Ring Of Honor Showdown Results (3/31/12) - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Kelly and Nigel turn their attention to the main event for the evening, and they discuss the events that took place at the end of the iPPV last night between Michael Elgin and Davey Richards that may have changed the complexion of this match tonight.

Michael Elgin makes his way out to the ring first with Truth Martini alongside. Elgin gets a couple of sparse “Next World Champ” chants.

Davey Richards is out next, and he gets a mostly positive response with a smattering of boos from the crowd.

ROH World Championship Match
Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin

The bell rings and both men go on the attack. Elgin shrugs off a shoulder block, but falls to a dropkick. Elgin is low bridged by Davey and sent to the ring apron. Richards hits Elgin with a kick to the back that sends him to the floor, then follows out with a tope. Davey follows Elgin and hits him with a kick to the chest. Then he follows it up with a second kick, and a third before taking Elgin back up to the ring apron. Davey begins to climb the turnbuckles, but Elgin fights him off, seating him on the top. Elgin tries for something but it's prevented by Davey. Elgin simply clotheslines Davey back into the ring and follows, going for an immediate pin.

Elgin picks up Davey in the corner and hits him with a clubbing blow to the chest. Elgin hits a beautiful delayed vertical suplex, holding Davey up for well over twenty seconds before driving him to the mat for a near fall. Elgin rolls to the outside and hits Davey with a couple of blows to the chest while he lays on the ring apron. Elgin heads up to the apron and hits the Undertaker style leg drop to Davey before rolling back into the ring for another near fall. Elgin goes for something, but he's backed into the corner by Davey, who hits him with a big head butt. Elgin shoulders Richards, but Davey fights out of it. Elgin hits Richards with a knee to the gut, then catches him on his shoulders again and hits the shock treatment for another two count.

Richards crawls to the corner to put distance between himself and Elgin. Elgin picks him up and tries for a suplex, but Richards grabs on to the ropes. Richards tries to fight back, but Elgin hits him with some big right hands. Elgin unloads with a huge chop that sends Davey crashing down to the mat. Elgin picks Davey up and clubs him hard across the back before kicking at his face.

Elgin picks Davey up again, but gets a chin breaker. Elgin is quick to recover though, and hits a Northern lights suplex with a bridge for another two count. Elgin wrenches back on Richards' arms, pulling back hard. Richards fights up to his feet, but Elgin hangs on to the hold. Davey tries to out-power Elgin, but it doesn't work. Elgin goes for a suplex but Davey lands on his feet. Elgin runs into a boot in the corner, then eats an enzugiri. Davey heads to the top and hits a missile dropkick to the side of Elgin's head for another near fall.

Davey charges into a big boot in the corner, but ducks a clothesline. Elgin fights off an exploder, and Richards and Elgin begin trading forearms.

Richards hits Elgin with a series of forearms, then an exploder suplex, but it's not enough to put the big man away. Elgin struggles to his feet, and fights off another exploder, but Richards pushes him into the corner. Richards hits a running knee in the corner before seating Elgin on the top rope. Richards follows up after Elgin and goes for a superplex, but Elgin fights him off. Richards fights back with head butts, then connects with the superplex. Elgin looks to be fired up though, getting right to his feet and telling Richards to bring it on. Richards hits a big kick, them another, then palm strikes, but Elgin just responds with an enzugiri. Richards hits a big kick to the back of the head, then a German suplex and clothesline, but it's only good for two.

Richards locks in the ankle lock, but Elgin quickly pulls himself to the outside. Richards jumps to the apron and goes for a kick, but Elgin blocks it and hits Davey with a fisherman's suplex on the floor. Elgin picks Richards up and hits a running powerbomb, planting Richards into the barricade. Elgin rolls Richards into the ring and goes for the pin but he's only able to get two.

Elgin heads to the top rope and hits a mariposa, pinning Davey, but it's still not enough to put away the champion. Elgin gets back up to his feet and looks shocked that that wasn't a three count. Elgin picks Davey up to his feet and takes him into the corner, seating him on the top turnbuckle. Elgin heads up and tries for a powerbomb out of the corner, but Richards hangs on. Richards locks in the kimura, then hits Elgin with repeated elbows to the back of the head. Davey goes for a sunset bomb, but Elgin hangs on to the ropes. Elgin goes to the top, but he's stopped by Richards. Elgin fights Richards off again, but Richards is persistent. Elgin fights off Davey once more, then catches a kick to the face. Richards goes to the top and hits a belly to back superplex, planting Elgin on top of his head.

