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(Check out our Money In The Bank 2021 Preview before the show starts!)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Wrestling News World's LIVE coverage of the 2021 Money In The Bank PPV! Taking place from Ft. Worth, TX, it's the first PPV event with a full crowd since the COVID-19 pandemic began over a year ago. 

Last year, this event took place at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT with a combo live/cinematic match for both the men's and women's briefcases. Obviously, we're going back to basics this year. But, it's still looking like we're in for a fun show with - apparently - a number of surprises. Including, maybe, one we can't see? (Doo doodoo doooooooooo)

 We'll be starting things off during the Kick-Off Show, where Dominick and Rey Mysterio will be defending their SmackDown Tag Team Championships against Jimmy and Jey Uso. 

If you would like to share your thoughts and comments during the show, there's three different ways you can do that. First, you can reach out via Twitter at @HeyImKevinSully (and the hashtag #WNWMITB). We'll be sharing our favorite Tweets during the show.

Second, you can post your thoughts in the comments section below. We check that regularly and we'll do our best to reply as the show goes on.

Finally, COME TO OUR CHAT ROOM! I'll be hanging out there, as well as some other WNW writers and other friends. Come hang and let us know what you think of the show and our coverage. Check it out HERE.

So, keep it right here and hang out with us with what we're hoping is going to be one amazing event. Talk to you all soon!

And that's the PPV! What a show! I really enjoyed that. How about you?

I'm looking forward to Raw tomorrow, which I'll be covering as well! Probably won't have the chat room up. Who knows? Either way, thanks for hanging out with me and, until tomorrow... I'm outta here.

(10:21pm) John Cena hits the ring, tells Roman he can't see him, and the crowd goes wild! What and ending!

(10:19pm) JOHN CENA IS HERE!

(10:18pm) Rollins is in Roman's face, telling him he's next, but Edge attacks Rollins and chases him through the crowd. Now... Roman has a mic.

(10:16pm) Seth Rollins comes back out and distracts Edge enough for Roman to get a spear in and get the pin!

RESULT: Roman Reigns defeats Edge to retain the Universal Championship

(10:15pm) Roman goes for a spear, but Edge counters it with one of his own! Goes for the pin.... new ref comes in! Only gets a 2!

(10:13pm) Edge breaks out of the submission and uses the chair part in Roman's mouth to torture him. The Usos come out to help, but the Mysterios stop them. Suddenly, Seth Rollins comes through the crowd and kicks Edge int the head!

(10:09pm) And the ref goes down! Rut roh.

(10:07pm) Both men on the floor, Roman charges at Edge, who moves, and Roman crashes into the barricade! Edge breaks the ref's count and spears him through another barricade! Then carries him back into the ring for a pin, but Roman kicks out!

(9:49pm) Edge is focusing on Roman's arm, slamming him into the ring post over and over.

(9:40pm) Roman walking so slowly to the ring, he's making the Undertaker's entrance look like the Ultimate Warrior's.

(9:33pm) You think you know me....


Big E on the ladder and.... GETS THE BRIEFCASE! BIG E WINS!

RESULT: Big E is the new Mr. Money In The Bank!

(9:21pm) Well, Kevin Owens just got powerbombed through a ladder so I guess he's dead.

(9:20pm) Nakamura is nearly to the briefcase, but Morrison catches up with him and shoots him in the face! I mean, with a Drip Stick. Not a real gun. That would be horrible.

(9:17pm) Jinder Mahal and his flunkies hit the ring and attack Drew McIntyre... then drag him to the back!

(9:14pm) Rollins is all alone in the ring with a ladder and runs up... but gets knocked down. Then an RKO BY RIDDLE ON ROLLINS!

(9:11pm) Kevin Owens is against the ropes, and Rollins and Morrison are about to charge into him with a ladder... but Owens gets his leg up... then hits them both with a springboard moonsault onto the ladder.

(9:10pm) Seth Rollins and John Morrison have spent the last few minutes working together... I'm sure that won't end badly.

(9:06pm) If you think I'm going to be able to keep up with this match and cover every single thing that happens, you're out of your goddamned mind. I'll keep you informed if something major happens, however.

(9:03pm) Restarted the app and it's working now but that was f***ing stupid. Get your s*** together, NBC.

(9:00pm) Yep... Peacock still hasn't fixed their feed. 

(8:51pm) I'd love to tell you what's happening now, but Peacock is peacock-ing up big time.

If you're not happy that Charlotte won, you can just SHUT UP! HA HA HA! Don't like it?! Say so in the comments, in the chat room, or on Twitter (@HeyImKevinSully)

(8:45pm) Flair pins Rhea's knee between the ring and the steps and kicks it over and over and over. Then, back into the ring, she slaps the Figure Eight on her and gets the tap.

RESULT: Charlotte Flair defeats Rhea Ripley and wins the Raw Women's Championship

(8:43pm) Charlotte with Natural Selection off the top rope and Ripley STILL kicks out! WOW!

(8:42pm) Charlotte goes for another pin, this time with her feet on the ropes, but the ref sees it and stops the count. It's enough of a distraction for Ripley to find an opening and attack.

(8:40pm) Rhea attempts the Ripcord on Charlotte, but The Queen turns it into a DDT! Ripley still manages to kick out!

