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WWE NXT Live Coverage 1-13

Another week, Another Wednesday; and man alive, can the world stop happening when we all just want to enjoy our Wednesday Night Wrestling?

Good evening folks, DNezz here once again to bring you all of the up-to-the-minute action from WWE NXT! Tonight promises some quality bouts as the card continues to be released. What we do know is the tonight will kick off an event that I am especially honored to cover, it's the Dusty Classic Tag Team Tournament and it kicks off tonight! There have also been odd tweets coming from WWE, perhaps a new duo to debut in the Dusty? We'll keep you covered as we watch along with you, but make sure that you hop onto Twitter as well and follow: @ItzMeItzMeItDBD where I'll be tweeting all of my reactions to tonight!

We're roughly twenty minutes out from showtime, so keep that browser tab open, grab a beverage, turn off the news and get ready... It's NXT and it is next! 

                            Shotzi Blackheart v. Candice LeRae

8 pm and we are live! DNezz back and we open with cannon fire as Shotzi Blackheart makes her way to the ring, getting set to square off The Poison Pixie, Candice LeRae! The two meet in the center of the ring and Shotzi opens the action, bringing LeRae to the apron and laying in the shots. LeRae would look to counter but Blackheart has an answer for everything; countering a seated neck breaker and the enziguri thrown by LeRae. Shotzi begins to focus on the arm of The Poison Pixie and LeRae can sense that she must rally. Shotzi looks for some unorthodox offense on the outside but LeRae interrupts the flow of Blackheart and forces the audible from Shotzi. As LeRae looks to regain composure and claw her way back into this match, her pupil Indie Wrestling, makes her presence felt as she runs interference of her own and allows The Poison Pixie to capitalize! 

Momentum has certainly shifted as it has been all LeRae during the break but Shotzi shines bright when the cameras are on her as she creates some separation with a kick to the jaw of LeRae! Shotzi suddenly rallies back and has LeRae on the ropes but every counter takes a bit out of the reserves of Blackheart. The two seem spent as Blackheart takes to the top rope, but it's Hartwell nearly to the rescue as she is sent off for her troubles. It looks as though Shotzi could secure the victory but LeRae takes to the ropes herself and counters with a monstrous spinning neck breaker!

 LeRae scoops the leg as the ref counts to three, Candice LeRae is your winner!

And it's NXT Champ time as Finn Balor makes his way to the ring. The ever confident champion boasts of hir victory at last week's NXT New Years Evil and asks for the next in line to stand. And the Champion was answered. 

                                                    GYV v. Ever-Rise

It's Dusty Classic time! And boy oh boy this once could be quick as Ever-Rise appears nervous to square off against the GYV. The Bell sounds and GYV look to make quick work of Ever-Rise. Gibson and Drake looking good in the early going as they deal with the mouths of Ever-Rise. Drake appears to get flustered as Ever-Rise continue their mind games and chatter, but Gibson is there to reel him back in and refocus his partner. 

From this point on it was all GYV as they showed us exactly why they are an early favorite to take it all in this Dusty Classic. 

Despite an impressive showing and a bit of rugged flare from Ever-Rise, GYV would rise above the new duo and punch their ticket to the next round of this year's Dusty Classic. 

                              Johhny Gargano v. Dexter Lumis

The match starts with some theatrics by Gargano but theatrics are no match for brute power and that is what Lumis is bringing tonight! Gargano looks to capitalize with some quick counters but Lumis responds to each of them before slinking about the ring and staring down the North American Champion like a Cobra would its prey. 

Gargano looks to escape to the outside, Lumis follows, but eats a series of kicks for his efforts before returning to the ring and regaining control of the match. Lumis ascends the ropes and looks to deliver the senton but Gargano rolls away, narrowly avoiding the impact and weakening Lumis as we head to break!

We are back and Gargano is in firm control after some shenanigans from Austin Theory. After the distraction, it has been all Gargano looking to defeat Icy-Starred Artist of NXT. A few more shots from the North American Champion would seem to reenergize Lumis as he begins to stalk and stomp Gargano. A bulldog followed by a kip-up leg drop would look to begin the end but Gargano will not go down without a fight. Lumis would eat more kicks from Gargano and continue to come for more, but Austin Theory would insert himself again into the match and cause enough distraction for Gargano to pull the ever sneaky rollup for the three-count and the win, but the real story would be the arrival of Kushida who not only dispatched Gargano from his continued attack on Lumis but also called short time on the reign of Johnny Gargano as North American Champion. Gargano v. Kushida does have appeal, let's see how the two men carry on next week as they meet in the Dusty Classic! 

                                           Swerve & Atlas v. MSK

It's Nash Carter and Wes Lee debuting as we get ready for more Dusty Classic action! Carter and Atlas will start things off and the bodies will fly as both men jockey for advantage. Carter looks impressive in his first bit of action on NXT as he lands a corkscrew crossbody drop on the Irish whip counter. Carter collects his opponent and brings him to the corner where he tags in Wes Lee and we now get to see the second member of MSK. 

Lee is certainly a physical specimen and he is showing that he can certainly perform in the ring as well as he hangs with anyone who will face him! The veteran presence of Swerve though would be the difference maker as he drags Lee to his corner by the face! 

Swerve & Atlas would proceed to welcome MSK to the dance as they prove that foes can work together. 

The action would be crazy and the bodies would fly but MSK would find a way to keep the impressive team of Atlas and Swerve down as MSK advances to the next round of the Dusty Classic. 

Xai Li was then set for a match but forgot to actually let her opponent do much of anything...

                          Adam Cole & Roddy Strong v. Breezango

It is main event time as we conclude the evening with more Dusty Classic action! Two top teams looking to advance here and whichever team secures the victory must be considered an early favorite. Both teams enter the ring and the bell sounds as Cole and Breeze begin the dance. Both men a mirror image in their offense as both men pull off of a potential dual superkick and a show of respect from them before tagging out to their partners. 

Strong and Fandango will meet in the center and it's Strong early but Fandango counters and takes advantage over Strong with the hammerlock. Strong gets to his feet but is met by the educated feet of Fandango. Both men tag out again and Cole and Breeze resume their dance with Breeze taking control as we head to break!

We're back folks and Breeze is in trouble as he unceremoniously dumped Cole to the outside and as he looked for the follow-up was met by Cole's boot! Cole reenters the ring and both men continue their assault of one and another as the tempo quickens. Breeze tags in Fandango and the bodies fly as the match breaks down; both teams hellbent on advancing to the next round of this prestigious tournament. 

After the flurry, the ring was still as the four competitors lay, spent and battered from the ongoing battle. Suddenly, Pete Dunne and The NXT Tag Champs appear and attack Kyle O'Reilly on the outside; looking to put him on the shelf for an extended period. As KOR stand, pinned to the steel structure and starring down his fate, it would be Finn Balor flying in for the save, repaying KOR for his gallantry earlier in the evening. 

The numbers game would catch up though and both heroes would be dispatched by the trio of Dunne, Burch, and Lorcan. Meanwhile,  we have a tag match going on and Cole has finally seen what has transpired on the outside. Cole focuses back on Fandango and the match as he turns and faces Fandango, who happens to be flying from the top rope; only to catch the well-placed superkick of Cole before crashing to the mat. Cole would scoop the leg and the bell would sound as Undisputed Era picks up the win before rushing to the aid of their fallen comrade. What sort of retribution will be dished out next week on an already stunning card of action? And that'll wrap it up here from the WNW Den, DNezz signing off for the evening and remember IWC, as another NFL season comes to an end.....

Go Bills!!

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