado-DDT, goes for the cover but Deppen yet again kicks-out at 2. Both men struggling to get to their feet and engage in an absolute slug-fest, while on their knees. They finally make it to their feet and Deppen goes for a running knee, Iron ducks out of the way, goes for the cover, Deppen kicks out, Iron rolls him up for another pin attempt but Deppen rolls out and drills Iron with a knee. Iron reverses another knee-attempt and plants Deppen with a nice pile-driver, goes for the cover but Deppen kicks-out. Iron goes for a running knee, Deppen ducks out of the way and rolls up Iron, grabs the tights and gets the 3-count for the win and will face KTB in the semi-finals.

Winner - Tony Deppen

  • GSI 2020 First-Round Match - Jordan Oliver vs Myron Reed

The tag-team partners shake hands and the match is underway. Oliver goes for a spinning-back elbow, Reed ducks out of the way and drills Oliver with a step-up enziguri. The action spills to the outside and Reed plants Oilver with a forearm to the head, tosses him back in the ring, goes for the cover but Oliver is able to kick-out. The usual-partners exchange some really fun offense and hard strikes for the balance of a few minutes before Oliver hits Reed with a nice dropkick but Reed reverses the momentum with a kick of his own, tosses Oliver in the corner and plants Oliver with a slam off the ropes, goes for a springboard leg-drop but Oliver rolls out of the way and plants Oliver with a inverted slam, goes for the cover but Oliver kicks-out at 2. Reed lights Oliver up with a superkick, goes for another and Oliver meets him with a superkick of his own, follows it up with a german suplex, goes for the cover but Reed is able to get the shoulders up after a 2-count. Reed gets the momentum back with a half-nelson driver, goes for the cover but Oliver's able to kick-out. Both men allow each other to get back to their feet as the crowd is in a frenzy and reign down 'this is awesome' chants on the 2 young men who are putting on an absolute clinic. They start chopping up each other's chests before Oliver puts Reed down with a head-butt but Reed kips up and gets met with a kick from Oliver and Oliver follows it up with a brainbuster, goes for the cover but Reed kicks out at 2. Oliver puts Reed on the top rope, follows him up there but Reed is the one who hits a vicious death-valley driver of of the top rope as Oliver rolls out of the ring, is barely standing on the apron and Reed hits a ridiculous flying cutter over the top rope onto the floor, Reed tosses Oliver in the ring, goes for a splash off the top rope but Oliver gets the knees up and rolls Reed up with an inside-cradle for the 3-count and the win. Oliver moves onto the semi-finals.

Winner - Jordan Oliver

MC Hale then introduces our final first-round matchup of the 2020 GSI...out comes Gary Jay...and Nicholas Kaye gets in the ring and says that Matt Cross is unable to compete due to a back injury, suffered in training, earlier today...and out comes his replacement...the 2019 GSI Champion, Anthony Greene!

  • GSI 2020 First-Round Match - Anthony Greene vs Gary Jay

These 2 go right at it after the opening bell. Greene nails a really nice cross-body of the top rope onto Jay, goes for quick cover, but Jay is able to kick-out. We get some really solid offense from both guys before both men just start drilling each other with heavy strikes in the center of the ring and 


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