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Hey, everybody! Kevin C Sullivan here, and it's about time for the final weekly WWE show before the Royal Rumble on Sunday. Let's get this thing going... bear with me....

Forgive me, y'all. I got caught up teaching my five year old daughter how to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - which I now regret because she can kick my ass. Anyway, we'll be getting the show started as soon as the show starts, but a reminder of a couple of things...

First, if you'd be so kind, check out WNW's Royal Rumble 2021 predictions - including some from yours truly as well as predictions from other staff members that are demonstrably smarter than I am (which is most of them). Hit the comments section either there or on this page, along with your Twitter handle, and get an invite to the official Wrestling News World Royal Rumble 2010 Official Twitter Chat Page and hang out with us between now and the end of the Rumble. Virtually, that is. It's probably better that way.

Speaking of Twitter, you can reach ME during tonight's show (as well as the Rumble) via either, again, the comments down below, or my own personal Twitter account, which is @HeyImKevinSully. I'll be sharing Twitter posts from a variety of pages throughout the night, so if you'd like yours to be one of them, well... in the immortal words of Rod Stewart, "come on, baby, let me know."

So, get comfortable - or uncomfortable, whatever works for your goofy ass - and, in the immortal words of both Marvin Gaye and that original UFC referee - let's get it on! (Not in a sexy way, though, sorry if you thought that.)

SmackDown starts with a cold open, but a hot "crowd" as Daniel Bryan is in the ring to a chorus of YES chants. Bryan welcomes us to SmackDown AND Royal Rumble weeeeeeeeekend!

I love how Bryan's "Intense Promo Strategy" is "yell the last thing I said again really, really loud"

When Bryan mentions that there will be "surprises", Raw's AJ Styles comes to the ring.

AJ starts ripping on Bryan, enough that Bryan challenges AJ to a match later tonight. It's gonna happen.

Quick question - why wasn't that Bruce Willis - Die Hard car battery commercial not a Super Bowl ad?

Back from Break and Bayley has nailed Belair with a couple of big moves, but hasn't been able to get the pin.

Bayley charges Belair, but misses and hits her face on the turnbuckle. Bianca lifts Bayley up and hits her with the Kiss Of Death (upside down Attitude Adjustment) and gets the win.

RESULT: Bianca Belair defeats Bayley

Bianca calls this the biggest win of her career in a tear-filled interview. The cameras cut to Bayley, who is having a hard time holding back the smiles and tears herself.

Cesaro is backstage talking to AJ and Omos as we watch King Corbin make his way to the ring.

OH SNAP! Dominick attacks Corbin from behind! Nice! Eat it, Corbin! Hahahahahaha

Sorry... that was unprofessional of m.... I DON'T CARE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Corbin vs Dom and King has the upper hand. But Corbin spends too much time trash talking Rey at ringside.

Lots of surprising back and forth between Corbin and Dominick, but Corbin hits the End of Days and gets the win.

RESULT: King Corbin defeats Dominick 

Kevin is tagging out of the live coverage for the night for personal reasons and tagging me Juice in! Hot tag let's get rolling everybody!

Some Brawling between Big E and the pair of Miz and Morrison! RAW superstars keep invading SmackDown tonight! I guess SmackDown did not get the crossover memo on Monday.

Reginald finally speaks and has a French accent interesting, not the best accent though. Banks denying a free bottle of wine is really impressive I would have just taken the the bottle.

Owens and Reigns for a split screen interview coming up soon? Uhmm yes please I would prefer a promo exchange in the ring but any kind of verbal exchange between these two is must see.

Looks like a Zayn and Nakamura reunion is not coming. Reigns calling Owens a pawn oh snap everyone knows chess slams are critical hits! Now Reigns is dragging Owens family into it! 

Owens getting passionate and yelling at him then Reigns just turning his screen off was awesome. Wow I doubt Owens will win and maybe three losses in a row for Owens seem like overkill but these two have been killing it together.

Bryan versus Styles yet again meet in the squared circle lets go! Cesaro on the commentary interesting... 

Sami Zayn coming out for this match as a distraction! Even more interesting and with his film crew and sign! Zayn will not be silenced until justice is served and he is back on top! 

A lot going on here with Sami Zayn on strike and a great match and Cesaro putting himself over. Oh now here's Big E! So much going on I can't keep track of it all.

Big E is now attacking Zayn! That is too far, Zayn just wants justice! Now Cesaro attacking Big E then Bryan diving onto Zayn! Now Zayn interfering in the match and causing a disqualification. Now here's Shinsuke Nakamura! 

Order is restored and as most dq it leads to a tag match involving all parties. This is a pretty solid tag match and Cesaro is having quite the performance!

Cesaro with a corkscrew uppercut and before that in the match swung Bryan by one leg then turned it into a half crab!

Now Miz and Morrison are out and end the match by dq and attack Big E! Now Otis is coming out for revenge on the two men who cost him his MITB briefcase!

There is still thirteen minutes left and I have no clue where this is all heading. Five on Five tag match with Gable coming out to join the face team to be with his allies Bryan and Otis?

No Gable looks like it is just four on five with Miz and Morrison being added to the team Zayn was on and Otis being added to the team Big E was on. 

Sheamus is now here and fighting on the same team as the other faces! He just jumped up on the apron and asked for a tag! Is that legal?

More chaos then Sheamus with the Brogue kick and the pin on Zayn. Now for more brawling and here comes the return of Braun Strowman! Now he is just destroying everyone. 

Now he is just destroying Cesaro. Strowman ends the night on top could he win the Rumble?

That is the end of this episode of SmackDown! Thanks for watching and following along with Kevin and I! Follow Wrestling News World on twitter, @wnwnews and follow along on Sunday with our live coverage of the Royal Rumble! Also comment on the Rumble predictions article and join our Rumble Twitter group chat!

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