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It's the night after Survivor Series, which means it's the Raw after Survivor Series, which means things could get a little crazy. After all, Survivor Series is one of WWE's "Big Four", and the shows following those usually have surprises that will curl your toes and... something something your nose and... anyway, you get it.

So, tonight, the format is going to be a little different. Following this intro, the results are going to read going down... which means the latest event we've reported will be first - and then you can scroll down for what happened earlier. If you guys like this way better - or if you don't - let us know in the comments section, which is also down there. 

I also encourage all of you to head that way and share your thoughts about tonight's show there. I'll be checking it regularly and if any of you wisenheimers say something funny, well... I'll repeat it up here. Or, you can shoot me a message via Twitter using my handle @HeyImKevinSully. Ha ha I said handle. What am I, a truck driver with a CB radio in the 70s? Breaker breaker good buddy.

Anyway... from this point on, we'll be rocking the Raw coverage. Looking forward to watching this with you fine folks. See you at 8pm/7pm C.


If you're just coming by, well... Raw's over. Sorry. But we've got your quick and dirty results below and you can scroll down for more in-depth coverage.

Well... let's take a look and see what went down tonight , shall we?

AJ Styles defeated Randy Orton (AJ is in the triple threat match next week)
Alexa Bliss defeated Nikki Cross
Keith Lee defeated Bobby Lashley (Keith is in the triple threat match next week)
Lana and Raw Women's Champion Asuka defeated WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler
Riddle defeated Sheamus (Riddle is in the triple threat match next week)
Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated The Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin)

Thank you to everybody who tuned in, watched with me, Tweeted me and more. I'll see you back here on Friday for SmackDown (and I'll be at Sportskeeda on Wednesday for NXT), but if you have any comments or suggestions for our coverage, leave them down below in the comments.

So, until next time... I'm outta here.


RESULT: AJ Styles defeats Randy Orton.

(11:00pm) AJ takes the opportunity to hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Randy and gets the win!

(10:58pm) The Fiend's music begins to play, distracting Orton for a moment. Randy shakes it off and hits AJ with a DDT. Then, all the lights go out. Bray sneaks up behind him.

(10:57pm) Orton catches AJ coming out of the corner and hits the scoop powerslam.

(10:53pm) Back from break and Randy Orton has started to fight back. AJ, the legend he is, starts attacking Orton's hurt left leg.

(10:49pm) AJ tosses Randy out of the ring and then, after a distraction from his "associate", tosses him onto the announce table. Then it's a commercial while I try to get my kid to go to bed AND cover the rest of the show. But I'mma do it... FOR YOU GUYS! :D

(10:47pm) I just feel the need to just point out, not that it's lost on anybody, just still how it's kind of surreal that AJ Styles isn't just in WWE, but a multiple time WWE World Champion.

(10:42pm) We get a look at both The Undertaker's career and the tribute to said career from last night. Now, it looks like we're ending the evening with a match between AJ Styles and Randy Orton.

RESULT: Alex Bliss defeats Nikki Cross.

(10:31pm) Cross starts to lose her cool and begins to beat the tar out of Bliss. Bliss starts to cry, acting confused as to why she's wearing the odd Alice In Wonderland outfit and asks Nikki to help her.

Nikki lets her guard down and Alexa nails her with a Sister Abigail and gets the win.

(10:19pm) Nikki Cross has had it with Alexa Bliss and she wants to beat The Fiend out of her.

(10:15pm) Both men are on the floor and Lee tosses Lashley into the ring. MVP sees the ref distracted and pushes Lee into the ring post. 

Lee is back in the ring and Lashley goes for the Hurt Lock. However, we see Lee regain his senses and fight out of the hold and fight back.

Then MVP races into the ring and attacks Keith, getting Lashley disqualified.

RESULT: Keith Lee defeats Bobby Lashley

Keith Lee vs Bobby Lash-Lee

(10:00pm) Keith Lee comes to the ring to his "Sexy Boy" theme music.

(9:45pm) Matt Riddle approaches MVP backstage in hopes of wishing Bobby Lashley luck in his match against Keith Lee (Riddle and Lashley both have MMA experience) and also wants to pitch some business ideas ("pizza flavored yogurt") to MVP. Montel Porter tells Riddle to gather up all his ideas and hopefully they don't suck or the Hurt Business is going to beat up Matt Riddle.... I think.

RESULT: Lana and Asuka defeat Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

(9:50pm) Lana and Asuka will take on the Women's Tag Team Champions for their belts at TLC next month.

