RAW Results 4/2/12 - Yes, Yes, Daniel Bryan, Yes!

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Backstage Segment

This post WrestleMania 28 RAW starts with all the wrestlers sitting in a room. Laurinaitis said last night he made history when he became the GM of RAW and Smackdown, arguably the most powerful man in the WWE. He won't abuse it and give the people what they want to see. Santino will defend his US Title against Dolph and Swagger in a Triple Threat Match. Punk comes in, belt over his shoulder and says he speaks for the fans and the vast majority of those standing there, they all consider him to still be a giant tool box. The wrestlers giggle.

Laurinaitis says he know Punk likes to joke.

Punk says he's not joking.

Laurinaitis says he's not joking when he says that Punk will defend his Title against Henry tonight. Many wrestlers don't think it's fair, but Laurinaitis says it's a good use of power and giving the fans what they want. He says welcome to the new era – People Power. He gets applause from the heels.

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Rocky's music and he comes out to the stage and really gets the fans wild. Rocky to the ring, poses and smiles as the fans go wild. This goes on for well over a minute before his music even stops. Then the fans continue to chant and cheer him. "Boots 2 assess!" chant as he points to his shirt. He's about to talk and he laughs. He points to his arm to show the goosebumps.

He says 14 months ago, hold on, Rock is going somewhere with this. "You still got it!" chants. He thanks the fans. He came back to the WWE and they did it all. Birthday parties, history lessons, electrified fans across the country, but it was all for last night. 78,000 at Sunrise Stadium. Victorious at WrestleMania. Now he can truly say – Finally, the Rock has come back... HOME! "Rocky!" chants fill the arena. He says there's one man Rock has to thank and that's Cena. The fans don't agree with that. "Cena sucks!" chants. Rocky says last night Cena brought it to the Rock like never before. After two AA's and a huge leg drop and the STF, the Rock was having a JHC moment. "JHC!" chants.

Rock says it was an honor to compete with Cena in the biggest match of all time. Win or lose,t hey made history and they did it for the fans. Rock wants to thank Cena, his friends and family, but more importantly, he has to thank the people. The millions, and he does this three time before he likes their reaction. He says 1995 Rock was cut from the Canadian Football League. Do you know how much you have to suck to be cut by them? Because of the fans Rocky is the most electrifying man in all of entertainment, but also the People's Champion. More chants.

For those who think that this is the end, the Rock guaran-danm-tees that this is the beginning!

The fans, almost the whole arena, starts chanting "YES!" and pointing to sky ala D-Bry! Not sure Rock knew what that was about.

"Thank you Rocky!" chants start, so Rock again stopped. He says he's had this vision. Rocky celebrated his victory, dancing, salsa, merengue. His hips dance. Someone whistled. He thanked the person, then said it was a dude. John Cena fan. He had this vision and woke up telling people and they said it's impossible. Rocky wipes a monkey's ass with the word impossible! Would the people like to hear his vision? He got the 'YES!' chants going again. His vision is that the Rock will walk down that aisle as the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, one vision in mind, don't need no re-vampin', Rock's going to be WWE Champion. Again the fans chant D-Bry's 'YES!' at Rocky. #teambringit worldwide, thank you, love you, that will come true one day. If you smellllllllll what the Rock is cookin'! The fans are hot as Rocky leaves the ring and laps hands. He grabs a pink sign asking, "Rock, please hug me!" Rocky showed the sign to the camera, then gave her a one armed hug and a kiss on her cheek.


Cena swearing last Monday that he would beat Rocky at WrestleMania.

Triple Threat for IC Title – Sant vs Dolph vs Swagger

Santino out to the ring, all ready for a fight.



Stills from WrestleMania. Punk flying through the air, Brodus dancing, Trip out to the ring.

Triple Threat for IC Title – Sant vs Dolph vs Swagger

Vickie out and announces both of her boys to the ring, basically saying that one of them will be the US Champ. Swagger is in new teal, black and silver ring gear. Singlet and matching knee pads. He looks less like a high school kid in with his new look. Cole is wearing white to pay homage to Laurinaitis and stated so. King says Cole looks like Colonel Sanders.