(8:38pm) Charlotte and Rhea Ripley are putting on a hell of a match. The crowd is also seriously loud for this, too.

(8:16pm) Another Hurt Lock on Kofi and Kofi can't respond so the ref calls it.

RESULT: Bobby Lashley defeats Kofi Kingston to retain the WWE Championship.

(8:15pm) Lashley with two Dominators.... no, three... on Kofi.

(8:13pm) Lashley has Kofi in the Hurt Lock, but before Kofi can submit, he turns it into a suplex to continue the punishment.

(8:09pm) The bell rings and Kofi is about to charge out of the corner, but MVP is holding on to his leg! Kofi breaks free and rolls Lashley up for two. Kofi gets some more offense before Bobby nails him with a backdrop and starts the dismantlement.

(8:06pm) Bobby Lashley looks like he's about to eat Kofi Kingston just out of spite.

(8:05pm) Kofi Kingston comes to the ring (to the sound of the entire crowd going bananas) for his WWE Championship match against Bobby Lashley.

(7:56pm) Omos with a chokeslam on Erik and gets the pin!

RESULT: AJ Styles and Omos retain the Raw Tag Team titles against the Viking Raiders.

(7:55pm) The Raiders hit AJ with the Viking Experience and Ivar goes for the pin. Erik rushes over to cut off Omos, and Omos grabs him by the throat and tosses him into his partner, breaking up the pin!

(7:54pm) Someone near a camera keeps saying bad words, because the audio keeps stopping every few minutes.

(7:53pm) Omos with a Gorilla Press Slam on Ivar! GEEZ!

(7:46pm) AJ hits the ropes, Omos catches him and tosses him over the ropes, out of the ring, and onto Erik, and Styles hits him with a hurricanrana! Nice spot!

(7:45pm) Omos eventually tags out to AJ, and the Viking Raiders eventually get the upper hand over the former WWE Champion.

(7:44pm) AJ immediately tags in Omos, and the Vikings immediately try to double team the giant. It doesn't go well.

(7:40pm) Coming up next - The Viking Raiders challenge AJ Styles and Omos  for their Raw Tag Team Championship. 

(7:31pm) Everybody is on top of ladders, each of them just fingertips away from the briefcase. NIKKI RUNS UP AND JUST GRABS THE THING AND WINS!!

RESULT: Nikki A.S.H. wins the Women's Money In The Bank briefcase!

(7:29pm) Everyone works together for a moment to bury Alexa under ladders on the arena floor. Nattie quips "She deserved that." Everyone starts fighting on the floor again, and Liv takes the opportunity to climb up the ladder, but gets stopped by Tamina.

(7:28pm) We get another Nikki/Alexa stand-off, and Alexa gets her modified Sister Abigail on Nikki.

(7:27pm) Everybody is nice enough to stand still long enough to give Nikki enough time to climb up a ladder and fly into everyone.

(7:22pm) Alexa and Zelina Vega find themselves both at the top of the ladder. Alexa uses her hypnotic powers and gets Zelina to start climbing down. Bliss heads back up the ladder but, once again, Natalya stops her in her tracks.

(7:21pm) Liv is pinned in the corner by a ladder, and Alexa is crawling her way towards her up the ladder. Liv is crying (again) but gets saved by Natalya. Whew!

(7:18pm) Tamina is holding up a ladder, closed and upright, and Liv Morgan runs up it, nearly able to get her fingers on the briefcase. Tamina pushes it down.

(7:16pm) Everybody bolts out of the ring to get ladders... except Alexa, who stays perched on the turnbuckles, watching everyone doing that.

(7:13pm) Naomi makes her glowy entrance, followed by Asuka. Who you guys got? Twitter, Comments, Chat Room. 

(7:11pm) Zelina is on her way with an ostentatious white outfit that looks amazing.

(7:10pm) ... followed shortly by Natalya and Tamina.

(7:10pm) Nikki A.S.H. is almost a superhero and she's in next.

(7:09pm) Liv Morgan is the next one to the ring, and the crowd pops pretty impressively as her music hits.

(7:07pm) The first to come to the ring is Alexa Bliss. She's looking good.

Remember! If you're following along live, be sure to refresh the page a couple of times to make sure you have the latest updates to the show!

(7:02pm) Let's get going!

Don't forget about our MITB Chat Room! Come say hi!

Money In The Bank 2021 will start with the Women's MITB Ladder Match!

Kickoff Show coverage is below.

In case you were confused because that last match was actually awesome, that was the Kickoff Show - the actual PPV starts in five minutes!

(6:51pm) Jey rolls up Rey, and Jimmy pushes his legs onto Jey's back, giving him leverage and the Usos win the belts!

RESULT: The Usos defeat Rey and Dominick Mysterio for the SmackDown tag team championships.

(6:50pm) Jimmy blocks a 619 intended for Jey, and Jey responds with a superkick on a leaping Rey. Uso Splash, but Mysterio STILL kicks out!

(6:47pm) Rey with a flying sitdown senton on Jey and nearly gets a three count. Jimmy gets a blind tag after the kick-out and nails Rey with a Samoan Drop and gets a two-count of his own.

(6:42pm) We're in Kickoff Show territory and The Usos are challenging Rey and Dominick Mysterio for their SmackDown Tag Team Championships. Who you guys got? 

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