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Hello, everyone, and welcome to a very special edition of WrestlingNewsWorld's LIVE coverage of WWE SmackDown. And have we got something special for YOU. Yes, even YOU, Todd.

Of course, we've got the usual coverage and commentary you've come to expect since... whenever the hell it is I started doing this. But we're also sweetening the deal. That's right.... we've got a friggin' CONTEST. And, if you play your cards right, you could walk away with $50 worth of wrestling t-shirts.

So, as you probably know, I scour Twitter for stuff to supplement our coverage of every show I report on here. And I've been banging my head against the wall trying to get you guys to Tweet me and share your thoughts about the show and my stupid jokes. So... I went out and bought a $50 gift card to Pro Wrestling Tees - and I'm gonna give it to whoever interacts with on Twitter during the show the best. 

SO... send me your tweets during the show at @HeyImKevinSully and also make sure you use the hashtag #WNWSmackDown Tweet me with anything of substance and you're automatically entered. Best Tweet at the end of the show wins. I'll pick the winner 5 minutes before the end of the show and I'll DM the winner the gift card code shortly afterward.

In the meantime, get settled in and we'll start the show the same time WWE does.

(Remember - you will probably have to refresh the page a couple of times to get the latest updates. Think you can handle that?)

I'm gonna timestamp each entry and it will be in Central time. FYI.

We've got five minutes until showtime! Remember to Tweet me at @HeyImKevinSully and/or use the hashtag #WNWSmackDown so you can get that gift card... maybe. I mean, you can't all get one. Oh, man, that would be amazing. But... no.

Speaking of winning.... congratulations to Matt Black! You've won the $50 gift card to Pro Wrestling Tees!

(8:57pm) Daniel Bryan gets the Yes Lock on Uso and... GETS THE WIN!

(8:56pm) Bryan nearly climbs over the top, but Uso pulls him back into the cage.


(8:49pm) Uso nails Bryan with a Samoan Drop off the cage wall!

(8:47pm) I love how, since he came back from retirement, WWE has made Daniel Bryan low-key terrifying.

(8:42pm) I see a lot of you people making fun of WWE going over the rules of a cage match. "Like we don't know the rules of a cage match!" Um... what if someone watching doesn't? You can wait two minutes for someone to go over something without being a dickweed?

(8:41pm) Roman pulls up an office chair like he's about to play some World of Warcraft.

(8:40pm) yay here comes Roman

(8:39pm) Bryan in the cage already and now here comes Uso, yelling and throwing his arms around like he's an undiagnosed schizophrenic. 

(8:34pm) DING DONG! HELLO!


(8:28pm) Jey Uso is being interviewed and asked if he's regretting getting into this cage match with Daniel Bryan. Uso mentions something about the Uso Penitentiary and then Daniel Bryan comes out and punches him in the back of the head. Boom.

(8:26pm) My wife: "Why does he have a Scottish accent?"

(8:25pm) WAKANDA FOREVER! UMBAMBAY! (that was probably racist, I'm sorry.)

(8:23pm) Apollo Crews comes to the ring, leaning hard into his new African royalty gimmick (which is awesome, by the way), as he comes to the ring with a ceremonial spear and a guard. Oh... he has an accent now, too.

Had a bit of an emergency, folks. Thanks to Juice for helping me out. Things are kopacetic now. Let's get back to SmackDown!

RESULT: Cesaro defeats Murphy

(8:12pm) Cesaro and Murphy are now squaring up with Rollins joining the commentary team. 

RESULT: Bianca Belair defeats Shayna Baszler

(8:05pm) Nia Jax charges at Reggie after he falls down by her feet - but he moves and she crashes into Sasha. Meanwhile, in the ring, Shayna goes for Carakuna clutch, but Bianca reverses it and slams her down for the pin.

8:02pm) Plenty of time to get in on our Pro Wrestling Tees gift card giveaway. Send me your funniest comment about tonight's show to me on Twitter at @HeyImKevinSully and you've got the chance to win a $50 gift certificate.

(8:00pm) Bianca Belair is taking on Shayna Baszler one-on-one, with Nia Jax in Baszler's corner and Sasha... and Reggie... in Bianca's.

(7:54pm) Murphy comes out and offers to help Rollins with his "Cesaro situation" but Rollins tells him to pound sand.

(7:53pm) Let's find out how Seth Rollins feels about Cesaro today.

Rey with a dropkick on Otis and helps Dom hightail it out of there.

RESULT: Dominick Mysterio defeats Chad Gable

(7:51pm) Dominick gets the pin on Gable!

(7:50pm) Gable hits Mysterio with a Tiger Suplex but Dom kicks out!

(7:49pm) Chad Gable is putting on a clinic against Dominick. As it should be.

(7:43pm) Rey Mysterio and Dominick head to the ring for a match against Chad Gable.

(7:42pm) Carmella fires Reginald.

(7:41pm) Sami doesn't recognize one of his documentary crew and beats him up. Grrrrrr

RESULT: Angelo Dawkins defeats Sami Zayn

(7:40pm) Dawkins rolls up Sami and gets the pin.

(7:36pm) The ad break is over and Angelo Dawkins and Sami Zayn are in the middle of their own bout.

I love the feedback I'm getting from you guys on Twitter. Now... let's get those comedy muscles flexing :)

(7:32pm) Now it's time for Sami to take on Angelo and Sami wants Corbin to pay back the favor and help him win. Corbin's all "nah" and leaves.

RESULT: King Corbin defeats Montez Ford

(7:31pm) Sami and his documentary crew distract Ford long enough for Corbin to hit him with the Deep Six and get the win.

(7:30pm) And now we're getting Montez Ford vs King Corbin vs my attention span.

(7:26pm) Hey it's the Street Profits! And now Sami comes out and interrupts his own music to discuss that he and King Corbin can get along when they have to. Corbin comes out and insists that he doesn't like Sami and we are going to get a singles match instead.


7:21pm) Uso starts getting into Daniel's face, telling him he's not locked in this cage with Bryan but just the opposite. Then he tries to take a cheap shot on Bryan, but Bryan hits him with a Judo flip like Monica did on Ralph on the latest WandaVision.

(7:19pm) If you love it so much, Roman, why don't to marry it!?

(7:17pm) Commercial is over and Roman Reigns is about to lecture Daniel on being ambitious. He also sounds like he has a cold.

(7:14pm) Oh. Commercial. So... what do you think is gonna happen during Bryan's match with Uso tonight? Wrong answers only. @HeyImKevinSully on Twitter.

(7:13pm) Bryan says this might be his last chance as the crowd chants "Yes!" and here comes Roman.

(7:10pm) Daniel Bryan mentions that he saw Edge spear Roman to challenge him for WrestleMania and because of that, he felt like a failure.

(7:05pm) Michael Cole brings up the fact that the main event of Fastlane was supposed to be Edge & Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso. But, Bryan plans on flipping the script (my words, not his).

(7:02pm) Michael Cole is in the ring and he's about to interview the leader of the YES movement, Jon Anderso.... I mean, Daniel Bryan.

(7:01pm) Roman Reigns: "Say my name!"
                Beyonce: "Oh no you didn't"


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