Winner: Rich Swann via Superkick 

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo via Piledriver 

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Boston Knee Party 

Winner: Rohit Raju via Running Knee

Winner: Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie via Double Underhook Sit Out Powerbomb 

Winner: Brian Myers via Clothesline 

Winner: Willie Mack via Disqualification 

Winners: James Storm and Chris Sabin via Last Call 

Winner: The Good Brothers via Magic Killer 

Live Coverage:

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Eddie gets the advantage and twist the arm of Daivari. Eddie then takes down Daivari and locks in a head scissors leading to Daivari slipping out and taking control. Daivari drives Eddie face first into the turnbuckle then hits a hip toss for a nearfall. Eddie is able to fight back and gainncontrol of the match locking in a sideheadlock but Daivari pushes him bsck into the corner. We get a clean break as Eddie takes down Daivari for a nearfall. Daivari is able to reagin control of the match by sidestepping Eddie and sending him into the post and to the floor. 

Daivari follows him to the floor and hits his hand on the steel steps and then throws him into the steel guardrail. Back in the ring Daivari gets a nearfall. Daivari stays on the attack working on the arm for a nearfall. Daivari hammerlocks the arm of Eddie and sends him arm first into the turnbuckle leading to a nearfall. Daivari looks for a suplex but Eddie blocks it. Eddie is able to fight back and hits a suplex on Daivari. Daivari bounces back and sends Eddie into the corner before sending him to the floor than the ring post twice shoulders first. Daivari rolls him back in the ring for a two count. Daivari then locks in a working hold on the shoulder and arm of Eddie. Eddie tries to fight back up to his feet but Daivari corkscrews him back to the mat for a one count. Eddie makes it back to his feet but Daivari puts him in the corner and hits him in the head and a chop to the chest. Eddie seems to fight back hitting Daivari with a clothesline leading to a backpack stunner for a nearfall. Eddie then shakes feeling back into his arm as Daivari drives Eddie back into the turnbuckle and whips him to the opposite side of the ring. Daivari follows him in but Eddie gets the boot up. Eddie then climbs to the top and Daivari meets him up there but gets knocked back down with a headbutt. Daivari then leans on the top rope to trip up Eddie on the top rope. Daivari then hits a top rope frankensteiner for a nearfall.

 Eddie then fights back and lays in the rights and forearms bit Daivari answers back with a slap of his own. Eddie then hits a tiger driver for a nearfall. Eddie then looks for the Boston Knee Party but Daivari ducks and rolls him up and looks to use the ropes for leverage but gets caught. Eddie then recovers and hits the Boston Knee Party for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Boston Knee Party 

The bell rings and here we go. Tenille Dashwood and Rosemary starts off the match. Tenille poses to take a picture and Rosemary gets up in her face and Dashwood backs up into the ropes. Rosemary drags Tenille to her corner and tags out to Taya. Tenille then escapes and tags out to Jordynne. Taya and Jordynne lock up with Jordynne taking down Taya with a sideheadlock. Both Knockouts make it to their feet and Taya is able to break free leading to a wristlock from Taya bit Jordynne cartwheels out of it and takes down Taya into a senton for a nearfall. Jordynne looks to tag out tl Tenille but she begins to stretch. Taya is able to take control and drag her to her corner and tags out to Rosemary. They double team Jordynne leading to a Rosemary taking down Jordynne into a chin lock. Jordynne makes it to the ropes and breaks the hole. Rosemary whips Jordynne into her corner and runs at her with splash. Taya tags in and hits a German suplex for a nearfall. Jordynne begins to fight back bit when Jordynne hits the ropes Tenille hits a blind tag. Jordynne hits a spinebuster but can't go for the pin because she isn't legal.

 Tenille then enters the ring for a nearfall. Tenille then snapmares Taya into the corner followed up by a low crossbody then the dashwoggie. Taya looks to tag out but Tenille drags her back to her side of the ring. Jordynne then gets the blind tag and continues the onslaught on Taya but Taya is able to come back and hits a spear then tags out to Rosemary. Rosemary hits a spear of her own and lays in some shots leading to the upside down. Back in the ring Rosemary ducks a clothesline and hits a double under hook sit out powerbomb for the pinfall victory. 

