Ring Of Honor Showdown Results (3/30/12) - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

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When the picture comes back on, Kevin Kelly introduces the man standing in the ring, Jim Cornette. Cornette introduces the reigning NWA World Champion, Scrap Iron Adam Pearce. Pearce makes his way out to the ring dressed in street clothes with his title in hand.

Cornette says last night Pearce defended his title against Adam Cole, but he used a low blow, and a pile driver to retain. Pearce asks if Cornette is going to lecture him about questionable rules. Pearce says this is ROH, and it feels good to be home, but last night the marquee read NWA. Cornette says Cole gave him everything he could handle. Pearce says Cole is good, and he's probably the future of the company, but he's not great.

Cole makes his way out to the ring to speak with Pearce. He says Pearce makes a lot of great points. The pile driver is illegal in ROH, but last night was NWA. He says Cornette wanted him to go toe to toe with a true man in the sport. Cole says he learned something last night, and that's if he gets one more shot against Pearce, he can beat him.

Pearce asks if Cole is kidding before saying he'll verbally dissect him. Pearce says they have a ring, and a referee, so let's do it.

Cornette says Pearce isn't even dressed to wrestle, but both Pearce and Cole want the match. Cornette says he doesn't have the authority to put the title on the line, but he asks if the fans want the match. They do, so he calls for a referee and this match is on.

Adam Pearce vs. Adam Cole

Pearce attacks Cole right off the bell and beats on him in the corner, hitting him with chops and punches. Cole comes back with a beautiful dropkick that sends Pearce to the outside, and he follows with an amazing dive. Cole hits Pearce with a couple of right hands before whipping him hard into the barricade. Cole rolls Pearce back into the ring and follows. Pearce begs off, but Cole comes in with more right hands. Cole hits a back elbow, but he runs right into a huge urunage. Pearce takes off his shirt and hits a high elevation back body drop for a near fall.

Pearce plays with Cole, hitting him with rights before raking at his nose and eye. Pearce whips Cole into the ropes, and hits him with a crazy clutch suplex for another near fall. Cole rolls to the outside and catches Pearce with a jumping kick to the head when he tries to check on him. Cole heads up to the top and goes for a cross body, but Pearce moves and Cole crashes to the mat. Pearce rakes away at Cole's face in the corner before whipping him across the ring hard. Pearce misses a splash and eats a super kick and shining wizard for a near fall for Cole.

Pearce sends Cole hard into the corner, then tries for a pile driver, but the ref stops it. Cole back drops Pearce and goes right into the pin, holding on for the three count.

Winner: Adam Cole

Pearce stares at Cole in disbelief while Cole celebrates his win. Pearce calls Cols over and shakes his hand, holding his arm up in victory before leaving the ring.

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