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AJ Styles vs Jey Uso 

Winner: Jey Uso via Uso Splash 

John Morrison vs Otis:

Winner: Otis via Middle Rope Splash 

Sheamus vs Shorty G

Winner: Sheamus via Brouge Kick 

Matt Riddle and Lucha House Party vs King Corbin, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura

Winners: Matt Riddle and Lucha House Party via Brodyrek 

Jeff Hardy vs Sami Zayn(Intercontinental Championship)

Winner: Sami Zayn via pinfall 

Live Coverage:

The show opens with a cold open that shows the recap of the main event of Clash of Champions from this past Sunday.

The Tribal Chief and Paul Heyman kick off the show tonight:

Paul Heyman says that he has known Roman's family since the day Roman was born and they are here to crown Roman Regins as The Tribal Chief. Roman takes the mic and says he doesn't want to be acknowledged as The Tribal Chief because Jey didn't acknowledged him as such and calls out Jey to the ring. 

Jey Uso makes his way to the ring and says he doesn't know Roman. He goes on to say that they both showed their true colors at Clash of Champions and that the title would be his if it wasn't for Jimmy throwing in the towel. Roman would then say that Clash of Champions was the worst night of his career and that he was doing Jey a favor by putting him in the main event to give him a big payday for his family.

 Roman said he just want to raise him up and for Jey to just acknowledge him as the Tribal Chief. He would go on to say that Jey disrespected him and gives Jey another shot for the title at Hell In A Cell. He warns Jey saying that the match will have the highest stakes in WWE history.

 Roman then leaves the ring and makes his aay up the ramp as Jey Uso says whatever the stakes are you are on uce. AJ Styles then makes his way to the ring and pokes fun at Jey Uso but also tells him that he matters. Styles says he doesn't want to get beaten up again and give him a shot at the title. Styles then says that Jimmy is the better athlete anyways which leads to a brawl.

Jey Uso vs AJ Styles:

The bell rings and here we go. 

Styles begins to jawjack with Uso which leads to Jey charging him but Styles sidesteps and lays in the rights. Uso is able to fight back and gain conteol of the match leading to a right to Styles then a headbutt. Styles ends up in the corner and Uso looks to the splash but AJ moves out of the way. Styles then takes down Jey for a two count. Styles then chokes out Jey on the ropes then gets whipped into the bottom rope. Jey Uso fight back with a jawbreaker but then Styles fights back with a fury of strikes and a Pele Kick. Styles looks foe a Styles Clash but Uos counters it and sends Styles to the floor. Jey then looks for the Suicide Dive but eats a kick from Styles leading to a suplex on the announce table.

 We come back and Jey Uso is in control with rights and lefts to the midsection then a roll up for a nearfall. Styles comes back with a knee to the back for a nearfall. Styles continues the onslaught with a snapmare then a working hold. Jey gets back up but Styles sends him to the corner and charges but Jey sidesteps and starts the comeback leading to a Samoan Drop and a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Jey looks for a superkick but Styles counters with a Pele kick then a knee to the back of the neck for a nearfall. Styles then looks for the Styles Clash but Jey blocks and launches AJ over the ropes onto the apron and hits him with an enziguri leading a suicide dive. 

Jey then throws Styles back in the ring and looks for the splash but Styles gets the knees up in time. Styles looks for the phenomenal forearm but eats a superkick from Uso then another one as Jey climbs to the top and hits the Uso Splash for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Jey Uso via Uso Splash 

After the match we go backstage to Sami Zayn who talks about winning the ladder match and winning both titles. 

Sami says that he was mad at WWE for not recognizing him as champion and that the real problem is the WWE Universe for going along with WWE. Sami Zayn then throws the "fake" Intercontinental Championship in the trash. 

Sami says that's where Jeff Hardy's future will go after their match tonight. 

John Morrison vs Otis:

The bell rings and here we go. John Morrison goes behind with a waistlock but Otis pushes him to the corner. Morrison then shows off in front of him leading to Otis going after him but Morrison goes to the floor then catches Otis with a kick. Otis then comes back and goes on the attack leading a splash for the win. Before the match began we found out that Otis will be representing himself in court next week. 

Winner: Otis via Middle Rope Splash

Sasha Banks is in the building and will comment on her actions from Clash of Champions.

Sheamus vs Shorty G:

The bell rings and we are underway. Sheamus looks for a Brouge Kick but Shorty counters into a roll up for a two count. Shorty G then sidesteps Sheamus who goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle then rolls him up again for a nearfall. Shorty G goes for a moonsault and comes up empty but lands on his feet then eats two Brouge Kicks for the pinfall victory. 