Winners: Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie via Pinfall 

After the match we see The Deaners backstage as Jake says he has an opportunity for him. Cody is still upset that he lost to Johnny Swinger and that Cousin Jake didn't have his back. Jake says they have to find Johnny Swinger and redeem the Deaner name.

The bell rings and here we go. Swoggle says that Impact is his home and he belongs here. Myers tells him to lay down but Swoggle says no. Swoggle then slaps Myers then hits the ropes for a tilt-a-whirl head scissors then a splash into the corner. 

Myers rolls to the floor and Swoggle follows him to the floor. Swoggle sends Myers intot the steps head first and climbs to the apron but Myers cuts him at the legs and rolls back into the ring looking for a nearfall. Swoggle gets back in the rings and stomps a mudhole in Swoggle. Myers then locks in a working hold on Swoggle but he gets back to his feet then stomps the foot of Swoggle. Swoggle hits the ropes but Myers followd him in and picks the ankle. Myers slides back in the ring snd drives multiple elbows to the chest of Swoggle. Myers trash talks Swoggle leading to a chop to the chest of Myers multiple times into a roll up for a nearfall. Myers then takes down Swoggle for a nearfall. Myers stomps on the hair and pulls him up. Myers would then let go of the hold and kick Swoggle in the face and looks pissed. Myers goes back to the chin lock and Swoggle looks to get back up but Myers drives him back to the mat. Myers trash talks Swoggle leading to a slap and then a German suplex. 

Both men get back to their feet and Swoggle slaps Myers multiple times then hits a cutter. Swoggle opts to climb to top but Myers meets him there and kicks him in the head. Myers climbs to the top and looks for a superplex but Swoggle bites the leg of Myers leading to the tadpole splash for a nearfall. Myers rolls to the floor and Swoggle looks to bring him back in leading to a hotsot then his signature clothesline for the pinfall victory

Winner: Brian Myers via Clothesline 

After the match Myers continues to attack Swoggle leading to Crazzy Steve making the save.

Check the results above

After the match The Deaners find Johnny Swinger's fanny pack and open it to find a gun. Did Swinger shoot Bravo?

Cousin Jake answers the challenge. The bell rings and here we go. Rohit ducks a clothesline attempt from Jake and lays in punches and looks for an irsh whip but can't whip the big man. Rohit rolls to the floor but immediately runs into Cody Deaner and rolls back in right into a thez press from Jake. Jakes then stays on the attack and takes down Rohit for a nearfall. Rohit ends up in the corner and Jake follows him in but Rohit moves out of the way. Rohit then fights back with multiple kicks taking down Jake. Jake looks to fight back and sends Rohit into the ropes who comes back and double stomps Jake in the back for a two count.

 Rhoit them finds a wy to take down Jake and locks in a crossface but just can't as Jake crawls to the ropes. Rohit then ricohets Jake into the middle rope. Rohit stays on the arm and trying to lock on a working hold leading to a roundhouse from Jake and both guys are down. They get back to their feet as Rohit is taken down by a big shot to the face. Rohit bounces back looking for a tilt-a-whirl but gets caught and gets slammed on the mat for a two count. Rohit comes back with shots to Jake sending him to the corner and looks to follow him in but gets caught and powerbombed to the mat for a two count. 

Jake puts Rohit on the top rope and climbs to the top as well and looks for a superplex but Rohit blocks and hits him with a throat thruster knocking him down to the mat. Rohit then looks for a dive but rolls through and hits a running knee for a pinfall victory. 

Winner: Rohit Raju via Running Knee

After the match Eric Young shows up with the returning Joe Doering as they take out The Deaners.

