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Hey, everybody! We're 24 hours before Night One of WrestleMania, and that means we're heading into the Go-Home Episode of SmackDown! 

I'm Kevin Christopher Sullivan and not only will I be providing live coverage of tonight's broadcast on the Fox Network, but also both nights of WrestleMania this weekend. Which means I'm going to have to conserve energy. So, tonight is going to be a little bare bones. But, I have some ambitious plans for our live coverage of the Show of Shows this weekend. I'll share them a bit more over the next 24 hours.

Anyway, we'll be getting started in less than 30 minutes so hang in there, folks!

RIP DMX and HRH Prince Phillip 

Decent episode the three promos were all fantastic though I am definitely excited for Edge vs Reigns vs Bryan on Sunday! Thanks for joining us and read WrestleMania predictions from WNW tomorrow and Kevin will have Live Coverage of both nights so follow along!

Good promo but if I'm ranking the three we got I go Daniel Bryan, Edge, Reigns.

Reigns is not a dreamer no he's the man with a golden hand according to him. So he is King Midas cool cool.

Reigns turn for a promo of his own after the brilliant promos from Edge and Bryan earlier in the night. Reigns directly referencing Bryan's promo making fun of the yes angle he had. 

Now here comes Roman Reigns immediately after Jey getting the win.

RESULT: Jey Uso wins Andre the Giant Battle Royal

Shin was dominating Jey but Jey gets the win with a reversal throw out.

Ok that statement is looking good because they are all that is left now.

Either Shin, Corbin or Jey are going to win I think.

Seven men left, Angel Garza, Murphy, Ali, Shinsuke Nakamura, King Corbin, Ricochet, and Jey Uso. As I wrote that Murphy then Garza eliminated.

Dorado eliminates Kalisto, then Metalik Dorado then Corbin eliminates Metalik. 

T-Bar and Mace facing off in the middle of the ring against Jaxson Ryker and Elias and win the exchange and eliminate them. Ali eliminates Mace then T-Bar but did not last much longer after. Kalisto goes for the Lucha House Party reunion but Dorado and Gran Metalik not feeling it. 

All the remaining participants target Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin and successfully eliminate the pair. 

Drew Gulak has T-Bar in a head scissor lock on the rope and Mace tries to help T-Bar eliminate Gulak but Gulak escapes.

Now time for the Andre the Giant Battle Royal!

Kevin Owens attacks and Zayn gets away!

Sami Zayn here to defend himself after the video showing Zayn kicked out of Jake and Logan's boxing gym and the Smackdown theme music playing over him yea the company is plotting against Zayn.

(9:12pm EST) It's BOSS TIME! Banks just talking trash about Belair nothing too notable here.

Interesting Sonya Deville saying Roode and Ziggler having to defend against three other teams is unfair and saying Bryan should not be in the Mania main event Sunday. Looks like she is definitely still a heel.

That was great now only Roman Reigns is left to deliver a promo and will it be as good as Bryan's or Edge's?

Ok this promo is good but it's Edge when does he not have good promos.

Edge just called Bryan an indie book store clerk, ok that's harsh bro I hope you lose now.

(9:00 pm EST) Edge is in the ring now his turn for a promo. Can his match the one Daniel Bryan delivered earlier? Probably but that is not belittling how good Bryan's was.

All the ladies in the match tomorrow brawling and Tamina and Natalya stand tall.

(8:52 pm EST) Billie Kay and Carmella are officially a tag team and are in the tag turmoil match! I'm definitely rooting for them to win but if Riott Squad pulls it off and then wins the titles Sunday I would like that too.

RESULT: Tamina vs Nia Jax ends in disqualification

(8:50pm EST) This match between Tamina and Nia Jax ends in a dq when Shayna Baszler breaks up a pin. Tense standoff between the teams. 

Fantastic introduction thanks Kevin! So now that I am taking over the time stamps will be Eastern Standard time. Sorry for the confusion but it's easier to do it this way so no I'm not skipping an hour.

Take it away, Juice!

Quick little programming note: I'll be covering WrestleMania both night here at WNW and I've got some big ideas ahead. However, that means I need to rest up. So, once again, my friend and personal hero, Juice, will be covering hour two of SmackDown tonight. 

(7:38pm) Video package of Big E going through his hometown of Tampa, selling his match with Apollo Crews this weekend. He. Is. Intense.

(7:28pm) Roode with the pin on Gable after Montez Ford lays him out and the champs retain.

RESULT: Dirty Dawgs retain their SD Tag Team Chamionships

(7:27pm) Dominick Mysterio with a frog splash on Robert Roode, but Otis charges in to break up the pin.

(7:11pm) Street Profits are backstage when the SD tag champions Ziggler and Roode attack. Soon, all four teams in tonight's Fatal Four Way are fighting on the entrance ramp.

(7:09pm) "Can Daniel Bryan walk out of the main event of WrestleMania as Universal Champion?"

You can probably guess what he said.

(7:06pm) Bryan talks about how he's been told "no" for years, but this Sunday, he's going to hear "yes".

(7:01pm) We're starting out tonight's episode with 1/3 of the triple threat Universal Title match at WrestleMania, Daniel Bryan.

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