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Hey everybody! Kevin Christopher Sullivan here with you for tonight's LIVE coverage of WWE Raw. We're expecting a pretty eventful evening - if you want to know why, take a quick jump over to our Raw Preview here.

As you may have heard, the WWE Championship match between Champion Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton has been bumped up... to tonight! On top of that, current Mr. Money in the Bank Big E has announced he intends to cash in tonight. Of course, I also intended to actually eat something healthy today and that didn't work out so well. 

Anyhoo, between the Lashley/Orton bout and Big E possibly cashing in, what are the odds we see a brand new WWE Champion tonight? Well, I'm no Scott Steiner but I'd say the odds are... not too bad. I guess. Math's not really my strong point, I don't know why I even brought it up at all. Never mind.

Well, with that being said, let's get ready for tonight's show! Remember to share your thoughts in the comments section down below or shoot me a message on Twitter at @HeyImKevinSully. Enjoy the show!

(7:36pm) Alexa Bliss comes to the ring with Lilly and a wrapped present.

(7:35pm) Charlotte Flair defeats Shayna Baszler following a boot to the face after botched interference from Nia Jax.

(7:30pm) Nia Jax comes to the ring and distracts Charlotte long enought for Shayna to toss her into the steel steps. 

We're going to a break and I'll be back for the result of this match. I'm fighting a migraine. It reallly sucks.

(7:21pm) Earlier in the day, Nia Jax confronted Shayna regarding Nia's title match and Shayna's interference. Then I sat on my TV remote and accidentally switched it to Netflix. When I finally got back to the show, the match had started and went back to a commercial. Whee.

(7:12pm) WWE Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair is taking on Shayna Baszler tonight in a Contender's Match because apparently in WWE now if you want a title shot you have to... beat the champion?

(7:11pm) Big E taunts Lashley with the briefcase, so the champion smacks it out of his hand and out of the ring. Prime opportunity for Orton to hit Lashley with an RKO.

(7:08pm) Nice three-way promo between Hurt Business, RK-Bro, and Big E.

(7:03pm) RK-Bro come out afterwards. Orton doesn't seem as interested in hugging the crowd as Big E was. It's a pandemic, though.

And then WWE Champion Bobby Lashley comes out, too. He's in a very nice suit.

(7:01pm) Last week's SmackDown is gonna be a hard act to follow.

And the show opens with a Big E appearance.


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