Ring Of Honor Showdown Results (3/30/12) - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

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Kelly and McGuinness turn their attention to tonight's semi-main event, seeing Kevin Steen take on El Generico in a Last Man Standing match. This match has been dubbed "La Revancha". Having seen several matches between these two, this should be incredible.

El Generico is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and the returning luchadore gets a big pop from the crowd.

Kevin Steen is the next man out to the ring, and he too gets a pretty huge pop from the crowd. Steen rips apart a fan's "Cornette Face" posted on his way to the ring.

La Revancha
Kevin Steen vs.El Generico

Generico doesn't wait for introductions, hitting Steen with a Yakuza kick, and half and half suplex into the corner. Steen bails to the outside, so Generico hits a plancha and nails Steen on the outside, and the fans go nuts. Generico goes under the ring and grabs a chair, hitting Steen before throwing it into the ring. Generico follows Steen around the ring, dealing out damage with kicks before sending him head first into the ring post. Steen fights back with a forearm before grabbing a Canadian flag from a fan and using it to choke Generico. Generico is able to send Steen crashing into the guard rail. Generico grabs another chair to send into the ring, then another.

Generico grabs a spare rope from under the ring and uses it to attack Steen, smashing him with the metal part of the turnbuckle. Generico throws the turnbuckle at Steen, but Steen moves and throws Generico into the guard rail. Steen hits Generico with a forearm, and Generico responds in kind. Generico is able to whip Steen into the barricade, and Steen drops to a knee. Generico sends Steen back into the ring and follows, grabbing a chair.

Steen kicks Generico to make him drop the chair, but Generico takes Steen into the corner and peppers him with so many rights that the fans lose count. Steen is able to get back to his feet at five. Generico charges into the corner, but Steen back drops him to the apron. Generico tries to fight back, but Steen stops him and bites his back. Steen tries to suplex Generico into the ring, but Generico blocks it and fights off Steen. Generico slingshots into the ring, but Steen catches him with an ace crusher.

Generico gets back to his feet and Steen blasts him with a chair shot to the gut, then a big hit to the back. Steen licks the chair before dropping it. Steen grabs another chair and goes for a shot to the head, but Generico blocks it. Generico grabs the chair and swings, but Steen blocks and connects with a code breaker, driving Generico's face into the chair. Steen takes Generico down again, and Generico struggles to get up, making it to his feet but going right back down to a knee. Steen sets up a chair in the middle of the ring and tries something, but Generico counters into a tornado DDT, Steen puts his knee out and Generico lands on his back though. Steen sets up Generico in the corner and puts a chair on him, hitting the cannonball, before sitting in the chair and gloating.

Generico makes it to his feet at nine, and grabs on to Steen's shirt. Steen kicks at Generico, and Generico struggles to his feet. Steen and Generico trade forearms, but Steen charges in and Generico low bridges him, sending him to the outside. Generico tries for something, but Steen pulls him to the outside and power bombs him into the apron. Steen tries to prevent the fans from pulling Generico to his feet. Steen hits Generico with a big forearm, then another. Steen goes for a superkick, but Generico moves and Steen nails a ringside attendant. Generico hits Steen with a Yakuza kick. Steen heads to the stags and Generico hits another Yakuza kick. Steen heads into the fans, taking a quick seat. Generico follows. Steen pokes Generico's eyes. Steen shoulders Generico, Generico fights out and tries for the half and half suplex. Steen fights out, but runs right into the Michinoku driver from Generico, planting him on the stage. Steen rolls off the stage on to his feet, and he heads right back toward the ring. Generico leaps off the stage, over the announce team and table, and lands square, hitting Steen. Steen struggles back up to his feet, so Generico heads to the stage, walks across the barricade, and hits an amazing tornado DDT, planting Steen on the floor.

Steen is able to make it to his feet at nine, and he catches a boot to the face from Generico, who leaps off the apron. Steen doesn't go down, but grabs on to the bottom rope and forces himself into the ring. Generico goes under the ring to grab a table, much to the fans delight. Generico gets the table out and sets it up on the outside of the ring.

Generico bites at Steen's face and pulls him out of the ring on to the table. Steen comes alive when Generico rolls into the ring and pulls him right back out. Steen slams Generico face first into the ring post, puts him on the table, and heads into the ring. Steen gathers steam and leaps over the top rope, somersaulting through Generico and the table at ringside. Both men are able to make it up to their feet ater some struggle, and Steen rolls back into the ring, followed shortly by Generico.

Steen sets up another chair facing the one he had set up earlier. Steen shoulders Generico, but Generico fights out and hits the half and half suplex, planting Steen head first on the chairs in the ring. Neither chair is even dented. Steen makes it on his feet just before ten with the help of the ropes. Generico hits Steen with a chair across the back. Generico tries for the brainbuster, but Steen blocks it. Steen hits the pump handle suplex, planting Generico neck first on the set up chair.

Generico makes it to his feet but falls right back down. Steen grabs a chair and places it on Generico's face and chest. Steen heads up to the top, but Generico hops right up and hits Steen with a Yakuza kick that sends him crashing to the outside through the timekeeper's table.

Steen makes it back into the ring and up to his feet before the ten count. Generico and Steen trade forearms in the middle of the ring, so Steen spits in Generico's face and flips him off. Generico does the same right back, so Steen bites his fingers. Generico hits a Yakuza kick and follows it up with a half and half suplex. Generico goes for a brainbuster, but Steen fights out. Steen shoulders Generico, but Generico fights out. Generico hits the brainbuster and both men are down.

Both men get back to their feet, using chairs to prop themselves up. They both swing, hitting each other's chair. They swing again. They go for a third, but Steen kicks Generico with a low blow. Steen rears back with the chair, but Jimmy Jacobs is in the ring. He puts himself in between Steen and Generico. Steen turns around and eats a half and half suplex from Generico on a chair. Jacobs has a chair. He hands it to Generico, but Jacobs pulls a spike out of his jacket and uses it to stab Generico in the face. Jimmy puts the spike between his teeth and rips his shirt. Steen gives the chair to Jacobs, who blasts Generico in the face.

The referee counts to ten, and this one is over.

Winner: Kevin Steen

Jimmy Jacobs says thank you to Steen before celebrating the win with him. A fan gets a little too excited during Steen's celebration, and ends up getting a kiss on the lips from the man himself. Steen heads to the back. Generico makes his way to the back as well, on his own power, after a bit of fussing from officials.

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