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Tonight AEW presents their long-awaited 'Winter Is Coming' television event, and it promises to be a spectacular night of wrestling, one in which the fortunes of many could change. Rather than just provide a simple preview, we determine what SHOULD take place by the time the clock strikes 10pm (or whenever the main event ends, as AEW President Tony Khan stated at a conference call that it will run past the usual end time if the match runs long). Without further ado, here is the preview along with predictions. As always I reserve the right to admit I'm wrong...though I doubt it.

Let's just get this one out of the way. Hirsch has a ton of potential, and I think that she would be a great addition to a group like Team Taz, but there's no way she goes over the dentist here. With a potential match against Thunder Rosa down the line Baker needs to be protected here.

Again, let's get this out of the way. It started last week and Jericho suffers no big loss here as Le Champion easily goes over. Kazarian can work with anyone and it will be a solid match, but nothing that moves the needle.

Now we start to get to the big time matches here. Since this doesn't technically count as a loss on anyone's record, this a great opportunity for AEW to do some resets on established feuds and create new ones. Assume that Spears and Scorpio Sky will continue theirs and it will be interesting to see how Miro clashes with Orange Cassidy (and hopefully Wardlow in a hoss fight). I was going to predict that Adam Page wins but his feud with the Dark Order isn't over so maybe John Silver eliminates him and that will go on. The biggest story coming out of this is the on/off relationship between MJF and Sammy. The first seeds in the division of the Inner Circle begin here as Sammy gets eliminated. It starts the move towards making Guevara a face to align with Jericho as MJF gains more control over the faction.

Team Taz continues to gain more strength in numbers with the addition of Powerhouse Hobbs to the group. As controversial as it might be, they need another win, and this time it needs to be Cody Rhodes taking the pinfall. Eventually it can lead to a blow off with the faces going over but for tonight Hobbs and Starks needs to remain strong.

This is it, what AEW has been touting for the past few months, and a match in which we could see the full return of "The Seven Star Bout Machine" that was well known in Japan. However, this is a different time, and although Omega has the momentum, Moxley needs to win this bout and walk out AEW World Champion. 

Here's why: Omega has not truly embraced his full heel persona and at times still comes off as a face depending on the situation. He needs to develop The Cleaner gimmick on a full time basis and dominate before getting the biggest title in the company. Also, the story of Moxley's attacker two weeks ago might be the bigger angle at the end, and it has to be a huge surprise. 

That said expect this to be a fantastic match!

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