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Tonight is a special episode of Dynamite, with the much anticipated bout between Kenny Omega and AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. Before we get to that, we have several other matches on the card, so let's get to it!

It starts off with a very intriguing entrance video highlighting the 'Winter Is Coming' package and it's a cold one in Jacksonville. 

Rather than enter the ring, Scorpio Sky and Shawn Spears refuse to enter. MJF does a promo saying that it's not his ring but it's the Inner Circle's ring. Isiah Kassidy was thrown out by Matt Hardy. Hangman eliminates Serpentico. Sky enters the ring as Luther is eliminated. MJF helps Sammy from getting eliminated. Spears finally enters and attacks his rival. Sydal is eliminated by a Spears C4, who is attacked by Sky and thrown out. Tully is not amused as he heads toward the ring and hands Spears something in his glove. He gets on the apron and hits Sky, allowing Wardlow to throw him out. Silver is thrown into Reynolds and knocked him out. Hardy throws out Silver with help Quen. He kicks Page out but the Dark Order holds him up and throws him back in. Buckshot Lariat to Quen but Hardy eliminates him. Miro leaves to attack Orange Cassidy after Kip is eliminated by Freshly Squeezed. Hardy is eliminated by Jungle Boy. Miro throws out Lee Johnson. Hardy attacks from behind but is attacked by Miro. He throws out Quen, Hardy and Janela. The Inner Circle walks behind Miro as he attacks Jungle Boy and they triple team him. He clears them out and...HOSS FIGHT! Wardlow and Miro throw punches and the veteran takes advantage with a shot to the midsection. MJF and Sammy hold him though allowing Miro to get attacked by Wardlow's punches. Miro is thrown out by the Inner Circle. Jungle Boy takes on the Inner Circle and Sammy Guevara exchanges shots with Jack Perry. They both go up top and MJF eliminates them both. Wardlow throws Orange Cassidy back in and he hits the Orange Punch and eliminates Wardlow. 

Winners: Orange Cassidy and MJF, who will fight each other next week for the Diamond Ring. [***] For a battle royal it actually made sense. Many storylines continued and looked good. MJF and Cassidy is a match that has been anticipated for some time and we get to see it with some stakes.

Signs of 'Winter Is Jericho' in the stands as Le Champion comes to the ring with Ortiz and Jake Hager. The match starts off with a series of reversals and Kaz with the quick fall. Jericho goes outside and the Inner Circle interferes but Kaz kicks Hager and as he comes into the ring...CODEBREAKER! We got to picture in picture as we go to break. We're back and Jericho hits the suplex. Kaz reverses it into a Walls of Jericho. MJF and Wardlow came in and MJF was about to throw in the towel when Sammy interrupts. Roll up for a two count and then as Kaz goes to the ropes...JUDAS EFFECT. Jericho gets the three [**1/2] The match was okay but it was the story that made it effective. 

Afterwards Sammy and MJF go at it and Jericho separates them. Le Champion grabs the mic and says for it to stop. He says that they've got seven days and an ultimatum, either work together or breakup for good. 

Interview with the Young Bucks, as they take on TH2. Matt Jackson says that they are waiting for their opponents next week, and then here comes the Acclaimed! Caster busts a rhyme on the brothers' books, and then the heels come out from behind and attacks. SCU chases them away with a chair.

Before the match Baker cuts a taped promo on Thunder Rosa, saying she doesn't belong. Rebel (not REBA) encourages her and instantly Hirsch locks her into an armbar. Baker escapes but Hirsch uses her excellent mat ability to take her to the ground. Cross armbreaker by Hirsch but Baker grabs a tooth and then kicks her in the jaw. DDT by Baker as we go picture in picture. 

Back on and Hirsch is dropping elbows on Baker and attacking with knee strikes into a release German suplex. Baker goes outside and as Hirsch goes for a plancha she puts Reba in the way and Hirsch hits her instead. Slingblade by Baker and she drags Leyla in the ring. Suplex attempt reversed by Hirsch and she gets a cross armbreaker. Baker slips out and connects with the lockjaw but Hirsch into another armbreaker. Front knee strike by Hirsch and she goes up top but Reba interferes. Face first into the turnbuckle by Baker and then the twisting neckbreaker. Lockjaw finishes it off. Immediately Thunder Rosa comes in and attacks Baker but the refs break it up. [***] Great match and Leyla Hirsch is a keeper. 

Reba goes to attack Rosa but Hirsch spears her out of the ring. 