Santino does all he can to avoid the other two, until Dolph catches him. Dolph then does some situps. Front facelock on Santino on the mat, then Swagger does pushups on Santino. Santino fights back with blows, sends Dolph out over the top. Swagger with a shoulder block to Santino.


Dolph yells at Santino on the mat, then Swagger does the same. Dolph holds Santino for Swagger, but he fights back with a kick, then hip tosses, cobra comes out. Dolph grabs Santino from behind, then they double team Santino with a zig/zig type me. Dolph tries to pin, then Swagger starts arguing. Dolph is taken down by Swagger, then Swagger tries to splash Santino, but he gets his knees up. Dolph hits a drop kick on Santino, but is caught and snake eyes. Santino side steps Swagger who eats the corner. Cobra and Santino gets the three.

Winner – Santino

They grab at Santino who then yells, "What the hell!" then dropped and rolled from the ring. Santino power walks up the ramp and Brodus comes out to join Santino on stage. Dolph rushes Brodus and into a head butt. Swagger doesn't chance it. "Funkasaurus!" chants. The girls come out and they all dance. Brodus trumpets and Santino dances with his cobra.


Lord Tensai w/ Sakamoto vs Alex Riley

Sakamoto comes out, then Lord Tensai came out in a robe, metal hat and fabric over his face. Riley is already in the ring. Cole admitted that Tensai was a WWE Champ who went to Japan and has recently returned. King says he dominated in Japan, for years. In the ring Sakamoto removes Tensai robe. Off comes hat and fabric to show characters across his head and one side of his face. It's obviously not actually tattooed on, unlike the rest of the ink on his head and body – it smeared up by the end of the match.

An elbow to Riley's jaw. Riley throws a couple blows, then a blows form Tensai drops him. Riley is whipped hard across the ring. Head butts to Riley over and over and over in the corner. Double under hook the Tensai holds him vertically before slamming him to the mat. "Daniel Bryan!" chants. A couple elbow drops then a sick back splash on Riley. Riley back into the corner and elbows to Riley's face. The fans got into that. Tensai moves away and Riley was rubber and slid down Tensai's back. Sit down power bomb and the ref called it.

Winner – Tensai

Tensai holds his hand high, spits mist on it, then locks a claw onto Riley's head, bringing him to the mat. Video recap.



Stills from WrestleMania – Rocky winning, Kelly and Maria winning, Sheamus winning, Cena crushed sitting on the ramp after his loss.


Recap of Cena in the empty arena talking about WrestleMania.

WWE Championship Match – CM Punk vs Mark Henry

Punk out to the ring, looking like he's stiff and sore from last night's fight. Video of Punk confronting Laurinaitis earlier in the show. Henry out to the ring looking really cranky.

They lock up, Punk thrown back to the mat, he lands sitting in the corner. Punk to his feet and holding his back. Punk kicks Henry and his leg is caught. They scrabble around until Henry grabs Punk, but kicks free. A drop kick to Henry, then another. The third is pushed off. Double fists to Punk's back. "That's all you got?" from Henry. Henry pulls Punk's arms back through the ropes, lets go before five. Henry stomps Punk's back, then stands on his back while holding the ropes.

Punk to his feet and tries to fight back. "YES!" chants. Then Henry takes Punk down. "I own you! Get yo' hand out of my face!" from Henry as Henry ground his hand into Punk's face on the mat. "CM Punk!" chants as Henry brutalizes Punk in a corner. Punk comes back with kicks to the legs. Cross body, but Henry catches him. Bear hug from Henry, but Punk reverses with a DDT for two! Kicks to Henry's chest and back as he kneels, a "YES!" to each kick. Punk pins for two, then more "YES!" chants!

