Ring Of Honor Showdown Results (3/30/12) - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

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Kevin Kelly and Nigel are talking about something, but my audio is gone again. The lights dim and they look confused, but my stream froze. When it comes back, Prince Nana is standing in the ring with Tomasso Ciampa and RD Evans. Nana says he's the CEO of The Embassy LTD, and he's been getting phone call after phone call from the office in Baltimore in regards to Ciampa. He hands the mic off to Evans.

Evans says he got a call from his secretary saying they had received an injunction from ROH management that says if they didn't return the ROH World TV Title, every member of the Embassy would be suspended and faced with fines. Evans says they're too good of sportsmen to fight the lawsuit. Evans says he's more than happy to return the belt to Lethal. The only problem is that because they were already in Florida, they don't have the title with them since it's in Ciampa's trophy case. But Ernesto Osiris is on his way to get it, so tomorrow night Ciampa will return the belt to Lethal. Prince Nana takes the mic and sings "We're in the money" before dropping the mic, letting Ciampa pose, and heading to the back.

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