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Hello, everyone, and happy Friday! Kevin here, and I'll be covering tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown. 

Today I hit over 2,000 followers on Twitter, so I want to celebrate. Here's what I'm gonna do... 

My Twitter handle is @HeyImKevinSully and I check it every time I cover these live shows. I want to know if you guys are actually reading, so I'm going to give away a $50 gift card. Here's how you can win. Also, use the hashtag #WNWSmackdownWWE

During tonight's show, send me Tweets with your thoughts on what's happening - or comment on what I'm posting. If I like it, I'll share it here and my favorite will win a $50 gift card to PWT. I'll be sending it through their website, so all of their restrictions apply.

Anyway, let's get settled in and get ready for SmackDown!

(Remember - you may need to refresh the page to get the latest updates.)

Sorry we didn't get a winner for tonight's giveaway. We'll try again either on Monday or next Friday. In the meantime, think of some jokes. Until then... I'm outta here.

(8:58pm) Roman rushes into the ring to take out Bryan, fights out of another Yes Lock, and spears him. And that's our show.

RESULT: Double Count-Out

(8:56pm) Bryan turns a Superplex into a Yes Lock attempt! Uso fights out and the two of them end up outside and get counted out!

(8:55pm) Bryan goes for the running knee, but Uso kicks him out of the air.

(8:55pm) This has been an amazing match.

(8:54pm) Uso with a Half Crab on Daniel Bryan.

(8:52pm) Bryan leaps out of the ring, onto Uso with a knee, but hurt his knee again.

(8:51pm) Uso goes for a splash, but Bryan moves. Now the Yes Man is trying to get the feeling back in his knee and get back into this match.

(8:39pm) Cesaro with a European Uppercut on Seth and leaves him laying in the ring. As he heads to the back, Daniel Bryan heads out for his match with Jay Uso. The two share a fistbump and we go to break.

(8:26pm) Seth wants Cesaro to work side-by-side with him so he can give him that "killer instinct." He chastises Cesaro for turning him down during Rollins's return a couple of weeks ago, but he'll forgive him and give him another chance. In fact, Cesaro can take his time. Cesaro decides to put Seth in The Swing.... and it's a looooooong one.

(8:33pm) Seth Rollins is in the ring, and trying to convince Cesaro to not kick his ass.

(8:28pm) Daniel Bryan has a bit of a tense confrontation with Edge, as a win against Jey Uso tonight would but him on the path to actually facing Edge at WrestleMania.

Also, here comes new dad Seth Rollins.

RESULT: Street Profits defeat King Corbin and Sami Zayn

(8:25pm) Corbin is on the arena floor and Sami's documentary crew surrounds him. Corbin is incensed and tosses them out of the way. Zayn starts to chew out Corbin for it, and Montez Ford leaps over Sami and crashes into Corbin. Meanwhile, Angelo nails Sami with a neckbreaker and then Ford with a Frog Splash. Profits win!

(8:19pm) Corbin slides out of the ring and attempts to rush back in... except Sami's documentary guys are in the way. It's enough of a distraction for Angelo Dawkins to nail Corbin with an uppercut. 

Fifteen minutes until the ProWrestlingTees gift card giveaway ends.

(8:16pm) King Corbin makes his way out, followed by Sami and his documentary crew. How awesome would it be if this whole gimmick ended up with an actual documentary on the WWE Network.

(8:11pm) Speaking of those two, they're going up against the Street Profits... who are coming to the ring in a hail of red solo cups! Booyeah!

(8:10pm) Sami Zayn is trying to convince Baron Corbin that they would make an awesome tag team.

(8:06pm) Banks then reminds Reggie not to speak for her and for Belair to choose her. Banks she clearly is going to choose you that's been clear since the Rumble win. Finally Belair makes the challenge to Banks official! 

(8:03pm) Belair is about to make her decision then Reginald interrupts and praises his crush Banks even though he still works for Carmella. He tries to convince Belair not to choose Banks. Banks then enters the ring. 

(8:00pm) Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are in the ring, introducing the 2021 Royal Rumble winner Bianca Belair. For some reason we need videos showing us who Asuka and Sasha Banks are the people Belair can challenge.