Punk off the corner, but Henry catches him and slams him into a corner. Henry starts climbing, but Punk attacks. Each kick from Punk garnered a "YES!" As Punk readies and rushes Henry, the fans start low and raise their voices in an "Ohhhh" type noise, then another "YES!" when Punk is reversed and eats a foot. I haven't heard fans this into an episode of RAW in a VERY long time!

Henry climbs and they change to "NO!" Henry tries to splash, but Punk moves. Punk up, but crashes into Henry when he flies. Both are down.


Punk climbs, Henry barely to his feet but punches a flying Punk. A big blow to Punk's head during the break. Vulcan nerve pinch to Punk on the mat. Punk is selling it, but it looks silly. Punk comes back with a jaw breaker. Kicks from Punk. Head butt to Punk. Punk whipped but moves and on Henry with kicks, then blows with "YES!" each time. Kick to the side of Henry's head and Henry drops. The fans on their feet as Punk climbs Punk points and hits his Savage elbow, but Punk sells his back pain. High knee to Henry in a corner in what Cole calls 'vintage' Punk. Another high knee in a corner, but the bulldog is reversed to send Punk out over the top. Punk is counted out and retains his Title.

Winner – Henry via DQ

Henry picks Punk up and hits a world's strongest slam on the floor. Punk is lolling on the mat. Laurinaitis out says the WWE 'Universe' wants more competitive matches. They want to see Punk defend on a consistent basis. He sees dark clouds in Punk's horizons, and they are not Storm clouds.

Jericho comes through the crowd talking about what a travesty that happened to Punk. They had a classic match last night and celebrate with a drink. For those who don't know, Punk claims to be straight edge. Punk spits out a blood chunk. Jericho with a bottle of Jack Daniels and admits that he has a drink now and then. He's going to lead Punk down the lonely path to alcoholism, like his father. Jericho dumps the booze on Punk who is a bit revived. Jericho goes to attack Punk and slips in the 'booze'. A couple of blows, then Jericho goes back and gets another bottle. It's his destiny. Don't drink too much or it will go straight to his head. Jericho swings the bottle to hit Punk in the head with it, but the bottle shattered about a foot before it got to Punk's head. Jericho talks to Punk off mic for a moment before getting up and leaving. Punk has blood on his tape from wiping his mouth.


WWE Rewind

Stills from Sheamus vs D-Bry at WrestleMania – this segment lasts longer than the actual match!

In Ring Segment

Sheamus out to the ring. Before he can talk Alberto Del Rio comes out in a Mercedes MacLaren SLS with Ricardo announcing him from the stage. ADR to the ring and he gets heat. He says Sheamus won the World Heavyweight Championship and did it in record time, 18 seconds. Huge "Daniel Bryan" chants from the fans. No one will remember that in a month. He'll lose the Title as fast as he won it. He won't hide behind the chicka.

Sheamus says it's great to see him again. He's delighted to see him, the fans don't want to hear him go on and on, they want to see him brogue kick him in the face. This will give him a chance to show them something they will never forget.

ADR isn't looking for a fight, he already has one. Laurinaitis gave him a match on Smackdown. When he wins that, he will get a Title shot. "Daniel Bryan" chants. ADR is talking and his mic goes off. ADR gets pissy about it and turns to get another mic from Ricardo. He grabs the mic and turns into a brogue kick. Sheamus celebrates on the ramp as Ricardo tends to ADR.

Backstage Segment

D-Bry and AJ are watching on a tron. Josh says D-Bry must be upset about the 18 second loss. D-Bry just stares, AJ's head hung low with HUGE "Daniel Bryan" chants from the fans. Josh thanks him and leaves.


Stills from WrestleMania. They got to a still of MGK and the fans got hot. Serious heat and hatred for MGK!



Stills from WrestleMania – Lilian singing, Punk winning, Brodus dancing, HBK, Trip and Taker leaving the ring – this got a huge pop from the fans.


MGK is there and getting HUGE heat!

Cody Rhodes vs Kofi Kingston

Cody out to the ring holding his jaw. Kofi out to face him.

