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(Thanks for reading! If you are following along live with us, please note you will probably have to refresh the page once or twice to get the latest updates. Updates will be timestamped in Central time. Enjoy the show!)

Hello everyone, and welcome to tonight's LIVE coverage of WWE Friday Night SmackDown. I'm your guy watching the show and typing what happens Kevin Christopher Sullivan.

So, the undisputed elephant in the... well, arena, I guess... is whether or not former NXT Champion Adam Cole will appear tonight. Today is the last day on his contract, and speculation has run rampant regarding him staying with WWE or moving on to AEW... or a different promotion or even a whole new career entirely. I mean, that's highly unlikely, but it's certainly a thing that could happen if you want to get technical about it.  

Whatever happens, I'll be here to type down what happens and then hit the button that says "update" and then you'll know, assuming you're not watching the show. In the meantime, relax, have a snack, and get ready for some Smacky Downy LIVE on the Fox Network.

Oh, also, don't forget to comment down below or via Twitter with my handle @HeyImKevinSully (also, use #WNWSmackDown). Make me laugh and I'll share it here in the coverage. OK, let's get this road on the show.

(8:35pm) Well, it's Sami Zayn!

(8:30pm) Naomi approaches Sonya Deville about her return to SmackDown, and Sonya wasn't even aware she was on SmackDown now. 

Meanwhile, Rey Mysterio is letting Dominick fly free - Dom is taking on a mystery opponent... next.

(8:27pm) Boogs reverses a Fame-asser from Dolph and hits a pumphandle slam for the win.

RESULT: Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs defeat Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

(8:22pm) Shinsuke nearly nails Roode with the Kinshasa, but the former US champion reverses it. Shinsuke ends up outside the ring, and Dolph nails him with a Zigzag. Commercial time.... again.

... wut?


(8:12pm) Meanwhile... Rick Boogs introduces the Intercontinental Champions King Shinsuke Nakamura, as the two of them will team up to face Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler.... after the break.

(8:10pm) Rollins states that if he's going to get back into the Universal Championship hunt, he's going to have to be more like Edge. Creepy smile.

(8:08pm) Edge, in a pre-taped promo, tells us all that he did what he set out to do, and that was beat Seth Rollins, and that's what he did. Now, he's aiming for the Universal Championship.

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins is taking his loss actually pretty well. At least, until the other shoe drops.

(8:06pm) E threatens Corbin and tells him to "hit the bricks" before he inflicts physical violence on him *"Viiiiiiiiioleeeeeence... dooooooon't do iiiiiiit"). Corbin just smiles and struts out of the ring. He don't care, he got the moolah.

(8:03pm) Big E seems tempted when Corbin offers $100,000 for the contract, but he's just messing around. He says no, then offers a bunch of garbage for Corbin to buy instead.

(8:01pm) Corbin wants to buy the Money in the Bank contract from Big E.

(8:00pm) Happy Corbin asks Big E to come to the ring, so he can tell him something. Big E obliges.

(7:56pm) Happy Corbin comes to the ring with a big smile and new theme music.

(7:51pm) Kayla Braxton is outside, waiting to get a word with Roman Reigns as he arrives. Instead, Baron.... sorry.... "Happy" Corbin (there's that trademark at work) drives up, and he's apparently loaded.

(7:48pm) Cesaro starts the match off with a head full of steam (not literally) and attacks Chad immediately. 

After some great back and forth, Cesaro has Gable set up for the Swing, but Otis doesn't give him the chance and attacks from behind - drawing  DQ.

RESULT: Cesaro defeats Chad Gable by DQ

CORRECTION: Switch Gable and Otis, Gable vs Cesaro is on now.

(7:41pm) Chad Gable walks Otis down to the ring for his match against Cesaro, as we head to another ad break.

(7:40pm) Paul finally gets someone to open the door, and it's the Usos. They want to know if Heyman knew that Brock Lesnar was going to be at SummerSlam or not. Heyman insists he didn't, but Jimmy and Jey aren't buying it.

(7:31pm) Kayla Braxton catches up with Paul Heyman and asks about Brock Lesnar. Heyman assures him that he's firmly behind Roman Reigns, and then tries to get into Roman's dressing room... only to find it's locked.

As The Tick would say... the plot thicks!

(7:30pm) Bianca Belair gets the Kiss Of Death on Liv and there's the match.

RESULT: Bianca Belair pins Liv Morgan to win the match.

(7:29pm) WWE crowd with the "This is awesome!" chant and while I don't know if this match has been awesome, per se, it's been pretty damn good.

(7:25pm) That's the new logo for NXT? Ugh.

(7:22pm) Aaaaaaand, as I typed that, Liv Morgan eliminated Carmella! Sheesh.

Carmella is eliminated.

(7:21pm) Belair nails Vega with the Kiss Of Death and eliminates her.

Zelina Vega is eliminated.

(7:18pm) As you probably predicted, this has turned into a Fatal Four Way match to determine the #1 contender for Becky Lynch's title. It's also an elimination match. Ooooooooooooh.

(7:16pm) Thankfully, an ad break rushes down the aisle to give us a chance to get our bearings.

So, the first 15 minutes of the show are down below. We kind of started going the wrong way as far as the updates go, so we're going to start going the RIGHT way here.


(7:02pm) We start with a quick look at Becky Lynch's return at SummerSlam last week.

(7:03pm) Michael Cole is being joined on commentary by Corey Graves and, as the Tweet stated above, Kevin Owens.

And Becky Lynch opens the show!

(7:09pm) Becky Lynch says, as far as her Championship win at SummerSlam goes, she's sorry... for absolutely nothing! That's when Bianca Belair comes out to request a rematch.

Zelina Vega isn't cool with that.

(7:11pm) Oh, and Carmella is out now, too.

(7:12pm) And so is Liv Morgan! Yay!

Why does she have eyeballs painted on her chest?

(7:14pm) Becky's not interested in taking on any of them and Peace Outs out of there. So, the four of them just start fighting each other because pro wrestling.

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