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(If you are following along live, make sure you refresh the page a couple of times every so often to get the latest updates. All updates... well, most of them... are timestamped - in Central time - so you know what happened when.)

Hey everyone! Kevin Christopher Sullivan here, and I am privileged to be able to provide you all with Wrestling News World's live coverage of tonight's WWE NXT TakeOver 36. 

Considering everything that's happened in the pro wrestling world leading up to tonight's show - all the WWE releases, for example, or the rumors that WWE is turning back the dial on NXT and turning it back into the developmental project it was originally intended to be - it's understandable for one to think this may be the last time we see the yellow and gold brand in the way we've grown accustomed.

The thing about NXT, since it became a brand and not a game show, is that it has always evolved within the confines of whatever situation it finds itself in. So, I have a strong feeling NXT is gonna be OK. But, we'll see.

Anyhoo... we'll get started just as the show starts, and if you want to chime in, just use the comments below or message me via the Twitter at @HeyImKevinSully or, I dunno, yell really loud out your window. That probably won't work but at least your neighbors will think you're insane, so there's that.

Well.... let's get started, bitches.

Anyhoo... I'll be back tomorrow for Monday Night Raw, unless I'm dead. In the meantime, you guys have a great night and keep loving wrestling and I'm outta here.

Holy shit, that was a hell of a show. Let's go over what happened:

*Cameron Grimes gets revenge on L.A. Knight and wins the Million Dollar Championship
*Raquel Gonzalez retains her NXT Women's Championship and is confronted by Kay Lee Ray.
*Kyle O'Reilly defeats Adam Cole and now we all get to speculate where Adam Cole is going to end up this week.
*Samoa Joe defeats Karrion Kross to become the first 3-time NXT Champion.

(9:28pm) Samoa Joe gets Karrion Kross up in the Muscle Buster and..... 


RESULT: Samoa Joe defeats Karrion Kross and is the NEW NXT Champion!

(9:27pm) HOLY S*@^!

(9:00pm) O'Reilly is handcuffed to the ring ropes, and Cole is laying on the violence... and Kyle grabs his leg and puts him in a submission move and Cole submits!

RESULT: Kyle O'Reilly defeats Adam Cole

(8:58pm) Adam Cole takes the second fall. We're in a Steel Cage Match now.

Pat MacAfee keeping up Kayfabe better than most wrestlers.

(8:39pm) Fall #2 is a street fight and Kyle is already busting out the garbage cans.

(8:38pm) O'Reilly catches Cole following a leap from the top rope and rolls him up for the first fall!

Kyle O'Reilly takes the first fall.

(8:33pm) Kyle O'Reilly. Adam Cole. 2 out of 3 falls. Let's DO this.

(8:21pm) Dragunov holds on to that sleeper - except to lay in some punches and kicks on WALTER - and WALTER taps out! Ilja is the new NXT UK Champion!!

Result: Ilja Draunov defeats WALTER to win the NXT UK Championship

(8:19pm) WALTER nails Ilja with a top rope splash and he STILL kicks out!

(8:18pm) Dragunov looks like he got hit by a car, and he's still going!

(8:12pm) WALTER nauls Dragunov with TWO vicious lariats, but Ilja still kicks out! He's not giving up!

(8:07pm) WALTER has been NXT UK Champion for 870 days. Holy crap.

(8:07pm) The cut Dragunov sustained in his match against Roderick Strong last week has opened up, but he's still going.... er... strong.

(8:03pm) We're well into Ilja Dragunov vs WWE NXT UK Champion WALTER, and it's been a lot of good back and forth so far.

(7:50pm) Kay Lee Ray is here!

(7:48pm) Dakota has Raquel hung up on the turnbuckles, and she's about to charge in for a Helluva Kick. Gonzalez blocks the kick, lifts her up, and nails her with a chokeslam, and gets the pin to retain ger championship.

RESULT: Raquel Gonzalez defeats Dakota Kai 

(7:45pm) Dakota and Raquel are absolutely destroying each other. Well, except for that one kick that didn't even come close to Gonzalez's face but she sold it anyway.

Who am *I* to judge that, though? If *I* was in the ring with them, I would have... well... DIED by now, much less goof up every move expected of me.

(7:34pm) We now move on to the NXT Women's Championship match, and both Dakota Kai and champion Raquel Gonzalez are going to slug it out.

Wow. The CWC crowd cheering Dakota and booing Gonzalez.

(7:26pm) Knight grabs the Million Dollar Championship belt in order to use it, but the referee is having none of it. Grimes with a superkick, knocking Knight out of the ring, and the ref hands DiBiase the belt. Ted turns around and tosses the belt back into the ring, distracting the ref, and slaps the MDD on Knight while the ref looks the other way.

Ted tosses Knight back into the ring and Grimes hits the Cave In and gets the victory!

RESULT: Cameron Grimes defeats L.A. Knight for the Million Dollar Championship

(7:18pm) Grimes attempts a Million Dollar Dream, but Knight fights his way out of it.

(7:07pm) Tonight's show is kicking off with Cameron Grimes vs L.A. Knight for the Million Dollar Championship.

As the show proper opens with the standard video package, I had to share this tweet, as it made me laugh.

(6:54pm) Well... three minutes later and Ridge Holland hits a Jackhammer-type thing-a-ma-bob, and gets the win.

RESULT: Ridge Holland defeats Trey Baxter

Ridge grabs a mic and tells Timothy Thatcher that he's gonna beat him up.

(6:51pm) Well, we're getting a little of an early start, as the Kick-Off Show is in full effect. Right now Trey Baxter is taking on Ridge Holland. 

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