Cody grabs Kofi from behind and slams his face into the corner. Short clothesline on Kofi, then rushes Kofi in a corner and eats feet. Kofi off the top for two. Disaster kick from Cody, but doesn't pin Kofi. Big Show's music and he comes out. He says he has something to show Cody from WrestleMania. He hopes Cody doesn't find it embarrassing. Big Show shows stills of Cody knocked out at WrestleMania. Cody turns around into trouble in paradise for three.

Winner – Kofi

Kofi celebrates in the ring as Cody glares up the ramp and holds his head.


More from Cena's promo from last week where Cena said he had to win, this is his entire life. Cole says Cena has been silent on Twitter and friends are worried he might hang them up.



Stills from the Divas match, Rocky posing, Trip coming to the ring, Cena with the STF on Rocky.

Backstage Segment

Henry is trashing his locker room, then asks AW what he wants. Abraham Washington comes into the picture. AW says it's not what Henry wants, it's what he needs. It's time for a change. AW wants to represent Henry. He has the master plan. AW gives Henry his card.

Announce Segment

Cole and King talk about what a great week it has been, then stills of each match as they went through a couple matches.

In Ring Segment

Eve to the stage with "Hoeski!" chants. She says everyone wants to have their WrestleMania moment. Last night she got his. She manipulated Ryder and it was so easy. The fans put together a unified chant of, "Woo woo woo, we want Ryder!" Eve says it's easy for her to manipulate every man. All but one, Laurinaitis. Powerful men can't be manipulated. She hoped that she hoped him, even in a little way. People Power!


Rocky earlier saying he had to thank Cena. The most important thing was making history for the fans.



Even more stills from WrestleMania – Taker in his coat, Cena to the ring, Big Show winning the IC Title.

Miz vs Ryder

Miz out to the ring with a huge smile on his face. Miz has never lost at WrestleMania. A rather pissed off looking Ryder to the ring, throwing his glasses, shirt and other things to the fans as he went.

Chants for Ryder, Miz calls for the Ryder chants. King says he just got word that Cena just arrived at the arena. Miz mocks Ryder and eats a forearm. Blows to Miz, then Miz rolls out. Ryder out after him with blows. More blows in the ring, sunset flip on Miz for one. Ryder eats an elbow, but a big boot on Miz. Miz comes back with a big boot form the corner. Reclining chinlock on Ryder on the mat. Ryder struggles up and slings Miz over his shoulder. Forearm to Miz, then plants Miz face first on the mat. Big right in a corner. "Woo woo woo!" and the boot to Miz in the corner for two. Miz up and reverses Ryder into a corner shoulder first. SCF for three.

Winner – Miz

Miz mocks Ryder then leaves the ring quickly. The camera then goes to the closed door of Cena's dressing room.



Stills from WrestleMania – AA on Rocky, code breaker on Punk, pictures of fans.

In Ring Segment

Cena's music hits and out comes a very sullen Cena. He salutes and walks to the ring. Up the stairs and into the ring in his new green gear that he debuted last night. He's getting huge heat from the fans. A tiny bit of pop, but not much. He's about to speak and the heat gets louder. He says he never thought of losing, but now that it's happened is to do it right. It's the obligation to those who believe in him. "We all take defeat in life." Those are famous words from Mohamed Ali. Tonight they've seen things he's said on the Road to WM. He's talked, a lot. Anyone else in his shoes would be back tracking, saying it wasn't his fault. But that isn't him. He meant every word he said. He meant it then and means it now. Not once in the year long build that he thought he'd lose. If you think that you're going to lose, my friend, you've already lost. No one goes undefeated in life. A true Champion keeps his will to win, even through their most disappointing loss. With that being said there was much speculation on how he's react to all of this.

Would he come out and make excuses, would he lash out at his opponent? "You're a loser!" chants from the fans, so in true Cena style, he holds the mic out for them with a slight smirk on his face. They really let him have it and LOUD! Would this be the day that he'd finally lash out at the WWE 'Universe'?

"YES!" chants fill the arena as the fans point to the sky.

