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That's the end of Extreme Rules. Overall, a really good show. I'm not sure how I feel about that ending - especially if it means yet another Brock Lesnar/Roman Reigns title match. But... we'll just take these things as they come.

Anyway, thanks for hanging out tonight and thanks for all your great feedback. You guys are seriously a lot of fun. I'll see you tomorrow for Raw (barring any unforeseen circumstances). Until there... I'm outta here.

Well, that was... dumb.

(9:48pm) Finn is down... but his music hits and Finn goes ape!

He tosses Roman into the ring and goes for the Coup de Gras... and turnbukcle breaks! 

Roman with a spear and pins Finn!

Result: Roman Reigns defeats The Demon

(9:46pm) The Usos try to slam Finn through a table, but the Demon fights them off. Roman spears Finn through the security wall.

(9:45pm) Finn with the Coup de Gras, but the Usos break up the pin! 

(9:44pm) Reigns hits a spear, but Finn not only kicks out, but nails Reigns with a low blow while doing it.

(9:41pm) The Demon sets up a table in the ring. Roman Reigns slams The Demon into the table.

(9:38pm) Roman tosses Finn into the crowd and then, because he's responsible, puts on a mask before following him out there.

(9:23pm) It's main event time, as Roman Reigns comes out first, along with Paul Heyman.

(9:15pm) Sasha tells Becky and Bianca "I'll see the two of you this Friday."

(9:13pm) Banks is also going after Lynch, as well.

(9:12pm) Sasha Banks is back! And she attacks Bianca!

Result: Bianca Belair defeats Becky Lynch by DQ

(8:58pm) Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Becky is catching her breath by the announce table.

Michael Cole: "Becky Lynch has got to be saying to herself, 'what do I have to do...'"

Becky: "I am NOT saying that, Michael Cole! I have a plan!"

(8:55pm) Becky wants a handshake but Bianca isn't falling for THAT trick for, like, a fifth time.

(8:51pm) Time for Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair. You ready? IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU'RE REAoh, wait, that jokes doesn't work here.

(8:44pm) Hardy and Priest show each other respect in the ring as Sheamus grumbles his way to the back. In the meantime, Big E is accepting Bobbly Lashley's challenge for Raw tomorrow.

Is that Todd Pettengill doing the voice-over for that Draft Kings ad?

(8:43pm) Happy birthday, Damian Priest!

(8:41pm) Sheamus with a Brough Kick on Priest, but Hardy throws him out of the ring and goes for the pin himself. Sheamus kicks out. Priest back in the ring and rolls up Sheamus for the pin and the win.

RESULT: Damian Priest defeats Sheamus and Jeff Hardy.

(8:25pm) The Triple Threat match for the United States Championship is about to kick off, with Jeff Hardy making his way to the ring first.

(8:14pm) Charlotte is in the corner. She grabs Lilly (the doll) and tosses it at Bliss. It's enough of a distraction to allow Flair to hit Natural Selection and get the pin.

RESULT: Charlotte Flair defeats Alexa Bliss.

(8:03pm) Notes:
- Alexa's ring gear certainly has touches of her old gear - which would be a call-back to Flair saying she wants to fight the "old" Alexa Bliss.
- The announcer didn't announce where Alexa's hometown, despite the fact that they're in her hometown.

(7:57pm) It's time for Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women's Championship.

(7:51pm) Bobby Lashley is backstage and he's maaaaaaad. Calling the champion a coward, he demands a one-on-one rematch on Raw tomorrow night. Eeeek.

(7:48pm) Ford follows that up with a successful Frog Splash, but the pin is broken up. The Usos follow that up with a double Uso Splash and get the pin.

RESULT: The Usos defeat the Street Profits.

(7:47pm) Jimmy with a top rope splash of his own on Dawkins, but Angelo kicks out.

(7:45pm) Ford goes for a Frog Splash on Jey Uso, but Jey gets his knees up right into Ford's ribs.

(7:42pm) Ford finally makes the hot tag to Dawkins, and Angelo is cleaning house!

(7:40pm) Usos are targeting the ribs of Montez Ford, who injured them thanks to an attack by Usos and Roman Reigns at the end of SmackDown this past Friday.

(7:33pm) After a look at SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch gearing up for her match against Bianca Belair, her husband, Montez Ford, comes to the ring along with his Street Profits partner, Ohio's own Angelo Dawkins - and they're about to take on The Usos for that same brand's Tag Team Championship.

(7:29pm) Lashley about to spear Big E, when AJ tags himself in. Styles wants to hit the Phenomenal Forearm, but Lashley tags himself in. Big E dodges a spear from Lashley, who hits it on AJ instead. Big Ending on Lashley and that's all she wrote.

RESULT: The New Day defeat Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles, and Omos.

(7:26pm) It's Big E and AJ one-on-one in the ring at the moment.

(7:17pm) Lashley takes a break from slowly murdering Kofi Kingston to tag in Omos and give him a chance to slowly murder Kofi Kingston.

(7:14pm) Big E is in the ring with AJ, but the champ tosses Styles into his own corner and indicates he wants Lashley in the ring. AJ obliges. 

(7:13pm) This match features four current or former WWE Champions - AJ, Kofi, Lashley, and Big E.

(7:11pm) Xavier Woods and AJ Styles are starting this six-man match off.

(7:05pm) We're kicking off the show (not including the Kick-Off Show, obviously) with The New Day (including WWE Champion Big E) vs Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles, and Omos.


And that's the Pre-Show. Let's get going with the main show! Enjoy!

(6:48pm) And extremely over Liv Morgan gets the win over Carmella!

Let's take a look at a few things:
 - Alexa Bliss is in a Raw Women's Championship Match in her hometown.
- Angelo Dawkins is in a SmackDown Tag Team Championship match an hour away from his (and my) hometown of Cincinnati. 
- Damian Priest is defending his United States Championship match on his birthday.

Knowing WWE, does this not bode well for either of those three? Share your thoughts on Twitter (@HeyImKevinSully) or in the comments below.

(6:22pm) Well, I would have lost money...

(6:16pm) Backstage fight between The New Day, AJ/Omos, and Bobby Lashley - who donned a Hurt Business t-shirt and attacked Big E - which may or may not lead to something later. My money's on "may not."

(6:11pm) We now know what the Kick-Off Show match is gonna be...

(6:00pm) The Kick-Off Show has begun. All hail Hypno-Toad.

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