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Hello Everybody I'm Justin or Juice an I'll be covering for Kevin in live coverage of SmackDown tonight! Usually when I do live coverage the newest stuff is at the top but after the introduction. This time I will do it like Kevin so the newer stuff will be at the bottom of the page. I'll add time stamps throughout when I remember as well. Update frequently to have the most current page.

This is the first SmackDown after the Royal Rumble ppv a ppv that kicked off the road to WrestleMania! A lot is in store tonight including a Intercontinental Championship match between Big E, Sami Zayn and Apollo Crews. You can see what else is in store in this preview!

The tribal chief Roman Reigns the Universal Champion of course kicks off the show as he usually does and should. He is the head of the table and the head of the blue brand so it is only fitting he kicks us off.

Reigns already calling out Edge and insulting the legend. This is a great way to kick it off! When is Edge coming out has to be any second now right?

Reigns even asking Heyman why Edge did not start the show off and then telling Heyman to get Edge out there since he is on SmackDown is great. That is how a champion has got to act. 

Edge is not coming out though what a savage but pissing off the tribal chief might not be the right call. Also Reigns saying we will never see Kevin Owens again after Owens loss to Reigns on Sunday is pretty bold and totally inaccurate. 

Will Edge give Reigns a decision on who he will challenge by the end of the night like Reigns ordered? I do think the two will face at Mania but I doubt Edge will make his decision tonight like Reigns ordered but we will see.

Now time for Dominik Mysterio versus King Corbin.

Sneak attack during the entrance by Corbin on Dom and somehow Rey who came out with his son is oblivious to the attack because he is talking to someone near the entrance. Now Rey is attacked ok I feel like it's not that loud in the ThunderDome so Rey might need to get his ears checked out.

Dominik Mysterio vs King Corbin

Dom eliminated Corbin during the Rumble so Corbin will definitely be out for revenge in this match and already dished out some vengeance with that sneak attack during the Mysterios entrance.

Corbin taking it to Dom so far. Rey went under the ring for some reason. Oh nevermind, it was to grab Corbin's leg. 619 and Dom gets the win over the King. 

Dominik Mysterio defeats King Corbin

Big E yelling they ain't ready Kayla over and over again but I assume Crews and Zayn are ready would be pretty bad if they were not.

Yes! Yes! Here comes Daniel Bryan the man many thought would win the Rumble match. I did not have him winning though I had Edge. Don't believe me? Well I have evidence to compliment my obnoxious boasting just click on evidence and it will bring you to the article that had some of the WNW staff predictions.

Sasha Banks will be the honorary starter of the Daytona 500! I do not know what that means but congrats! Now back to Bryan and the second entrance is Cesaro. Looks like we are getting Cesaro vs Daniel Bryan yet again and I am not complaining.

8:35 p.m EST Cesaro vs Daniel Bryan

Shinsuke Nakamura is watching the match interesting... This match is mainly grappling and suplexes as expected which is great. Cesaro got a cut on the side of the head I wonder when that happened. If you know let me know in the comments or on Twitter @juicecannon1 I promise it is not just a plug I genuinely want to know.

Cesaro with the overhead lift into the back breaker into his famous Swing! What a sequence, Cesaro is great! Now he locks in the Sharpshooter and gets the tap! I did not see such a quick match coming to be honest but I love Cesaro actually racking up wins.

8:40 Cesaro defeats Daniel Bryan

It looks like Cesaro is not done after the match going to Bryan in the corner but instead he extends his fist and Bryan touches his to Cesaro in a sign of respect. Is Cesaro turning face? 

Now for the first time we see Bianca Belair on WWE television since winning the Women's Royal Rumble Match! For those who have read my recaps or when I do live coverage or any other piece I am a huge Belair fan so I was quite happy she won! 

Soon? How soon Belair we need a time range!

Bayley vs Ruby Riott

Ruby is of course accompanied by Liv Morgan and during the match Billie Kay joins commentary. Billie is as hilarious as ever.

Billie was cast out of the Riott Squad shortly after joining them so let us see where she stands with them.

Bayley defeats Ruby Riott

Billie jumps up and tries to save Ruby but is topped by Liv Morgan then shortly after Bayley gets the pin and win.

I don't think Billie's interference really cost Ruby the match since Bayley was in control when Billie tried to get involved so I do not know what Liv and Michael Cole's problem is.

During the match Corey Graves brought up the idea of Billie joining forces with Bayley. After the match Billie went to give Bayley the resume then the cameras cut to Belair before we saw if Bayley took a resume or not... 


Belair comes out looks like soon was soon unless she does not actually announce it in this segment. 

Reginald comes out and interrupts Belair just as she is about to make the announcement. Reginald then says Belair can't beat Sasha Banks the SmackDown Women's Champion or even Carmella.

Now here comes Carmella. Carmella then saying because she beat Banks twice she can beat Belair. Now here comes The Boss! Also Carmella did not win when it counted so she needs to just go do something else.

 I love that Banks is just ignoring Carmella completely and focusing on Belair. Now Reginald is interrupting again, dude I am a fan but just let her talk. Yes! Belair whipping Reginald with the hair! The EST is on top baby. Carmella why aren't you defending your sommelier!

Belair still not officially challenge the Boss but she will at some point I am guessing.

Now time for some tag team action and Otis and Chad Gable of Alpha Academy faces the SmackDown Tag Team Champions Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. This is a non-title match.

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler vs Otis and Chad Gable

The Street Profits in the bottom right commentating instead of Corey Graves and Michael Cole commentating is distracting. Oh now Graves and Cole chiming in but Street Profits can't hear Cole and Graves. This is weird.

Strong suplex by Robert Roode on Gable looks like the champions are in control. Street Profits talking non-stop in the corner is annoying or it is to me at least. Otis now giving Roode a taste of his own medicine with some suplexes. Caterpillar on Roode to the tag on Gable but a attack on Otis by Ziggler. Roode then after Gable took out Ziggler comes in and finishes the job and the champions come out on top. 

Roode and Ziggler defeat Otis and Gable

Hulk Hogan was hyped up all night to talk about his Main Event match 33 years ago today just so he can talk for 15 seconds? It was probably longer but not by much. Well now it is time for the Intercontinental Championship!

9:31 Intercontinental Championship: Big E vs Apollo Crews vs Sami Zayn

Apollo is a great athlete and the flip to the outside on Big E followed by a moonsault off the apron onto Big E are great examples.

Close call with that splash by Crews onto a injured Zayn but Zayn is able to kick out!

Another big move in this match where Big E suplexes Crews who was holding Zayn leading to both Zayn and Crews being suplexed.

Zayn with the Helluva Kick on Big E but Crews drags him off. Zayn thinks he should have saying the count was slow. Now Crews takes out Zayn so it is just Big E and Crews. Big E gets momentum back and quickly gets the win with the Big Ending! The Champion retains his title but Crews looks angry.

Big E needs to turn around or else he will be attacked. Nope Crews leaves but I think it might not be over between these three with that ending an Zayn thinking he was slow counted...

Big E defeats Crews and Zayn

The Rated R-Superstar is here, time for EDGE! Here comes Reigns and company to face off with the Rumble winner.

Edge calls Reigns out for bringing backup and now Reigns tells Jey to leave. Reigns is back on the acknowledge me and say my name stuff again.

Still no answer from Edge because Kevin Owens comes in with the Stunner! Kevin Owens just won't leave Reigns alone huh? 

Well that is it from me! Thanks for watching along I hope you enjoyed Kevin will be back on Live Coverage for Monday Night RAW!

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