(7:56pm) After the break... Bianca Belair makes her decision.

RESULT: Tamina defeats Liv Morgan

(7:55pm) Tamina does a move and gets the pin.

(7:54pm) Natalya, in Tamina's corner, screaming "FINISHER HER" like a Canadian Mortal Kombat announcer

(7:51pm) Back from break and we're getting Liv Morgan vs Tamina.

RESULT: Apollo Crews defeats Shinsuke Nakamura

(7:47pm) Nakamura slaps the sleeper on Crews, but Apollo grabs the scarf hanging on the turnbuckles and uses it to slam Shinsuke into the top buckle. One Olympic Slam later and Crews has the win.

(7:45pm) The announce team recognizes Nakamura's latest push and winning streak, which I hope is a good sign.

(7:44pm) Apollo with a German Suplex on Nakamura, but Nakamura lands on his knees and gets the advantage back.

(7:43pm) Oh man, I'm all for a heel Apollo Crews getting a push, but not at the push of Nakamura... :(

(7:39pm) On the arena floor, Crews wants to slam the ring steps onto the former Royal Rumble winner, but the ref gets in the way and we'll have to wait until after the commercial to see if the ref made any difference or not.

(7:38pm) Shinsuke Nakamura is here and these two are gonna throw hands. 

(7:38pm) Shinsuke Nakamura is here and these two are gonna throw hands. 

Oh, crap, Crews attacks Nakamura from behind before the match starts.

(7:36pm) Also, this promo is AMAZING.

(7:35pm) Apollo Crews is from Nigeria, his ancestors are from royalty, and he's tired of being nice and polite. And I don't really blame him.

REMEMBER - I'm giving away a $50 giftcard to whoever sends me the funniest Tweet about tonight's show. Shoot those Tweets to @HeyImKevinSully and use the hashtag #WNWSmackDownWWE.

(7:28pm) Big E isn't here because he's hurt, but the dude who hurt him, Apollo Crews, is, and we'll see him after these commercials.

RESULT: Alpha Academy defeats The Mysterios

(7:27pm) Otis with a second-rope splash on Rey and the Alpha Academy gets the win.

(7:26pm) Dominick gets the hot tag and takes the fight right to Chad Gable, including a Tornado DDT. Tag back in to Rey, and we get a double 619 and a flying splash and a pin... but Otis breaks it up.

(7:25pm) Otis is crushing Rey Mysterio, and Gable tags himself in before Otis can get them disqualified.

(7:23pm) The Mysterios are taking on Otis and Chad Gable following the latter's attack on Mysterio last week.

(7:22pm) It looks like we're going to get Jey Uso vs Daniel Bryan later tonight, and if Bryan wins, he's In Like Flynn at Fastlane.

(7:17pm) While the law firm of Pearce and Deville are discussing who they think Bianca Belair will challenge, Edge pops in. He's got a problem with Daniel Bryan challenging Roman at Fastlane. 

(7:14pm) Bryan challenges Roman for the Universal Championship at Fastlane. Uso doesn't like that and yells incoherently on the mic about it. Then, after Roman asks Bryan if he wants him to hurt him, Uso attacks him and tosses him over the security wall.

(7:12pm) Daniel Bryan calls Roman a coward... or, more specifically, he's saying other people in the back are saying that.

(7:11pm) Roman is giving Edge a chance to walk away, but Daniel Bryan has something to say.

(7:09pm) This is how good Roman has gotten on the mic... he (well, the guy he's playing) is clearly afraid of what could happen if he takes on Edge at WrestleMania and he's holding that just underneath what he's saying.

(7:07pm) The pretend crowd chants "You suck" as Roman begins his promo.

"I don't think it's a secret - SmackDown needs me."

(7:05pm) A look at the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match from this weekend's Great Balls of Fir... sorry, Elimination Chamber... with Edge making it clear he wants to star in Money Plane 2. I mean, face Roman at WrassleMania.

(7:01pm) The WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring with Mr. Hey Doesn't That Guy Usually Hang Out With Brock Lesnar and Mr. Grabbing His Crotch a Lot For Some Reason.

(7:00pm) WWE. THEN. NOW. ALSO NOW.

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