Ring Of Honor Showdown Results (3/30/12) - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

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Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness discuss apparent controversy between the two teams in competition in the next match. The All Night Express and the Young Bucks had controversy over a coin flip to decide who would have their choice of match tonight (as these two teams will face off again tomorrow night). The Young Bucks won the coin toss, so tonight will be a tornado tag match.

The Young Bucks are the first team to make their way out to the ring, and they get a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Kenny King and Rhett Titus are the next two men to make their way out for the match, and they get a favorable reaction from the crowd as they make their way in to face their opponents.

Kevin Kelly even acknowledges that fans are complaining about the stream's audio.

The Young Bucks vs. The All Night Express

Things break down right away as all four men begin fighting. The Bucks back the ANX back into the ropes, but Nick finds himself back dropped to the outside, and King hangs Matt's neck up on the top rope before Titus hits a neckbreaker in the ring for a two count. Titus fights with Matt in the corner while King fights Nick on the outside. King heads back into the ring and hits a beautiful spin kick to Matt, sending him to the outside, and then Titus and King hit dual dives to the outside on top of both Bucks. Now my audio is completely gone.

Back in the ring, Titus is double teamed in the corner, and Nick dives to the outside on top of King. I think the stream jumped, because it seems like the audio is better now. Matt grabs Titus' knee and wraps it around his own. Nick heads up to the top, but he's shoved off by King. King hits Matt with a vicious spine buster, but it's only good for two. Nick hits King with a facebuster for a near fall. Nick catches Titus' head, and Matt dropkicks him to the outside. Nick because on Titus in the corner, and he and his brother take turns getting in shots. The Bucks hit a combnation chest breaker/neck breaker over Nick's knee, and Matt stops Titus from getting involved in the match again.

Nick stomps away at King, and Matt heads back into the match. King fights off both brothers, hitting Matt with a kick to the head, but he's caught with a kick to the gut from Nick. Nick hits King with a big right hand before stomping away at him. The Bucks send King into the ropes, but Titus slides in under his legs and hits a double colthesline. Titus takes out both of the Bucks, slamming Matt to the canvas. Nick attacks Titus' leg, but Titus kicks him and hits a beautiful dropkick for another two count.

King hits Matt with a beautiful exploder before hitting Nick with double knees in the corner and sending him into a Samoan drop from Titus. King sends Matt to the outside before heading to the apron. Matt sneaks back into the ring and hits Titus with a superkick before King gets tagged with a double superkick. The Bucks drag their opponents to opposite sides of the rings and hit steroe 450 dives, but it's still not enough for a three count.

Matt picks up Titus and shoulders him, but Kenny kicks Nick off the top. Kenny goes to kick Matt on the top of the head, but he's caught with a superkick. Titus rolls up Matt from behind and gets the three count.

Winners: Kenny King and Rhett Titus

Titus is attacked from behind by Nick, who hits him with a chair to his already injured leg. Nick continues the assault until he's run off by King.

Titus is helped out of the ring, but he celebrates with his partner and walks to the back under his own power.

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