Immediately the teams go at each other. Darby Allin hits Starks with the elbow as we go to break. We're back and the faces are working Starks in the corner. Facefront suplex by Cody. Starks and Cody exchange chops in the corner. He tags Hobbs who suplexes Darby and does some push ups to catch up on leg day. Parachute drop by the heels and Starks gets a two count. Hobbs back in and he reverse bear hugs Darby. Backbreaker to the spine of Darby. Tag to Stroke Daddy and he whips Allin into the corner. The TNT champion with the headbutt. Tag to Hobbs and he takes Darby by the ears and hits the overhead throw. He drags Darby into the corner and Starks attacks. Flip attempt and Darby gets out of it and tags Cody. The EVP cleans house. Off comes the belt and Taz as well as Arn interferes. Starks gouges the eyes when the ref is distracted. Disaster kick to Hobbs. Crossroads attempt blocked by Starks and then hits the Cody Cutter. Darby tagged and he hits the Coffin Elbow Drop to get the win. [***] Great match and someone had to win.

Afterwards Arn tries to attack Hobbs and he gets jumped. Dustin comes in to clean house. Cage comes in and knocks down the elder Rhodes brother. Taz hands Hobbs the FTW belt and the lights go off.....


The heels break camp and he goes around with the snow falling down. He walks up to Arn, Cody and then to Darby....chills all around.

Alex Marvez interviews Hikaru Shida and she says she's not afraid of Abadon but then hears sounds, asks if she can re-do the interview and then leaves.

JR caught up with Jon Moxley earlier in the day and the champ says that it felt like a holiday with everyone coming out early. 

Don Callis of Impact Wrestling joins the commentary booth. 

Interesting note: Omega has 33 wins the most out of anyone on the roster. No girls coming out with brooms tonight, he's all business. 

They meet face to face and it is ON! They lock up and Mox gets the upper hand and he takes Omega to the ropes with a rear chokehold. Mat take down by Omega into a wristlock. Rear chinlock by Omega but Mox uses his power to push him off. Another chokehold by Omega into a shoulder block by the champ. He takes down Omega but is rolled up into a one count. Into the corner Omega takes some shots at Moxley. A closed fist by Omega and Moxley isn't feeling it and he goes after him with elbow strikes into a corner. Hurricanrana by Omega off the ropes it allows Moxley to leave the ring. He comes back in and hits a black hold slam. Clothesline on the apron by Moxley and it knocks Omega down. Fists by the champ followed by a chop. Omega whips him into the barricade. Moxley is hitting him with more fists as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and they are back in the ring but he gets a dragon screw legwhip on Moxley's knee. He comes on the ropes and kicks Moxley in the knee and the double knee crusher from the back for a two count. Omega continues to kick the knee in the corner. Moxley gets a headlock in the ropes. Kick to the knee in the ropes by Omega and then another running kick to the knee. He goes for one more charge and Moxley with the clothesline. Moxley gets up and is favoring the knee. Omega with the kneebar but Moxley grabs the ropes. Chops by Omega followed by kicks. He gets Moxley on the shoulders but the champ fights off and counters with the release German Suplex, and another one sends Omega to the mat. Waistlock by Moxley and hits the Exploder suplex for a two count. Set him up in the middle of the ring for a drop for a two count. We go picture in picture again. 

The combatants are exchanging shots and Moxley gets another chinlock. Omega and Moxley exchange roll ups for two counts. Moxley gets up and puts Omega on the ropes for chops. Omega throws him outside and then as we return from break he hits the somersault. Cheers for the challenger as he goes back in and...PARADIGM SHIFT! However, Moxley does not pin him but instead grabs the chairs from the outside and sits Omega on there. He challenges him to slap him in the face they start exchanging some blows. He knocks Omega into the corner and then they hit the V-Trigger! Snapdragon by Omega, then another one, and then Moxley hits one of his own. Lariat by Moxley. A second paradigm shift and he covers for the 1...2...NO. Omega kicks out. He rolls out and Moxley follows suit. He tries for the flying plancha but Omega V-Triggers Moxley! They go back in and Omega goes up top for a missle dropkick. V-Trigger to the back of Omega. Tiger Driver 98 for a two count. Knee strike to Moxley, followed by another one. Moxley catches him and then hits an elbow strike. A series of counters and then Omega hits the double dropkick. Another V-Trigger but Moxley reverses the One Winged Angel attempt with elbows. Roll up by Omega for two. He goes up top and Moxley pushes him down off the apron. Paradigm shift into the heater. The referee calls for the doctor and here comes Sampson. Callis comes over to check on Omega. He hits the side of the heater. Moxley throws him out of the way and he hits Omega in the head. Callis goes to tell the ref he's hurt and Moxley hits him. Omega grabs the microphone and hits Moxley in the face. V-Triggers into the head of Moxley. ONE WINGED ANGEL!!! 1...2...2.50...2.85...3


Don Callis hightails it out of there with the new champ. Alex Marvez interviews him and he says that in order to watch, you'll need to see it on Tuesday. That's not Dynamite, that's Impact Wrestling!

[****] It was everything that it was hyped up to be. Kenny realized that in order to win he'd have to cheat and it worked out brilliantly. Didn't feel the use of chairs after he hit the Paradigm shift but i'm not going to downgrade the match due to one moment. 

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