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(You will probably have to refresh the page a couple of times to get the latest updates.)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Wrestling News World's LIVE coverage of tonight's WWE SmackDown! I'm your host, Kevin Christopher Sullivan, back in the saddle again but not a really saddle because I'm legit scared of horses. And we've got something cool for all of you. Well... technically one of you, I guess. But it's still cool.

Tonight, I'll be giving away a download code for either Xbox or Steam (winner's choice, but those are the two options) of the legit awesome RetroMania Wrestling by RetroSoft Studios. Now, RetroSoft has not given me, nor anyone else at WNW, any financial compensation for promoting their game - but they did provide the download code that will go to the eventual winner. Here's an overly long explanation of how everything will work:

Essentially, follow me on Twitter (@HeyImKevinSully) and shoot me comments about the show tonight - and if I post them here, your name is in the hat. At the end of the show, the winner will get a DM from me and then the download code of your choice.

Just use the hashtag #WNWdoesSmackDown.

Anyway, we're getting things situated, I'll see you out there for some WWE!

(A reminder: you will have to refresh the page a couple of times for the latest updates. All timestamps are in the Central Time Zone.)

Remember to use the hashtag #WNWdoesSmackDown if you're interested in snagging a copy of RetroMania Wrestling for either Xbox or Steam. Oh, and try to be funny or insightful. Or both, even. Go for that.

(Oh, also make sure you're following me - @HeyImKevinSully)

Before the show kicks off, it's prudent to mention that twenty years ago tonight, WCW Monday Nitro aired its final episode. 

That's tonight's show! As far as tonight's winner goes, well... I'll announce that to the winner privately. I'm glad you guys followed along but most of you - the majority of you - missed the chance to win a free copy of an amazing wrestling video game. 

I'll see you jackwagons next Friday. Have a good weekend.

(8:57pm) Edge loses his shiz and tries to set everyone up for a Con-Chair-To, and it gets broken up again and again! Edge has lost his mind as we wrap the show up!

(8:55pm) It's a Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania!

(8:53pm) Time to find out what Adam Pearce's decision is....

(8:47pm) As both Adam Pearce and Roman Reigns each head to the ring to discuss WrestleMania, we get a look at the most recent Hall of Fame inductees and then a commercial.

(8:46pm) Rey Mysterio hits Dolph Ziggler with the 619 and then wins the match.

RESULT: what I just said up there.

This is your last chance to be considered for the free copy of RetroMania Wrestling. So hop to it or I'm going to give it to your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

(8:29pm) Edge storms into Roman's dressing room and tells him he needs to use the backstage influence he says he has to keep Daniel Bryan out of the WrestleMania match.

(8:26pm) Bianca has had enough of Sasha's trash talk at ringside and slaps the taste out of her mouth. A Kiss of Death on Natalya and Bianca gets the win

RESULT: Bianca Belair defeats Natalya

Then Sasha attacks her from behind. Yknow... wrestling stuff. 

(I seriously don't know why I bother, guys. I feel like an idiot.)

(8:18pm) Bianca has the upper hand over Natalya, when Sasha's music hits! It's enough of a distraction that it let's Tamina kicks the Royal Rumble winner off the ring apron behind the ref's back. 

So far, in the lead for the free download code for the amazing RetroMania Wrestling (thanks to RetroSoft Studios for both the game copy and just making an awesome game) are: the last giveaway winner, my next door neighbor and my next door neighbor's dog.

(8:05pm) Kevin Owens wants to know if Sami is going to face him at WrestleMania. Sami snaps and finally agrees, and so Owens begins to beat Zayn senseless, just as he promised.

You guys know I'm giving away a free video game to people who tweet at me during the show tonight, right? Because I'm starting to think you guys don't like video games or something.

We're getting Sami Zayn on the Kevin Owens Show following the confrontation between the two from last week.

RESULT: Apollo Crews and the Gable Academy defeat Street Profits and Big E

(7:53pm) Apollo gets a sneak tag in and, with everyone else crashed on the arena floor, Crews nails E with an Angle Slam and gets the win.

(7:50pm) Profits and Big E are taking on Chad Gable, Otis, and Apollo Creed.

Montez Ford leaps over the ropes at Gable, but the former (and never again) Shorty G catches him in midair and nails him with a GORGEOUS Northern Lights Suplex.

(7:47pm) A furious Seth Rollins challenges Cesaro to a match at WrestleMania, proclaiming that the Swiss Cyborg will never (eeeeeeeeeeeever) swing the former WWE Champion ever a(GAIN!).

And then Cesaro attacks him from behind and swings him and accepts the challenge.

After this ad break, we're getting Street Profits and Big E against... well, I forgot because I was distracted by an ad for that new Mighty Ducks show.

(7:39pm) Roman has Adam Pearce backstage and impresses upon him that Pearce (and WWE) only get the Universal Champion for one title defense at WrestleMania. Pearce thanks him for the information and lets Reigns and his cronies know that they'll have Pearce's decision at the end of the night.

(7:37pm) Rollins goes after Nakamura once again, but Cesaro returns and punks Mr. Becky Lynch out.

RESULT: Seth Rollins defeats Shinsuke Nakamura

(7:36pm) Rollins fights off a number of Nakamura attacks and submission attempts, hits the Stomp, and gets the win.

(7:25pm) Now it's Seth Rollins coming to the ring, and he's facing Shinsuke Nakamura in a rematch from Fastlane.

(7:24pm) Roman Reigns is watching everything happening on the teevee, and tells Paul Heyman to fetch him Adam Pearce.

We still have a copy of RetroMania Wrestling to give away. You guys want it or not?

(7:17pm) "You don't deserve a title match at WrestleMania, you son of a bitch." And Bryan pounces.

Edge sneaks in a spear on Bryan and then nails him with a chair.

(7:14pm) Adam Pearce comes to the ring to try and convince Daniel Bryan to knock it off. Eventually, Daniel comes up with an idea - Edge vs Roman at WrestleMania's first night and the winner faces Bryan the next night. Edge comes out and he's got a problem with that.

So... you guys on Twitter got jokes or what?

(7:07pm) Bryan is willing to earn his shot at WrestleMania, and he's not leaving the ring until he gets what he wants. Chair opened, Bryan squats down, let's see what happe... eh, ad break.

(7:04pm) Daniel Bryan reminds us all that Roman Reigns tapped out to his Yes Lock at Fastlane. If he hadn't gotten screwed by the Edgemeister.

Remember, tonight's Twitter hashtag is #WNWdoesSmackDown.

(7:03pm) The Leader of the Yes Movement(tm) Daniel Bryan heads to the ring with a big smile, fingers pointing in the air, and a chair.

(7:02pm) Stuff happened at Fastlane.

(7:00pm) WWE. THEN. NOW. ALSO NOW.

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