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Hey, guys. Kevin here. I'm running behind so let's get things started and I'll try to play catch-up as we go along? Cool? Cool. Let's do this.

Have a great night, everybody! Thanks for being patient with me and I'll see you on Monday! Until then, I'm outta here.

Finally, Edge calls out Roman. Roman tells the Usos to stay back, but Jey thinks there's a trap afoot and he and Jimmy go out, too. Roman isn't happy about it, but he goes into the ring to face Edge. They begin to fight and suddenly, REY AND DOMINICK MYSTERIO come out and attack the Usos and everything gets CARAAAAAAAZYYYYY! 

Eventually, Roman hightails it out of there and Edge does the "put a metal bar into their mouth and pull back really hard" thing to both of the Usos while Roman looks on - and with the weirdly overly enthusiastic help of Rey Mysterio - and the show is over.

Seth Rollins defeated Cesaro to get the last spot in the Money In The Bank ladder match. During an interview, Seth reminds us all that the last time he held that contract, he cashed in on Roman Reigns (who wasn't the champion at the time, by the way) to win - and insinuates he may just do it again.

Toni Storm will be making her SmackDown debut soon, as well, and it's about damn time.

Here goes... Carmella might be taking on Bianca Belair for the SmackDown women's championship next week, but Liv Tyler is in the Money In The Bank ladder match! 

Hey, everyone. Kevin here. I'm really sorry - I dropped the ball tonight and missed out on a bunch of stuff, due to personal stuff happening here. BUT, you wanna know what happened so I'm gonna do my best to recap the final hour.

Of course, Wrestling News World will be posting a full recap as usual, and I seriously encourage you to check it out, as it's always awesome. But here's what happened in a quick summary.

(8:00pm) Bianca won't be defending her title at Money In The Bank... it'll be at the SmackDown following against Carmella. Really?

(7:53pm) Following some words from Edge about how he's gonna beat up Roman, Sonya Deville comes to the ring and, after the ad break, she's gonna announce who is going to challenge WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair at Money In The Bank now that Bayley has been injured.

(7:52) Shotzi with a top rope senton on Natalya and the new team gets the win!

RESULT: Shotzi and Nox defeat Natalya and Tamina.

(7:47pm) And it's Shotzi and Nox! AKA Shotzi Blackheart and Teegan Nox.

(7:43pm) Meanwhile, Jimmy and Jey are reconnecting backstage, and Jimmy apologizes for some of the things he's said (and probably also getting arrested, too, but it's not like WWE would ever exploit something like that, of course not) and Jey asks him if he wants to help him take care of something before Roman has to.

And the Women's Tag Team Champions are about to take on a mystery tag team - and probably the NXT call-ups we've been hearing about in the wrestling journalism biz, which is a real thing, I swear - after these ads.

(7:41pm) So, King Nakamura just nails him with another one and gets the win.

RESULT: King Nakamura defeats Baron Corbin to qualify for Money In The Bank.

(7:38pm) Meanwhile, Corbin has the advantage over Shinsuke for a good long while. Nakamura manages to get the triangle choke, and holds on to it despite all of Corbin's efforts to fight out of it. Eventually, though, Corbin, gets his leg under the rope to break it up. Shinsuke goes for the Kinshasa, but Corbin nails him with a lariat clothesline.

(Personal opinion time) I honestly think Corbin could be a really good babyface - look at his early days in NXT. Corbin's talented. He awesome when he first showed up in the black and gold brand as a silent badass who was finishing opponents in less than a few minutes. Then, they tried to make him a mouthy heel... and then had him go up on the mic against Samoa Joe. Just... no...

(7:22pm) WWE congratulates the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning for winning the Stanley Cup (congrats from me to them, as well, even though I was pulling for Montreal), and then we get a look at what the former King of the Ring Baron Corbin has been dealing with. 

Big E has come to the ring to do commentary - on his trademark couch - and invites Pat MacAfee to join him on said couch. Then we cut to footage from earlier today, where Shinsuke and Rick Boogs arrived to the Thunderdome in Baron Corbin's car that was repossessed last week.

Wait.... who's the bad guy supposed to be here? 

(7:18pm) Jey tells Jimmy that they need to focus on winning the tag titles, and Roman insists that "that's all I wanted", and that they'll all hold on to their championships together.

Meanwhile, Baron Corbin hits the ring - sans music - for his MITB qualifying match against the man who stole his crown, Shinsuke Nakamura.

(7:13pm) Oh, hey, "Main Event" Jey Uso is back.

(7:12pm) Now, Roman says, it's time to handle some family business. Cue Jimmy Uso's music.

(7:11pm) Roman admits that, for maybe ten seconds at WrestleMania, he might have been afraid... but he still smashed Edge anyway.

(7:03pm) Jimmy Uso wants to see Roman Reigns, but Paul Heyman stops him. He assures Roman's cousin that he'll get Roman's "full attention" later. That seems to be good enough for Jimmy, who skips away. After the opening credits, Roman and his title belt look cranky.

(7:00pm) WWE. THEN. NOW. FOREVEforget this crap, here's EDGE! BOOM!

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