Ring Of Honor Showdown Results (3/30/12) - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

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After many issues with my stream, when I get video back, Lance Storm and Mike Bennett are in the ring.

Lance Storm vs. Mike Bennett

Storm and Bennett shake hands, and Storm pulls Bennett in to say something to him. The crowd is chanting for CM Punk at Maria. We get a lock up and Bennett backs Storm into the corner. I have to say Storm is in great shape. Storm goes behind Bennett with a waist lock. Bennett reverses it, but Storm goes out into an arm bar. Bennett gets out of the hold and bails from the ring. Storm follows, but Bennett runs, putting Maria in between he and Storm. Storm heads back to the ring instead.

Bennett heads back into the ring and we get another lock up. Storm goes into a hammerlock, and it's reversed. Storm takes Bennett off his feet and down to the mat. Storm works over Bennett's arm, taking him to his knees, but Bennett shoves Storm down to the mat. Storm pops up and goes right back to work, wrenching Bennett's arm.

Bennett is able to reverse the hold, but it's short lived as Storm turns it right around and adds extra pressure, dropping his knee into Bennett's back. Storm fights up to his feet and hits an elbow to get out of the hold. Bennett wrenches Storm's arm, but Storm drops to the mat and outwrestles Bennett, locking him in a crazy pin attempt. Bennett kicks out and fights up to his feet, but he can't find a way out of the hold. He's eventually able to work into a head lock, but Storm pushes him off. Bennett hits a shoulderblock, but eats a dropkick from Storm for a near fall. Storm goes right back in to work on the arm bar.

Bennett hits Storm with a knee to the gut, so Storm tosses Bennett to the outside. Storm gets in a couple of shots before tossing Bennett back into the ring. When Storm tries t follow, he's caught with a kick to the chest. After a frozen stream, Lance Storm is thrown to the outside by Bennett, who follows and shoves him back first into the apron. Bennett shoves Storm into the apron again before trying to slam his head into the ring post. Storm blocks it and slams Bennett's head into the ring apron before sending things back into the ring. Bennett recovers quickly and blasts Storm with a nice dropkick to put him to the mat before locking in a rear chin lock.

Storm fights to his feet, but catches a knee in the face in the corner. Storm is almost able to lock in the half crab, but Bennett kicks him away. Bennett kicks at Storm's chest in the corner. Bennett launches Storm across the ring, goes for the pin, and gets another two count. Bennett locks in the rear chin lock and rears back, putting pressure on Storm's neck and back. Storm is able to fight up to his feet and gets out of the hold, but Bennett hits him with a right hand. Storm and Bennett trade blows in the middle of the ring, and Storm gets the upper hand, hitting Bennett with a back elbow, clothesline and a bit leg lariat. Storm gets a two count off the exchange.

Storm hits Bennett with a clothesline in the corner before hitting a beautiful springboard clothesline from the apron for another two count. Storm sets up for the superkick, but his foot is caught by Bennett and he's sent into the ropes and hit with a big spinebuster. Bennett goes for the pin but he's only able to get a two count. Bennett goes for something, but it's fought off by Storm. Bennett is able to hit the box office smash, but Lance Storm is able to kick out of the pin attempt.

Bennett goes for the half crab, but Storm kicks him away. Storm connects with the superkick and goes for the pin, but he's only able to get two. Storm sends Bennett into the ropes and tries to roll through into the single leg, but Bennett avoids it, and catches Storm with a spear for another two count. Both men struggle to make their way to their feet. Bennett hits Storm with a couple of rights, but Storm comes right back, rolling through and tweaking Bennett's knee. Storm hits a dragon screw, then tries for the single leg crab, but Bennett is able to kick him away. Bennett tries for the TKO, but Storm lands on his feet and pulls Bennett down into the single leg crab.

Bennett screams and Storm tries to keep him in the middle of the ring, but Bennett is able to make it to the ropes to break the hold. Bennett rolls out to the apron, and he and Storm trade blows. Bennett slams Storm's head into the turnbuckle before he heads to the top. Storm stops Bennett with a big chop to the chest, and follows him up. Maria holds on to Bennett's leg to prevent Storm from superplexing him. Bennett hits the box office smash from the second rope, but it's still not enough to get a three count on Storm.

Bennett crawls toward Storm and hits him with repeated right hands. Storm rears back and slaps Bennett. Bennett shoulders Storm and hits the TKO, pinning Storm for the three count.

Winner: Mike Bennett

Following the match, Storm struggles back up to his feet, and Bennett makes his way back into the ring. Bennett offers his hand and Storm shakes it. Bennett holds on and pulls Storm back into the box office smash, planting Storm on the mat. Kevin Kelly goes ballistic, saying that Bennett has a lot of nerve.

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