He hates to be the bearer of bad news, that will not happen. He is a man and was beaten, so as a man he will own up and admit defeat. "Last night I lost to the Rock."


There will be some critics who will make that the defining moment of my career, but he assures us that will not be his last. Huge heat for that. For all of those who have supported him through all of this – the WWE 'Universe', his family and friends. He'll point them out – Machine Gun Kelly. This raises the heat even higher! MGK loves this. He says that MGK's song and speech last night meant a lot. The only thing he can do is wipe the slate clean and work his ass of to be the best he can be. More heat for Cena.

Now to address the rumor mill, the gossip column, that he's there to call out the Rock. He's not there to call out the Rock. When you call someone out, you want a fight. They've been calling each other out all year and last night they settled that.

"We want Lesnar!" chants. Cena didn't seem to understand that chant and said it's always an interesting crowd at Monday night RAW.

He wants the Rock. He wants to invite Rock to the ring. Not to talk trash or fight, respect is big for him and Dwayne Johnson earned his respect. He wants everyone to know, the Rock to know, that the Rock has earned his respect. He wants the Rock to know he considders him an inspiration. After last night he considers the Rock the greatest Superstar in the WWE history.


He wants one more moment of celebration in the middle of this ring for the Rock. Dwayne on a personal note, this year has been exhausting. They put it all on the line physically, and many times way over the line verbally.

"We want Lesnar!" chants started and someone ringside – most likely staff – said something to Cena and he nodded to them.

He understands the excitement in the air. He put his heart and soul into last night and came up short. Rock was the better man.


Cena points to different places and says yes over and over and over each time. "Daniel Bryan, you owe me one!" Cena smiles and laughs. He respects Dwayne Johnson...

"Daniel Bryan!" chants.

This is why he loves RAW. All kidding aside he wants a second to say Rock was the better man at WrestleMania and congratulate him live.

Fricken Lesnar's music hits! Out comes Brock fricken Lesnar and the fans are done. Cole says the fans have come unglued! Cena smirks up the ramp at Brock. Broke bounces around on the stage, then poses as he used to before coming to the ring. Broack circles the ring, then climbs the stairs. "What a moment!" from Cole who is obviously in awe.

The fans get very quiet, then louder. Brock reaches his hand, then grabs Cena, gets him up on his shoulders. F4 from Brock and the fans go WILD! Brock kicks Cena's hat off his head. Brock poses as Cole says that the anomaly has returned.

Biggest pop
Brock Lesnar
Daniel Bryan

Most heat


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    Khali – "What's a tool-box?" lol

    • Brock lessners back yea baby he creamed cena

    • Gerald

      Brock lesnar does the F4 now ok haha lmao

  • Josh

    Those booming "Yes! Yes! Yes!" chants made me smile. So mad about how the WHC match went down.

    • John Turnbull

      Yup, Suck that WWE creative. Ur really missing a big balls at WrestleMania

  • Red

    Bryan is so over it's crazy. Also, might these vignettes for Cena with the creepy music be foreshadowing a heel turn? Probably not, but meh. Why not.

    • Jay

      It is, I hope he is on tonight, to really show those douches who booked him how much of star power he has. People love this guy, use him properly! I hope those YES chants do not ever die!

  • Jay

    It's amazing how much a crowd as hot as this can make the show!

    The Raw is actually pretty solid so far, but the crowd really pulls through! The triple threat match was made by the Ziggler Chants, Brodus Clay "Funkasaurus" chants were great to hear too, you can really see he loved it too.

    Absolutely loved Lord Tensai's debut, his manager, the rice tossing, the claw, and the fans were totally into him. On top of that the DANIEL BRYAN YES YES YES! chants are STRONG. HOW can WWE bury Bryan, I just don't get it and keep hoping for answers, what say you Richard?

  • joe

    YES!! YES!! YES!! this generations WHAT? daniel bryan is so over its crazy, even throughout wrestlemania there was nothing but YES!! YES!! YES!! in every match love it so much, this is the best raw crowd in ages give them all a medal for chanting daniel bryan in every match

  • LeeMc

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Loving this crowd!