Winner: Sheamus via Brouge Kick

Before the match we learned that Big E challenged Sheamus to a Falls Count Anywhere match.

After the match we see Kevin Owens thanks to the Brand to Brand Invitational getting ready for the KO Show. The monitor behind him then shows the Firefly Funhouse as KO walks away. 

The Kevin's Owens Show:

Kevin Owens' guest this week is Alexa Bliss. 

Kevin says that he has been paying attention to everything happening on Smackdown. He says that Alexa's recent changes reminds him of the changes happening to Aleister Black. Bliss then says that people change and ask if he wants to change and be better. 

KO says that he wants to understand the darkness and everything happening to her then he could understand what is happening to Black. Alexa then describes what it's like to be around The Fiend. KO says that Alexa is brainwashed and she says yes her brain has been washed. KO asks if he is here and Alexa says Let Him In. The Fiend appears and attacks KO. 

We then see The Fiend and Alexa hold hands. 

King Corbin, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Matt Riddle and Lucha House Party:

The bell rings and here we go. Nakamura and Lince start off the match. Nakamura kicks Lince in rhe chest then Lince is able to gain control of the match and takedown Nakamura before hitting him with a dropkick. Kalisto then makes his way to the ringside area and screams out that they forgot him. We come back and King Corbin is in control stomping out Gran Metalik. Corbin is able to drag Metalik to his corner as the referee is distracted by the babyfaces getting riled up. Cesaro tags in then hits a delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall then tags out to Nakamura. 

Nakamura locks in a submission but Metalik is able to hit a tornado DDT and tags out to Riddle as Corbin tags in. Riddle comes at Corbin and takes him down to the mat hitting the Broton then a penalty kick. The match then breaks down as Metalik takes out Corbin then Kalisto accidentally takes out Lince leading to Matt Riddle hitting the Brodryerk for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Matt Riddle and Lucha House Party via Brodyrek

After the match Lucha House Party almost comes to blows after Kalisto accidentally hit Lince during the match. 

We then get a recap of Bayley attacking Sasha at the PC and Sasha getting revenge at Clash of Champions. Sasha then makes her way to the ring. 

Sasha says that Bayley is a coward and using her to become the longest reigning Smackdown Women's Champion. Sasha says that Bayley isn't here tonight but challenges her for her title next week. 

The mystery woman is revealed:

Sami Zayn vs Jeff Hardy(Intercontinental Championship):

The bell rings and here we go. 

They lock up and Sami backs Jeff into the corner and lays in the rights leading to him choking him out with his boot. Hardy then fights out of the corner with rights snd then is shot into the ropes and takes down Sami with a shoulder tackle. Sami then tries to leap over ahardy but Jeff attacks the injured ribs. The match slips out to the floor a second but they make it back in the ring and Sami regains control. Sami then tries to drive Hardy face first into the apparently exposed turnbuckle but Jeff puts a stop to that and sends Sami to the floor and hits him with a baseball slide to the ribs. Jeff then comes out to the floor and looks to continue the attack but Sami moves out of the way and crash and burns against the barricade.

We come back and Zayn has Jeff in a sideheadlock but Jeff escapes with a jawbreaker but Jeff gets caught with a clothesline then gets a two nearfalls. Sami then locks in a rear chinlock as he trash talks Hardy. Hardy fight back attacking the ribs but gets taken right back down to the mat. Sami then tosses Hardy to the floor and Sami follows him to the outside and drives Jeff back first into the barricade. Sami rolls Jeff back in the ring and gets two nearfalls. Sami climbs to the top and hits a diving elbow drop to the top of Jeff's head for a two count. Sami slams Jeff down to the mat and climbs back to the top rope but Jeff meets him up there and hits a superplex and both guys are down.

 Both guys get back up and trade blows back and forth. Hardy then shoots Sami into the ropes but he counters. Hardy comesback and hits an atomic drop then a splash for a nearfall. Hardy looks for the twist of fate but Sami counters into a backslide for a two count. Sami then goes for a blue thunder bomb but gets countered into a nearfall. Sami then hits an expolder suplex on Jeff into the turnbuckle. Hardy recovers and hits a reverse mule kick but Sami comes back with a blue thunder bomb for a nearfall. Sami then sets Jeff on the top rope but Hardy takes him down with a headbutt and goes for the Swanton Bomb but Sami gets the knees up. Sami then goes for a Helluva kick but Jeff sidesteps and Sami has to put on the breaks. Jeff then goes to top but Sami cuts him at the legs causing him to hit the exposed turnbuckle for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Sami Zayn via Pinfall 

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