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Happy Juneteenth, everyone! It's the latest US Federal holiday - and rightfully so! Not going to get into a history lesson here, but if you're not familiar with the day, check out this article from

Tonight's the last WWE TV show before we get into Hell In a Cell... except it seems we're getting a little HIAC a little early. Rey Mysterio has not only challenged WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns to a Cell match... he wants that match tonight. And Reigns has accepted.

We're really close to showtime so we're gonna get started here, but this is looking to be a pretty intense show. If you're following along with me, I'm both honored and appreciative. Please let me know what you think of the show, our coverage, or anything related in the comments below.

See you guys past the line! :)

Oh, right. If you're Tweeting about tonight's show, please use the hashtag #WNWSmackDown.

(8:04pm) Bayley gets the upper hand and leaves the champion laid out in the middle of the ring - looks like she accepts.

(8:02pm) Bayley comes storming down to the ring and throws a punch, but Bianca dodges and the fight is on.

(8:00pm) Bianca wants Bayley inside of the Cell part of Hell In a Cell.

(7:59pm) Belair predicting Bayley interrupting her promo, and even sneaking yp behind her, but it doesn't happen (very meta, Bianca)

(7:57pm) Back from break and SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair is here to, I dunno, a promo or something? You never know.

My 5-year-old daughter heard me cheering.
Her: Daddy, what is it?
Me: Shinsuke won his crown!

This whole feud has been one of the stupidest things WWE had done in years and I LOVE IT SOOOO GOD DAMN MUCH.

(7:50pm) Shinsuke Nakamura nails Corbin with a Kinshasa and we have a newwwwwww One True King!

RESULT: Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Baron Corbin

If Nakamura becomes King of the Ring, can we call him Kingsuke Nakamura?

(7:41pm) Oh... right... King Corbin is in this match, too. Yay.

(7:40pm) Rick Boogs introduces the King of Strong Style and Pat MacAfee is losing his shiz. I LOVE this entrance.

(7:38pm) Kevin Owens storms up to Sonya and Adam and he wants to fight Sami. Adam tells him he can have him... on Sunday.

(7:32pm) Sami is backstage watching Owens suffering from a second Nigerian Nail, and cackling.

After the break, we get Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin to determine who is the King of the Ring.

(7:30pm) Azeez gets Owens in the ring and nails him with the Nigerian Nail (following a distraction from Sami Zyan) and gets the pin.
RESULT: Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez defeat Big E and Kevin Owens

(7:29pm) Big E and Apollo are battling outside of the ring, but E gets Apollo rolled under the bottom rope. He tags in Kevin, and nails Apollo with a Swanton - it only gets him 2-count.

(7:22pm) Before the match can start, Sami Zayn comes to the ring to do commentary. YAY!

(7:20pm) Azeez and Apollo Crews are taking on the team of Kevin Owens and Big E. Owens and E are cutting a promo backstage, with Kevin showering Big E with praise - but the wounds of when Owens betrayed the New Day are still raw. But, they'll get through it.

(7:12pm) And we're also getting the in-ring debut of Cohmmanah AZEEZ! 

Roman says he tried to be diplomatic, and now they do it his way. Which probably involves punching and going "Oooooooo-AHHHHHHHH!"

(7:11pm) Roman: "Are you sure you wanna do this, Rey?"
Mysterio: "I've never been more ready in my life."

(7:08pm) Rey screams "Get on out here, you son of a [bad word]" and immediately, the Cell lowers and surrounds the ring. 

(7:07pm) Rey reiterates that he wants Roman tonight in Hell In a Cell, and he wants to hear Roman accept it from his own mouth, not on social media.

(7:05pm) Rey is intimating that Dominick might be permanently injured, and he's pretty sour about that.

(7:04pm) They're lowering the Cell already, and Rey Mysterio is coming out and I'm pretty sure this is a promo.

(7:01pm) SmackDown starts with a video package on last week's ending, with Rey and Dominick trying to slap the stink off of Roman with kendo sticks and it not ending particularly well for them - especially for Dominick, who got powerbombed out of the ring.

(7:00pm) WWE. THEN. NOW. For two hours.

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