  • joe

    anybody else notice johnnys little remark about a natural disaster coming towards punk? F5 tornado? brock lesnar?

    • Tom

      Tensai means "Natural Disaster" in Japanese supposedly.

      • joe

        actually it means prodigy from what ive heard

      • Tomas

        Tensai means "Genius" or "Prodigy" in Japanese

        • joe

          either way i was right :L

          • I thouht it would mean champion.But from what I heard,Lord Tensai Is actually Former WWE Star Albert (AKA A-Train)

  • Chris

    It looked like cm punk was spitting up blood on the floor beside him


    Ink at raw and got to say the crowd is awesome!!! Crazy yes chants. Biggest pop Rock then ADR…… actually take that back Bryan just got it lol

    • GODSENT83

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      • Da KiDD

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  • Michael

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  • Jay

    I love this crowd, I love this night, I love the Daniel Bryan support. suck on that, WWE Writers!

  • Andrew

    Brilliant crowd! Wow the Miami heat has really got to this crowd!! Best live crowd since the PPV in Chicago last summer for punk v Cena


    Most heat SHEAMUS by far, i’m sure until CENA though

    • Tony

      Brock is back!!


    Kendra just read the ADR segment and I want to know where you got he got heat??? Hell he got a huge pop and a SI SI SI chant went he said he was fighting SHEAMUS Friday

    • Big D

      That may be more against Sheamus than for ADR.

      • burr

        Agree with godsent, whether out of revolt for sheamus or not adr was a babyface in that segment from a crowd perspective. sheamus had the heat, adr had nothing but "si's"

  • B.O.B.

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  • Brock lessners back yea baby he creamed cena cena might leave their treating him like nothing lesners champ watch.

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    Best Raw of all time.

  • Jay


    My GOD! EVERYTHING, was near PERFECT! The Punk/Y2J I didn't care for got turned up to a WHOLE new level that I enjoyed SO much. I LOVED the night! There is no way in hell that they can bury Daniel Bryan, there is no way he is staying down, no matter how much WWE tried to sink him last night, the FANS keep him alive, and major props to Cena for selling Bryan in the main event promo! Notice he didn't sell Lesnar's return, but the audience did spoil that.

    Everything was great this night, lack of Daniel Bryan sucked but what a way for him to have dominated the night without even being there, THAT'S STAR POWER!

    This audience respected the hell out of the guys that deserved it, right down to Brodus Clay, they made this night come alive, I hope this night signifies great change, guys like Brodus Clay and Tensai add a lot of great flavour, Lesnar is back, Rock is STAYING for a title run!? (Punk vs. Rock would be great considering he's right behind Cena in trashing the Rock!)

    So much potential, tonight was a night of revitalization! Old things died, new things blew up in an enormous way, and Daniel Bryan is the gift wrap that was all over this night, I have NEVER marked out like this, I touched my heart many times and have never felt this much of a rush watching WWE

    YES! YES! YES!

  • Oddo

    That was the most awesome thing i have seen in forever!!! HE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mitch

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    • Razmos01

      But The Rock has gone to make a few movies an then coming back for a long run for the title, would be pointless having Brock even touch him becaise there would be no comeback, im thinking The Rock will win next years Royal Rumble setting up his title match at Mania


    Kendra just read the ADR segment and I want to know where you got he got heat??? Hell he got a huge pop and a SI SI SI chant when he said he was fighting SHEAMUS Friday

    • Jay

      Yeah, Kendra isn't hearing things or remembering correctly: Sheamus easily got the biggest heat behind Cena, ADR always gets a pop for his amazing entrance, but then people lose interest when he starts talking.

      Si! Si! Si! GENIUS!

