Ring Of Honor Showdown Results (3/30/12) - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

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After a little bit of fanfare, and surprisingly no video package, Roderick Stron makes his way out to the ring as the first of three men competing for the ROH World Championship in tonight's main event. Strong makes his way out with Truth Martini in tow.

Eddie Edwards is out next, and the other half of the former American Wolves makes his way to the ring to a nice pop from the fans.

The champion, Davey Richards, is the final man to make his way to the ring, wearing both the ROH World Championship, and a bit of IWGP Gold as well.

Bobby Cruise does formal ring introductions, and we're ready to begin.

ROH World Championship
Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong

The bell rings and all three men begin circling each other. Roddy attacks first, going for both Eddie and Davey. He attacks both in opposing corners. He tries to suplex Davey, but Davey lands on his feet. Roddy sends Davey to the outside and rolls up Eddie, but Davey is right back in and he kicks Roddy in the chest, sending him to the outside.

Eddie and Davey trade forearms hard in the middle of the ring. Eddie catches Richards with a boot, and Richards comes back with one of his own. They both hit two more, the slaps to the face before Eddie blasts Davey with a kick. Roddy comes in and eats a chop, then goes right back out. Eddie and Davey continue to fight. Eddie hits Davey with a back elbow for a two count. Eddie and Davey run around for a bit before Richards hits a dropkick and locks in a cloverleaf variation that's broken up by Strong. Strong stomps away on Richards in the corner, then stomps at Edwards before chopping Davey. Roddy kicks at Davey and launches himself at Eddie with a running knee, then hits Davey with a leg lariat.

Roddy chokes Eddie with his boot in the corner before wearing down Richards a bit more. Roddy and Eddie trade chops, with Roddy coming out on top. Roddy plants Eddie with a belly to back suplex that's good for a two count. Roddy rakes Richards' eyes before putting him to the mat with a clothesline. Roddy and Eddie trade chops before they team up to chop Davey. Davey catches Eddie's legs and suplexes Roddy, pinning both men. Both kick out at two, then everyone gets in a crazy series of kicks and clotheslines, putting all three down to the mat.

Richards and Edwards trade forearms, chops and kicks when they get to their feet. Davey kicks Eddie in the head repeatedly, so Eddie slaps Davey hard. Davey comes back with more kicks, then eats a chop from Roddy. Roddy and Davey trade chops and kicks, then everyone trades forearms, chops and more kicks. Eddie and Davey team up with a bit of double teaming. Both men hit the ropes and go for a kick but Strong moves and they connect with each other's leg. Roddy sets Eddie up in a tree of woe and sends Davey into Eddie. Roddy hits Davey with a series of suplexes that's good for another near fall.

Roddy tries for the Gibson driver, but Davey fights it off. Edwards comes in and scores a backpack chin breaker on Roddy, laying him out in the middle of the ring. Eddie picks Roddy up to his feet and sends him into the corner, charging in with a big hit. Roddy backdrops Eddie out to the floor. Roody tries to catch Davey with something, but Davey rolls into the ankle lock before turning it into the trailer hitch. Eddie comes into the ring and kicks at Davey, but he won't let go of the hold. Davey catches Eddie's leg and applies an ankle lock, but both men reach the ropes and force a break.

Strong rolls to the apron and fights off a suplex by Richards. Davey backdrops Eddie to the apron. Eddie hits Roddy with an enzugiri and tries to suplex him, but Strong reverses, suplexing Eddie on the ring apron. Richards dives through the ropes and wipes out Strong, to the crowds approval. Eddie rolls back into the ring and stops Davey from going to the top. Eddie jumps out to the apron and catches Roddy with a kick to the chest, then hits an asai moonsault to take out Richards and Strong.

Eddie sends Strong back into the ring and he heads up to the top. He misses Strong coming off the top, but hits a beautiful brainbuster that's good for a two count. Richards rolls back into the ring. Eddie heads to the apron and goes to the top. Richards runs up and leaps to the top, hitting a big superplex and rolling through into another suplex going right into an arm breaker. Strong grabs Richards and puts him into the Strong hold. Eddie breaks things up, and he and Strong trade chops. Strong hits Eddie with a kick, but Eddie sets up Strong for the alarm clock from Davey. Davey eats a kick from Eddie, and Eddie eats a sick kick from Roddy.

Strong is the first to his feet and he grabs Eddie, seating him on the top rope. Davey comes in from behind, and he and Strong trade position, only for Strong to suplex Davey on the back of his head, then seat Davey on the top rope. Roddy goes for a superplex, but Eddie fights him off. Richards hits a double stomp and suplexes Roddy into a bridge. Eddie double stomps Richards to break it up. Edwards hits Roddy with a giant chop for another two count. Eddie and Davey hit a powerbomb/lungblower combo. Truth Martini heads to the top, but he's sent off to the outside by Edwards. Roddy rolls up Eddie, and Edwards is eliminated with a three count.

Richards is right on Roddy, attacking him in the corner, and trying for as many pins as he can. Davey goes right into the ankle lock, but he's kicked away by Strong. Strong is able to connect with the sick kick for two. Roddy hits a gutbuster and a Gibson driver, but Davey still kicks out at two.

Roddy seats Davey on the top turnbuckle, heading up and trying for a superplex. Davey fights Roddy off with a couple of head butts, drops out to the apron to hit Martini with a kick. Davey heads up top for a double stomp, then hits another. Davey gets a near fall, then hits a Gibson driver of his own for another near fall. Richards hits a superkick, then a huge kick to the side of Strong's head, putting him down for the three count.

Winner and STILL ROH World Champion: Davey Richards

Following the match, Richards is attacked, and powerbombed by Elgin. Martini heads into the ring with a mic and says when you stand for nothing, you'll fall for everything. Elgin stands for everything pro wrestling, and when they face each other tomorrow, Martini is going to have a new ROH World Champion. They say all men were created equal, they were wrong.

Strong looks confused as Elgin stand over Richards holding the title high in his hand. Strong heads out of the ring to the back by himself while Martini holds Elgin's arm in victory. Elgin leaves the ring and stares down Richards as he makes his way to the back.

The iPPV ends with Elgin and Truth celebrating at the top of the ramp while Davey recovers from the attack in the ring.

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