The bell rings and here we go. Moose looks for a chokeslam but Willie blocks it and they begin to trade shots. Willie hits the ropes and hits a forearm strike to Moose. Mack then is able to sends Moose to the floor and Mack looks for a dive but Moose pops bsck up on the apron. Matack is able to knock him bsck down to the floor and goes out to the apron but Moose cuts out his legs. Moose then trurns to the camera and calls out Rich Swann. Moose grinds his boot into Mack then throws him into thr steel guardrail. Moose picks him up and throws him into thr guardrail again. Moose tosses him back in the ring. Moose reenters the ring and pulls at the nose of Mack. Moose then grabs Mack in between the ropes and continues to pull at the nose and face of Willie. Moose brings Willie to the middle of rhe ring and locks in a working hold. Willie tries to fight back with multiple shots to the midsection and hits the ropes with a shot to Moose. He looks to hit the ropes again but gets taken down with a dropkick to Mack. Willie tries to fight back again but gets shot down with a clubbing forearm to the back. Moose then shoves his boot into the throat of Willie in the corner. He then repeatedly stomps on the ankle of Willie. Moose then hammer throws Mack into the opposite turnbuckle leading to a running back elbow. Moose looks for it again but Willie moves out of the way leading to a running forearm them a running kick and cannonball. Willie then lays in a few jabs but Moose is able to fight back and hits him with a HUGE chokeslam driving him into the mat. Moose hits him in the face with a right hand leading to a slap across Willie's face. Willie finally wakes up and fights back and they trade shots and Willie gets the advantage hitting him a couple of shots and a clothesline sending him towards the ropes. Moose is able to fight back with a big boot an Willie answers back with a huge slam to Moose. Willie climbs to the top but Moose gets back up and punches Willie leading to a superplex as both guys are down. Moose gets back to his feet and tells Willie to get up and looks for lights out but Willie leapfrogs leading to a Samoan Drop into a standing moonsault for a two count. Both guys get up as Moose misses a clothesline and sends Moose into the ropes but Moose hits the lights out spear then hammers away on Willie leading to a referee stoppage but Moose continues to hammer away leading to the referee reversing his decision.

Winner: Willie Mack via Disqualification 

The bell rings and here we go. Karl Anderson and Josh Alexander start off the match. They lock up and Josh locks in a wristlock but Karl reverses and locks in a hammerlock. Josh Alexander breaks free and they lock up again and Karl Anderson gets the advantage and grabs the wrist of Josh. Karl drags him to his corner and tags out to Gallows who comes in and throws Alexander into his corner and hammers away on Josh before a suplex leading to multiple elbows for a nearfall as Page breaks up the match. Karl tags back in as they sends Josh into the corner. Karl follows him in but Josh moves out of rhe way and tags in Ethan Page. Karl is able to sends Page into his corner then tags out to Gallows. Gallows kicks him in the midsection and takes down with multiple shots for a nearfall. Gallows throws him into the corner and anlays in dhots before tagging out to Karl. Karl then locks in a working hold but Page is able to get back to his feet and to the ropes allowing Josh to distract Anderson. Page takes advantage and stomps a mudhole in Anderson and sends him to the floor. Ethan follows him to the floor and continues the onslaught before rolling him back in and sends him to the corner. Ethan then kicks Karl in the midsection and then focuses on the leg before tagging out to Josh. Alexander comes in and continues the attack on the leg of Anderson. Ethan finally comes back in the match as Alexander slams Karl into the match and Ethan covers for a nearfall. Ethan then draps him on the bottom rope and shoves him into it with his boot. Page tags out to Josh and he stomps on him before tagging out to Page who comes in a locks in a working hold. Karl fights back to his feet and hits him multiple times in the midsection and hits him with a big neckbreaker and both guys are down. Both guys tag out and Gallows takes out both members of The North leading to a splash in the corner then a big boot for a two count. Gallows looks for a tag but Ethan pulls Anderson off the ropes. The North then trap Gallows between them as they trade strikes leading to a double salm for a nearfall. 

Gallows is able to fight them off and Anderson helps him hit a double team move and Gallows offical tags out to Anderson and they look for magic killer but Page buts a stop to it. Down the stretch Karl Anderson hits a gun stun then they hit magic killer to win the tag team championship.

WINNERS AND NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Good Brothers via Magic Killer 