  • Alejandro

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  • Jay

    Question: How far is Miami from Orlando? I'm curious as to if this night's WM crowd will be there too, I REALLY want to see Daniel Bryan come out to the ring with a huge pop

    • James M>>>

      About 3.5 hours

  • aly

    The crowd was AMAZING tonight! All the YES! chants had me grinning the whole show. They were creative in changing the YES’s to SI’s when Del Rio was out to. Has to be the best crowd in awhile. WWE certantly needs to go back to Miami in the near future.

    • AntGilroy

      When the crowd is into raw and smack down that’s when magic happens!! PLEASE STAY HOT IF YOU EVER GO TO THE SHOWS! I can’t wait I’m going to no way out and the raw following! I can’t wait! And I was much more excited for Brock then I thought

  • Bob

    Anyone else notice when The Miz mocked Ryder he said Woo Woo Woo You Blew It.




  • Guest

    I don't get how you can say Del Rio got more heat then Sheamus. Sheamus got booed out the arena and Del Rio got a massive cheer.

    That said it must of sucked for Daniel Bryan having his name chanting from the start of the card to the end and not even be able to go out there.

  • Tyler T

    Has there ever been a Raw that was this good!?

    • lol, said from someone who obviously wasn’t around for the attitude era. Great raw though. I loved it!

  • Dig Baddy

    It's actually an F5. Come Kendra, Lesnar's not been gone that long. And that crowd was super hot,

  • bryan

    Even though I knew he was coming back, I totally marked out when Lesnar came out! I honestly think this was the best RAW in years, and hopefully a sign of things to come.

  • James

    Two returns in one night…"shave your back" and "well, here comes the pain."

  • Paul Cavanagh

    It wasnt that it was a Miami crowd it was a WrestleMania crowd. These yes chant have been going on in Miami since Thursday, Bryan is so unbelieveably over it's unreal.

    Lesnar's return was off the charts btw!! HERE COMES THE PAIN!!

  • noah


  • Eagle

    The dark main event was great! Everyone was for Bryan! And his promo after was great! I want a YES! T-shirt! Yes! Yes! Yes!

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    Bryan must’ve been so damn happy.

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    I was there tonight and it was pretty damn amazing. I’ll be honest tho, it was very confusing as to the reason for all the Daniel Bryan love but it makes sense now after thinking bout it. This crowd was insane even during the Superstars taping. That tells you something. And for me, I am fortunate to say that I was at the MITB PPV in Chicago cuz I’m from there and both crowds were the loudest I’ve ever been a part of. Truly a fun time.

    • Tony

      Lucky you. Those were the two best days in WWE for years.

  • Emily

    Cena looked like a total douche clapping brock lesnar on, of course you were gonna get the finishing move from lesnar duh… And thats coming from a huge cena fan since the beginning btw

  • Guzzie1984

    Great, WWE hit a new low bringing back lesnar, does noone remember his last match v goldberg, why should he be allowed back after that? Showed then that he only gives a damn about himself

  • jdl

    With the amount of pop Bryan is getting… they might have a hard time keeping him heel if it keeps up. Hell, Sheamus might have to turn heel at some point, as if they continue to feud and the support for Bryan keeps up it's going to be strange to watch.

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    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes..

  • Wes

    Great raw, but as much as some of us hate cena wtf is wwe doing, u have to bring in former stars to beat cena, way to make your entire roster look weak cause you won’t push them against cena, hopefully besides cena I’d like to see Ryder get a lil heel turn, I mean he came out hot against miz, and the whole eve angle could help Ryder turn heel drop the silly gimmick and maybe take the next atep

  • Kamikazangel

    Here comes the pain!!!!

  • Steve

    There is already a ‘YES! YES! YES!’ fan page on Facebook. Brilliant!

  • Rob

    Seriously… What’s with all the love for guys who walked out on WWE? I’m not at all excited for Lesners return. I remember him from his first run and that was enough for me. We don’t need guys like him returning.. Push Ziggler, Rhodes, Bryan… Let jericho win. Seriously who’s next… Hogan again..?

  • atomics25

    Not to put down brock’s return or anything (great seeing him) But, Obviously The Rock got the biggest Pop of the night. Daniel Bryan Def had the LONGEST pop .