Davey goes for the pin but only gets two. He transitions right into the ankle lock, but Elgin is able to make it into the ropes to break the hold. The crowd has been won over by Elgin. Davey blasts Elgin with a kick to the chest, then another, and a third. Elgin gets to his feet though, and stumbles to the middle of the ring. Elgin shoves Richards away. Richards hits Elgin with kicks to the face. Elgin responds with knees to the chin. Davey hits more kicks. Elgin hits more knees. More kicks. A kick to the chest from Davey, then a series of them up against the ropes. Elgin rolls Davey up and hits the Chaos theory, but it's still not enough.

Elgin hits a superkick, then a crazy suplex variation, but he can still only get two. Elgin goes right into a crossface, but Davey won't tap!

Davey starts to fade, but he's able to make it into the ropes. Elgin breaks the hold, using all of the five count. The crowd is eating this match up, and it's amazing. Davey rolls out to the apron, and Elgin falls into the ropes in exhaustion. Elgin heads out to the apron and he and Davey climb up opposite sides of the same turnbuckle. Davey fights Elgin off with head butts before hitting a dragon screw across the turnbuckle. Davey heads to the top rope and hits a double stomp to Elgin's face on the apron. Davey goes up again and hits a second double stomp, but it's still not enough for three!

Richards hits a running forearm, and a huge lariat, followed up by an exploder, but Elgin still kicks out at two. Richards gets to his feet and goes for a KO kick but Elgin catches the foot. Richards hits an enzugiri, and a couple more kicks. Elgin hits a roaring forearm, then plants Richards on top of his head but it's still only enough for a near fall.

Elgin gets to his feet and pulls Davey up slowly. Elgin hits a buckle bomb, but Richards comes back with a spinning kick. Elgin hits a lariat to the face, but when he tries for the power bomb, Davey counters into the ankle lock. Elgin rolls over and counters into the LaBell lock. Richards rolls up Elgin, but it's only two. Davey charges and Elgin hits a knee to the face. Elgin hits a backfist. Elgin hits the spinning powerbomb but Davey still kicks out!

Elgin rolls over into the cross face!

Davey rolls over, but Elgin keeps the hold locked in. They're in the middle of the ring! Davey grabs Elgin's leg and counters back into the ankle lock. Elgin struggles toward the ropes. He's reaching. Davey pulls him back to the center of the ring. Elgin rolls over and kicks at Davey, but Richards wont release the hold. Elgin teases tapping. Elgin rolls through to break the hold. Elgin can't stand and he's caught with the shining wizard, but he kicks out at one. Davey hits him with kicks to the head, but Elgin still wont stay down.

One more giant kicks to the head, and Elgin finally goes down for the three count.

Winner and STILL ROH World Champion: Davey Richards

That may have been one of the most incredible matches that I've ever seen! Just absolute, non-stop, amazing wrestling. Even with all of the problems of the weekend, ROH still proves that they're putting on some of the best in ring competition in the entire world. The crowd is chanting "That was awesome", and I have to agree. Possibly the best match of the entire weekend right there, and I'm not even a huge Davey Richards fan.

Following the match, Richards grabs the mic. Richards says he gets a lot of flak to MMA training, but he wants to make something clear, and that's that his heart and soul will always be in ROH. Richards says everyone here is family, and part of something special, and he thanks the fans for letting him be a part of it. Richards says people say this is the Superbowl of wrestling, but the real wrestling happened last night and this afternoon, not this Sunday.

Richards says the people in Connecticut and Orlando would be sent packing by the people in ROH. Richards says tonight he's lucky because he's walking out with the belt, but the real champion in the ring is Michael Elgin. Richards says he's not stupid, and that belt will some day be Elgin's. Richards says not right now though. He says Elgin is one of the toughest guys he's ever been in the ring with, but he'll tell him something he learned being in the ring with Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson. He says Elgin will get further with the fan's support than with Martini's. He thanks the fans for ROH, saying without them, they're nothing. He thanks the fans once more, then poses on the turnbuckle with his title.

The show ends with Richards celebrating with the fans while Elgin is helped to the back.

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