(9:49pm) Nia Jax tries to put Lana through the announce table, but Lana fights her off. Baszler grabs Lana and tries to choke her out. But... Asuka rolls her up and gets the pin!

(9:43pm) Yep, for the titles.

(9:40pm) Before Lana and Asuka can have their match, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler jump them and are about to put the Raw Women's champ through the announce table. Lana races over and rescues Asuka and the two start heading for the back.

Jax and Baszler challenge the two of them to a tag match... for the titles?

(9:30pm) After an adorable Firefly Fun House, where Alexa and Bray murder a talking frog, Asuka heads to the ring for her match against Lana which our own Meg is pretty grumpy about, but she's a kid and I'm old and so there's that. Anyway, commercial time.

(9:20pm) Lana is backstage when she's approached by Asuka. The Raw women's champion tells her that she heard that she wants to challenge her for her title - which she didn't and tried to explain to her - but Asuka offers her a title match tonight and it looks like Lana is getting it whether she wants it or not.

RESULT: Riddle defeats Sheamus

(9:16pm) Sheamus goes for the Brough Kick, but Riddle collapses. Still, the two of them keep the fight going and then Riddle rolls up Sheamus and THE WIN!

(9:14pm) Riddle's kicks to escape from Sheamus look like he's hitting the Celtic Warrior with a giant fish.

(9:05pm) Sheamus tosses Riddle into the corner, then charges him - but Riddle dodges and Sheamus crashes into the ring post.

(9:03pm) Both Riddle and Sheamus have knocked the snot out of each other. Riddle goes for a kick and Sheamus hits him right in the face. Riddle falls to the mat swinging punches after imaginary Sheamuses.

(8:59pm) Later tonight, we'll have AJ Styles vs Randy Orton and Keith Lee vs Bobby Lashley for the other two qualifying matches.

(8:57pm) Riddle vs Sheamus kicks off. Riddle wants a fist-bump for good sportsmanship, but Sheamus slaps his hand away and complains about Riddle calling him "Fireface".

(8:53pm) The first of those matches will be Riddle vs Sheamus and that's happening after the break.

(8:50pm) After having conversations with both Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton, Adam Pearce has decided that tonight there will be a series of three singles matches - the winners of which will fight in a Triple Threat Match next week. THAT winner will get a shot at Drew McIntyre.

RESULT: The New Day defeat The Hurt Business

(8:40pm) Kofi flips over the ropes onto Cedric, and Woods gets a sunset flip on Benjamin and the New Day retain.

(8:39pm) Kofi finally gets the tag to Woods.

(8:37pm) Kofi nearly gets the hot tag to Woods, but Cedric pulls Xavier off the apron and the assault on Kofi's left knee continues.

(8:36pm) Everyone in this match is wrestling like they just woke up an hour ago.

(8:33pm) Kofi gets tossed over the top rope and lands on his left leg, possibly hurting his knee.

(8:32pm) and this match has been restarted.

From our pals at Sportskeeda.com....

(8:30) Both teams are fighting on the floor with the ref counting. Apparently, someone wasn't paying attention, as suddenly the Hurt Business has won by count-out. Everyone looks confused.

(8:26pm) It's just Benjamin and Kingston in the ring, and Shelton gets thrown to the mat. Before Kofi can attack from the top, MVP and Cedric toss Kofi off the turnbuckles. Ref doesn't see it.

(8:23pm) I'm shocked WWE hasn't gotten Jake From State Farm to do a guest spot on Raw by now.

(8:18pm) Introductions have concluded... This match is on.

(8:15pm) Back from break, and we're backstage with The New Day and The Hurt Business convince them, through badgering and being mean, to give them a Raw Tag Team Championship opportunity. It works. New Day vs Hurt Business for the belts happens now.

Strowman takes offense at that, grabs Adam by the collar, and screams at him to give him the title shot. Pearce doesn't answer quickly enough, and Braun headbutts him. Commercial time.

After the rest of the team attempts to convince Adam they should get the title shot, Pearce turns to Braun Storwman to get his thoughts, saying "Last... but not least."

Adam Pearce introduces the team and informs them that one of them is going to earn a title shot against McIntyre. Adam asks all team members to state their case. And now the back and forth.

Raw kicks off following the rerun of Chicago P.D. with a look back at Drew McIntyre winning the WWE Championship back from Randy Orton. And then we're back in the ring with last night's victorious Raw men's Survivor Series team.

It's about showtime. Y'all ready? Or are you too invested in Chicago P.D.?

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