The bell rings and here we go. Deonna tries to get the jump on Su but she pulls down the rope and she falls to the floor. Su then throws the chair but misses. Su then follows her to the floor and continues the onslaught on Deonna. Su wraps her legs around the head of Deonna and rolls her back to the center of rhe ring. Deonna fights out of the hold and begis to twist the ankle of Su. Su then puts on the bloody glove and looks for the Mandible Claw but Deonna blocks it but also ears a palmstrike. Deonna fights back and ties Su Yung up on the bottom rope with the paridise lock. She then hits her with a baseball slide to send Su to the floor. Deonna then goes around the ring throwing in many weapons. Deonna sets a chair in the turnbuckle. Su comes in with a kendo stick but Deonna kicks it out of her hand then blocks an attempt to be sent into the steel chair and takes down Su and locks in a working hold on the arm before eventually releasing the hold. Su crawls to the bottom rope as Deonna pull on it then grinds her boot iSu's throat in the corner. Deonna continues the attack on the arm before she rubs Su's face all over thr paint canvas them looks to use it as a weapon but gets hit with a kendo stick. The match spills to the floor and Deonna drives Su shoulder first to the ringpost then ties her arm in the guardrail and pulls it. Su is able to fight back and grabs a rope out from under the ring and slings Deonna into the apron them rolls her back in the ring. Su throws in cookie sheets and enters the ring but Su gets slammed fsce first to the mat. Su then grabs a kendo stick and lays in shots leading tonher sending Deonna into the steel chair in the corner. Su then lays into Deonna with multiple shots from a cookie sheet. Deonna then rolls out to the floor and crawls up the ramp but Su follows her and hits a pedigree on the top of the stage. 

Su brings her back in the ring and cobers her for a nearfall. Su then goes for the panicswitch but Deonna slips out and uses the canvas to block the red mist and slams it over her head. 

Deonna then wraps a chair around Su's hsad and locks in Venus Del Milo as Su passes out. The referee then does the arm check but on the third drop Su comes back to life and locks in the Mandible Claw and grabs the rope and looks to choke oht Deonna but she is able to break free and hits a piledriver to win the Knockouts Championship for a second time.

WINNER AND NEW KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION: Deonna Purrazzo via Piledriver 

The bell rings and here we go. Sami Callihan jawjacks Rich Swann. They lock up and push each other away. Sami them pushes Rich to the corner and the referee looks for a clean break but Rich slaps Sami across his face. Rich sends Sami to thr corner and Rich hammers away with shots to Sami. Sami is able to fight back out of the corner and locks on a submission hold but Rich is able to fight back leading Sami rolling out to the floor. Sami eventually enters the ring again but rolls back out. Rich follows him to the outside and ducks a clothesline then punches Sami in the face but Sami is able to fight back and sends Rich into the steel steps. Sami rolls back in to break the count and then attempts a powerbomb but Rich slides out and headbutts Sami. Rich rolls him back in the ring and kicks Sami multiple times in the back. Rich then drives Sami head first into thr turnbuckle but Sami comes back nd rakes the eyes of Rich and chops him in the chest but Rich turns it around and chops him in the chest too. Rich sends Sami into the opposite turnbuckle and climbs on top of him and lays in shots before slipping off the ropes and tweaking his knee. Sami sees that and focuses his attack on the knee and leg of Swann. Sami allows for Swann to kick him in the face but them eventually continues his attack on the knew of Swann. Both guys get back to their feet as Swann punches Sami then hits him with a headbutt which angers Sami and he takes him down and locks in a working hold. Sami then transitions and begins clawing the ribs of Rich. Sami then chops the neck of Swann then locks in a submission hold locking up the arm, leg, and face of Swann. Rich loomed to be getting out of the hold so Sami let's go and they begin to trade shots back and forth. Swann then looks for a kick but Sami catchesnit leadingbto another one that actually hits. Sami then bounces back off the ropes and hits Rich with a kick then they both hit kicks at the same time and both guys are down. They each get back up and trade blows as Rich gets the advantage and hits rolling thunder for a nearfall. Rich goes for a splash but Sami gets the knees up followed by a bucklebomb then a brian buster for a two count.

 Sami looks for an irish whip but Rich holds on to the top rope. Sami then chops him in the throat but Rich fights back and hits a handspring splash for a nearfall. Rich then climbs to the rop for the Phoenix Splash but Sami puts a stop to it. Sami comes back in and Rich blocks it leading to a cradle tombstone piledriver from Sami for a two count. The match spills to the apron as Sami hits a piledriver on the apron but Rich pops bsck up to hit a handspring cutter on the floor. 

Both guys beat the count back into the ring. Sami pops back up and hits a clothesline and goes for a piledriver but Rich rolls him up for a nearfall. Rich kicks him in the head and goes for the Phoenix Splash but Ken Shamrock comes out to the ring which prompts Eddie to take out Ken. Sami takes him off the ropes but eats three kicks then a superkick for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Rich Swann via Superkick

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